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Gears of War: Judgment Preorder Bonus at Walmart.com

GOW Judgment_Vert_22x28_FINAL_rgbIf you preorder Gears of War: Judgment at Walmart.com, you’ll not only get: Gears of War: Judgment for the Xbox 360, a bonus* Preorder Exclusive Classic Hammerburst and bonus Gears of War 1 downloadable version, you’ll also receive your choice of Gears of War 2 or Gears of War 3, for free!

Gears of War: Judgment launches on March 19th in the US and a worldwide demo for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers will be available the same day.

    • maxan


    • https://www.iconocritic.com fanclerks

      Why in the world would I want GoW1, 2 or 3 as a bonus when most of us have already got the old ones? You guys really cheaped out on this it seems like.

      • Meiyer89

        …I think they’ve just kinda thrown it to the wind.

      • https://saveandquitgaming.com Justin McFarland

        MS released some stats a while back. More than half of the players who played Gears of War 3 have never played the original Gears of War.

        Just because you’ve played all the games, doesn’t mean everybody has.

        • https://www.iconocritic.com fanclerks

          That’s great, but this is a preorder. If it was a bonus for buying a higher edition, that’s one thing, but preorders are normally enthusiasts of the series. Most people that want to play Judgement would have already played more than likely 3 if not the other 2 already. They phoned it in on this one.

          • tenor

            um… again sir, “More than half of the players who played Gears of War 3 have never played the original”. I’m willing to bet that Gears 3 was good enough to inspire a few new series enthusiasts, and with 3 being the climax in both story and gameplay I could see newcomers not being worried about spending money on the others. and i do not quite get your logic that series enthusiasts want to preorder so it should be with a limited edition? i feel that your logic is reversed.

      • Sebastian

        My Gears of War 3 was recently destroyed by my Xbox from playing it too much. This is actually a pretty good pre-order. Had I known of it ahead of time, I would have held off on buying it and spending those extra $30 bones.

    • https://www.facebook.com/adrian.maldonado.568 Adrian Maldonado

      good :)

    • TheCalvo

      please.. we still want dedicate servers on gears of war 3 !!!!!!

      • Meiyer89

        Just shut up about dedicated and deal, honestly it still doesn’t fix lag… and GoW3 had dedicated… for ranked matched only though… supposedly… though it still lagged and I have a 20mbps connection

        • https://www.facebook.com/derek.nowak.14 Derek Nowak

          Gears three had dedicated across the board for the most part, but of course you’re still going to have some lag whether you’re connecting to a host or a server.

    • Kazzi

      To bad it isn’t available in Canada

    • da master

      thanks walmart, but no thanks. still deciding on gamestop or microsoft store for pre orders

    • Yoyo

      Hey Itos going to be a special edition??

    • execution or no sale

      Are you pre orders realy this bad epic ???
      And your still refusing to release all the information on gears judgement which makes me think there are more things fans are not going to like which is why your keeping quiet and hoping ppl order first and are to lazy to cancel
      I stopped my pre order as soon as i found out there was no execution i hate death match dont like FFA horde not intrested over run not intrested at all will never play that mode
      So its £40 for Domination lol i will keep my money so many good games coming out shortly just sat judgement wont be one of them :(

      • Execution or no sale


    • https://twitter.com/daveycunningham DoubleTapDavey™

      well done walmart, im all for introducing new players to gears : ) ive been playing since the beginning and alot of guys i game with on 3 have never played gears1. great post miss conley!

    • Nosgoth1979

      That’s a lot of extras. I actually just replayed the first three Gears of War games. I was trying to make the wait for Judgment go by quicker so I rented them all through Blockbuster @Home from DISH. Trying out all the different services and products we release is something I love about working at DISH. And I’m especially thankful for this one; previous to having Blockbuster @Home, I would just purchase all the games I wanted to play, but that gets way too expensive. Now that I rent my games from Blockbuster @Home however, with its flat-monthly rate, instead of buying all of them at sixty bucks a pop, I can play the games I want without breaking the bank.

    • Epic OG

      As I already have two hardcopies each of Gears 1 and 2, I still welcome the addition of the digital copy of gears 1 which I will receive as part of my pre-order – not from Walmart. I can easily gift it to a certain friend I am trying to turn onto the gears franchise. The character bonuses are a little more attractive to me if I had to choose, but seeing I will get both, I am happy with it.