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Epic Games Podcast: Episode 14 Judgment’s Weapon Balance

Hypefestation - Petenub - Pete KnepleyIn episode 14 of the Epic Games Podcast with @Raczilla and @iFlak, Epic Games Lead Level Designer, Jim Brown and Senior Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley answer fan questions about Gears of War: Judgment’s weapon balance.




    • https://twitter.com/EV0L0NE GEARS FREAK

      Awesome Podcast!!! Thank you for this!!!

      • EpicInc SoldOut

        You’re such a tool.

    • Stotty

      Leaving Execution out is a big mistake.

      • https://www.facebook.com/john.nunez.357 John Nunez

        Execution was all I played in Gears 3. Don’t know if ill be picking up Judgment.

    • TD The Jester

      I understand that you are trying to bring Gears to a new level of gaming and balance it out. I enjoy MP and would like to get more into it, but what I want mostly to be able to continue playing hours of Horde with a group of friends. Not Beast and not Over Run, we want Horde. If however you are not including that initially but with DLC down the road then I will understand but will not be happy. On the note of MP: DBNO being gone for MP is a bit upset, especially with the limited GMs you are providing at this time for Judgment. Obviously you know that people are really upset this decision. Coming close to March we the fans, consumers, vets, etc. can only prey that you will open up and provide further details for MP. As in more GMs, special editions for the game, and DLCs. Hoping you will have open and honest reasons behind these decisions as well as the big reasons why you have made your current decisions on current released info.

      • aardeday000

        I agree, GoWJ shouldn’t lose classics like horde or execution. Judgment should add the classic MP (DBNO/locust) in a the versus que (e.g. Forces of Nature Map Pack) Otherwise MP will suck.

    • damn

      If you try to sell the old game modes afterwards in dlc I hate this company forever. I’m willing to rent this and give it an honest chance. However, removing the old game modes and charging for it will cause me to boycott tour future games.

    • https://twitter.com/AgentLeavening Tyler Leavy

      Can we bring back 5 second down times? It was great in the first gears to have a 5 second down execution game.


      WE WANT THE DBNO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Flak is a Gash

      Fuck this game! Wanting to be like other games is what will drive away the loyal fans. Fuck you Epic! And fuck you too iFlak.


      You ruined gear of war for many of us if it ain’t broke don’t fix it gears 3 was good all around except the match making on ranked , it’s sad to even have second thoughts on buying a gears of war game , how did bulletstorm work out for you , faggots can fly ? can’t make your own game so you have to ruin someone else’s . Good job keep up the good work top twenty gears of war2 , ………BROTHERS TILL THE END …………

    • dave unscarred

      is it true that there a game mode called ‘Extraction’ if so is it gonna be in the Mp list at launch? or will it be by future DLC? why do we get to have 4 Mp modes? Overrun looks good but i could care less for Domination, TDM and Free for all i know all of these modes are new to Gears but not new to shooters i play other shooters, i always like the fact that Gears as always been about being different in Mp modes now is just the same as other shooters? WHY? is it because you want new people from other shooters to come in? and what’s the point on Red team vs Blue team? is because of the Locust being more resistance to damage? but then againg din’t you guys always said that there was nothing wrong with Locust characters in Gears 3? and now you guys are removing them because of hit detetction? i don’t get where you guys lying to us all alone? also it’s a shame that Domination is the ‘new’ KOTH is just sad that a Gears classic mode is being replace for a COD mode, you guys at least could have call it King of the Hill 2.0 or something but damn Domination…wow, i rather have the Sawed-off from gears 3 over the removing of DBNO, Locust on MP, and King of the Hill. anyways i get it, Cliffy B. is not there so there is new people in charge and they they want to change things.. i just hope you guys at Epic take you time with Gears 4, if there is such a thing in the future, and bring back, DBNO, Locust, and King of the Hill, and elimination game modes, some day…just bring back the identity of gears back please, as far as Judgment goes i will rent it from gamefly, and i will be playing the hell out of the first Gears trilogy. i still have a few achievements i need to get.

    • Necros

      Wow, I feel sick. What have you done to this game, Epic?

    • jron310

      Ya’ll are ungrateful.. The weapon balance sounds great EPIC, cant wait til march.

    • broker

      fuck the sawed – off!!!

    • Dom

      I like the weapon balancing. But if you’re reading the comments, they are mostly relating to no DBNO and former game modes to Gears that are no longer there. If you guys are actually reading these comments, you would really understand why we want these changes but you are not fulfilling them. Atleast try to respond to some by emailing them back.

    • https://www.facebook.com/samy.hernandz Samy Hernandz

      why did your team bann my account ?¡?¡?¡?¡?¡?¡?!?!?

    • https://www.facebook.com/samy.hernandz Samy Hernandz

      fuck !!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/gersonmpcastle Gerson D’Paula

      Please do not miss EPIC again, so is the guardian strength and more beloved by fans of Gears of War, add guardian mode now launch or will be another failure, believe me.

    • https://www.facebook.com/gersonmpcastle Gerson D’Paula

      I am a diehard fan of gears of war, but if you fail again not to include the guardian so the way it was in Gears 2, I do not intend to follow the more series, starting with this.

    • german dude

      greatings from germany… all the “f u c k” comments just let me laugh about all these raging american kids… but epic, just keep on the good work, cya at gears of war judgment, peace and out

      • xGL4dia70r

        I’m an American and I agree with you 100%. These kids need to give new things a chance instead of jumping to conclusions assuming that change isn’t good. Lol People, get over it.

        • Dameon gunn

          I agree two because while DBMO is gone (plz bring it back gears won’t be the same ) but anywayz these little kids need to grow up stop raging I’ve been on gears3 and I have had tones of hate mail cause I clutch stuff like hacker,sponge,retard ut shit get good ext : but it’s just so annoying grow a fuckin pair and add me on xbox if u want TRu3xhoZARDoOoO thanks :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.walsh.3348 Mark Walsh

      Without DNBO, it just isn’t gears anymore. Just a bloody version of CoD in 3rd person.

    • SickoMcNasty

      the weapons sound Great now all Epic & PCF need to do is implement some sort of skill ranking and fix the regional matchmaking. I don’t live in mexico or anywhere near it and I’m pretty sure i don’t have the best connection with somebody 1,000 miles away from me.

    • Tyler

      I know it is a little late in development to change, but why not make DBNO work like it does for the locust drones in horde? Shoot them in the legs, they go DBNO. Shoot them elsewhere, they fall over and die.

    • Priceman5

      What People need to remember is that People Can Fly are handling the multiplayer aspect of judgment. While Epic is doing the campaign.

      • aardeday000

        Other way

    • https://twitter.com/sumrains greg vickers

      I’m glad to hear that it’s gonna take more skill to get kills with retro lancer’s now

    • oXFiercePlayXo

      I just hope Epic Games supports this game longer than they did with Gears 3. And with the amount of game types that have been announced. The game is going to get boring very quickly if they do not add other game types. And the Gear 1 sniper was the best, the only annoying thing was the active down. Take that out and you have a perfect sniper.

    • GearsChick23

      I’m actually excited for this game. I have all of them and preordered judgment. I don’t mind that they changed a lot of stuff. Still going to play it. You can still play gears 3 if it pisses you off that much. Damn. No matter what ill be playing overrun when early access comes out and will be playing the full game after the midnight launch. I would get bored if everything was the same as in gears 3. I like the changes. Still gears to me and Baird’s still sexy. lol Maybe I’m the only one excited for Judgment. Anybody else excited about this game?.

    • Eric85743

      I had already decided to not buy anymore titles from this franchise after the last two terribly balanced sequels and this podcast only reinforced that. You are only catering even more to casual players and continue to remove the much needed skill gap. Maybe you wouldn’t need to attract new players if you didn’t do these kinds of thing. This is not the way to make the game accessible. It’s more cod and halo then gears of war now. We played gears of war because it was different then those! You have become sell outs to casuals using nothing but gnashers by saying the lancer has always been for suppression and nerfed it even more. And I am sure the lag compensation is going to be just as dialed up to cater to those with poor internet connections such as casuals and mexicans, making tons of bs moments (cod style). What an epic failure!

    • thegearsfan

      Even though at first some changes may seem to be “un-gears-like”, after giving it some real thought i really think this may be the best Gears yet dare i say a perfect Gears of war. And this is coming from a GoW 1/2 vet. Im actually really surprised with how much Epic has done in terms of whats new to judgement and what they fixed from previous gears. I used to think Epic was in it all for the money like the rest of you but now im starting to think they really are trying to make the best and believe it or not most skill-based gears yet. There a lot of innovative changes in this game and i really understand Epic’s reasoning behind 99% of the many many positive changes im seeing in this game. Of course i wont be certain about this game until release, but so far im very impressed. Well done Epic!

    • https://www.facebook.com/mickey.kropp Mickey Kropp

      Listening to this podcast made me undo my pre-order within the first couple of minutes. No stopping power, no head shot bonus, no active reload. Why take away the skill of the game. Then the podcast just goes on and on, no boltok, no planting granades, odd way to handle modded controllers for hammerburst. I have purchased the highest cost copy of gears of war each time it was released, every bit of DLC there was, played countless hours between the first 3 games and within 5 minutes you took all of that away. Good Job, not sure if Cliffy B left for anything related to you butchering this game, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • lycans321

      Gears 3 sucked and judgement is just a updated version of part 3!!

    • why epic? whyyyyyy?!!!

      Wow. Wow. Fucking wow! I just bought this game…and wish I hadn’t. Like wtf Epic? I played this game on hardcore mode with a friend and we beat the campaign in roughly 6 hours (while doing the declassified missions). It was basically repetitive. And what kind of lame ending was that?! Smh. Campaign was soooo shitty. Multiplayer while fun, has like 4 game modes and horde is gone? Wow again! I loved Gears 3 so I bought this thinking “there’s no way this game is going to suck, Gears 3 was badass. How could they possibly mess this up?” Oh, like this. Way to ruin a franchise.. Cmon Epic what the fuck?!?!