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Unreal Tournament Mod: Nali Weapons 3

Unreal Tournament has a lot of great mods and Feralidragon recently released one of the greatest, Nali Weapons 3. The UT master server is still being maintained and a lot of you are still playing the game. Amazingly, the mod was coded and designed by Feralidragon alone and it is getting a fantastic response from the community.

The mod includes a Razored Translocator that comes with two modes; a regular translocator and on the second, when you activate the blades it will behave like a ripper and has the ability to cut through several enemies at once! Also includes are a flame thrower, gravity gun, little robots and even full on nuclear warheads, and that’s just the beginning.


ZIP version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/nali-weapons-3/downloads/nali-weapons-3-client-zip-version
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?ww2vzoxfy5cyg0v )
UMOD version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/nali-weapons-3/downloads/nali-weapons-3-client-umod-version
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?7qd84n6gb9ng0x5 )

If you own a server or want to host one for these weapons, there redirect files can be found here:
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?yxy174imtali49n )

Nuclear testing maps: https://www.moddb.com/mods/nali-weapons-3/addons/nuclear-test-maps
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?bdgei2ck5gi22pj )

If you’d like to check out more Unreal Tournament mods, head over to ModDB.com.




    • Sp0ngeb0b

      I can recommend this mod to all of you! Brilliant work by Feralidragon, and definitely the signal that UT99 is far away from beeing dead! if you wanna try NaliWeapons 3 online (DM).

    • Sp0ngeb0b

      I can recommend this mod to all of you! Brilliant work by Feralidragon, and the definite sign that UT99 is far away from being dead! if you wanna check out NaliWeapons 3 online (DM).

    • Reivaj

      Thank you Feralidragon for your work and your effort for keeping alive UT99. Nali Weapons 3 is an epic weapons mod.
      Please Epic Games, make support for UT99, new patches that allow UT99 to work on high-end PCs. I don’t mean new engines or new textures, I mean support for future DirectX and OpenGL versions, support for multi-core, 64 bits, future OS…
      Reivaj, an Unreal and UT lover from Andalusia.

    • ASLYE702

      Yeah, UT99 is neved die!!!
      I totally agree with Reivaj, I think more player play with UT99 than UT2K4+UT3…

    • ]TKK[Chamberly

      This is a great mod. Thank you Ferali! :)

    • axewound

      If you’ve played any of the games in the unreal franchise you need to check this out.

    • papercoffee

      Go on a MH server …take the Freezer and combine it with the fast modifier (x3.5 or better) …start decorating the level with frozen sculptures of your enemies.

      Best mod ever … (^___-)

    • https://twitter.com/Dr_Flay Doctor Flay™

      No surprise, people have started asking for a port to the newer UT games 😀

      @Reivaj. You need to look harder !
      Not only are there DX8, 9, 10 and 11 updates, but there are patches for variable speed CPUs, and even a choice of new audio renderers.
      Without these, NW3 is not going to look or sound as good as it can.
      Visit UT99.org and update your UT. (or use the handy page on my.opera.com/Unreal-Tournament)