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The Gears Reaper

Reaper_MedalThis weekend during SXSW, Epic Games PR Manager Wes Phillips revealed the Epic Reaper character from Gears of War: Judgment during a panel with Sr. Producer Chris Wynn and Sr. Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley.

Each week, one member from the Gears of War community will be chosen to be the Epic Reaper. Members will be chosen based on their contributions to the community.

Chr_ReaperThe Epic Reaper has special abilities and physics so he’s not very easy to kill. If you do manage though, you will be rewarded with the Reaper medal and custom weapon skin!

The person who is chosen as Reaper will receive a set of custom Gears of War: Judgment dog tags.

Epic devs will also have the Reaper skin available, so if you kill them, it will count towards the medal and skin.

If you would like to nominate someone to be the Reaper, you can post in THIS thread or on Twitter using the hashtag #GearsReaper.


    • carramrod091

      car ram rod083

    • LANCE

      I would love to be the reaper im sure everyone would like a chance but im sure it will just b a few select people like always. it would b sweet if they said what game type they will b playing. i have no doubt that i can kill the reaper it is finding 1 that is going to b the problem. anyways i nominate bigbud1972 gow is the only game he plays and mandalor26, SOLOxJUICY, TOMACE114,MIZZ PIMPIN

    • R0tide

      I vote for sm00thpapa

      For the past 4 + years its the only games he has Gears 1,2,3 and now judgment.

      He has help several people get achievements and onyx medals including myself.

      He is just an all around great guy and the type of player I enjoy playing on the same team or against.

    • https://twitter.com/DrewciferX A F

      Would love to be the Reaper, but not active in the forum community. Fulltime life prevents me from this. Game is cool any way.

    • Nominator

      I nominate DunkMyJunk! Hes a swell guy!

    • ZombieGamer752

      I really want use the epic reaper but i now that is not posibol soo i want see it and try killhim

    • rollingthunnder343

      pick InitialShip he has been playing all the games and is up for so reconization for his loyalty and would be pleased to be the reaper

    • https://www.facebook.com/ben.holmes.7777019 Ben Holmes

      i could really care less who it is i just wanna kill them for the weapon skin

    • https://www.facebook.com/shawn.bowles Shawn Bowles

      Gears Fuhrer

    • Jerry

      Who has the Reaper now?

    • disqus_XP5WdAbeit

      ill like to nominate PrinceElijah221 as the reaper of the week.

    • ReapingSciGuy

      WTSherman really deserves it. He’s the whole reason I bought the game and he’s been playing gears since gears one. If there is one man for the job it’s him.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Grimmzi Brandon Kondom Brewer

      i would like to nominate grimmzi because he has played gears of war since gears of war 1 & has unlocked all characters & weapon skins from gears 2-3

    • Ripped off by epic again

      Boycott this shit gears judgement is not even gears it is a mix of halo and call of duty hey it could be gears of duty epic welcome to the recession idiots

    • Videogamer0

      I want to nominate XBLOODxSIRENX to be the Epic Reaper. She has helped me to get started on Gears of War Judgement.

    • https://www.facebook.com/RicoGQ Rico P Martinez

      I nominate lPrecisions # Gears Reaper

    • richard thomson

      Would llike to nominate SoaringThomson(gamertag) as #GearsReaper he had organised GAME event Gearsofwarjudgement Midnight launch and has done a lot with LAN and community events also never gets the recognition

    • https://twitter.com/XxRoflXxCopterX Jonathan hand

      I nominate Twiist Mink and Twiist Pwnz

    • https://www.facebook.com/tono.pereyrarosales.3 Toño Rosales

      xEFGx Guapo9605 Hello soi guapo9605 ami me gustaria to have to epic reaper for the motive of helping the players to have the medal of killing to the epic death and to coexist with them I that is going to be mui difficultly that I touch myself ami for that hai thousands and thousands of users who want it as I like that that I ask them porfavor to read this gamertag of xbox: xEFGx Guapo9605

    • dellboy12

      i nominate demonic therapy..he’s an old guy and he still plays video games,and has all the gears of war limited items ..good luck to him.

    • https://www.facebook.com/kyle.comeau.1232 Kyle Comeau

      ill nominate choppykjc he plays everyday

    • jdogthebig

      Zeta godSmasher

    • hecttor230

      please help me my gamertag is xGDExHECTOR

    • https://www.facebook.com/LadyStormShadow Cook Sabrina

      I would like to nominate STORMSHADOW2006 to be the reaper

    • REapermex

      Nominate KELTHALAZ his a great gamerrr!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/andrea.astorino.58 Andrea Astorino

      Nominate xxABARTH23xx #gearsreaper

    • https://www.facebook.com/andrea.astorino.58 Andrea Astorino

      Voglio esserlo io xxABARTH23xx

    • https://www.facebook.com/andrea.astorino.58 Andrea Astorino


    • EpicReaper

      Most people are nominating gamers from youtube and i believe none of them deserve to be the reaper just for making a video and editing it. Someone like Gnashes fine because he helps everyone out as much as he can. I know a lot of people nominate themselves but thats just because they want to be a GoW god for a week but i personally would like to be the reaper because i get a decent amount of hours played daily and i help who i can when i can. Yeah I’m not a big youtuber or anything like that but someone with decent skill that won’t let anyone kill them and won’t go absolute try hard is that gets good hours in is needed for something big like the reaper. #EpicReaper

    • https://twitter.com/woeisdaulton Daulton Messick

      What I don’t understand is which playlists and game types are you supposed to be playing on. And even then the Gears Reapers I’ve been trying to kill have all been in private matches that you can’t join. They should have just made an achievement and skins you get when you kill someone who has killed the Gears Reaper or and Epic Dev. that’s so much simpler than going on a wild goose chase.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Damonator72 Damo Bembridge

      How do u get into a game with a reaper plz help

    • QCNinjaOfShadow

      participate the game mode free for all and the dominetion or invited me match privé please thanks my GT QCNinjaOfShadow

    • zIDeFuzze

      i have been trying to find the epic reaper for 2 days without sleep and still can not find him ;(

    • steve nasher

      i dont care who the reaper is i just want to know where i can find one!

    • TutorialesEze

      Hola buenas a todos amigos del foro epic Games Yo Pido Ser Epic Reaper …
      Para Que Sepan Que Los Mexicanos Tambien Podemos Ganar….
      Seria Muy Orgulloso Ser Un Epic Reaper ..
      Porque …
      Para que sepan que todos lo mexicanos ….
      Estarian Orgullosos De Que Yo Ganara Por Se Mexicano…
      He Sierto Hay Mejores Youtubers Que Yo
      Esta.. Malafama,iLuh,Famed Etc
      Son Muy Buenos Youtubers Y Tambien Estaria Orgullos De Que Ellos Ganaran
      Bueno Yo Estoy Empezando Mi Canal De Youtube Que Se llama Tutorialeseze:)
      Me Gusta Mucho Ayudar Ala Comunidad :)
      Soy Una De Esas Personas Que Ayuda..
      No Importa Si No Me Ayudan …
      Yo Estoy contento por Ayudar Ala Comunidad..
      Yo ayuadre Ala Comunidad de gears a tener la medalla:)
      Yo Jugaba Gears Of War Desde Los 6 Años Fue Mi Primer Juego..
      Y Ahora Que Tengo 14 Me Encanta Jugar Mucho :)
      Muchos Creen Que No Tenemos Vida Social..
      Les Dire Un Frase Que Me Llego:3
      “Soy Gamer No Porque No Tenga Vida
      Sino Porque Decidi Tener Muchas :)”
      Esa Frases Me Motiva Ser Mejor Youtuber,Y Mejor Gamer;)

      Talvez No Gane ..
      Pero Mas Vale Intentar:)
      Bueno Con Eso Me Despido;)
      “Mexicano Forever”
      Nose Si Esto Servira Pero Dejo Mis Redes Sociales;)
      Xbox Gamertag;MxPG x L4 bARbI
      Saludos Y Hasta Luego:)

    • lilianbruxinha

      chose odin4llfather (brazil) to be our next reaper. He’s always playing and I would love to kill him!!

    • https://twitter.com/CmteRick Ricardo Giuliani

      I nominate @Max_Locust GT: ANTI DEMON 777 as the #BrazilianReaper #GearsReaper RT people from Brazil, México, Chile, all south america!

    • miguel

      yo nomino al videovission4 es chido

    • bboy proto

      I PLAY ALLLLLLL DAY, make me the reaper or HELP ME get the achievement… it is my last one to have ALL of the unlock,,, Gamertag: Prototype Rs200

    • Darth Jadus

      I know there may be better people to get the Reaper who premote gears online or offline or just local but I thought id put SlipAssassin232 and xShAdYxSaMuRaIx for reaper cause they do put time into the gears community and envolve people in local tornaments and even get people to at least try gears and explore it and got some people who said oh gears is bad to a 180 and turns out they like gears but im just hoping you can give these guys a chance I think they deserve it just for playing the game for the real fun of it

    • https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.ochoayarza Jesus Eduardo Ochoa Yarza

      Mejor II E5P3C1M3N o

    • SubZero

      Epic finally got it right with judgement. Love the game play. Map designs and set ups are great because they allow for both shotgun and rifle play. The balance of all weapons after latest patch has made the game that much more enjoyable because it promotes weapon diversification. I was tired of op gnasher gameplay only. Love the direction that epic is going.

    • Guest

      nomino a OGT PiNcKy

    • https://twitter.com/mak_history ricardo samuel

      yo nomino a @MoRrItHoZzavala GT: OGT PiNcKy # gearsreaper RT porfa

    • xCRIx

      i’ll nominate XRYxCRI #Gearsreaper


      Please vote for me, my tag is DRAGONS OF HELL , im leave in spain. In here no reaper and is very difficult search online. In spain more guys and girls play gears of wars and no reaper spanish, thanks bye and sorry for my english

    • https://www.facebook.com/dantelover Keri Marie Webster

      I’ll nominate

      • https://www.facebook.com/dantelover Keri Marie Webster

        xSOLDIERS STARx (myself)

    • https://www.facebook.com/zerocristobal Cristobal Escobar Dominguez


    • xX Cry BOSS Xx

      i want to be the reaper becouse always are the english People the reaper and i want to give the german People a Chance to kill the reaper. my gamertag = xX Cry BOSS Xx

    • Sr oXSnaggingXo

      I nominate the user HaoRiddle for GEARS REAPER…

    • daryl bigham

      I should be the reaper all I play is gears its in my blood

    • https://twitter.com/MikeSwag420 Michael Mckinney

      i nominate my freind zRelaxBro he is a very dedicated gears player who loves to have fun.i think he would be good because he plays fair and would give everyone a chance to play him if he was reaper. he has been dedicated to gears since the first one! this is a dream come true to him if he was to get picked for reaper for 1 week thx!

    • jesus

      I say Dreamz Boss should be chosen hes really good

    • https://www.facebook.com/westnamswifey Jean Eklund

      I Nominate: CliffBieszinski Or Truerealrobin

    • Kolombiano

      Buenas familia de Epic game desearia dejaros mi gamertag para exista en España un Reaper soy Rey Huron. Un saludo

    • anonymous

      I know who the reaper is this week but I won’t tell muwahahahaha

    • Welshboy94

      noone knows this guy but GT: bLx shadowman (SH4DOWM4N) played every gears from day one when reaching the top rank on gow2 he got reset for no reason and epic just said tough luck some bug they know about but can not fix. gow3 he spent alot of time trying for all the onyx medals and had quite alot he reached the highest rank in horde and just reached the highest rank in multiplayer before the dlc came out with the extra horde abilities and prestige mode. the day before the DLC was released again he was reset and lost everything all his medals, ribbons eg. but again he phoned epic and they said its a bug with our servers and theres nothing we can do. I only nominating this guy because even through all that stuff he still stuck by the game and bought this one. He is a little worried it will happen again and if so he doesnt want to ever buy this game again but i think giving him the chance to be an epic reaper to show that you still care about the fans and loyalty or even as a sorry for previous problems he has suffered. Obviously other people have similar problems and want to vote for more known players and youtube stars but effort to community he has stuck by you still playing and buying your games. he also on previous gears was active on forums and helped alot of people including myself with coop achieves, insane campaigns and also made me and alot of Live members big gear fans
      so my nomination GT: bLx shadowman
      AKA: SH4DOWM4N
      (I apologize for spelling and grammar not my strong point)

    • xX Cry BOSS Xx

      (Info) I come from Italy but i also speak english and german. gamertag= xX Cry BOSS Xx nominate me to Gears Reaper. Thanks

    • madbaboo

      I nominate myself because i killed GOW〜GoW 3. I’m a true Reaper.

    • https://twitter.com/josefath86 Antonio Reyes Najera

      I would like to be EPIC REAPER I’m from Mexico and here who need us the medal please give me a chance, I hope to answer EPIC GAMES friends GAMER: JOSEFATH1986

    • https://twitter.com/Yeshua613 Tony

      I’ll nominate Avenge Fatal

    • https://twitter.com/Yeshua613 Tony

      Hey guys ive been using the twitter reaper tracker with no luck can sum-1 please help me out, i’ll gift a dlc code if any-1 can help me find one,.. my GT is xX iBeTa Xx

    • Robin

      I would like to Nominate STR ChaosReaper to be the Reaper #GearsReaper

    • Rich

      I would like to nominate my friend MCF REAPER FF04 to become a epic reaper. He has been a true gears fan since day one he has a massive collection of GOW memorabilia and he is a dedicated fan. He also has been through some hard times… His youngest son was just born and to find out he is now handicap, he has been so depressed ever since…… Please consider him a good candidate for it I know he will make Epic proud, I’m proud to be his friend

    • Kenny

      I also would like to nominate Xbox gamer tag MCF REAPER FF04 for the Epic Reaper for all the same same reasons as rich posted!!!! Please consider him he really is a true Gears of War fan!!!!

    • Junior

      I let it be … a Brazilian my gamertag X Miis7erDjiiM ,No to any Brazilian with the reaper, help me to be him.

    • L Martine

      I think other people could also get an opportunity, something that would serve as an incentive during the games, for example choosing those with the highest rate mode free for all would have the opportunity to play with the Reaper, so choosing a Reaper for each country based in its rate of culling and deaths.

    • Jordy

      pick The x Advocate he showed me how fun gears could be

    • MichaelAlexander

      Gamer tag: My Little Lando
      Really good player also gt: Mr Gl4SS

    • diehardgears

      BluntCloud is a player that’s fun to play with. he never uses a gnaser, and shows good game spirit. I’ve cone across him in a few matches. he is good and always on. just thought I would throw him out there. seeing as he only uses lancer and everything else but a gnaser. I’m sorry but I hate them to lol.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Ese.lock Lookiin Look

      Quiero que iLuh sea el epic reaper ¡¡¡¡

    • Ess ThAnaToS


    • manfaill0

      “I nominate Gamertag: Rivality Mfama for #GearsReaper @Malafama21”

    • manfaill0

      i nominate gamertag: iLuh for #GearsReaper

    • https://www.facebook.com/Aaron.WGL M Aaron Alcantar

      vamos vote por WR3STLINGL0CUST es ayudante de gears of war desde el primero el siempre ase eventos cada mes y es un buen contra bullente y nadas a pollen no se arepentiran

    • rodolfo

      NOMINAR PARA REAPER A Ess ThAnaToS por que mas que nada luego queremos jugar contra el reaper pero como son de otros paises les mandamos la solicitud y no podemos por que no entienden nuestro español por su forma de hablar de otros paises

    • arturo

      hola disculpen pero me gustara que HDluh fuera la muerte

    • david rojas

      hdluh of españa have a one chanel in you tube and he want are epic reaper and i want wath he be a epic reaper i know write inglish but wath he be a epic reaper he name is luh and have one chanel in you tube

    • salvador

      nominate iLuh

    • ever

      I nominate Xxmendez9938xX to be Epic Reaper

    • david 90 x

      quiero ser epic reaper

    • https://www.facebook.com/3W4NU37 Emanuel Nava Acevedo

      I nominated EW4NU375 OF WAR for be epic reaper.

    • https://www.facebook.com/andy.p.garcia.18 Andres P Cha K

      GT Karma Santoy para epic reaper no se vale que hayga raismo contra los demas paises!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/Homerkingofthesimpsons Daniel Humpherys

      this is one of the best things I have ever seen in a video game and I have been playing for a long time

    • joseftah J.

      that such hope and my comment is read by representatives of Epic Gmes since I tried to communicate and hopefully I take into account nominated me to be Epic Reaper and if they can not give me a chance my hope and give it some youtube young, I leave my gamer tag: josefath1986 in advance thank you very much

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Roberto-Carlos-Cortez-Cortez/100002571135682 Roberto Carlos Cortez Cortez

      que tal … quisiera saber por que no ponen un epic reaper en mexico mi propuesta es luh… like a que lo conoces..

    • https://www.facebook.com/RicardoXD13 Ricardo Galeana

      ill Nominate ILuh

    • daniel

      bani199717 pliss

    • dany estrda

      epic reaper hd luh

    • GOGETA58

      I Nominate iluh

    • JorgeKun

      I nominate GT: Gears0fWarMX to be the next Mexican Gears Reaper.

    • r4ul01

      la verdad soy fanático del gears of war judgment pero ser un reaper no es todo lo que tenemos que hacer digo que tenemos que ser un epic reaper no para jugarlo para ayudar a personas o amigos tuyos así que al que es confiable dominar es a r4ul01

    • https://www.facebook.com/victormanuel.p.valencia Victor Perez Valencia

      as you would do to have the epic reaper and calling

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1789888469 Erick Raul

      I nomigo to be the epic reaper my gamer tag is: xSPx Mrmany and my youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/mrmaniplus

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1789888469 Erick Raul

      I nomigo to be the epic reaper my gamer tag is: xSPx Mrmany and my youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/mrmaniplus !!!

    • Pagno99

      Ho o want to malke epic reaper

    • Pagno99

      Sorry ,I am pagno99 and I want to malke a Epic reaper,thks

    • jamas666

      Epic Reaper : jamas666

    • https://twitter.com/cptjckscarlows Carlos

      #GearsReaper This is my first time but can you guys nominate

      GenericTrout or CptJck Scarlows both would be great we are hardcore fans

    • https://twitter.com/GokuTorres1 GokuTorres

      ey kiero ser epic reaper como lo logro soy me gamertag SUPERGOKU89CGO no tengo canal pero juego diario a cualkier hora y soy el 123 en la tabla d clasificasion en contra todos ademas el epic reaper KrLosZ solo hacia privadas al asar y metia solo aunos cuantos y casi puro amigo de el

    • https://twitter.com/GokuTorres1 GokuTorres

      I am SUPERGOKU89CGO yo kiero ser el epic reaper y juego kasi todo el dia yo si ayudare a los jugadores k no conosca soy el 123 de la tabla de clasificasion en todos contra todos tengo mas de 2 200 000

    • Robert Myers

      Hey, the Epic Reaper is fun n all but there should be implemented that if u already have the medal n skin u should no longer be allowed to be in the Reapers game

    • Robert Myers

      It should also be easier to find

    • https://www.facebook.com/pepillop1 Pepe Palos

      i what to be the raper gt OPFIIRE564

    • https://www.facebook.com/goku.torres.3 Goku Torres

      I am SUPERGOKU89CGO y soy el 115 de la tabla d clasificasion y kiero ser epic reaper x fa voten x mi yo si los voy ayudar

    • Andy Lindsey

      I Want to be #Epic Reaper GT : xTEKx I2owDy A

    • Andy Lindsey

      Whats Going On Epic Games <3 , I'm a fan of Gears Of Wars saga from the beginning I really appreciate the game gives you a sense more than anything, a crucial , I want to apply for Epic Reaper to help people to have their skin and medal'm from Mexico Cancun Quintana Roo

      My Gamertag is : xTEKx I2owDy A

      ☜❤☞ Thanks so much Epic Games ☜❤☞

      GЭдЯ§ ØF ШΛя »☆ ●——► Ø I3 E Y

      The best game in the world FuuCk YEE


      I’ll Nominate MNB KLONE

    • HarriTHEone

      on which playlist are de reapers playing?

    • Andy Lindsey

      I like to nominate GT : xTEKx I2owDy A Thanks Fl4p and EPIC GAMES <3

    • Andy Lindsey

      Heey Gears Community , Epic Games and Fl4p I like to nominate Epic Reaper , I want to help Latin American community and my country that is I live in mexico Cancun Quintana Roo and would be a privilege to be Epic Mexican Reaper , 2 the second : I want to congratulate you for making a game in which AWESOME I LOVE

      ☜❤☞ GЭдЯ§ ØF ШΛя 3 ☜❤☞ <.— OBEY F**k YEEEE Buuudy

      ☜☆☞ My Gamertag is : xTEKx I2owDy A ☜☆☞ # I2eaper Mexican

      do not give back to their fans who follow their great game in Mexico

      I send greetings and blessings LOVE AND PEACE o(〃^▽^〃)o

    • DarkJusama

      How do I get the epic raper someone can tell me how gets my GT is DarkJusama if anyone wants to add me to play

    • https://www.facebook.com/elijah.morales.18 Elijah Morales

      Only Russian cause he broke his legs

    • https://www.facebook.com/elijah.morales.18 Elijah Morales

      Broke his leg

    • Speedy022

      I nominate my self!

    • TheeChilD

      Hi i nominate xJahChildx to be Epic Reaper
      he is playing Gears Of War 1 – Gears Of War Judgment (all Gears)
      give him the opportunity to another Mexican for epic reaper

      In Spanish

      hola yo nomino a xJahChildx para el Epic Reaper
      el ha jugado desde el Gears Of War 1 hasta el Gears Of War Judgment (todos los Gears)
      Denle la oportunidad a otro mexicano de Ser el Epic Reaper Porfavor



    • Guest

      You have already made this comment.

    • will

      !!!!Nominate sur 13car club

    • GT jointELITE

      choise 1 from Portugal jointELITE


      I am Korean.Refresh his war in a situation you do not know, I would like to apply the Ripper. Nominate tag : ORS VAGABOND

    • luis fernando


      • luis fernando

        nominate epic raper plase

    • https://www.facebook.com/XxShadowNinjaxX Izaac Ortiz

      My friend XOGXshadowlight, he has been talking about the Epic Reaper for a while and wishes he could be it. but I kept tellingly him it wont happen,but I would like to nominate him.

    • Bryan

      I believe that ECK N1GHTM4R3 should be epic reaper. His clan and him are really good but he’s just awesome

    • https://twitter.com/DesmondF25 Andy Lindsey

      Heey Epic Games and Communite My name is Fernando i live mexico I”ll Nominate Epic Reaper Mexican , I want to help the community of Latin America and the world to get the medal and your skin , Please grant me the honor and privilege I swear that you shall fail this mission Epic Reaper me being Mexican obtorgaran Thanks So much <3 EPIC GAMES GЭдЯ§ ØF ШΛЯ ™ FuuCk Yeaeeah Buudy :)

      See you later and Thanks for your interest :DDD

      ☜☠☞ My Gamertag is : xTEKx I2owDy A <—– ☜☠☞

    • https://twitter.com/DesmondF25 Andy Lindsey

      # Epic Reaper Mexican (:

      Heey Epic Games and Communite My name is Fernando i live mexico I”ll Nominate Epic Reaper Mexican , I want to help the community of Latin America and the world to get the medal and your skin , Please grant me the honor and privilege I swear that you shall fail this mission Epic Reaper me being Mexican obtorgaran Thanks So much <3 EPIC GAMES GЭдЯ§ ØF ШΛЯ ™ FuuCk Yeaeeah Buudy :)

      See you later and Thanks for your interest :DDD

      ☜☠☞ My Gamertag is : xTEKx I2owDy A <—– ☜☠☞

    • https://twitter.com/DesmondF25 Andy Lindsey

      I’ll nominate GoldGlove! He is great gamer! I’d love nominate my self of over 40days played! but what ev my gamertag is : xTEKx I2owDy A

    • https://twitter.com/DesmondF25 Andy Lindsey

      I’ll nominate xTEKx I2owDY a! He is great gamer! I’d love nominate my self of over 40days played! but what ev my gamertag is : xTEKx I2owDy AmY NAME IS fERNANDO ePIC gAMES <3

    • https://twitter.com/DesmondF25 Andy Lindsey

      Heey Epic Games How are you today ?

      My name is Fernando , I live in Mexico Cancun Quintana Roo I”ll Nominate Epic Reaper Mexican my gamertag is : xTEKx I2owDy A Thanks So much <3

      Thank you very much for your time to appreciate how much I admire

      Say Hi Epic Games (//_n) :DDD

    • GamalielPool

      I vote: II BANE o .to be Gears Reaper Mexico .playing 10 hours for day

    • GamalielPool

      yo nomino a: II BANE o .para Gears Reaper Mexico el juega mas de 10 horas al dia,es el #10 del top 100 todo el tiempo de partidas rapidas de capturar al lider del Gears of War 3 y ahora el #30 de maestro de las armas por ahora tambien juega el modo invasion por ahora con mas de 4.5 millones de puntos y va por mas,excelente jugador dificil de matar.

    • Marco

      I nominate oHSo SsoOrGeNsS xD

    • Steven

      Pyramid xKyle should be the reaper. he been loyal to the gears community, he is a good sport, likes to help people in gears in anything they need and help me to kill the reaper. He is a true friend and deserve #GearsReaper

    • domereaper RS

      I would love to be picked as the reaper i love playing with people all over the world an Ive talked to 3 of the reapers now and they love to play with me and the y were a very good grop of people to and very helpful and i would love to fight beside them! gamertage DomeReaper RS

    • https://twitter.com/JohnRonimous john ronimous

      i would love to become the gears of war reaper please pick me!!!! vote at twitter DomeReaper RS#GearsReaper

    • God Diabolus

      hello to all the community gears, I am one of those people who began speaking from the gears 1 is the best game and played by gamer’m gears of war and of course to Epic. I wish I could have the honor of being the # GearsReaper least one day’m from mexico my gamertag is God Diabolus thanks

    • Eduardo (The KiLLer LaLo

      Hello! GoluckyTacho nominate want to give him the opportunity to use the Reaper Epic! He is my younger brother and GOWJ loves to play but is eager to be the Reaper, he has helped many users GOWJ community despite her young age and because I like being given the opportunity to be this famous character ! Thank you. # GearsReaper

    • https://www.facebook.com/giss.desbois Giss Desbois

      depuis le debut je poursuit ce reaper , mais quand ont est un joueur qui jous avec une main deformer et que c est la droite, le defis est plus grand ! j aimerais bien me mesure au reaper meme en duel.si ce reaper voudrait se mesurer a moi il n auras qu a chercher pour INNERWOLVERINE. JE L ATTENDS AVEC IMPATIENCE!….

    • https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.ochoayarza Jesus Eduardo Ochoa Yarza

      XxD3M0L3D0RxX for epic reaper

    • X PiRoS X


    • PEARL

      Do you want How can I do to be chosen Epic Reaper in Japanese?
      Please tell me how to register as a candidate.

    • PEARL

      Do you want How can I do to be chosen Epic Reaper in Japanese?
      Please tell me how to register as a candidate.

    • Andy Lindsey

      Heey Epic Games What s Going On (: How are you today ? My name is Andy Lindsey , I live in Mexico Cancun/Quintana Roo I like to nominate the Epic Reaper player Gamertag : ” xTEKx I2owDy A ” for the gears reaper. I am cool and a helping hand with the gears games I want help at Mexico and the WORLD <3

      I want to be the reaper mexican

      ★/ GЭдЯ§ ØF ШΛЯ ™ The best Game in the world ★/

      Thanks so much Epic Games I apreciate your time <3-<3

      Saludos Muchachos (:

    • Andy Lindsey

      I’ll nominate xTEKx I2owDy A I am great gamer! I’d love nominate my self of over :DDD

    • https://twitter.com/DesmondF25 Andy Lindsey

      i ll nominate to be Epic Reaper Mexican <3

      GT : xTEKx I2owDy A

    • https://twitter.com/DesmondF25 Andy Lindsey

      Heey Epic Games What s Going On (: How are you today ? My name is Andy
      Lindsey , I live in Mexico Cancun/Quintana Roo I like to nominate the
      Epic Reaper player Gamertag : ” xTEKx I2owDy A ” for the gears reaper. I
      am cool and a helping hand with the gears games I want help at Mexico
      and the WORLD

    • Andy Lindsey

      Heey Epic Games What s Going On (: How are you today ? My name is Andy
      Lindsey , I live in Mexico Cancun/Quintana Roo I like to nominate the
      Epic Reaper player Gamertag : ” xTEKx I2owDy A ” for the gears reaper. I
      am cool and a helping hand with the gears games I want help at Mexico
      and the WORLD

    • Andy Lindsey

      i ll nominate to be Epic Reaper Mexican <3

      Gamertag : xTEKx I2owDy A (//_n)

      Thanks So Much Epic Games <3

      I apreciate your time (;

    • lRS lR O lD lR Y

      Mexico needs a epic reaper, Mexicans love everything it stands for gears of war and have closely followed all your edits. Mexico does not fail to Gears of War, please do not Gears of War rule in Mexico. Elect to be the Epic Reaper please. Let Mexico!!

    • Aaron

      If any moderator from gears elect my for Reaper il do every thing recuaird to help any one in need of reaper medal GT:SubjectDelta PR

    • djoco

      wtf not for all… lol un bon gros foutage de geule votre truc la! sinon je peux peut etre l’avoir vu que je suis particulierement actif sur les forums externes à démonter votre jeu pour ce genre de raisons…. etes vous sur d’avoir plus de joueurs que sur le 3… bah c’est le but et la j’suis pas sur….. donc c’est un gros echec et merci de nous epargner une suite encore plus misérable… En meme temps vu la qualite des developpeurs qui ont deja fait de nombreuses fois leurs preuves en ayant la plupart des jeux qui finissent à 20eur neuf dans les rayons après 3 mois d’existence… bref la prochaine fois que je vois ce studio de developpement je fuis!!!!!!! gardez votre reaper cheatez encore plus vos developpeurs ca doit etre les seuls qui jouent encore vraiment à ce jeu et encore limite s’ils sont pas payés pour le faire vivre tellement il est vide…en tous cas j’vais pas vous faire de la leche pour avoir un skin et tient au fait niveau skin un peu de nouveauté et l’achat du pass qui coute un bras sert a quoi deja??? ah ouais 3 pauvres cartes dispo en free dans un mois lol et pas un skin ou un perso et bah encore un gg…. le hype revient quand meme au skin “locuste” il a quoi de locuste????? vous avez deja vu un locuste sur gow 1 2 3 ????? si ca ressemble a un humain avec une combi differente on a vraiment pas du jouer au meme jeu dans le passé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!vous etes des blagues vivantes!

    • Slayer of souls

      ” I nomante alvirsoutoneto to be the Epic reaper because he is helping the guys who don’t know that much of English. “

    • Q DIEGO Q


    • Q DIEGO Q

      please nominated me i want the reaper!;)

    • jennifer

      i nominate lumbaraverage62

    • Aze MajinVegeta

      i nominate me and my bro SouljaBoYzGoDzZ

      i love the Gears Games !

      i will have the Medalie for : Play als Reaper !
      My Gamertag : Aze MajinVegeta , Bro Gamertag : SouljaBoYzGoDzZ

    • Aze MajinVegeta

      il nominate : SouljaBoYzGoDzZ for the Epic Reaper he is a nice player and a gears freak! he can speak English and German!

    • Jeno the Viking

      myself jeno the viking i only need 8% of medals and 2% of ribbons i play at least 3 hours a day and have only seen the reaper once at the end of a match, please help me out …

    • Big Al

      I vote for JMC777, he’s one of the best GOW players I’ve played with…FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

    • Big Al

      I vote for J4MC777, he’s one of the best GOW players I’ve played with…FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

    • Matthew Colon

      gamertag reallythough324 #gearsreaper

    • joseph

      como puedemos mi hermano y yo solicitar ser la muerte epica nuestros gametag son XLdsX Shaker y XLdsX SickyEwe

    • Cristofer Jesus

      I want to dominate XxCrIssxDxX as reaper to kill many

      Please accept it is very good at playing

    • Joseph Perez


    • Jimmy Valenzuela

      i want to get a reaper weapon skins and reaper himself character.

    • porfa

      si me elegis para el epic reaper of dejare q me maten y pasaros todo lo del gear of war jugment

    • Mr. Perez

      idk if anyone will care but my son is a die hard gears fan he has all the games and strives to unlock everything his birthday is coming up on july 25th and he really wants to be an “epic reaper” so if you guys would please nominate CJ THE DJ333 i think it would be the best birthday present ever thank you

    • pushthatwood93

      I nominate myself, ShreddyKrueger3 , for some reason.

    • Lisa Marie

      I’d like to nominate DirtMcGirt006. Great gamer and always posting positive unlike some of the gamers I’ve seen always talking shit and running off at the mouth

    • Lisa Marie

      Nominating DirtMcgirt006 for reaper

    • hector gow

      Hola Me gustaria no ser el EPIC REAPER soy de cancun mexico y soy fanatico de Gow juego todos los dias soy agradable y ayudo a tantos se me es posible espero sea el medio corrcto para nominarme . Muchas Gracias y Tengan un Exelente dia ¡¡¡

    • ScottC.

      I’d like to nominate D3vilL of Ramadi for the next round of Reapers. Dude live and dies with GoW, GoW2, GoW3 and Judgement. Do the country proud and nominate this former US Navy veteran to go n Reap souls!!!

    • ScottC.

      I’d like to take a second and thank all the Reapers for an awesome Reaper Festival #6 over the weekend, and to everyone who played in the event. Now, getting down to busisness, i’d like to nominate D3viL of Ramadi for the next round of Reapers. This dude live and dies with GoW, GoW2, GoW3 and Judgement. Let’s do this country proud an nominate this US Navy veteran to reap souls of the unfortunate! #COGForever

    • ScottC.

      Nominate D3vil of Ramadi…

    • Donnie881


    • epicreaper11

      kiero ser epic reaper la siguiente semana

    • D34TH 5TR0KE

      in other words i gotta get lucky to find the person who is the epic reaper?


        Nope you can join in our Reaper Festival that is every Saturday. Just go to the Epic games forums and its in the Judgment Section

    • alex

      I nominated Mx War HyPeStYLe 100%
      please vote

    • FatalxDeathWolf

      I want to nominate deadly curse04 for the epic reaper. He is a nice and fun person to play with. He is up for helping with any Gow achievement for any Gow game. Plus it is his dream to be the epic reaper.

    • Edson Rene Petriciolet Palmer

      yo nomino a SufferedExpert para proximo reapert escojanlo de verdad el invita a toda la gente el merece serlo

    • nath

      I would give my left leg to be the epic would give my right but damaged it in.the army add me my tag is aim1989

    • milona

      get free games from


    • JustineyFusion

      I’d say SSoHPKC, although he’s not the biggest on Gears of War, but he does love the game.

    • Juan De Dios

      I choose to be the reaper please let me be the reaper long please

    • Juan De Dios

      I choose to be the reaper please let me be the reaper long please

    • Jamie

      Plays all the time… Love’s it!

    • https://www.facebook.com/alanfernando.navarromorales Alan Navarro Morales

      Creo que necesitan alguien que hable español por aquí, bueno, para ser sincero,esta seria mi primera publicación que haría sobre el como tener el personaje Epic Reaper, este personaje se consigue ayudando a la comunidad tanto de Gears Of War Judgment como de Epic Games, este personaje dice que tiene unos mega poderes que con tan solo de un cachaso de mata, te serrucha aparte, vuela, flota, y es muy super rapidisimo, esrte personaje lo puedes matar muy facil, con granadas de tinta y disparandole tambien con tan solo un disparo si le das en la cabeza lo matas, bueno, ami me costo muchismo trabajo matarlo ya que como dije, tan solo de un cachaso te mata, te rebana de volada y gracias a ALEX BRAND LE lo pude matar ya que me lo encontre en un ”contra a todos”(los Epic Reaper, la mayoria juegan en CONTRA TODOS) y como lo dije, la forma mas facil de matar es aventandole una granada de tinta, esa le hace mucho daño y disparandole con la lancer la gnasher con lo que quieras, pero cuidado que puede volar. y lo bueno es que si lo logras matar te dan un skin para arma, tambien te dan una medalla que representa que mataste al Epic Reaper ”Asesino de Samael”, y bueno para tener este personaje es muy dificil de conseguirlo, ya que no a cualquiera se lo van a dar, los de Epic Games se lo dan a los que ayudan a la comunidad de como desbloquear logros, como matar al Epic Reaper, etc.
      Bueno, este fue mi primer comentario sobre los foros de Epic Games.
      Mas tarde les comento mas cosas sobre el Gears Of War Judgment.

    • League

      I nominate puttputt24

    • Brandon

      I nominate puttputt24 to be the epic reaper.

    • ronaldo


    • ronaldo

      quiero tener a epic reaper

    • tobias

      i nominated Oo Kampfboa oO und Oo Kampfai oO to be the EpicReaper

    • Herobrine fan 101

      He looks so cool

    • Herobrine fan 101

      Whyyyy I wish I had him

    • Herobrine fan 101


    • Herobrine fan 101

      Why likebutter he sucks so bad

    • Herobrine fan 101

      Dean angers plays this

    • Herobrine fan 101

      If seananners played this he’d suck

    • Herobrine fan 101

      I’ll nominate Loney Jnr

    • Herobrine fan 101

      Loney Jnr is better than randy mash and team Ess

    • Herobrine fan 101

      I’m with swordsman gold glove hardly plays this anyway

    • Herobrine fan 101

      If I’m the reaper i would be awesome

    • Herobrine

      i shall nominate Loney Jnr

    • Herobrine

      Goldy sucks

    • Herobrine

      Loney Jnr defenutly deserves it

    • Herobrine

      Loney Jnr has never let us down

    • Mr. Mike

      I choose Loney Jnr

    • A3x skills

      Loney Jnr I’m picking him

    • My little sauceage

      Loney Jnr he is the best

    • Gow madly

      Loney Jnr

    • Dude that’s my water

      I’m nominating Loney Jnr

    • Elite skillz

      I nominate Loney Jnr

    • Mr. SWAG!!!!!!!!!

      I think Loney Jnr

    • Damn ninjas

      Loney Jnr!!!!

    • Duuuuuuudeeeeeee

      Loney Jnr is beast imma nominate him

    • Elite Darkness

      Defenutly Loney Jnr

    • Elite malcath

      Oh yeah!! Loney Jnr you know it

    • skateralex126

      i missed the epic reaper thing dam

    • rambo

      My xbox 360 username is xX11 RaMbO 11Xx add ne gow judgment players

    • ryannjax

      Could a nomination be a player who is a frequent gears of war judgment vs. ? If so I nominate RYANNJAX or IxWILLxPR he is also worthy

    • Leaf-Tour

      Anyone know how to get reaper epic gears of war in judgment? or where getting to nominate someone and get it?

      Thank you

    • Xanaguy

      If this is still ongoing, I would like to nominate myself, Gamertag: Xanaguy1097, even though this is my first time on forums, I have been there since the beginning of gears. And I feel that I would provide such entertaining matches to those epic players