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MAXIM Delivers Execution Mode and Two Multiplayer Maps


news0225_haven_article1Microsoft, Epic Games and MAXIM are delivering even more adrenaline-fueled action to “Gears” fans with the upcoming post-launch release of two free, MAXIM-sponsored multiplayer maps – Haven and Capitol – as well as Execution Mode.

In Execution mode, the objective of each team is to kill all members of the enemy team before the time limit runs out. The catch? Unless hit with a one-shot kill weapon like the Booshka, players go into a “Down But Not Out” state and will revive at the end of the bleed-out timer instead of dying. To finish the job, perform an Execution on a downed enemy.

For more details including a first look at Haven, head over to Maxim Online at: www.maxim.com/gow-haven.

    • Guest

      The fact that it took this long for confirmation of a staple game mode of the series is a telltale sign that Judgement is going to be terrible.

      • https://twitter.com/GoingHaywired Jared Hayward

        Don’t be so negative. They finally gave you what you want and you still complain. It’s not really a “staple” game mode since not that many people play it compared to TDM or KotH.

        • Driskal

          Actually before Gears 3, Execution was THE staple mode for Gears. TDM came around in G3. The true diehard GoW fans will love this news

        • John

          Your stupid tdm and koth were introduced on gow3, execution has been around since gears 1

        • https://www.facebook.com/john.nunez.357 John Nunez

          Are you kidding? Exection IS a staple game mode, its been in the game since the start. This is the FIRST time it will not be in at launch. It just goes to show how Epic and every other developer will cut their own throats to please the casual gamers. TDM is so popular because it gives new players and casuals the chance to play without worrying about any tactics, sorry its true. I prefer to rush power weapons than to spawn camp…tdm.

      • Kevin

        You are wrong my friend Judgement will turn out to be really good for the Gears community. In a way the community has been dying but this will bring plenty of new players into our lobbies to kill. 😀

        • https://www.facebook.com/maxime.k.trepanier Maxime Kc Trepanier

          yes, u mean 80% more DOUBLE SHOT SAWED OFF, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo , WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY EPIC GAMES, WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY !!!!

    • Gearsoholic

      I knew they couldn’t keep DBNO out of multiplayer! Fuck yeah MAXIM!

    • https://www.facebook.com/Jteezynewartistera Jteezy NewArtist Era

      So will this be in official game cause i will buy it

      • x Mechanize x

        It’ll be available as a free download on April 2nd.

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Collins/1361035090 Adam Collins

      I wouldn’t be a Gears of war game with out DBNO! So excited they changed there minds on that one… now wtf is with CoG vs. CoG crap?

      • https://www.facebook.com/maxime.k.trepanier Maxime Kc Trepanier

        i dont know, i think i heard they changed some devs, stupidest idea ever in my opinion, its a war, human vs ”aliens” awwwh well, maybe we would be able to pick a locust or a human whatever team we’re on. i hope so,

    • GI2Fz Betrucci

      HEEEEEELLLLL YEAAAHHHH!!! THNX SO MUCH FOR BRING 2 US EXECUTION MODE!! THE BEST GAME TYPE EVER!!!! regards from GI2Fz The Gear Forcez https://www.facebook.com/GI2Fz and https://www.youtube.com/GI2Fz

    • Cole

      Finally, No DBNO no Buy!!

    • derek

      They act like this isn’t a big deal, when in all seriousness.. this might actually cause me to buy the freaking game.

    • diarz

      good news!

    • whohhoooo

      At last thank you epic judgement has just gone from im to buying to i have some hope for this game

    • C

      Now to put it back in all the over game modes now you’ve seen the light!!!

    • Roman Ankudovich

      thank jesus god mary budha the devil my mom and my cat, yes, thank you

    • C

      Other*** my bad

    • RAAM

      Bring the locust horde back!! FOR THE QUEEEEEENNNNN

      • https://www.facebook.com/maxime.k.trepanier Maxime Kc Trepanier

        Check out the overrun mode, its horde but only in PvP, gonna be awesome

        • Guest

          yeah, one of the reasons ppl play horde is because they are sick of the crap that goes down in vs modes. looks like epic is trying to make horde/ beast into another vs type, so ppl that play horde aren’t necessarily going to be all over overrun. overrun and survival are very different from horde.

      • guest

        i agree, bring back horde! it’s a beloved classic. overrun does not have the same appeal as the horde from gow 2 or 3.

    • https://www.facebook.com/maxime.k.trepanier Maxime Kc Trepanier

      YES, i know epics wouldnt let us fan down like that !!! LONG LIVE EPIC GAMES AND GEARS OF WAAR, AWW YEAA !

    • Guest

      Please bring back Horde for GOW:J. When I say “Horde”, I do not mean “Overrun” with bots… I mean Horde. Numerous people enjoy the extended matches where the goal is to survive by any means as a cohesive team, not guard an object for a few waves. Horde is one of the few reasons why many, like myself, have remained loyal to Gears. By discontinuing this mode, several of us will not invest our money in to buying this game.

      • LusciousDream

        There is horde its called survival. Pretty much same thing just never ends

      • Skull Sterling

        dude there is horde mode but they renamed it to survival i think :)

      • Josh

        Don’t worry. Horde mode will be replaced with Survial Mode. Exact thing like horde just a different name and I guess it will go on forever until you die? So Horde… I mean survival Is in Judgment!

        • guest

          no, it’s not the same at all, Survival is Overrun with locust bots. Horde is to survive 50 waves with a total of 5 players. there’s no e-hole to close or generator to protect. you can play as any char you want with no class or starting weapon restrictions, on any map, and dbno. there’s a big difference between gears 2/ 3 Horde and this Survival mode.

    • https://twitter.com/EzaraBeChillin Ezara McLaurin

      I’m starting to have more hope for the longevity of this game

    • vVv Cautious

      Epic Your Still A Disapointment Why make a REAPER? So Retared …..Still Not Buying Your Lame Ass Game

    • Josh

      So I guess execution will be a mode everyone can play right? Or will you have to buy the season pass and get this mode?

    • boricua chiko

      I could be wrong, but it seems like people are thinking DBNO is back into all gameypes. This page only revealed DBNO being in Execution.

    • https://twitter.com/NephilV Neph

      “Yes! Yes! Now they begin to understand!”

      • Val

        u have ur uses u humans

    • Reginald

      Epic logic: remove beloved game modes and features to appease the casual gamer, in turn alienating your real fans to the point where most decide not to buy the game. Then mere weeks before launch, announce free dlc that includes the things you said you took out. Epic just did this to make a quick buck by getting sponsored by maxim…

    • ghillie

      The reason there is CoG vs CoG has to do with the hit boxes…basically locust where always a bigger target………..and remember its called Gears of War not Gnashers of War. i like all guns

    • kmilo

      jajajajaj ya me lo pase todo

    • kmilo

      and what I spend all this good from Colombia and email lomica0@hotmail.com Atlantic

    • Keith

      There should be a CTF.. Halo 4 style where you can hold the flag and any primary (like the boomshield).. flag holder running 1/2 the speed of course hahahahaha

    • limin30