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Epic Games Podcast: Episode 13 Judgment Multiplayer Modes

In episode 13 of the Epic Games Podcast, @Raczilla and @iFlak chat with Epic Games Lead Level Designer, Jim Brown. Jim answers some of your questions about Gears of War: Judgment’s competitive multiplayer modes.


    • R E 7 I2 O

      Thank you post 1,

    • https://www.facebook.com/louise.fox.1291 Ret Ro

      Thank you !

    • https://twitter.com/EV0L0NE GEARS FREAK

      Awesome Podcast.. Thank you for all the announcements and answering a lot of questions :)

    • Carl Johnson

      Do one on weapon balance next

    • 1337gears

      You guys rock! Looking forward to using the new scorcher. It was fun toasting opponents in Gears of War 3, and I’m sure it’s going to be even better now. Also, hope you didn’t “fix” the Retro Lancer. Not sure why there were so many complaints over it, but I think it’s great the way it is now (a little tweak to make it more accurate would make it perfect IMO). Cheers!

      • LOLWUT?

        lol are you serious??? I’m pretty sure that’s a troll comment

        • 1337gears

          I am, and it’s not.

      • SPQRapid

        Clearly you do not play gears multyplayer a lot !

    • 1337gears

      Hope there’s no unnecessary negativity from this podcast. I for one am dying to get my hands on this game.

      • SPQRapid

        K you can dye now !

    • https://twitter.com/oIBushido Jay

      Fuck this stupid game and this stupid company who ban players for no reason. You have dug your own grave Epic, now lie in it.

    • https://www.facebook.com/buggs1972 Matthew L. Partin

      No single elimination game type is very disappointing.

    • https://twitter.com/mrsbairdd ♡ jess

      Please talk about weapon balance.

    • danlboyTen6

      porque no ponen nuevas pistolas ya que solo son tres haria bien una nueva y que tal una granada que al lanzarse aviente picos??

      • danlboyTen6

        put new guns because they are only three would rather a new and just to throw a grenade toss peaks?

    • GearHeadShot

      no locust in mp, now the next big bullshit on gears of war!!! I had taken leave for judgment, buy I cancel now, I do not wewrde judgment, only borrow for the campaign.

    • SPQRapid

      So you decided to pull the 15 lives in TDM and change it with a simple number that when a team reaches they won ! So no more clutches in ANY GAME MODE !!

      WHY why why why ! With all of the changes in the game I swear the only thing you have to do epic games is to make Gears Judgement a 1st person shooter and then it will be Gears of duty !

    • F YOU EPIC

      Epic fucking suck they think gears 3 failed because the casual scrubs they attracted from cod left WRONG gears 3 failed because epic drove away there original fans with the retro and the dbs, The forums for the first half of gears 3 was post after post offering retro fixes epic refused to listen so ppl stopped playing

      Pre order cancelled soon as i stop writing this you could of removed DBNO from TDM and FFA but still kept guardian and execution lazy design , You knew ppl would hate this which is why you kept it hidden as long as possible i was thinking about buying second hand so as not to give you money i wont even bother with that any longer, Maybe after another failed game chasing COD kids you might consider building a game for your orginal fans instead of trying to attack more from other games but i doubt it

    • epic siht

      cant believe your getting rid of last lives in TDM?????????????? no more clutch, what thhhhhhhhhhe fuck

    • broker

      more sad news!

    • djmariooo

      i want to know if we are going to have the golden skins again and if theres something special that we have to do in gears 3 to have them?

    • Dimas Núñez

      please listen the fans, gears of war IS an awesome game, you have done great job, but not listening us will make this the last epic game we pay for, you are killing the franchise, please listen and answer our complaints and work together, actually
      we ALREADY know how the new Gears should be, just ask, would be smart to make a survey because we play an amazing tons of hours, I think we know this game better than you, and we are whos gonna pay for it, please listen, I dont wanna see my favorite game die in this way

    • Kingdom Come

      No DBNO, No Locust, No Lives Pool in TDM, seriously, what are they doing? I’ve been playing the Gears of War franchise from day one, and it pains me to see the deterioration in quality development of which is occurring. This game is an obvious cash in. TDM was introduced in Gears of War 3 to accommodate for the people of who where least skilled and incapable of surviving in Execution, Warzone etc. That was understandable and acceptable due to the enjoyable twist of the lives pool, now, they are further casualising the mode for those complaining that they have to wait when the lives gauge is empty, making the mode a generic, un-intriguing mess.

      No Locust is just a ridiculous step in the incorrect direction, again, Epic are targeting the game at a different audience, that being the Red vs Blue audience, the locust helped define the teamwork aspect, “RAAM’s picked up the sniper” etc often helped teammates associate which enemy you are discussing. Also, I believe that the removal of locust is a ploy to deter more people into playing “Overrun”, as the reception for the mode isn’t as strong as they most likely had initially hoped…

      • Blocky

        Amen! This whole thing is a bad nightmare in which I can’t wake up from.

    • Shut up

      Fuck you, Epic. Fuck you.

    • Dylan

      I don’t understand why they can’t accommodate to both the fans of Gears of War and the newer, scrubbier, cod players of the game. They could have team death match with no live pool, and let them have retros and all their other cooky overpowered weaponry. And on the other side of multiplayer, have a more fan-friendly, competitive play style of things. Where you can only spawn with a Lancer/Gnasher load out. Everyone is happy, everyone gets what they want. But instead they’re trying to blend everyone into this giant happy mess that’s going to be utter chaos and un-fun. When I first saw this game was coming out I was reading stuff like, no more active reload boost, and no more grenade tagging on walls. This lead me to believe that it is possible to have a good Gears of War game. And now I’m hearing stuff like this, disappointment after disappointment. Gears of War clearly doesn’t know what it wants to be, and neither do the developers. No wonder Cliff and Rod left, they saw the changes and were thinking, “No way, I don’t want any part of this sell out.” The reason people played Gears to begin with was because it was different. It was a tactical 3rd person shooter, that had its own gruesome personality. It was fun, unique and nothing like CoD or any other game. Or at least that’s how I saw it. Judgment is trying to bring in CoD fans, and what’s going to happen is, they’re going to buy it, play it, sort-of like it, but in their simplistic brain, they’re going to say, “Wow, this is a lot like cod, which is a better game, in fact, why don’t I go play it!” I haven’t pre-ordered Judgment, and after all this bad news I’m definitely not purchasing this train wreck of a game. I might purchase it years later at a flea-market or bargain bin somewhere for the campaign. I hope you’re happy, turning my once favorite game into this mess. As long as you guys get your moolah you’ll be happy though. This is making me sick to my stomach.

    • billyfrans

      iunderstand what ur trying to do but single elimination gamemodes are what make gears of war, i’d rather u guys delay the game till the summer and fix what u fucked up, ur going to lose ur dedicated fans and thats just fucked up

    • will

      epic im sorry to say u have destroyed the gears franchise

    • Christopher Camargo

      No DBNO…no Execution or warzone. Kill counter goes up intead of down.

      You guys have taken everything that made GOW so great and special away. You guys are turning it into a really bad uninteresting game..

      No more one on one shotgun battles where each team is rooting for their guy to win the last round.

      GOW Judgement looks to me to be a really boring pile of shit!!…. you guys f-up big-time. Terrible choices.. terrible choices…. WHo thought of these dumb ideas… Who was in charge here. Where was your head at?

      The smart developers Left Epic and those who stayed aren’t up to par. Sub- way below par.. bad Job

    • EPICfails

      QUIN if you realy want to make gears a bigger game than COD the easiest way for you to do this is get a job working on the next COD game when you have ruined that gears might out sell COD lmao
      Gears pre order sales are awful im so happy about this, Ive loved playing gears had seriously on gears 1, 89 multiplayer day played on gears 2 seriously just from multiplayer kills rank 4x 100 on gears 3 even though its by far the worst out of the 3
      Im not even buying Judgement gears fans will show you that unlike crappy cod kids we wont buy any crap you release under the gears logo

    • Isaiah

      Epic! What the fuck is going on with our game! How in the hell did all this new bullshit like no DBNO, no execution/wargames, no final executions, no locust in REAL multiplayer actually get into this game? This is supposes to be Gears! Not some game that looks like Treyarch/Infinity Ward put together. Don’t get me, nor the other upset people in the comments wrong; We ALL love Gears of War and we don’t think you guys at Epic realize how angry not only the people in the comments, but the whole Gears community is right now. As how the game stands right now, this is a slap in the face to all of us dedicated Gears fans who enjoyed seeing this franchise succeed. By dear god Epic, PLEASE LISTEN TO US! take more time on this game. Seriously. We want this game to succeed and blow our expectations, but as for now this game is utter bullshit. I have faith you guys can turn this around.

    • Matt93

      What are you doing epic? You have ruined the game I thought maybe you would learn from your mistakes. Us gears fans have given u chance after chance and you keep letting us down! No DBNO? No execution? If you were gonna take DBNO out of TDM ok then, but no execution in the game period? Thats like taking Slayer out of Halo! That was GoW’s trademark. Even my friend who plays nothing but madden and CoD says that Judgment looks totally different and will suck. And he doesn’t even play gears. You have to listen to your fans change this game. Or we WILL not buy any more of your games

    • RufNek LETHAL

      Urgh!!!… Sounds as though Judgement has failed even before it’s release

    • RufNek LETHAL

      No single elimination game type, multiplayer game modes still have bots, ink an frags in loadout, sawed off shotgun, this game will fail inside three months.

    • ripgow

      i am not buying this crap you have lost another fan

    • TheRealGearsIsGone

      I will NOT buy this game. You fucked up for the last time Epic. You guys had something amazing and you keep trying to change it for the Halo and Call of Duty. Forget them they aren’t important, they can go play their stupid games. You have lost what Gears is about. Gears used to be unique, unlike other games. Now you might as well call it Call of Gears…. i will be telling everyone i know not to buy this horrible game… you have disappointed the true Gears gamers that would have kept buying and buying the games, but now its ruined. I hope sales are bad for you then maybe you will realize what a grave mistake you have made…..

    • MTM3016

      The more info they give me about the game the less I want it

    • Adam

      Your Multiplayer designer should be fired for what he did honestly.

    • Genius

      I have an idea EPIC, and I mean this will really make Gears the way you want it! Ok first, take out the lancer, the gnasher, and!!! Don’t forget to add Perks and weapon attachments. All yeah and allow bullets to hurt you through walls to make the cover system pointless!! Ohhh and add cars, you know to make it just like Forza!! I mean this would be a great design for the game, I mean it would be the complete opposite of what everyone wants.. So why not!!

    • dowhatican

      Dear Epic, If people wanted to play a 3rd person Call of Duty, they would go into the 3rd Person Call of Duty mode. Literally everyone I know, and everyone I’ve seen online has said the major changes to the game will make it awful. Stick to what made GoW unique. If you guys had just taken GoW3 and improved the lag, graphics, and weapons, the game would be great. Really poor business decisions I must say.

    • ImRoque…

      I wish locust in multiplayer!

    • Mappz93

      Epic won’t listen to us. They don’t care what we think because they figure we haven’t played it yet, and when we do we’ll have different opinions. But the truth is this game will be garbage, i refuse to buy it or support it. I used to love GoW but they went in a totally gay direction with it. smh epic

    • toddy

      sweet i love the changes you guys are making i have been playing sense the first gears and every game has sucked so bad but it seems like you guys are finally getting how to make a good game that actually takes skill to play love it f all u fan boys who are pissy because ur lil queer game has evolved in to a straight mans game :)

      • Disappointed

        I’ve played all three gears games and I have to say judgement is very different and I was a little concerned that I wasted my money with this game but after playing it I took a liking to it the only problem I have on multiplayer is the forced characters in survival and overrun plus no horde mode I don’t want to play as Baird, cole, paduk, or Sofia why can I use my preferred character in these modes ? And honestly survival sucks I don’t want to be forced to camp in one area and I know epic isn’t going to fix anything because obviously they were only after our money but please only force me to play as a character I don’t like in camping in survival and overtun multiplayer I want to play as the bad ass onyx gaurd that I payed for

    • Priceman5

      Alright Epic and PCF, put this into perspective: i’ve been playing Gears since it first came out, my wife has never played, but has watched me play often.After I told her about all the changes being made, her response was “Why are they taking out everything that makes the game fun? They’re pulling a EA move.” You’re actually being compared to Electronic fucking Arts for god’s sake, and by a person that doesn’t play,but knows what makes a Gears game what it is! I don’t care if you have to push back the release date, but really need to rethink some of your decisions before you lose what fans you have left.

      • aardeday000

        I would wait an extra 2 months for a good fan based change

    • NeferiusXji

      And the entire comments section is filled with hate, I expected as much.

    • epicfukup

      If it aint broke don’t fix it, gow3 tdm is amazing and absolute fun. This is looking like an epic train wreck. I reckon they want to aim this game at 12a audience rather than 15 or 18. No execution? No dbno? I can’t wait til this guy gets fired for what is going to be a major fuk up

    • aardeday000

      Jim, stop this, go and tell people at epic what the fans want to see. Have you noticed all of the crushing feedback? You’ll get so much better of a game if you do it the way people are saying they want it.

      If nothing else, have a separate set of games (e.g. Forces of Nature Map Pack) with Execution, Warzone, and locust. included with the game. If you say that you “can’t simply do that” then sorry but I won’t play any of your multiplayer.

      You have the groundwork for the best multiplayer to date. But you’re not giving your fans what they are saying that. Don’t turn this into one of the most hated video game waste of money of 2013.

    • https://www.facebook.com/josecarlos.nava.7 Jose Carlos Nava

      These guys talk like never played gears in their lives

    • oscar

      How are people this out of tune with the franchise developing the game?

    • epicisfuckingretarded

      U guys r fucking retards why the fuck would cod players come play gears just because u add some half ass gametypes. Maybe ud get more than 80000 preorders if ur bitch asses had WARZONE/EXECUTION WHICH IS GEARS, screw loadouts, take out retro and sawed off, keep locust, keep DBNO which made gears unique (stupidest decision other thn no warzone), make symmetrical GEARS maps not theses random ass maps, keep control scheme, and didnt totally change ur game to GEARS OF DUTY.
      The reason that COD does so well is becuase its basically the same game every year and hey dont fuck over there fans. No wonder cliff blezinski and rod ferguson left ur retarded asses they saw that judgement was a pile of shit. I know so many gears players who arent buying judgement and sticking to gears 3. Fuck epic and people can fly for ruining the best game series and fucking over everyone who has ever played gears 1,2 and 3. And everyone who wastes there money on a copy of this pile of shit.

    • epicisfuckingretarded

      theres a reason that there are no positive commenst ive heard from anybody. When gears 3 was coming out all i heard was ” I cant wait for gears 3.”
      I have not seen on comments or heard from anybody ” I CANT WAiT FOR JUDGEMENT”, all ive heard is bitching and complaining.

    • epicisfuckingretarded

      How about u dont even release judgement and work on a gears game that doesnt fuck everybody over. Id wait a year or two for a good GEARS OF WAR, not GEARS OF DUTY. scrap this piece of shit if ur listening to feedback ud know that its all negative gears 3 is a great game and id rather play that for another year so go fix ur bullshit and bring back gears

    • Trevor

      just why epic,just why? keep the old gears,the old gears was the best,it was unique. now its just a third person call of duty and the COD players will stick to COD and the gears players, well i don’t know what we will do. we will probably buy it just because it’s gears, but you better fix this big ball of problems or else gears wont be gears anymore,and you will lose many,many fans.

    • EPic fucked uppp

      Why change the game so much. How fucking hard is it to keep execution as a playlist. why noe just keep it in the game. Gears was its own game now it is just trying to go mainstream. How can you not start with a rifle and a shotgun what was so wrong with that.

    • GearsChick23

      I’m actually excited for this game. I have all of them and preordered judgment. I don’t mind that they changed a lot of stuff. Still going to play it. You can still play gears 3 if it pisses you off that much. Damn. No matter what ill be playing overrun when early access comes out and will be playing the full game after the midnight launch. I would get bored if everything was the same as in gears 3. I like the changes. Still gears to me and Baird’s still sexy. lol Maybe I’m the only one excited for Judgment. Anybody else excited about this game?.

    • GOWfan92

      I dont understand why ppl are soooooo angry. Its still GOW, all the true GOW followers will still buy the game. GOWJ doesnt look bad at all, at least try the fucking game before bitching about the changes ppl.

    • Dissappointed.

      Why did you guys Change the Multiplayer format? UGGGGHhhhhh. Bad choice. I guess Cliff being gone this is what happens the Money People take over and force you to make a clone of halo or Modern Warfare? Sucky. No down but not out. No team based spawnning with limited number of lives? Random guns everywhere? At least make the real gears way a multiplayer mode call it Hardcore or something how hard is that? Let me put weapon picks on digi pad if i Want FFS. Geese just seems like dropping the ball and being lazy and succumbing. You’ve changed bro, you’ve changed.