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Unreal Tournament Community Night!

Unreal Tournament 3Tonight at 4:00 PM EST, staff from Epic Games will get online to play Unreal Tournament 3 with the community. We will be joining the Official Epic UT3 Greed #1 Server.

The guys are a little rusty, but don’t go easy on them. We want them to see how much skill the UT3 community has! If the server gets full, we ask that five of you go to spectate mode so our guys can join. We’ll be adding extra spectate spots today.

We’ll also be streaming the event live at http://www.twitch.tv/epicgames! We’ll be giving out some Epic prizes to random people participating in the chat. We hope to see you tonight! The server information is below.


    • ]TKK[Chamberly

      You all should do 1 for UT99! 😀

    • kingbutz

      5 years to late.
      rerelease 2k4 add some stufff make it free enjoy awesomeness

      • kingbutz

        99 and 2k4 still more active than ut3 ever was just drop it already…

    • MGPowers

      Please tell me this is an Epic way to gear up towards a new Unreal game!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/maludh Marco Salazar

      I want a new unreal tournament…

      • Artur

        Me 2!

    • UTForever

      UT3, Really? This Game Born Dead.
      Why do UT2k4 free on Steam?

    • Wises

      Bring UT to UT3 Engine
      update aethetics and everything but keep it original
      (^ Leave or add extra tidbits as addons/extensions to , rather then core)
      Gives Developers things to do
      Maybe if you really wanted to make a few addons .. do things like Mapvote
      Redirect Fixes

      Now who wins here?


      Epic , get all current and probably existing developers/mod-makers/players onto new Engine
      licence’s will be bought..

      Developers Win , Better Engine , more Cooler things / effects can be achieved through the UT3 Engine .. I bet
      Mapmakers Win .. Checkout the UT3’s Skyboxes and other goodies
      and most of all the PLAYERS WIN.

      As they get to play a fkn awesome Game on on their new Ninja Kickass computers without the need for 110 Patches.

      Makes it seem like .. Not so-much of a deal .. if you look at it that way.

      and Legal/BS aside.. It would imo Work… and Benefit everyone.

      after 2-3 years of migration maybe sooner .. if done properly.. you can
      put the UT99 MasterServer (Great Machine that puppy) to rest and and
      finally end the UT99 (OLD) Era to rest

      blah blah.

    • Wises

      also ; Hire Anths (Security) , FeraliDragon (Security/ZP/Development) , Tim-_- (NewNet/GlobalUnreal) and Hyper-X (Vulnerability Tester) 😉 and youre away laughing….

    • Wises

      BTW with your Big Event , I wonder how many AimBots will join in the fun.. just to prove a few other points that GameMakers have over-looked.. Lookout for Hellios and the Crew.. I’m sure they’ll be their hiding in the Shadows somewhere.. 😉

    • Wises

      @Paper.. soz for the double/triple post bro..

    • http://www.facebook.com/sioux.blue.56 Sioux Blue

      awww I missed UT3 luv – need to pay more attention here . . . reminds of the good ole days and dr.sin jumping online to play his UT mods :)

    • unrealfan

      Nobody loves unreal more than me! hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Shield Gun!


    • UnReal-4-Life

      Ya they dont care or it would be free. 10 years I been admin give us the keys. you were well paid by us when you took our ideas and ran away. UT 3 was just to end us. Let us use the new editor on it at least do that. Unlock it so we can use it 99-04 versions.

      • UnReal-4-Life

        Gears of Wa……I mean UT 3 wasnt very good at all. UT2004, UT99, if they were full blown 64bit DX11 they would beat any game out. With out any game changes or what you call improvements. You improvements EPIC were not midway or atari. You had a Social Community that would of boooomed, if you never made UT3.