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Unreal Engine 4 on the cover of EDGE #251

EDGE magazine subscribers began receiving the brand new issue #251 this week, which features a never-before-seen frosty variant of the Unreal Engine 4 Elemental knight.


Today EDGE has published an excerpt of the cover story on Epic’s thoughts on where platforms and technology are headed, including with quotes from our founder Tim Sweeney.

“We’re more enthusiastic now than ever about the future of high-end platforms,” said Sweeney. “What we’re doing on high-end PCs is going to be representative of the future consumer gaming experience and it’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be a substantial leap over the current generation.”

“I’m looking forward to our digital future. Development budgets are going to be the dominant cost in the industry, and [increasing] the efficiency of building games will directly improve profitability. As we move more sales of games out of retail, that creates a lot more flexibility for developers to make games at different scales and price them differently.”

Read more at EDGE.

    • frostyNinja

      ooh! frosty stuff, just my type :)


      man judgment is a step backwards.PEOPLE CANT FLY DAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oscar

      xOLIVELOCOxJRx yo lo nomino es muy bueno y es de mexico para la población