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Weekend Clashmob: Can You Win the Hess?

Vile Majesty and other members of the Infinity Blade forum suggested we ‘up the ante’ for the Clashmob events, and we listened! This week’s rare rewards are the Hess sword and Poison Gem. Good luck!

Title: The High Noc
Description: High Nocs are surrounding the village! Can you destroy one in time to win the Hess sword? Do your part to defeat them all!
Date: 1/26/13 4:00 PM EST Time
Prize: Hess Sword

poison_gemTitle: A Dance with a Stone Demon
Description:Can you destroy enough Stone Demons to win a Rare Poison Gem? Kill one in time – do your part to defeat them all!
Date: 2/17/13 4:00 PM EST Time
Prize: Poison Gem

    • VM

      Hmm is the Sunday event rewarding Vim helm or Poison Gem exactly? If its the latter then is it going to be a Rare Poison Gem?

      • iFlak

        Rare Poison Gem :)

    • ElMusicologo

      ¿Que sucedió con mi recompensa?
      llegué a calificar para la “Hess Sword” pero esta no me fue acreditada.
      les dejo unas imagenes para que puedan verificar lo que digo.
      Imagen #1 >>>>>> https://i.imgur.com/XodmggT.png
      Imagen #2 >>>>>> https://i.imgur.com/LiWUQ8G.jpg
      el nombre de mi user es “ElMusicologo”

    • SangDrax

      I won the Hess, picked it up and when I looked into my inventory it was’nt there… When I go back to my clashmob it says ‘Item allready claimed’… This always happens to me when I win a body item, not with keys. Lost the Illuminati ring and Cryoloop ring as well.