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Gears of War: Judgment Weapons – The Tripwire Crossbow

An infrared tripwire beam and high explosive darts will have you looking around corners and watching where you step. Let’s take a look at the Tripwire Crossbow. This deadly weapon is sure to be a fan favorite.




    • https://d3pax.blogspot.com/ joel

      like 😀

    • https://www.facebook.com/dav4life111 David Diaz

      Amazing weapon. Love it! Can’t wait to use it.

    • Ice

      Looks good to me 😀 I wonder if it can be tripped by your teammates as well :O

      • Sir Obvious

        yea cuz walla mounted frag grenades can be tripped by your teammates right?

        • OneObstacle

          I think the point is that an inanimate object such as a wall mounted frag or a laser beam can’t actually distinguish between enemy and friendly.

          • https://www.facebook.com/eden.miche Eden Miché

            Turn on friendly fire and it should be able to get triggered by everyone.

          • FireFight

            Other COG soldiers could have armor that would reflect the laser beam back, almost impossible to do at different angles, or have some sort of recognition system so that the laser wouldn’t trip for them.

    • snake284

      Arco explosivo y granadas de fragmentacion juntas… Genial

    • https://twitter.com/Choppa_Kun Guido Rendine

      OH yeah!!!!

    • MagicShooter

      So, idiot proof torque bow…

      • https://www.facebook.com/JoeWade13 Joe Knowlton

        yep. lame

    • https://twitter.com/EV0L0NE GEARS FREAK


    • kazedestroyer

      essentially it’s a toruge bow with trip wire arrows lmao

    • DarViante

      Seems to me like crossbow mania over many games finally reached GoW :/

      • smooooke

        Gears has always had the torque bow, which is a crossbow. What gears never had was so many CoD elements..

    • DarViante

      But OMFG doesn’t it look cool XD

    • ReiferRoni

      Is it not in versus? Video only shows campaign. Either way its a cool weapon, looking forward to murdering people yelling “It’s a Trap!”. XD

    • Gen Reaper USMC

      Look guys just bc epic let you design this game does not give u the right to try and make a better version of bulletstorm. Leave gears alone.

    • Santiago

      Looks great for stratregy!

    • https://www.facebook.com/maxime.k.trepanier Maxime Kc Trepanier

      Will be awesome in overrun, i just hope they didnt remove the torque bow

    • Roofie

      Reminds me of the Bioshock crossbow

    • https://www.facebook.com/alex.francis.587 Alex Francis

      Gears 3 was a major disapointment, hope this is better.

      • AxFacialxBlast

        Lol I’m still playing Gears 3

    • alexdivision

      cant wait to play!!! lov it

    • https://www.facebook.com/ivegotnoswag Tyler Talamantez

      Seems most of the people who are wanting to play this are the bad players who 1.Cant wallbounce 2.cant think on the run and 3.play CoD the real gears fans are gunna play the story mode then take it back for there money then play gears 3 and 2

      • Diana_Kusanagi

        I want to play this game, and 1. I can wall bounce, but I don’t, because it’s an idiotic tactic that ruins your aim. Plus I don’t like putting my sensitivity too high. 2. I can think on the run, which is why I have pretty decent KD as well as WL ratio. Although after hitting gold wings I don’t care. 3. I play CoD, Halo, Uncharted, Crysis, and other shooters online, but all of them, including Gears, are the same. Just aim, and shoot. Nothing fancy or complicated.

        • forevergone

          i agree with you diana and just like every shooter they all have the unique things about them. tired of people comparing every game to call of duty or halo.

        • https://www.facebook.com/avanteburks Avante SoloDolo Burks

          TF, you say you can wallbounce, but then say it ruins your aim. That just means you cant wallbounce and you suck just like he said. Real Gears players dont need pussy ass weapons to hide behind walls and camp with. You run in head first and dominate, thats what Gears WAS all about.

          • Diana_Kusanagi

            All wall bouncing is, is setting your sensitivity on high, and tapping A repeatedly while smashing your left thumbstick in different directions. It’s dumb, and only for try hards. Being a “real Gears” player, means enjoying the game, and not trying to be the best at it. Besides, the Gnasher is a random kill kind of weapon, and perfect active reloads just ruined the multiplayer.

            • striker

              wall bouncing actually helps u out just saying and if your going to say its bad then your just being ignorant and restricting yourself just like all the other ‘gears heads’ that are complaining and gears was created as a very aggressive game meant for really skilled people who want to become the best at it that’s why were so hated in the community but i will give judgment a chance

            • Diana_Kusanagi

              I’m not complaining about it. I’m just calling it idiotic. Wall bouncing players aren’t even good. They’re easier to kill than everyone else, because they’re so predictable. It’s especially fun chainsawing them, and downing them with a Hammerburst. Although they do ruin the game sometimes, with their constant quitting out.

            • Jon

              You are an idiot… Wall bouncing (when done properly) is about dodging a player’s bullets while still keeping your aim on the enemy. Bad kids wall bounce back in forth in the same repetitive motion. If you had ever played any remotely competitive gears with skilled people you would realize that you get you pansy ass handed to you close quarters if you can’t wall bounce and have perfect aim. Maybe sitting back works for you in quick match but if you try and sit with a hammerburst and a good player picks up that you are bad close quarters you are going to get bodied…If you come at any semi-skilled player with your chainsaw you will get your head blown off in a second. If you miss a single gnasher shot you lose. Keep playing your quick match and trying to give advice on a game you know nothing about…

            • Diana_Kusanagi

              Trust me, playing a video game doesn’t take skill. That’s why you play them when you’re bored. They aren’t to be taken seriously, or competitively. It’s a video game. I also don’t just sit back. I actually use strategy, and play the whole map. If I need to, I’ll rush, but if the other team has morons that play like you, then I’ll just mow them down with Hammerburst, and finish the few stragglers with Gnasher. I don’t suck at Gears in the least. I’m just telling you, wall bouncing is an idiotic tactic, that doesn’t benifit the player at all. If you like it, that’s fine. Just don’t rage quit when people chainsaw you, or melee you down. In the end, everyone just enjoys the game anyways.

          • shard

            Are you a retard? gears has a cover system because it is a cover based 3rd person shooter. THAT is what gears was about, then people like you came along

          • sgt beta

            actually gears is based on team play. not run out and die. every game i’ve played has ended in a 75% chance of that “dominating” player getting f.i.f.o. they put in the cover system as a main component, you know, reshaping the online shooter. and as far as i’m concerned if you can’t beat someone with a “cheap” weapon then you aren’t as good as you think you are. noobs? isnt that the word for new players who don’t understand what to do and are kinda stupid at using every tool in their arsenal to their advantage? and end up quitting out cause they died from a certain gun they can’t beat. pussies bitch and quit. real fans enjoy everything about it and become better at thinking of a strategy to overcome this new challange to the game. not bitch, bitch, bitch some more, and say they dont like it cause they its unfair. but its really just they’re to stupid to think of a way to over come it.

      • AxFacialxBlast

        Umm nope. Want to 1v1?

      • Aular.the.Ender

        I eat wallbouncers for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 4th meal. Just step back, and gnash their face in.

    • Hash Nazi

      So you use a weapon to plant “grenades” instead of you can plant your own grenades

    • An_ANML

      Great this is perfect for the people(Who just started playing gears 3) who just spray you down with the retro or only use retro and sawed-off -_-

    • An ANML

      Great, This is perfect for the people(who just started playing gears 3)who just spray you down with the retro or just only use the retro and sawed-off. -_-

    • forevergone

      love how people bitch about “oh this call of duty” or “this halo 4” god i’m really annoyed with everyone bitching about how everything is call of duty or halo. news flash. everything isn’t call of duty or halo so stop comparing every game that comes out with those two games. don’t like something leave it alone complain to yourself and don’t buy the fucking game then. i been playing gears for years and i will miss the old style but i still will enjoy this game because using the same weapon gets boring real fast so now i can use different weapons and still have fun. so hate me all you want but really think before you complain because really now one gives a fuck what you think. good day

    • TheWorstOnesX

      Everyone just shut up. Even if they made the bad players a new glorified torque bow. that doesn’t mean a good player cant use it. I mean fuck, it can be used to kill the worst players and it keeps you even more on your toes. Are you all really getting mad because the game is looking like its going to be harder? Can you not handle the new obstacles? Pussies…

      • https://www.facebook.com/chris.vanhoogmoed Chris Van Hoogmoed

        Haha. All of the biggest whiners are the Gnasher-only noobs or claim that because they use a gnasher, they are “hardcore gear heads.” I’ve played the trilogy religiously and I’m excited for all of the changes. No changes would have just been a stale ass Gears 3 reboot.

        • AxFacialxBlast

          Agreed, wait on the game to release before you bitch. I hope Epic makes everyone eat their words.

        • https://twitter.com/mnmtwinz mnmtwinz

          TRUE! I started Gears in 08 though, and have used the Gnasher as my primary, and go towards picking up the longshot indefinitely. Despite this, I pity the “vet players” that are really hating on newer Gears games, but I say; “FUCK IT! It’s a new Gears game!”

        • Gnash&Dash21

          very true I mean I’m one of those who use gnasher 90% unless im sniping. Changes needed to be made and I believe they will be great and I have played Gears since the first one came out through the GOW3. This game will make a lot of people eat their own words but til march 19 I will be on GOW3 if anyone wants to find me!

      • 2231569

        harder? you mean easier.. right? This is basically a way for players to tag a grenade from hella far away. that is probably the cheapest thing since the sawed off shotty. just sayin.

        • auz

          by harder they mean harder to stay alive

    • Nosgoth1979

      The Tripwire Crossbow sounds like a lot of fun. I’m going to have to give it a try as soon as I can play Judgment. In an attempt to make the wait for Judgment pass less painfully, I rented the first 3 GoW games from Blockbuster @Home from DISH and have been replaying them (currently, I’m finishing up 3). Something I love about DISH being my employer is trying out the various services and products we come out with. I’m thankful for this one; previous to having Blockbuster @Home, I would just end up purchasing all the games I wanted to play. That gets way too expensive; however, now that I rent my games from Blockbuster @Home, with its flat-monthly cost, instead of buying all of them at sixty bucks a pop, I can play the games I want without breaking the bank!

      • https://www.facebook.com/chris.vanhoogmoed Chris Van Hoogmoed

        Is this a paid advertisement for DISH Network? Or is this actually a person who just really loves their job?

    • Big Teej

      Aww man the best part was watching someone kill them selves with the torque bow. Good times. This one looks to easy.

    • AxFacialxBlast

      Seems like everyone is following a trend to hate on Judgement. I was skeptical at first, I still have some doubts but I’m not bitching because we get a new Gears! I’m freakin excited! The only constant in life is…change.

    • momig50

      4 me being what all call a noob i think it should add to the fun of killing in this game i play everyday online an jus sit here an lmao when mistakes are made esp. my own an jus so u kno im ranked 704 out of 3 mill + in koth. my k/d ratio aint that hot but i do love this game all 3 so far an cant wait 4 judgement!!!

    • Hardcore Gears Fan!

      ————————————————I’m a subsriber to the GOWCompetitions youtube.com channel. Man the hosts of this channel are covering everything for Gears Judgment and were even the first to mention about many topics & ideas. They have a drawing for (2) 1600 MS PTS. cards too!————————————

    • https://twitter.com/NephilV Neph

      Hm, looks like fun. Reminds of me of the trap bolts from Bioshock, in a good way.

      Also, Epic, I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the Atlanta pre-launch! Whoo!

    • brandon

      t(*_*)t. epic

    • Alexis


    • sgt beta

      just because you lack the intelligence to over come this new challenge and think of a strategy to beat it doesn’t make it a pussy weapon or unfair, just means you’re stupid. real fans don’t bitch, they become better and have fun doing it. don’t like? go play something else, one less whining baby back bitch is better. just shut up and enjoy the game. not every map will have it on online, geez.

    • Jon

      Anyone who is complaining is just bad. The sawed off and retro came out as crutches for BK’s and it still didnt matter if you were willing to adapt when you saw people using those weapons. This is going to be the same. Good players will STFU and learn how to beat the crutches and BKs will sit and bitch about how they always die from the new stuff…

    • will

      i understand that people think that this will encourage camping but the maps are so vertical that you might end up jumping off a ledge and over the trripwire. so just give it a try :)

    • ImMadForYou

      If your killed by stepping on a glowing blue wire. You obviously deserve to be killed.

    • Rodolfo Lopez

      This is brilliant cant wait for the game to come out and put my hand on the controller and do some damage jajajaja

    • just no epic

      WOW that pathetic im speachless a friend told me about this and i thought he was joking

      Gnasher only starting with 8 shots is a nerf on skill while epic and more noob aids so scrubs can have fun, Doesnt matter ive used the hammer burst all the way threw gears 3 even after the close range nerf while the retro for scrubs kept being boosted , What happen i adapted like all the better players and i now destroy retro scrubs with the cog pistol

      Sme will happen on judgement if your using the sawn off or retro your getting camera humped till you quit noobs

      • https://www.facebook.com/chris.vanhoogmoed Chris Van Hoogmoed

        Actually, the Retro was never “boosted.” After the Gears 3 beta it was nerved…. more than once. Its damage is being reduced and the sawed-off has been redesigned for Judgment. Despite the changes, I’m sure people who are terrible at the game will still be hating on people who use the retro or the sawed-off claiming that the only reason that they were killed is because of those “noob” guns.

    • https://twitter.com/TheSociety1 Robert

      Seriously, I don’t know why you are all mad. Gears is still awesome.

    • gunny


    • xijuan`