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Gears of War: Judgment Lesson Series – The Ticker

island_sniperArCtyC and Skyllus are at it again – making fun informative tutorial videos to help the Gears of War community. In this video, Skyllus walks, er ticks us through some of the new Locust mechanics in the Gears of War: Judgment mode, OverRun. The Ticker is one of the most valuable classes in your attack against the COG’s defensive.

From ArCtyC: Welcome to the first episode of our Gears of War Judgment Lesson Series for Overun. I’m Skyllus and I’ll be going through all of the Locust classes for Overrun. This video features the Ticker and covers how to maximize points, deal with Engineers, eat grenades, and general gameplay tips.

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    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1420394687 Joseph V Roharik

      Good video. Visual representation of each dynamic (a title for each or something) would be ideal but this is definitely helpful.

      • https://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

        Thanks :)

    • GOWCompetitions subscriber

      GOWCompetitions on youtube.com will be covering each game mode with commentary soon. I can’t wait to see what they come out with. This youtube channel is definatly a subscrbie! Glad I did

    • Nathan

      Skyllus and Arctic are the truth!

    • Kira Worshipper

      Tickers are OP right now. For some fences all it takes is 3 swipes and an explosion and it’s gone.

    • Locust stomper

      was I the only one that noticed Cole kept getting blown up?

    • https://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

      Thanks for the post! Skyllus and I are trying to get this out as quickly as possible with high quality production value!

    • Cole

      Weren’t Bloodmounts supposed to be in Over Run?


      those things were annoying me when everyone was the ticker in overrun!lol

    • https://www.facebook.com/smoothawaiian Mark Kaleponi Helepololei-Mart

      can u please bring back the old horde in dlc or what ever please thanks

    • Wavemaster

      Judgment story very shit no buy this shit game overun very very shit and multiplayer is shit. gears 3 MP the best . Judgment is a Fuck

      Merchandise GAME

    • Wavemaster

      Judgment charakteristik is Cartoon Shit

      and COD Copy Mode

    • Wavemaster



    • https://www.facebook.com/francesco.toto.5 Francesco Toto

      This is a prequel is great fun. We wanted a healthy refreshed innovation. Maps are not collapsible and symmetrical, but developed vertically which makes the action even more fun. Graphics are nice, articulate, detailed and not boring. The weapons are well balanced and varied, there for everyone. All this makes the strategy game, fun and intense. I really like GEARS OF WAR JUDGEMENT, great job PEOPLE CAN FLY. This prequel is a good start for the continuation of a new gears parallel to the main saga. Now I greet you because I want to get a good game versus a gears of war JUDGEMENT Whooo BOOM BABY!

    • gearsgod101

      I dont now why everyone is giving this game a bad rep I love cant wait for more maps and dlc

    • anarkireigns

      this game is absolute shit with sprinkles on top. i can shit in a box and mark it guaranteed. and all youll get is a guaranteed piece of shit. btw you want us to pay for the weapon/character skins after buying a $65 piece of shit in a box! you must be out of your minds. apparently you are for making such a retarded game.

    • this guy

      Please bring back Horde Mode.Survival Mode is not engaging and quite frankly is a sorry substitue for Horde Mode

    • https://www.facebook.com/Patriotsfn Jeff Shoup

      Lol the Turrets placed by the Bairds are up for 8 seconds not 10 and that is confirmed by EPIC I know I called and asked Rod F.!

    • Horde Elite

      Please bring Horde Mode. Campaign ig good but multiplayer is missing Horde. I liked buillding my own fortifications and know you have taken that away after giving me the capability to move and place turretts not right People Can Fly and shame on you Epic for letting it happen. Do the right thing bring on the Horde via DLC (asap) with that same intensity that’s in the campaign

    • Robinson McSwine

      Classic Horde mode was far more engaging and addictive.

    • bloodspatter420

      i just want to let u guys know how dissapointed i am i the changes u guys made to multiplayer. the lack of being able to revive teamates, plant gernades, execute enemies, and not being able to spawn with a short range and long range weapos have ruined my expierience. i preordered my game and was looking forward to playing it. now i am just plain sad. i like the campaign. but thats about it. overun is nice too. but im done with the multiplayer. i am back to playin gears 3. also unles the multiplayer is fixed in future games i am done with my favorite franchise

      • Rog3r Gam3r

        I totally agree w/u. This game sucks. How Epic could turn gears into a shit like this? An appropriate game’s title would be SHIT OF WARS or GEARS OF DUTY.


      Survival and Overrun = Bots and Humans. ALL THE SAME GAME.

    • gamer5858

      what happen? person is down what this? two weapon? and locust vs Human? please come back I prefered Gear of war 3. the new judgment need update important

    • Dizzie

      The better modes of GW3 (Beast, Horde) deleted? You are insane?

      If Horde goes in a paid DLC I’m not going to pay again what I have in Gears 3. I’m going to sell Judgement and play again Gears 3. IMO Gears Judgement is better suited as an amazing DLC for gears 3 than a game by it self

    • Quiksus

      No horde was the biggest mistake ever. Overrun is shit. And dont get me started on survival. That is the mots dissapointing of all game modes. Im going back to gears 3. Hopefully the multiplayer Will get fixed and horde Will Come back. Great campaign. Only good thing of this so far dissapointing buy!

    • powellkb

      All these people are crazy I love the new gears its awesome to finally have some change. If you don’t like judgement take it back an stop whining

      • Soul

        lol u clearly know nothing about gears then and have only just played judgement. ur an idiot m8 the game is terrible.

    • Rouster

      Game campaign is awesome but I feel the multiplayer is such a let down. Please bring back Hord… Hord from Gears 2 was brilliant. Hord Gears 3 is genius and well Survivor is terrible… the levels are 2 restricted and not very fun at all… please bring back hord

    • https://www.facebook.com/ashley.edmonds.71465 Ashley Edmonds

      The makers will bring the old horde mOde back but only as downloadable content u HAVE TO PAY FOR . The are trying to rip us off by taking critical features out the game and then then try to charges us extra money for it . I am sickened by the way how gears of war jugdement was made

    • Cyrus M

      To Francesco Toto,

      I’m sure you are COD player, I was playing Xbox cause of
      gears series till judgment came out, played demo and said it’s going to be different
      when the actual game comes out, too disappointment . There is no doubt about
      the graphic (preferred gears 3) but hello,… after game story, all is about
      multiplayer and genuinely gone bad in judgment. Only thing that kept fan was multiplayer
      from gears 1 to 3 but god judgment ruined it. Pips mention on their comment
      about EXE, guns and so on, don’t want to go to details. In total we enjoyed
      playing gears multiplayer and 1 of them was because of its unique game story
      GOG Vs LOCUST!!!!? But what you get COG Vs COG lol, when you like car for
      instant BMW, you expect the new model be faster somehow, nice interior design ……
      but not to give you the body of BMW and then change the engine and interior to
      Ford which is totally different. Multiplayer from gears 2 to 3 was developing
      and we expect to get something better not making it like other shooter game
      that anyone picks it up and kill whoever he wants without any skill whatsoever.

    • kdizzle

      Can u fix the dam roll in this game it is so slow an broken, theirs no need for all the hesitation once u roll an pop back up, its awful.also the gnashers fire rate is garbage to, I mean what were u thinking during play testing their is no excuse, but I want a REFUND

    • Rick

      Marc, thank you for these nice laugh about the WiiU&U4, i don’t buy a epic game in the future! You not god, and you don’t understand social network! greetz

    • Nick

      Leave a message…thanks for comment-deleting!

    • Tekku_Hanbo

      Epic and people can fly have killed gears of war. Cliff Berlinsky( not sure how its spelt but you know who it is) and Rod Ferginson must have their head in their hands saying, ‘ What have you done to our game?’

      the cocksuckers take one of the best game franchise, take out everything that made the game great, add new features to please COD fans who know nothing about gears- and then want to charge us for bringing back some features that we actually wanted in the first place. EPIC FAILURE

    • rodrigo

      hagan una pelicula por favor no saben cuanto nos guataria ganariaN MUCHO DINERO POR FAVOR AGANLA

    • Max Power

      This game idea started off as dlc..now i see why -_-

    • one pissed off gears fan.

      fuck me this games a disgrace its basically bulletstorm not a gears game ive already traded it in, I could mone about this game for hours but I cant be bothered to waste my breath!!!!!

    • FackTickers

      The sound of the tickers drive me nuts! It sounds like teeth chattering!

    • Gears Is Ruined

      I agree this games MP blows hardcore. Thanks EPIC for shitting all over your golden franchise. Miss you Cliff! RIP Gears of War

    • kaoticskillzUnV

      this game is pretty pathetic, multiplayer is garbage but overrun is pretty fun, hopefully they fix this, bring back horde, executions, 2 weapons, and locust vs humans, and hopefully guardian or i will break my game

    • https://www.facebook.com/claire.golding2 Claire Golding

      great campaign on judgement, overun is fun when playing with friends but versus is rubbish its so hard to see who is who as u r all cog but a different colour,and the thing of u cant tag walls with granades is stupid, and survival belongs in my cat litter tray bring back horde it was fun with the silverback and the bosses i miss them it was fun taking them down