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Gears of War: Judgment’s The Guts of Gears Multiplayer

Microsoft and Epic Games today unveiled a new “Gears of War: Judgment” video entitled “The Guts of Gears Multiplayer” giving fans a preview of the highly anticipated multiplayer modes in Judgment. Like the first “Guts” video, part two is narrated by none other than Lt. Damon Baird.

Pre-order your copy of “Gears of War: Judgment” online or at any GameStop location nationwide to get exclusive three-day early access to the most anticipated blockbuster of this spring beginning March 15; demo available publicly to all Xbox LIVE Gold members on March 19.

If you preorder Gears of War: Judgment at Walmart.com, you’ll not only get: Gears of War: Judgment for the Xbox 360, a bonus* Preorder Exclusive Classic Hammerburst and bonus Gears of War 1 downloadable version, you’ll also receive your choice of Gears of War 2 or Gears of War 3, for free!

Gears of War: Judgment launches on March 19th in the US and a worldwide demo for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers will be available the same day.

    • Bycin

      No execution???

      • https://www.facebook.com/michael.d.watt.1 Michael Damn Watt

        wow you’re going to be dissapointed with this game..
        the reason for no execution is because there is no DBNO, which means no executions

        • drick64

          what are you talking about there is a DBNO at 1:14

          • Bycin

            I was going to say this. He gets revived with the pretty new blue grenade.

            • Smale45

              its on OverRun game mode. which is beast and horde combined . sort of. no dbno in tdm, domination or free for all.

        • https://www.facebook.com/ricky.moloney.5 Ricky Moloney

          *sigh* there is executions. The thing you people need to understand is that they are almost always showing free for all gameplay, a gametype where it wouldn’t make any sense to have DBNO. It IS in the other team gametypes, learn about the game a bit more before jumping to such a bold conclusion.

          • Bycin

            But is there an Execution multiplayer mode? I’m hearing rumors it’s been cut and it wasn’t listed in the video.

            • TooBuckChuck

              From what I’ve read and heard there will not be Execution at launch, but they may add it later. At launch Overrun, Domination, TDM, and FFA will be the only available game types.

    • https://twitter.com/ThundercrushR David

      Got my pre order in at BB looking forward to all the new stuff. Campaign looks awesome, not really a verses player but I’m sure that will be good too!

    • Ablator Vitam

      Thanks for the preview… although so many people can enjoy already the game because of the leak…

    • oscarsilk

      no king of hill..or annex….????? im not gonna buy it…( and i have the 3 gears…)
      Bad work Epic…

      • Lord Chipmunk

        That’s right. They must not be there because they didn’t mention them.

    • https://www.facebook.com/alphahex.vivas1007 Alejandro ‘AlphaHex’ Vivas

      Pre-Order Placed at Amazon.com!!!!!

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003923904681 Michael Jones

        me too….actually I had $30 credit at amazon so that made it easier

    • PiCkL3PaNtZ


      • Cold Chirst

        PCF made the campaign. Epic made the multiplayer.

      • That Guy

        People Can Fly is owned by Epic.

    • nkanter

      can’t wait! Pre-order already placed, bundle with lancer replica :))

    • Codeman051

      The game looks great so far, but I’m disappointed that the only multiplayer (that I have seen so far) with Locust in it is Overrun. I like the idea of Gears vs. Gears for FFA but I really enjoyed COG vs. Locust in all of the other Gears of War games. I’m sad to see that it looks like that won’t be an option in Judgment.

    • concerned gearsfan

      why’d they show meat shields when there is no downing system… also TDM was terrible, and they’ve removed execution which was this games thriving game type, ill try it to see how it works because the jumping from heights looked rly cool but i won’t purchase. Gears war 3 was close to a perfect gears game should have just made done one more to perfect it =/

      • Rexx

        Thats why Exection had like 100 players at any given time and tdm had like 1000

        • Come on epic

          Most of the gears 1 /2 players stopped playing because gears 3 multiplayer was a slow paced retro infested piece of junk,

          TDM is trash is does not even play like gears its a slow paced camp fest

          Execution should come back i have no intrest in TDM FFA or over run

          Am i going to pay £ 40 for domination no if execution returned it would be a instant buy, I would at least have two game types i have some intrest in playing

          Also i would love for epic to build in a clan system with clan home pages

          clan leader boards ability to challenge other clans (teams) even if it was run external using face book or another site ,This would stop teams that cant find ranked being bored playing noobs in quick match




          • Come on epic

            Oh and the fact epic them self destroyed gears 3 execution with the stupid man up rule and 15 sec bleed out
            Gears 2 execution was the most played game type at the moment on gears 3 execution is allways number 2 in my region as its the 1 game type you dont find retro dbs noobs

    • KingLettuce

      I think the game looks great. Still concerned about the 2x Sawed off though.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pawekim Paweł Imiołek

      IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!!! They’re trying to make, not a new GOW, but hopeless HALO. Red vs. Blue, what’s that?! FFA in Gears? Pathetic.

      Gears 3 was the best but they’re trying to make better game by throwing out the best parts. Men what wrong with you. They’ve made a conversion to PC and that was the best move.

      I’m from Poland but I can’t understand how they could ruin it.

      Double-shots Sawed Off? Permanent Crosshair? No stopping power? Jumping from roofs? (Maybe with a roll, but without it, it’s a rubish) Throwing frags without choosing them? Overpowered weapons (e.g. Breachshot) Glowing frags?

      It will be a new pathetic HALO not the true Gears.
      You’re trying to kill this game?! (Ups, sorry: You’ve killed this game! You’re in gold)

      I can’t understand why I’m buying Judgement, maybe for the plot or maybe because I’m still believing that new Gears will be “at least GOOD” game.

    • Queen Viva

      Gears of war Judgement. Please epic let us play as locust please put locust characters back in multiplayer you can change this I know you guys can people out there should have a choice…You can’t just take that right away. Do you know how much money you’ll be losing if this happens. People and fans are going to be mad and sad that they can’t play as locust.

    • Queen Viva

      Please bring back the locust characters in Gears of War Judgement in Multiplayer…. I’m begging you…

    • Mark

      Please, Epic dont care what you think. Judgment is crap, and thats that, face it, its gone to the dogs.

    • Dave Lombardo

      Why you get off locust, epic???

      come on, this in not funny, are you trolling us???

      This game gonna be shit without locust…

      • Anchient Destroyer

        they can actually build in locust if they dare making locust fight each-other and with humans but it is hard to believe, i only hope they keep horde mode and add a few upgrades to it like final boss wave, classes and alternate locust like a berserker wearing armor that can heal its teammates.

    • Rexx

      Theres no locust!? I… I think im gonna go cry in a corner… =(

    • Rexx

      im only gonna play overrun mode because LOCUST. Now i look like an idiot because all my locust fan suff. all the two year old that play this game are gonna be like : Why do you have a locust symbol on your car? You cant even play as them. =”'(

    • Rexx

      Im not gonna lie. Im very exite for this game but im really hoping they do SOMETHING to make up for removing the locust. I raeally hope they do something like locust armour unlocks. That would cool. Dress your guy up in theron armor or soemthing like that. but dangit i was really hoping id be able to play as a gold theron

    • Anchient Destroyer

      the game settings looks great since now there is more unlocks, minus the locust only playable in overrun.
      in this sneak peek i also notice that only locust were executed, making the multiplayer without executions won’t make the game that special anymore, it would be like any other cod or halo game but in third person.

      there must also be more cool game types in the game than just those, guardian were one of the community’s favorites along with team deathmach

    • VoltageFusiion

      Stop all your fucking bitching guys your gonna buy the game sooner or later

      • pogger

        Yes bought it and VIP pass. Dam I’m pissed off. The game has gone shit, seriously it isn’t the gears you know and love. I feel sad I’m going back to 3. But it’s way more satisfying. Sad I am

    • SmartDevil

      All you people hating on the new Gears game – just shut up. Don’t buy it. As for me, and other dedicated fans, why wouldn’t we love it? Gears has constantly improved on itself throughout the series. I’m more than excited to see what all Judgement has to offer. Even if it’s not the ABSOLUTE BEST GAME IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, who cares?! It’s still another Gears to rock!

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003923904681 Michael Jones

      the more I see the more I want to play but……I HATE COG vs COG

    • https://twitter.com/NephilV Neph

      I know I’m not the first person to say this, but please, give us back the Locust in multiplayer. I understand all cog for FFA, but for the team-based modes, PLEASE. No one is happy with that decision, from what I can tell. Locust with those new armor skins? How cool would that be? Come one, guys, I’m already sore with disappointment right now from Aliens: Colonial Marines. Please let Judgment make up for that.

    • https://www.facebook.com/tylerbhalstead Tyler Halstead

      I wonder if Epic realizes they’re slowly destroying their own franchise or if they are really so naive as to think that they are making it better. Even if this is a great game, I don’t think it’s going to have the same Gears of War feel to it anymore, and each subsequent game will keep getting further and further away. That’s how I felt about Gears 3 a lot of times, it just didn’t have the same Gears of War feel to it.

    • idk

      Wait shouldnt there be locusts since this is a prequel its before gears 3 and before they set off that bomb -.-


      I didn’t know about the early access IM soooo upset if I would have known I would have PRE ordered from GameStop -_-

    • pogger

      Anyone want to buy mine cheap? Multiplayer is crap now. Everything’s changed for the worse. I so used to love gears. It was a bit of a clue it was crap when they giving GOW1 free, for when you want it like it was, Good.
      This game is not fixable.

      Annoyed and Sad.