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Gears of War: Judgment Reapers of the Week

Gears ReaperTwo weeks ago, we posted about a new character skin in Gears of War: Judgment, the Gears Reaper. The Reaper has special abilities and physics so he’s not very easy to kill. If you do manage though, you will be rewarded with the Reaper medal and custom weapon skin!

Each week, members from the Gears of War community will be chosen to be the Epic Reaper. Members will be chosen based on their contributions to the community.

We have chosen our first Reapers from the community! The first group are members of the Epic Games Forum moderation team, the Epic Games Forum Clan and one of our valued community members from Brazil. Each will will receive a set of custom Gears of War: Judgment dog tags.

You will still also be able to find some of the developers from Epic Games playing as the Reaper as well as Raczilla and Fl4k.

Cher – USA – Gamertag: CherLeigh
James – Australia – Gamertag: IxI Zap IxI
Ruben – Italy – Gamertag: Nc DarkAp89
Cat – UK – Gamertag: Hurricane Cat
Al – UK – Gamertag: DJ CARNIV AL
Paulo – Brazil – Gamertag: paulohmarques

Follow the Reaper_Tracker for hints where they will be. Thanks to Gnashes for the feed and good luck slaying the Reaper! If you would like to nominate someone to be the Reaper, you can post in THIS thread or on Twitter using the hashtag #GearsReaper.

    • hallo

      What about german player

      • https://twitter.com/dibils dibils

        you play against UK (unfortunately, since Germans are always sponging laggy messes)

    • Dan

      what game type is it in?

      • Your Conscience

        Invite/ Vintage Senshi
        Cheers x

        • whatever

          wrong person.

    • dan

      what game type does it feature in?

    • Cris

      Gears of War made ​​a shit!! (._.)

    • https://www.facebook.com/josh.r.abner Josh Ryan Abner

      Don’t know if it’s worth suffering thru the so called “multiplayer” of Judgement to kill them…

    • Edward

      Next week choose gamertag “TheGheyJesus”

    • ariel



      Bare with me folks. I’ll try and get as many of you in a game as I can once it’s setup and running 😀 – DJ

      • The DarkCrafter

        Hey DJ invitame to play please:)

        • https://twitter.com/tyler_m_watts Tyler Watts

          DSS Pittsburqh

      • https://www.facebook.com/Freshmike356 Michael Grossnickle

        Please send an invite to xSHxRainbowDash. I’ve been looking for the Reaper for so long! 😀

        • https://www.facebook.com/tyler.wise.737 Tyler Wise

          If you could invite TWIZE IS BACK that would be great thanks

          • Eriff17

            invite Mafia0fBananas if you can thx!

      • Spac3monk3y123

        please invite SPAC3MONK3Y123

      • Pakelika HD

        Invite pakelika hd please :)

      • Shane

        Could you please invite Shanenaniganzzz :) I’ve been wanting to play with the Reaper for so long!

        • https://www.facebook.com/danny.fumero Danny Fumero

          BTK Lefty2Gunz looking 4 new payers 2 join clan

      • Pakelika HD

        Please invite Pakelika HD :)

      • Pakelika HD

        Please invite Pakelika HD :)

      • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

        I sent u a message DJ.

      • https://twitter.com/Rondeau04 Ray R.

        How are we not Friends yet was just going to check on live and you werent on my list haha

      • https://www.facebook.com/reece.douglas.10 Reece Douglas

        please invite chance wreckzz :)

      • Matt

        invite me i wanna get the medal so bad GT: Jynx Parasite

      • Your Conscience

        Invite/ Vintage Senshi
        Cheers x

      • oD FantasY

        please invite oD Fantasy. :

      • https://www.facebook.com/nelson.g.guzman.7 Nelson Grababrushandputalittle

        Whenever you get the chance DJ…. gt: RHCPlatanozZz

      • xxK0r34nxx420

        invite me please 😀

      • gamefu3l19mdew2

        invite me pleaseee 😀

      • https://www.facebook.com/dean.rutland.5 Dean Rutland

        if your able could you send me an invite tag is BG GIZMO X

      • GearHead2396

        Can you invite me please, GT: Jie Gee

      • https://www.facebook.com/rodger.maloy Rodger Maloy

        inv BIGDAMDEAL

      • Concept Zulu

        Invite me when you get chance please and thank you :)
        GT: Concept Zulu

      • TheKev6969

        Invite A7x iiLoGiiKzZ please ^_^

      • https://www.facebook.com/eDwiN96eSpiNoSA Edwin Sebastián Espinosa Télle

        Invite me please!!! MediatedCone8

      • Konkerr

        invite Konkerr please!

      • Mec

        Invite MRMECA

      • https://www.facebook.com/joe.yakoubian Joe Yakoubian

        can i please have an invite my friend got in last night n beat the reaper friggen jealous GOTHCLOWN666 is my gamertag

      • https://www.facebook.com/zachary.ridings Zachary Ridings

        yo plz invite IRagexDaily

      • John

        Invite john6192010 plzz

      • https://twitter.com/KNG_xWARLORDx Spencer Ferch

        If you can, could you please invite KNG xWARLORDx? Thanks and much appreciated. 😀 You guys are awesome!

      • Kallum

        INV – HeXiCxKiinGzZ ! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • https://www.facebook.com/robert.espinosa.754 Robert Espinosa

        Invite ItBeLikeBob pleased 😀

      • https://www.facebook.com/zachary.ridings Zachary Ridings

        plz invite IRagexDaily

      • https://twitter.com/NoSaniity NoSaniity

        Inv please 😀 Gt: No Saniity

      • Fly Twistt

        Will you please invite me to a game My Gamer tag is Fly Twistt

      • Castero

        Invite me please.
        Gamertagg The Casterat0r

      • Eileen thornhill

        Been trying now plzs invite me is DeathWitch78 xx

      • https://www.facebook.com/gr.salvador.3 Salvador GR

        Invite me please my Tag is darkar1002

      • Bobby Parsons

        please invite me::: grinderman35

        • https://www.facebook.com/danny.fumero Danny Fumero

          BTK Lefty2Gunz looking 4 new plyers that want 2 clan up hit me up gears

      • SwifT Clan

        Yo dude invite me DJ my gamertag is SwifT x DrAgZz

      • Divine

        Hey bro, can you invite me to a game? My GamerTag is DivineFatality6 😀

      • https://www.facebook.com/danny.fumero Danny Fumero

        BTK Lefty2Gunz send frind request i got u

      • pls

        can you invite me n bulls zai

      • https://twitter.com/dugdale09 liam dugdale

        Please could you send me an invite i have been waiting for 3 days my gamertag is xIDUGDALEIx

      • https://www.facebook.com/msalvittijr Mike Salvitti Jr

        Plz invite me :( Vx3xNxOxM I’m begging ill even throw u some MSP.

      • Free Paco

        Gamertag is Free Tortoises if you can get me in a game it’s cool if not it’s no biggy!

      • Fuzzy

        Hey invite me gt is FuzzyWhitePanda

      • Starkiller ZA

        It’s fine I already got it on Hurricane Cat =D

    • https://www.facebook.com/jamie.deville Jamie Deville

      Totally forgot all about this…guessing the reapers are only in TDM and FFA game modes? Also, not sure if the mods see this but there is a grammar error in the above text…”Each will will receive a set of custom Gears of War: Judgment dog tags.”will that get me the chance of becoming a reaper?

    • The DarkCrafter

      Hey can the epic reaper invite me to play? Also I want a brisk skin hahaha

    • x ReSurr3ct3d x

      Haha Sponging laggy messe lol. UK US and other countries are always Host. nothing to do with sponging 😀

    • https://twitter.com/EV0L0NE GEARS FREAK

      AWESOME!!! Congrats.. Make us proud!!!

    • Cristian

      I actually stop playing halo 4 to still playing gears 3….and was expectating DA GAME for judgment, but im so dissapointed of that melee-multiplayer shit…that i just sell the game only playing 1 day and half…. im going to pretend that this game never happen and that they just release a bad DLC…..btw…KUDOS for Overrun, really nice game-play dinamyc…but i can play once in a while that on the demo. lol

    • JK_2021

      can you get a chance to grab the skin in the Overrun Multiplayer Demo?

    • x ReSurr3ct3d x

      Yeah that melee stuff goes hard on Judgment. on 3 it was ok but since people saw it on trailer how ppl like major nelson start using the melee shit everybody goes insane on the melee shit

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

      kk sweet

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

      Hey DJ do u need our Gamertags?

    • https://www.facebook.com/shawn.bowles Shawn Bowles

      Make Gears Fuhrer the reaper. His name is Shawn from USA

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger


    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

      Hey DJ do I need to send u a message

    • Marcelo

      gears of dutty,multiplayer needs to be balanced like gears 3, the characters are still running very slowly, and we also want the return of the locust and executions in multiplayer

    • Chef Twade

      I’ve been online well let’s say I’m 2nd prestige and still haven’t seen one. Is love to be the reaper. I’m good at gears and ppl who talk trash don’t get under my skin. And is it VIP or standard

    • https://twitter.com/Rondeau04 Ray R.

      Congrats to Everyone that was chosen, I know a couple of you I will see in the game for sure!!!

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

      I think private Free For All

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger


    • https://www.facebook.com/reece.douglas.10 Reece Douglas

      who ever the reaper is in the uk can u invite me from london my xbl- chance wreckzz

    • Dion vince

      When is horde coming to judgement survival sucks want horde


      @DJ_CARNIV_AL is my twitter. I’ll post on there when im up and running 😀

    • Kevin Tillman

      Inv o AMBIITION o

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Martin-Fajardo/1499625930 Martin Fajardo

      ITR Hades

      please invite..!!

    • TheAirKing6

      how do i join? do i send them a massage or just join them when it says joinable?

    • gearheadxtreme

      Judgement sucks, and it won’t be long before you realize it, i understand you have to tincker with games, but you all fuck this one up, overrun is a shamm, and the multiplayer modes completely blow, 3 rings for domination really??? who came up with that one????, i like to see who plays free for all on private, and doesn’t quit after the 1st death. Maybe the best of all is team deathmatch, but still can’t get over the fact 1 weapon one pistol. I regret buying the game and i hope maybe just maybe, you’ll bring back horde, so you can rescue some sanity to this otherwise, down and out game.

      • Unknownsoldier7

        this post gave me rustlung…my god the amount of stupid…

        • Starkiller ZA

          You Suck GoWJ is awesome if you looved the the Call of Duties and liked the previous GoWs you would love GoWJ =D
          oh and Starkiller ZA is my Gamertag

      • https://www.facebook.com/jacob.allen.5059 Jacob Allen

        i agree i think horde needs to be brought back, yes having one weapon is dumb, because the game requires you to ready for any situation, I do however like overrun, and i also think this game still has potential. that said @0095d6f037feca33f9a1ca7448d710d5:disqus has his points, dont bash on somebody who probably liked gears 1 and 2 because they werent like other games and unique

      • https://www.facebook.com/jagkcline Joseph Cline

        Although I do like Gears:Judgement, I have to agree that it does not have a gears feel to it. I think switching the controller layout and taking away the ability to carry three weapons was not well thought out. Also, taking away Horde was a big disappointment. I like the game as a game , but does not feel like Gears… :(

        • TheUnChosen

          You said you don’t like how you can’t hold 3 things? But you can…just different buttons….they also based this newer gears as a more fast action paced combat instead of the previous gears where people would be set already with a shotgun for close up and a lancer for distance…Also you are holding 3 things still….grenade (LB) Primary and Secondary (Snub Pistol). You also have to remember that Epic is trying to make change that is unlike other games. For example…Call of Duty….they make a new game every year…little change in the graphics, little change for guns, different maps….see what I mean? It’s gotten so similar every time with them that I can predict what might be different in the next one in the series…on the other hand…in gears of war we never know what will be different…from gears 1 to judgement they have made some of the biggest changes I have seen in a very popular game series for sure…you have to always have this stuff in the back of your mind though before creating a decision on a game in a series that is different.

      • https://www.facebook.com/david.shapcott.1 David Shapcott

        I agree with some things but disagree to other parts. 1st It doesn’t suck, its a quality game, the campaign has been thought through really well, its hard when you’re doing it on hardcore by yourself. I like the declassified missions that they give you at the beginning of each chapter, or section, and I like overrun, it’s a good edition to multiplayer.

        The campaign still has the same feel to it but I don’t understand why its been changed to chapters and sections rather than Acts and Chapters, not a major thing but I dunno. But then yea there’s the weapons, you can only have 2 weapons and grenades, so either 2 main weapons, Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, or a main weapon and a side arm, like the Snub or Boltok pistols, instead of 2 main weapons, a side arm and grenades, I liked the old way where you have to change it with the d-pad too.

        And online, I think Overrun is a good edition to it, I like survival, but yea I think Horde and King of the Hill should be brought back into it too, and maybe even guardian.

        I’ve gotta be honest, some of the changes make the game have sort of a COD feel to it, and that’s one of the reasons I liked Gears in the first place, and why its my favourite game of all time, that it was totally different to games like COD, which I don’t like anymore. Free for all, Domination, Team Deathmatch, wouldn’t be so bad if they gave em a different name, something unique that only Epic Games would be able to come up with.

        Other then those few flaws I think Gears of War: Judgment is an awesome game. Sorry for the rant btw but its over now.

      • https://www.facebook.com/SAVAGETONE Anthony Rodriguez

        I would Hate to agree and disagree, but the fact is developers change the game aspects to see where the franchise will lead them as far as continuing a saga. as far as game modes you ask who Plays it in private ? we do and many others do. group up and talk shit amongst your freinds and their friends brings out the best of games skills and gives everyone a chance to see different styles of game play . Give yourself and the game a chance. Play with the right groups and the game grows on you . April 2nd. you get Execution back and two free maps . so until then i feel your pain .sure it isn’t GOW2 they should of never changed that after all the tweaks it ran perfect for allot of the community but we have to live with the choices developers make an express them on the forums so that they can adjust to what has to be done in order to develop a better game play experience . just remember not everybody agrees about an opinion that’s all it is thats my opinion. check us out on GFATV.LIVE join the Battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYPURsqhSA4

      • https://www.facebook.com/david.murphy.1420 David Murphy

        Your fucking retarded. Ya,it’s no gears 2 by any means,and it takes a LOT of getting used too,but change is good lol.

        • https://www.facebook.com/danny.fumero Danny Fumero

          want 2 join a clanhit me up BTK Lefty2Gunz gears

      • KARN on a COG

        yeah it does suck. Already got my 10 the 1st week in Survivor. Now Raczilla is “giving away” the Reaper skin for his “Friends” ..in Twitter. MISSING “HORDE SO BAD”…as well. SO YEAH EPIC DO CONSIDER the WORDS of your “LOYAL” FANBASE.

      • random gear

        thank you at least one person doesn’t have to suck epic games dick and go along with this shit

        • https://www.facebook.com/danny.fumero Danny Fumero

          BTK Lefty2Gunz looking 4 new clan players hit me up


        Yeah, I’ve been a gears fanboy since Gears Of War. Hell, that’s what made me buy an Xbox 360 in the first place. I have all the games and all the DLCs. But with this, they totally botched EVERYTHING from the Character Armor skins to the Gun skins. Whats frustrating is the Prize Box system. I’ve played all types of gameplay and Some Rare Prize boxes would give out Gun skins and sometimes XP. It’s so inconsistent…in the end I wasted all my money on this game.

      • Free Paco

        I do agree that it doesn’t have the same feel and I am upset about horde being taken away, but I do feel the game still has some fun to it and I hope you can get to liking it somewhat. If not I would recommend sticking to gears three if you like it better so you can still enjoy the gears franchise!

      • TheUnChosen

        Are you dumb? You obviously aren’t a gears of war veteran as I am…You said who came up with 3 rings in domination?! That has always been like that ever since gears of war 1…they just changed the name to domination from annex! Overrun is a completely new mode and is actually fun if you don’t rage every time you die…you also have to remember that they are trying to create this mode around what people ASKED FOR! And the fact that you only have one primary and one pistol is great…in previous gears of war games as spawning with a shotgun and a lancer as default led to camping by a majority of some people…by changing the UI of the controls for weapons and what you spawn with completely changes things….in this gears of war what they really wanted to do was integrate fast action paced combat…THEY DID THAT COMPLETELY! Maybe if you used your head instead of being a arrogant little band-wagoner who just hopped right into the gears series you would realize this instead of just bashing the game itself….you also have to remember that it’s partially the people that create the game too…people are the ones that create the dumb methods that nobody likes…

    • gamefu3l19mdew2

      invite me please!! 😀

    • TheAirKing6

      how do we join CherLeigh?

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

      Does anybody want to play FFA while we Wait :)

    • TheAirKing6

      how do we join omg

    • Spac3monk3y123

      invite SPAC3MONK3Y123 please

    • TheAirKing6

      how do we join CherLeigh?

    • POJI

      someone invite me. PoPoji Burgers, USA

    • gowepic

      Invite/flaakey96 thanks

    • Angel Roman

      if any one wishes to play gears of war 3 or judgement be free to add me my xbox name is NOCTOWL ANGEL so yep also i wanna kill some reapers or have a good survival team or a good work team on campaign so who ever is down with any of those add me also im a beta tester on gears 3 just saying i also love doing 1 vs 1 so yep thanks for taking ur time to read this thanks

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

      Cherligh game is full she will probably invite the next group after this one . Hopefully me.

    • TheAirKing6

      anyone get a inv by CherLeigh?

      • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

        Not yet she has a full game.

        • TheAirKing6

          it dose not even say she is in a game only Online and how do you know?

    • xWeT BoX Her0x

      Plz invite xWeT BoX Her0x!!! The O in hero is a zero. I’d love to get my chance at getting the skins but also meeting the reapers will be interesting :)

    • https://twitter.com/AoE_Ambitionz Matthew Terwilliger

      DJ Carnival is waiting for a update soon guys.

    • soup

      i dont want to say myself cause that would be stingy but team piink any member in it we are coming out as new gears team goal is to do tourneys and youtube and competitive. also prizes and donations to breast cancer as well. all for the sole cause of breast cancer… piink paladin , piink sunflower, pink soup, prime turbo x. any of these people would be my vote

    • Spac3monk3y123

      invite SPAC3MONK3Y123 please

    • https://www.facebook.com/jordan.r.robinson.9 Jordan Robbo Robinson

      invite pleaseee – Rexoe

    • TheAirKing6

      CherLeigh when are you inv us???????????????????

      • https://www.facebook.com/rodger.maloy Rodger Maloy

        give it some time

        • TheAirKing6


    • https://www.facebook.com/ballak47 Dakota Ball


    • https://www.facebook.com/reece.douglas.10 Reece Douglas

      @DJ_CARNIV_AL invite chance wreckzz and i followed you on twitter

    • https://www.facebook.com/rodger.maloy Rodger Maloy

      invite BIGDAMDEAL

    • TheAirKing6

      anyone get a inv by CherLeigh?

    • TheAirKing6

      CherLeigh inv

    • Spac3monk3y123

      omg invite spac3monk3y123

    • TheAirKing6

      how the f do you join and has ONLY ONE GOT A INV BY ANY OF THEM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • https://www.facebook.com/rodger.maloy Rodger Maloy

        clam down

    • https://www.facebook.com/reece.douglas.10 Reece Douglas

      cher leigh u gonna invite anyone xbl- chane wreckzz

    • bme210

      please invite I’m in a community of csg and I want to start my own branch in gears of war. please send me a message in how I can get it started I have so many questions. thanks gametag is bme210 hope to hear from you guys

    • https://www.facebook.com/los.bimbos.5 Los Bimbos

      Invite: HB Chakravartin big Thanks on Epic =)

    • TheAirKing6

      This is a joke am not going to wait all night for a inv

    • Memphis may

      I just think it is impossible for people to find. Even on that tracker thing, none ever get on. How are people supposed to find them who are looking. It’s incrdibly frustrating.

      • TheAirKing6

        yea i know what you mean

    • Memphis may

      Cher!!!!!! Invite me please!!! Gt: Memphis May

    • https://www.facebook.com/shamus.mckinnon Shamus Mckinnon

      yo invite me plz XxGrim12eaperxX

    • Pg Vlasmere

      you have successfully “world of warcrafted gears of war” dumb down all the controls remove half of the features completley change how 3/4 of all the mechanics work. what were you guys thinking? Horde mode was the only reason about half the people played gears, no executions, locust, dbno, proximity frags, or active reloads in multiplayer? come on.

    • https://www.facebook.com/eric.j.colon.3 Eric Jose Colon

      Im sorry to say but this gears is the most garbage game in history you guys fucked up big time. Overrun is the only good game mode plus its super gay that it only has 4 maps on online multiplayer. Im so pissed at you epic you messed up you franchise game.

    • GearsFan#1

      if you can invite MVPxYuNgGuNsx

    • Kaz

      Where is the Horde??? not the beef not tha old lady but tha HORDE!!!!!!! don’t make us regret that vip pass

    • TheAirKing6


    • Emily

      i wish someone would invite me to a game QQ

    • xXGrimmsXx

      Invite me please! Gt: xXGrimmsXx

    • Geovanny

      invite me please: gt SpiniestKnave7

    • Victoria Mae

      Cher!!!!!!!!!! Please please please please please invite me to play I don’t really care when! I’m just losing sleep trying to find the reaper. GT: “Memphis May” !!!!! :)

    • hello

      sounds like a lot of call of duty players………… I like the Game, it makes you fight instead of camping in the shadows looking for a quick klil.

    • https://www.facebook.com/roberto.benavidez.10 Roberto Benavidez

      Congrats to all the reapers, especially Cher and DJ CARNIV AL! I’ll be on today if you have time for an add. Slight S K Ills.

      • Angel Roman


        • https://www.facebook.com/roberto.benavidez.10 Roberto Benavidez

          Uh…hey! How are things?

    • forevergone88

      awwwww look another hater how cute

    • fueledbyhate

      I hope after a certain period of time this actually becomes viral. Putting things in games that require sheer luck is just annoying.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Carnivorelymphe Romuald Arkane Carni Chetcuti

      please ArKane carni01

    • GOW4EVA!!!!!

      The biggest mistake you made when you brought this game out was getting rid of horde the second biggest was adding challenges, if we wanted to do challenges we would play a Tom Clancy game, I had this game pre-ordered for 6 months then found out there was no horde wtf was you thinking taking it out????

      Gears is the best multiplayer game out there by far!!!!

      But for you to suddenly decide to get rid of horde which just so happens to be gear’s biggest selling point was a HUGE mistake!!!!

      What you should of done was forget the challenges keep horde and beast, add survival and overrun then you might have had a brilliant game on your hands!!

      I hope the next game that comes out takes heed of what the true gears fans want and not concentrate on making a game for the noob’s!!!

      • Dugg

        Survival = Horde your point is invaild

        • GOW4EVA!!!!!

          How is survival the same as horde they are two completely different game types????

    • GearsFan#1

      can you invite MVPxYuNgGuNsx plz

    • RyanM23

      Can AnyBody Help Me Get The Epic Reaper Medal Please? been trying to get it all weekend my gamertag is CFC x RYAN

    • https://www.facebook.com/manuel.mercadoolivarria Manuel Mercado Olivarria

      La cagaron con el juego creo que lo vendere y me regresare a jugar gears 3..

      The shit with the game I think I’ll sell it and will go back to playing Gears 3

    • Victoria Mae

      Please invite Cher gt: Memphis May

    • SinisterSnips

      I miss KOTH! The campaign is excellent in Gears judgment but the multiplayer is the reason I still play Gears 3. Domination is tolerable but I hate the Rig and Library maps sooooo much!!!! I play Gears for the rush of fast paced in close battle. All the multiplayer modes are to slow for me and promote camping. I still love gears but I am disappointed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for future DLC.

    • GearsFan#1

      pls invite MVPxYuNgGuNsx

    • https://twitter.com/Ph34rM3101 ☠ Daniel Hockley ☠

      GT: Ph34rM3101
      I have yet to encounter the reaper. Any invites would be awesome!

    • https://www.facebook.com/Carnivorelymphe Romuald Arkane Carni Chetcuti

      GT: ArKane carni01 je veu etres le epic reaper pour en faire profiter des potes et en faire rager d autres hahahaha

    • Guest

      Invite me! Fire31337

    • Mec

      Invite MRMECA THANKS

    • Luizk Jiménez

      many people hates judgment cuz u guys wants mix Gow like Cod but D essences of the game r lose it! think about it… one weapon? not classic matchmaking games. not MLG mps? please… dont make change… we love gears of war cuz was different…

      • Luizk Jiménez

        Gamertag Colombia usa: Luizk

    • https://www.facebook.com/kyriakos.argiru Kyriakos Argiru

      Can you invite me GT: ArcticSapphirex

    • https://www.facebook.com/kevin.bruinenberg Kevin Bruinenberg

      Why does everyone want the medal so bad? Enjoy the game and who knows ull see a reaper :)

    • Snapurneck23

      Fuck u haters who r bagging on judgement. Its a great game and if ur afraid of change that much then u arent a gears fan.

    • C-206

      Thought this game was Shit at first, naturally change for a gears vet Hurts almost everytime, After a couple of rounds , i realize this is A great game, Melees r kinda shitty though , other than that, it flows great less campy definately.

    • https://twitter.com/VirtualFunky VirtualZombie

      ¡Because no one Reaper From Mexico!

    • https://www.facebook.com/dylan.horton.984 Dylan Horton

      what game modes will the reapers play

    • 0_o

      fuck this shit any thing about horde?!?!?

      • So many complaints

        If you want horde so bad Gears 2 and 3 have it… Either that or just be patient, they either will or won’t add it in a DLC or patch as a new game mode

    • Tezzer

      Please invite xBl0odxThirstyx

    • lukasz

      Invite Anabolic Locust

    • Ryan

      An invite would awesome guys! GT: Unsuresnipe

    • Jake

      Invite GT: Lycan600

    • malin28

      es una porqueria este gears es para las personas nuevas que mamada que pueda explotar una grnada sin que la tengas

    • Billy mays

      The game sucks because they still have gnashes in versus

    • https://www.facebook.com/nvajcner Nick Vajcner

      I feel the new gears is a light weaight compare to the other games. It’s lost that real feeling when you take down an opponent. Its hard to single a player out to make them your rival in the match.

    • Guest

      Flak, the ban happy ***** errr moderator.

    • Ikki

      Fl4k, that ban happy *****.

    • Guest

      Fl4k, as ban happy as ever or what ?

    • https://www.facebook.com/joey.simon.562 Joey Simon

      Invite Spickens

    • joshua

      hola comunidad de epic games quisiera ser el próximo epic reapers por favor soy un gran jugador

    • https://twitter.com/TheSociety1 Robert

      Reapers, If you see this message, Give me a chance to bring down the angel of death.

      GT: Toxic Laxatives

    • emanuel

      I want to be epic reaper!!:(

    • Jordan

      Can you invite me please this is my gt BionicGroundog

    • https://twitter.com/KNG_xWARLORDx Spencer Ferch

      Invite please, Gamertag is: KNG xWARLORDx
      Thanks! 😀

    • jaytevah

      I think its funny how many people are complaining about the game being different or not Gears, first of all it says Gears on the disc so it is very much Gears Of War. Second how many of you would have been complaining if everything was the same and how nothing had changed? I have played them all and this game is fun and has a faster new feel to it, if you cant adapt or you don’t like it don’t play, or better yet why don’t you be creative and spend endless hours of your life making something of your own so you can see how it is to be mindlessly attacked by people not willing to give your creation a chance. That said I would also like to see Hoard brought back but Overrun is a great new addition and really fun. This is one of the big problems with our world to many critics not enough creative people.

    • alex

      pongan a X RakerDemon X el me ayudó muchisimo con lo del uso de las armas de los geasr XD

    • bryan

      X RakerDemon X is the best, they help me in the map strategies to win

    • max

      please post X rakerDemon X they help me in the campaing and they help me in the medals

    • kike

      Raker help me in the pascua eggs

    • woody210

      invite me woody210

    • alejandro

      raker helped me giving me advice about how I can improve with weapons

    • https://www.facebook.com/brandy.jamieson.7 Brandy Jamieson


    • Dave

      Megadawn should be the reaper he’d b easy to kill lol

    • ThePhoenixQueen

      i feel the same way about judgement, they rushed it and only thought about the storyline then thinking about the online play, overrun is okay, so is survival. But team deathmatch, free for all and domination is complete bullshit, its noob friendly now. Its not kill base anymore its for all the complaining from our so called fans to shut tge fuck up! Thanks to the other fans who completely suck at gears of war, you messed everything up!

    • burgler123

      If I were to choose someone to be a reaper, I would chose x raydog75 hes been a loyal fan since Gears of War. He Has bought many dlc’s on Gears of War 3, and will buy more in Judgement.He deserves it way more than I ever will. He is also great in multplayer and would not let your gift go unused, or to waste! lol.Thank you.

    • Bamfy21

      I should be the reaper just for the amount of hours I have played Gears of War. When everyone else went running and skipping to COD I stayed and played Gears 3. COD sucks. Gears for life.

    • FNHUSA57

      i cant find a reaper no matter where i play or how long i am on for !!

    • Wintery


      would like to nominate a baltazar blk 99

    • Ich I Ego

      no one in germany :(

    • Orochiryu324

      Invite me please:-D
      We come from Taiwan
      We love this game so much!
      It’s so cool!

    • The Casterat0r

      Invite me please!! My gamertagg is
      The Casterat0r.
      I wanna fight the reaper!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=879910586 Peer Steinarssønn Graner

      Too few maps.. Gets boring fast

    • Luis

      ¿que hay de los Mexicanos? por que no eligen a alguien de México para ser epic reaper, asi seria más fácil para nosotros, epic no deberia olvidar que México es la comunidad más grande que juega Gears of war!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/p3op73 Sarah JB Gough

      ill nominate cicvendetta.
      i like all gears and kickass. some ppl just need to adjust to
      change. besides theyre workin on new maps and may be even
      workin on a new horde i hear.

    • gear311


      Everybody use the gnasher and the only way to counter this is to take gnasher too because other weapons are useless !

      The best would be you put the gnasher in maps as a specal weapon and you make a FFA shootgun only mod for hadcore gnasher players.

      Please spread this on epic forums so the devs wll see

    • https://twitter.com/CrimsonStardust Crystal Davis

      Does this medal unlock by solely killing the Reaper or can it be unlocked by killing someone who already has the medal? I feel like this is going to be nearly impossible for me to get since Im not that great at the multiplayer mode plus I still havent come across that Reaper at all. That’s pretty sad coz it’s the best looking medal in the game.

    • the real batman

      the worst game epic has ever created… Gow judgement, like really dissapointed.horrible mutiplayer, short campaign i feel like ive been robbed of 80 plus dollars for a throw up piece of trash

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004699892471 Joshua Gonzalez

      Plz inv me gt: BeasT N daBX

    • Silberpfeil

      Bring the horde back …

    • Chris

      You guys are so full of shit about this reaper and the game is so shit cliff is a fag for creating this game

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000643189043 Hgo Lrs

      No Reaper in Mexico?

    • XBLOODxSlayerX

      May I please be invited to a game with the Epic Reaper so that I can have a chance to kill the Epic Reaper? Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you in advance for either answer.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Shazam369 Elijah Wayne


    • Zeb

      Invite me when you get a chance. My GT’s ZB TERMINATOR89.

      Thanks, Epic

    • iiTz KuSH420

      I’ve played this game so much I’m top 150 in domination and messaged almost every reaper…never one invite. yea I know theres a lot of people but I seel level 40s with it…im on my second re-up. and if a reaper is on its in a private match…

    • Jesús

      I need kill the Epic Reaper

    • Jesús

      My gamertag is L1TLEJ3SVS

    • Radis Maxx

      Honestly i don’t understand why all of you guys are complaining. I know that it may not be the best Gears to ever hit store shelves, and it certainly isn’t the game of the century. But hell, give the game the credit it deserves. It brought us a new game m mode, new dynamics(which in my opinion, are more appealing than the other gears were). Yes the downgrade in gun slots is defiantly bad, i won’t sugarcoat that. And the fact that there is no Horde or Arcade style Campaign really gets at me, the game overall is decent and in my opinion worth my 60 bucks. Also they are going to be releasing a DLC for the game on April 9th from what i hear, hopefully they add some of those things in it.. So before you go and criticize a game, why don’t you actually sit down and play it with a open mind to new things.

    • Ivan

      hooola jejeje! rayos quisiera jugar con el epic reaper o enfrentarme con el, estaria bueno pero se me acaba mi live gold gratis muy rapido lastima! :) saludos

    • https://www.facebook.com/luisrodrigo.reyes.1 Luis Rodrigo Reyes

      this GOW judgment is so different to the other gears of war, that is like play halo, you are not bungie or 343, you are epic!!!!!!!

    • hecttor230

      please helpme epic reaper

    • Sinister Snips

      I’ve been playing Gears Judgment for a week now trying to give it an honest chance. I think Gears judgment game mechanics are greatly improved. I love the campaign!!! I miss KOTH but with the new set up I don’t know if it’ll work holding a ring with 5 grenade wielding enemies running at you after every spawn. I miss the proximity grenades the most being the grenadier I am. I’m still not as thrilled about Domination being a new KOTH because of teams camping the circles for the entire match. Even though I do it too. 2 men at 2 different circles and 1 hunter. Need new maps please! I know that “HAVEN” is due out April 2 for FREE but 5 maps is still pretty slim for multiplayer.

    • hector230

      help me i want epic reapers


      iwant to be epic reapers

    • OmarV12

      i killed his ass!

    • https://www.facebook.com/SAVAGETONE Anthony Rodriguez

      Take a look at the new Haven Map revealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ee_NWIQNWd0

    • T

      Invite imm tony x to a game with reaper please thanks :)

    • Roy

      Dear people of epic,

      I’m a big fan of Gears of war. But this time with Gears of war Judgement, I’m realy dissapointed in the game (I’m even thinking of bringing it back to the gamestore). The game isn’t intens like the other 3 where. The new guns don’t add anything to the game and so are the classes. There are way to little options for online playing. Overrun is to much of oldschool domination. But all these things aren’t as dissapointing as the loss of Horde. Please bring it back! Please do!

      Kind regards,

      Roy Aarts

    • Gow

      Game is great :)

    • https://www.facebook.com/carlos.figueroahernandez.12 Carlos Figueroa Hernandez

      hello I love playing the epic ofreser raper I will use to help people is xSPx gemertag porfa my power

    • random gear

      you fucked up go back to the good old times (gears 1, 2, and 3)

    • gerardo figueroa

      Awesome! Acabo de recibir algunos puntos de Microsoft de forma gratuita desde freemspointsforever com

    • ericksergepic

      please hurricane cat inviteme i like the epic i dony found and i play too many hours my gamertag is ericksonblack8

    • ericksergepic

      if you invite me send me a message please krriiiilyyng tell me that you can help me

    • https://www.facebook.com/sterling.wilson.90 Sterling Wilson

      Is any body doing the Don’t Fear The Reaper thing on gears of war judgment I really want the skin and emblem mt gamer tag:xGR33NxPROD1GYx

    • xOGx Green

      Forget all you idiots that hate on this game, it’s hands down the best gears ( Besides Gears 1 ofcourse) but hands down best online gaming system, best story and interactive game play, it’s fast and intense keeps you on your toes for the the matter, I for one deserve the EPIC REAPER.

    • DAxAfroSamurai

      This is the worst gears ever made. The gnasher sucks the flamethrower is too powerful and now it has a helicopter in vs. I spent 75 $ total including season pass and this game is a total letdown at least I have gears 3 and ctl.

    • eileen thornhill

      I would like to nominate eLite BuLLDog x as hes a lovely man and he plays with everyone.

    • https://www.facebook.com/selim.lequipe Selim L’équipe

      je veux etre le reaper pour la france !!!

    • greenyoda212

      Would be most grateful if you DJ or Cat, could get me & my dear friend in a game with you good people, GT: XM Fatal XIII & Vildvitttran

    • https://twitter.com/PhilMcKinney330 Phil Mckinney

      I need to find the reaper! GxA Ph1LdO help me! Lol

    • Hunter J Ace

      I got a question. Whose idea was it to speed up the melees? Because of that, real skill almost doesn’t exist. Now we got a bunch of scrubs in this game.

    • angel cobain 01

      hey guys i wish to kill the reaper but i don´t know where i have to seek him so, could you tell me? is in ranked or quick matches?

    • BusiedStew347

      I wish I had epic reaper it looks awesome

    • ericksergepic

      please some epic reaper invite me my gamertag is ericksonblack8

    • shane

      I wanna reap!

    • iVzX iLuzIOn


    • juan sebastian valderrama vall

      invite malafama20 please

    • gears fan 88

      this not cool epic how ur dev CherLeigh and the other are only share the reaper me4dal with friends only and certain people only invited to well beeen on since 19th non stop still no reaper so mad now and this epic reaper isa scam

    • Maad Raam

      We want our secondary shotgun. Please replace the pistol with our choice of shotgun like in gears 3. Please!!! And if guardian was brought back that would be awesome :) please

    • https://www.facebook.com/luisstayfly Lu Rambo

      i love this game invite me Gamertag : Lu Dha Bully

    • Aze MajinVegeta

      i will SouljaBoYzGoDzZ >play EPIC REAPER and i’m :) Aze MajinVegeta



    • Jesterstriks

      I killed the Reaper last night and I didn’t get anything. Could you please help. That pissed me off along with my friend who saw me do it.

    • Frankbueno

      Plz invite me my gamertag is alienskull9905

    • lance

      just some info and ideas reaper tracker is a good site to find the reapers if any r online like right now there r no reapers online i found 1 and got my medal thanx to reaper tracker but then my friend got on and tried for almost a hr to get in room with the reaper and couldnt do it. u need to have a few more reapers online and posting were they r. Cherliegh was the only reaper online all morning as far as i could tell. like i said b4 killing the reaper is a small task compared to finding 1. I nomanate myself bigbud1972 to b a reaper i play hrs of gears everyday and would play for 24 hrs straight if i was a reaper and to those that r reapers pls play as much as poss and post on reaper tracker were u r. ideas for epic bring back planted frags and active reloads that is gears. stop trying to level the playing field for those who cant do it themselves. make freeforall so ten friends can b in the same room at once big reason i thought this game was gonna rock was ten friends playing ffa together what a disapointment. and how about some classic hoard is that to much to ask. once again bigbud1972 4 #gearsreaper if u want someone who will condsider it a honer and will play at least 7 or 8 hrs a day

    • lance


    • lance

      bigbud1972 for #gearsreaper

    • Steven

      my cousin, who has been with you guys from the start deserves it… His GT is “Wesley Durham” please give him the chance

    • coolAZZ

      ive been playing gears since the first game come out. Judgement has a lot of potential unlike gears 2 witch was shit lancer noobs!!!!!!!!. love the bouncing on this its better than gears 3. But just wish the epic reaper was easier to find been playing free for all all week and not found him once!! Any tips?

    • Daniel

      Would a reaper invite me to a game my gamer tag is oopsmybadz thanks

    • BTK Lefty2Gunz

      BTK Lefty2Gunz looking for new clan players hit me up tag BTK Lefty2Gunz. all type of players

    • https://www.facebook.com/danny.fumero Danny Fumero


    • https://www.facebook.com/danny.fumero Danny Fumero

      BTK Lefty2Gunz looking 4 players that want 2 clan up

    • CoolAZZ

      Could reaper send me an invite plz gamer tag is coolAZZ thanks

    • https://twitter.com/DizzyPurpleDaze josh

      yeah game made me so sad,and been trying to get reaper but no luck come on give us a break

    • Skullgnasher

      Pick me in a game or as reaper!!! GT: Fajjaaz

    • dpower12

      Can you inv me plese? my GamerTag is: dpower12

    • https://twitter.com/dugdale09 liam dugdale

      I have been waiting for an invite for 3 days now please may i have an invite xIDUGDALEIx

    • Pissed off GoW fan.

      You guys seriously fucked up with this game. Why would you give it a Call of Duty feel? D-Pad weapon selection has been there from the start and you decide to change it, I loved that so much. But I already bought Judgment and the VIP pass too, so you guys don’t care since you already have my money. Bring back old Gears you bastards. Booshka aren’t meant for online, period. It’s a superpowered boomshot with 3 bullets in a clip. You guys are attracting all the wrong people now. Gears used to have an awesome community. A lot of shit talkers, that could actually back it up. Now everybody goes for map weapons and boomshield or stay huddled in a little group. I know they have teams for a reason, but not for THAT reason.

    • https://twitter.com/Reaper_Trasher Reaper Trasher

      I’ve been rudely rejected by reaper_tracker on twitter when i asked a simple question about why reapers dont choose different rooms after each match…They basically told me that reapers do what they want and that they dont have to host lobbies at all and that the reaper is supposed to be rare…i just was watching twitch tv and saw them boot a kid that was being nothing but respectful only because he joined thru his buddies gamertag…so…with that said..i will be using the next half hour to set up my xbox that i have custom built for stealth mode and i will be introducing a faux-reaper..everything has been tested and it DOES in fact unlock the medal and skins for people…i will be using the reaper endlessly for the next 2 months in every lobby from ranked. vip, dlc, and standard until i am sure that the reaper is NOT rare ANYMORE…i will be using the hashtag #GearsReaper on twitter so i will be easy to find…

    • https://www.facebook.com/dan.smith.980 Dan Smith

      As much as i enjoy the gears franchise. This game is complete and utter garbage. Besides the campaign which isn’t that bad, everything else about this game sucks. I mean only being able to carry 2 guns and not even being able to grenade stick online. What is the point? Not forgetting the fact that there is no horde or warzone and if you ever want to get any decent skin for your character or gun then you would have to pay even more for it, which is ridiculous. And this new epic reaper, yes it was a good idea as a little fun thing to do, but if they only ever play in private matches to help their friends get all the decent stuff instead of playing online and making it fair for everyone else then what the hell is the point in it. I really enjoy the gears franchise and have made a live action trailer on it as for part of my exam, but unless changes are made then this game is going to drop in price and everyone playing it will just convert to other games that aren’t this crap. This game is a disappointment. 2/3 out of 10

    • nearzantiago

      pongan a alguien de mexico de epic reaper somos de los paises donde mas se juega meesemos uno pa que sea mas facil para nosotros

    • https://www.facebook.com/msalvittijr Mike Salvitti Jr

      To all reapers out there who ever let’s me face you will be awarded MSP Vx3xNxOxM

    • Skullflare

      They should make a liquid green skin armor

    • Jack Noble

      Judgement is bo$$

    • pablo

      I want

      gears of war judgment Epic Reape rI’m my gt orgulloysangre Greetings friends

    • https://twitter.com/JackCayman Octavio HZ

      Judgement sucks!

    • BBoy proto

      How can I join, or how can I know when the reaper is online, I would like participate in there type of events. I’m open for new stuff.. please respond :) gamertag : Prototype Rs200

    • MaxTheCOG

      Where the fck is Gears of war, I can’t call Judgement a Gears of war.
      What is wrong with People can fly ?

    • barren

      game is fine specially now that the 2 piece has been somewhat fixed overrun is a blast.. GREAT GAME enjoying it throughly….would also like to nominate Devastation104 to be the reaper 😛

    • Mauricio rosales villa

      The epic reaper is very good

    • oscar

      please give me the epic reaper wanna be the envy of my friends ;(

    • talkboutpwnge

      in gears judgement my game is glitched where I try to get tai the numbers are stuck at 113.

    • SpanglyCharlie

      Hello, I am writing to tell you that the game is Gears of War:
      Judgment, you did really well the only mistake you have done the last chapter
      (WAR MEMORIAL SQUARE of TYRUS) with declassification without having made a
      CECKPOINT, it is impossible to finish it in one place, I would be really
      grateful with all the Italian friends if you can put a PATCH for CeckpointI
      think it is fair that a player has the satisfaction of being able to end the
      game, and have the urge to buy the sequel without being Flogged by the game’s
      FUN. Thank you

    • Jason Snelling

      I nominate F4tBoYsL1m he is a good player and I have been his friend for a few years and he only play gears for the most part.

      • Jason Snelling

        he would make a great reaper

    • Coop

      Bit harsh dude I think the game played well in campaign and online I didnt like online at first but it soon got addictive once finding my feet. Im no hardcore gamer so I found with one ring all the hardcore nuts out there controlled the game where 3 eings help the game evolve with out the beginners and non hardcore fans getting slaughtered which is no fun really is it.
      I do agree with one point horde is needed and maybe a evolved overun with slightly differnt mission.

    • Dave Unscarred

      I’ve just pick up Judgment a few days ago and i owe everyone in Epic an apology, you see i was one of those idiots bitching about the game, but after comparing everything from Gears 3 to Judgment i notice the changes in MP, movement is better, the weapon balancing is better, and the Map designs are really good for competitive MP, i can’t wait to see what’s in store for the season pass content and those 2 new MP modes…Extraction anyone?, maybe a Bomb game type? perhaps a CTF? by the way thanks for fixing that 2 piece melee that shit was so annoying at times i though i was playing Street fighter, also glad to see that the stim-nade was fix as well, but i must say i miss Horde mode…i’m not a fan of Survival, Classic Horde mode of Gears 2 with declassification challenges would be awesome…(just saying) and thanks for bringing back Execution and the sweet DBNO, i like the challenge of having 2 weapons, it changes you as a player and forces you to pick up the Power weapons more, I’ve find myself doing this more than in previous Gears game, having 3 weapons back in the day made me fell unstoppable mid to long range Lancers/Hammerburst, short range Gnasher, if i wanted to escape danger i would use my smoke-nade, if i wanted to breach an opponent territory then i would use it as well, after a while i felt like there was no challenge anymore and it felt boring, i was never a fan of the D-pad controls and I’ve been playing Gears since 2007, i always though the D-pad controls on the Xbox 360 sucked, the inconsistency on that thing is unreal, i hope people just let go of the nostalgia of previous Gears games, and give Judgment a try, Judgment is by far the most consistent Gears game ever, and to miss out on Judgment as a true Gears fan would be the ultimate insult, keep the good work Epic and again my my sincerest apologies.

    • https://twitter.com/maddogmalcs Mad Dog Malcs

      Massive thanks to Cat for my shot at the Reaper, the badge and skin will be worn with pride, looking forward to playing online with you again soon :)

    • md

      why do i keep losing my prize boxes? i always wait for a check point, no matter its pot luck if its there. all game modes

    • https://www.facebook.com/leandroilhabela Leandro Grião Barbosa

      Epic Games showed how to sink a game in a week. Never saw so much change poorly made. Fragmentation grenade that sucks, it seems gnasher sawn, only kills if you are touching the opponent. Lack of locusts. BOTs not die. The nonexistence mode Orda. Launching with 4 maps. Release of an open map as DLC, where who plays the gnasher only die for the machineguns BOTs.It’s so much crap that I am completely disappointed with the game. I bought the covers of weapons and armor along with the VIP pass before the game arrives. I feel completely robbed by the company.The armor so confused in team shoot several times in thinking that friends are enemies.In closing, I learned to swear after I bought the Gears of War Judgment.

      A Epic Games mostrou como afundar um jogo em uma semana. Nunca ví tanta mudança mal feita. Granada de fragmentação que não presta, gnasher que parece serrada, só mata se estiver encostado no adversário. Falta dos locusts. BOTs que não morrem. A inexistencia do modo Orda. Lançamento com 4 mapas. Lançamento de um mapa aberto como DLC, onde quem joga de gnasher só morre para os BOTs das metralhadoras.
      É tanta porcaria que eu estou completamente decepcionado com o jogo. Comprei as capas de armas e armaduras junto com o passe VIP antes de o jogo chegar. Me sinto completamente roubado pela empresa.
      As armaduras confundem na modo equipe que atiro várias vezes nos amigos pensando que são inimigos.
      Terminando, aprendi a falar palavrão depois que comprei o Gears of War Judgment.

    • https://www.facebook.com/leandroilhabela Leandro Grião Barbosa

      Ah yes, the campaign has a pathetic story and it seems like we’re playing the way orda, messy and completely meaningless.

      Ah sim, a campanha tem uma história patética e parece que estamos jogando o modo orda, completamente bagunçado e sem sentido.

    • Babysquidward

      ive checked the list every week for the reapers and not one lived in japan or near japan to where i (navy person) cannot find please epic please!!

      • Babysquidward

        wait let me put a little details into this…

        I keep up with the twitter page for the reapers where they will be at (gamemode) and when they’re going to play EST PACIFIC etc…etc…

        i make sure that I have a open NAT Ttype just in case that makes a difference but yeah so i am set.
        I still cannot find a single reaper ever since it started so now im annoyed. i am not saying there should be a reaper in ever country to balance it out but I am saying there should be a reaper in each general area so that anyone can find them. I know most people are saying it’s just a reaper calm down and i feel that those who are like that are the people who killed the reaper. The only time i’ve seen a reaper in my general area was a guy or girl in Taiwan but being in japan when searching I do not find taiwanese people in my lobbies if anything they are korean, japanese, and chinese. So i ask please do something about this please EPIC i want the find the reaper a chance to kill him thank you.

    • https://www.facebook.com/holden.kina Holden Kina

      GowJ is actually very good when you get used to it. The only thing that annnoys me is this reaper thing. I have sent countless messages to the reaper people asking them to help me and I have never goten a reply back from anyone, then when I watch gameplay of them all most of them do is host private games and choose who they want to inv, honestly how is that fair to anyone??? Everyone has the right to be invited. I kno they get messages everyday and never check them. Its stupid they need to find a better way to spread this reaper thing around so everyone has a chance. I play this game a lot but have never see this reaper and its starting to annoy me bc half the people I play against have the medal

    • Adrian

      Fuckin game sucks fuck epic and people can fly.

    • https://twitter.com/hector_onixnoob Hector

      I want to be the first mexican reaper :) atte: IVORY OnixNo0B

    • rocker bods

      rocker bods, epic reaper

    • dfsdfadfs

      every match I play everyone uses the shotgun…..what is the point of having other guns when they have NO KNOCKBACK…..shooting someone with a lancer should slow them down at least been gibbed and the person just runs right through my lancer fire…shouldn’t be possible.

    • leeuwerck2

      invitation pour reaperssvp mon game tage GowAr 2

    • leeuwerck2

      plaese invite me game tag GowAr 2



      • SoFIs

        Ojala y te den al epic reaper

      • xLKxDUFIS

        Si nos vas a ayudar te apoyare!!


      RODRIGO tiene razon

    • Ethan Wands

      I don’t really think EPIC cares about their old Gears community anymore, they’re just after money at this points. Even bringing in the master of arms playlist? Come on, you might as well rename it “Call of Gears: Shitgame”. The only thing that feels like Gears to me is wallbouncing & the characters in the game, along with the weapon styles, but the weapons aren’t the same, they changed those too, hence why it’s so hard to get a 1 shot bodie with a fucking shotgun. Little to no thought process was put into game other than “What can we put in the game to get more people to buy it”. In result, you get a trash game. GG EPIC & People Can Fly.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ike.law.9 Whitney Lawyer

      Plz god bring back horde plz

    • https://www.facebook.com/ike.law.9 Whitney Lawyer

      I love gears since the frist Im really hurt about judgement day ive done everything i can to help get u guys to add a horde download and other things ive listed in other post. Really Im just tired of the fight nobody hears us and our complaints.its hopless we lost one the most important things in our lives thanks for nothing

    • Adrianojovino

      queria muito conseguir os códigos para desbloqueio da alex brand e da hammerbust clássica, alguém tem alguma fonte?

    • Arn

      Gamertag:XxXPwnerGodXxX. I Really Love GOWJ Gears of war judgement iz awesome!

    • xbox game tag wiccagirl29

      I need the epic reaper medal can sum1 help x

    • Joseph Perez


    • Joseph Perez


    • Joseph Perez


    • Yomero

      They ruined the game completely.
      Where are all the characters of Gears of war 3 multiplayer?
      Where is the horde mode?
      In (team death match) why put away the (locust)?
      In all modes return to the (locust)
      Who came up with such nonsense. (Gears vs gears)
      It’s supposed to fight. (Gears vs locust)
      We’re not playing Call of Duty
      We are not playing Halo or similar
      Is gears of war gears of war assholes!!
      Why removed the classic weapon selection?
      Fucking ambitious. Why do the characters want to sell separately?
      Come back my money to pay for this crap. pseudo. (Gears of war judment)
      Nobody plays in the multiplayer.
      Everyone plays Gears of war 3 multiplayer. That if true (gears of war)
      To all the fan boys do not be assholes.
      Gears of war judgment sucks.
      If you have added all of the Gears of war 3 to judgment. It would have been a success.
      But they had to screw up.
      They can still fix the game.
      I hope and it fixed.
      Or my money back.



      Arruinaron el juego por completo.
      Donde están todos los personajes del Gears of war 3 multijugador?
      Donde está el modo horde?
      En (duelo por equipos a muerte) por qué quitaron a los (locust)?
      En todos los modos regresen a los (locust)
      A quien se le ocurrió semejante idiotez. (Gears vs gears)
      Se supone que peleamos. (Gears vs locust)
      No estamos jugando call of duty
      No estamos jugando Halo ni similares
      Es gears of war gears of war pendejos!!!!!
      Por qué quitaron la selección de armas clásica?
      Putos ambiciosos. Por qué quieren vender a los personajes por separado?
      Regresen mi dinero que pague por esta porquería. seudo. (Gears of war judment)
      Nadie lo juega en el multiplayer.
      Todos juegan Gears of war 3 multiplayer. Ese si es un verdadero (gears of war)
      A todos los fan boys no sean pendejos.
      Gears of war judgment es una porquería.
      Si hubieran añadido todo lo del Gears of war 3 al judgment. Hubiera sido un éxito.
      Pero tenían que cagarla.
      Todavía pueden arreglar el juego.
      Espero y lo arreglen.
      O devuelvan mi dinero.

    • BHin555

      Though judgment is lacking a bit in places cit was promparing it to 1,2, and even gow3, it was pretty clear that the series was over. To me judgment was just an add on and fun. I am BEYOND disappointed that there was no horde, hence why I waited til it was $40 to get it. Where the f are these reapers though!?

    • ScumBag Bawlz

      I know there are a lot of negative comments but I love it!!!!!!! Pls can u make me a reaper ScumBag Bawlz

    • Angel

      Epic reaper

    • Angel

      Epic reaper want gears of war judgement