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Gears of War Judgment: #GOWTest Feedback


We’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to play on our new Gears of War: Judgment Test Server over the last week.  If you’ve missed out on that news, be sure to visit this thread on the forums to learn more about how we’re using the Special Event playlist to test various game options.

One thing that’s really important about this process is to continue to listen to feedback from all of you on what you think of the Test Server changes. With that in mind we have several hot topic threads and polls on the forums you’ll want to check out.

Share Thoughts on These Topics!

Interest in a permanent Classic Rifle/Shotgun loadout option

Your thoughts on how Stim Grenades should be handled

Feedback on weapon placement on the MP map Blood Drive

Feedback on weapon placement on the MP map Boneyard

We look forward to your feedback on those four topics. You can also use the hashtag #GOWTest on Twitter to let us know.

What other topic is most on your mind? Leave a comment to let us know!






    • extremetito

      locust vs cog and horde

    • Kyle

      What about down but not out and grenadiers being able to detonate their frags? This is so frustrating, considering when you hit re-spawn, it will automatically detonate the frag, even if you don’t hit LB.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=618750294 Jason Shams

      Everything’s balanced and quite fun once you get used to it, except for one sticking point: The scorcher is too powerful

      • Dr Tran

        Scorcher = power weapon. Power weapons kill fast.

        • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=618750294 Jason Shams

          they also have limited ammo, the scorcher kills fast and it kills with a mere fragment of a slice of ammo, pay some attention and you can go through the whole game and kill everyone over and over with one scorcher, at least it should have only one clip and then it’s done

          • tj

            it has too much ammo but no range. Put a grenade right behind the guy and he has to roll forward then shoot him in the mouth… problem solved

    • https://twitter.com/ASavageBeast89 SAVAGE ELiTE89

      If it’s impossible to bring back locust, can we at least get all of our COG characters from Gears 3? I want my Griffin in GOLD!

      • BadKidZero

        Bring back griffin!

      • Nick

        Lol true I would like more than 10 choices for characters, what about all the carmines? they would look insane in full gold or any other armor

      • Marf_box

        Haha thats funny. They should make a all-gold character.

    • https://twitter.com/jimtothehum jimtothehum

      Bring back down but not out, also rifle/shotgun loadout. I also miss round based gameplay as an option. Also, last but not least, (and this is an important one) when your game comes with only 4 deathmatch maps, your first DLC out of the gate should not charge players for more maps. That is unacceptable. If that happens again in a Gears of War game, Judgment will be the last game of the series that I purchase.

      • https://www.facebook.com/michael.skiles.39 Michael Skiles

        They want everyone to get the VIP pass. More money in their pockets. It’s pretty ridiculous I agree

        • https://twitter.com/jimtothehum jimtothehum

          Yeah, I know why they are doing it. I am just not gonna be part of it.

          • Marf_box

            Like I said take out the VIP. Just make a friggin private match for all I care. What about the people who have no live…THEY HAVE NO CHOICE. Step up epic games.

    • https://www.facebook.com/michael.skiles.39 Michael Skiles

      Sawed-off is worthless in multiplayer. Everyone still uses only the gnasher. The powering up of the Lancer in the last update was a good idea. Booshka is overpowered. The Corpser in Overrun is underpowered while the Mauler is too powerful. Maybe it should cost more for the Mauler and less with the Corpser. Cog vs Locust in multiplayer for less confusion.

      • tj

        The SO should be near worthless. There is nothing wrong with gnasher based gameplay, it’s how gears has been and it’s how it should stay. I dont play OverRun because IMO it’s not fun at all. Having Cog vs Cog makes it so that all the in game noises can come from both teams, you can’t pin point an enemy by the sound they make.

        • hmong007

          Agree with the COG vs COG gameplay. I can’t tell the difference between my teammates and enemy players.

        • https://www.facebook.com/michael.skiles.39 Michael Skiles

          Don’t get me wrong, the gnasher IS GOW and always has been, but the reliability of it is not there. I can hit someone point blank and they seem to shoot across the map and get a kill. Very unreliable. I feel like you should be able to have both the gnasher and a rifle. Like the other GOW games. OverRun is fun, you just have to be good at it.

      • Marf_box

        I know the Corpser dies way to quicky. And why the crap isn’t there a beserker in OverRun?

    • Steve

      What about our interest in getting more COG to play as? #GOWtestthat

    • Kyle

      Sentries should not explode frags when they shoot them.

    • Zealolicious

      Judgement multiplayer isn’t coming back. People went back to 3 because of how poorly this whole game was handled, Epic. Please fix this franchise in the next installment or just leave it alone. Don’t try to pander to a wider audience and stay true to your original fans that love Gears the way it is. Thank you.

      • Kyle

        True words. I think Overrun is fun though 8)

      • Rainbow Dash OC

        I didn’t go back to 3, that game is alot worse than Judgment, nevermind melee and grenade spam, atleast there aren’t actives. Plus OverRun Grenadier and Baird play like Gears of War 2. (Which is awesome)

        • Nick

          Is actives your only argument? what about the horrible graphics of judgment or the fact that there is no skill involved in a game where you have to hold the a button and hit the right trigger at the right time to get a kill. Using something called wall bouncing and still being able to hit your target takes skill. Judgment was noobed up for players like you, that dont know how to play the game right, so have fun playing your childish game. Love a true gears fan :)

          • Starky Doe

            If you’re truly good at GoW 3 you will still destroy everyone in GoWJ. I loved 3 and I love GoWJ. I think they did an excellent job with all the changes that were made, and they’re still asking for feedback so the MP is gradually improving. Graphics are fine for me. I personally don’t think you need good graphics to have a great game. The game does take plenty of skill. It can be argued either way, bro.

            • https://twitter.com/FrAgGoD666 FrAgGoD 666

              Stop it doesn’t take any skill to play judgment; i can stand over a rapidly spawning ammo box and just throw grenades the entire time how is that skill

        • Jsedaro

          What a NOOB, the epic team is removing all the fun stuff, with every new franchise is more easy to get down people, ther is no fight, no strategy. Wall bounce is reduced, camping is getting ground, that way to switch weapons Oh my, in the middle of jumps, with a less that a second, its just crap. You should look another argument, because yours id to poor.

          • Starky Doe

            Why are you guys dogging Rainbow? Because he likes the game? Just because all of you are butt hurt and assume your opinions trump all of ours. I loved 3 I thought it was awesome! Honestly though after playing Judgment for a while and playing 3 again I was extremely annoyed. People relying on their actives to win a battle or camping with nades planted everywhere. Judgment is a lot faster, but that doesn’t mean it is worse. I do hate all of the nades on Judgment and the noobs who immediately beat you down before they even begin shooting lol, but I’m sure it will be fixed in time. Before you come here trying to argue with everyone about how 3 sucks you need to at least read what we have to say about Judgment lol instead of repeating yourselves saying it’s garbage

            • Marf_box

              Judgement is a fun game but….jumping off of tall platforms and taking damage and on some cases dying, the fast killing and dying, the lack of skins and characters, and the slow running just are bad.

        • Judgementblows

          Idiot of the year award goes to this guy ^

          • Starky Doe

            Lol this coming from the guy who spelled Judgment wrong

            • DGM

              Sorry, boob, but both forms of spelling are correct.

        • Marf_box

          What?! 3 has a better multiplayer. The grenadier somehow runs slow. But don’t get me wrong its still a good game. Just has bad actions

      • https://www.facebook.com/people/Bonkermann-Bonker/100002719209966 Bonkermann Bonker

        True, I stopped played Judgment, cause it’s no fun, only boring after 4 Weeks.

        • Jsedaro

          I just Got bore in the early acces, Played 5min of overrun, Then I give an opportunitie in the other modes but nahh. Its just bother me the way in the people throw and stick granades, no down, those jumps from hign positions, No Locust, No gore jajajaja

        • Marf_box

          Yeah the only things good about it are that you can kill people a lot faster but the same fate falls upon yourself as well.

      • Riceslayer

        Couldn’t have said it better myself man, at least theres still a healthy amount of people on GOW 3

        • https://twitter.com/FrAgGoD666 FrAgGoD 666

          ditto this judgment was a waste of money

    • https://www.facebook.com/michael.skiles.39 Michael Skiles

      The scorcher is WAY overpowered. It’s practically an instant kill. That should probably be fixed.

      • VeIkro

        they already fixed it, a bit.

    • Jaime

      Can you do something about the sponging? It’s getting crazy.

    • Dr Tran

      Make the rifle/gnasher loadout permanent except in FFA playlist. Remove stim(it should be overrun only).

    • https://www.facebook.com/omar.mendez.90281 Omar Mendez

      implement active recharge and attach a heavy weapon from the start

      • Jsedaro

        No, The only thing that I really liked about this game, was that they put off active reload, It’s very crappy that

    • https://twitter.com/L3mb3c Chris Hiltz


    • Ackbar

      Can you please offer some Locust mp charecters?
      And yes I really appreciate the shotgun rifles playlist, it makes it so that whenever I spawn with anything other than the gnasher I am not constantly being one shot by wall bouncers who cant hit the broad side of a barn with a rifle— you know who you are

    • Shion

      Locust vs Cog, Horde Mode, DBNO on all type of games and the gnasher of GoW3

    • mick

      sorry guys as far as im concerned you have ruined gear judgement first of you reduce the amount of weapons we can carry from 3 down to 2 then you give us a game play that is virtualy the same as cod then you go and change the way we have to change weapons when now we have to use the y button instead of the d pad what were you thinking plus the new game play master at arms as far as im concerned is a rip off of free for all but with out the weapon change and what ever happened to the game play guardian that was one of the best game plays ever sad to say if there is to be any more gears of war games i wont be buying very disapointed

    • https://www.facebook.com/max.silveira.79 Max Silveira

      Characters from gears 3

    • Mctobytob4

      Bring back horde mode!

    • Jonjo115

      U need horde back for sure. Put locust back instead of red v blue, more coop acheivements, put actives back, allow wall tagging, make a tac com toggle so u can leave it on or off when u press dpad

    • Jsedaro

      I really don’t know why you remove locust from the others games mode like execution, TDM, etc… and why you change KOTH for that weak Dominion Mode.

    • Dan

      Cog vs locust, Need more (free) maps!!! And more characters would be nice.. dbno

    • bloodmount76

      Locust vs Cog, Horde Mode, DBNO on all type of games and the gnasher of GoW3

    • TRAV-I

      CLASSIC HORDE!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Please bring back a non-class-based, 50 wave Horde mode. It’d add some longevity to the game and would give a sizable portion of the community a reason to try out Judgment. Also, stop trying to take every dime out of your community’s pockets. 1000 MSP for 3 maps and a few skins is BS.

      • tj

        It is ridiculous but at least they update their game. COD doesn’t do shit post-release

    • Sebastian

      How about the gnasher consistency I can shoot a guy from the same distance twice the first time he would die but the second time he doesn’t

    • rain

      Add downs on all mode fix the smoke cuz its sucks now lave the stim how it is wepons on the new map r fine and on loadouts I wish it was like gears tree but its ok and stop trying to make this game like cod come on a rip off of the gun game really add hord something that feels like gears

    • LinkedPulse

      Bring more characters to play e,g Carmines Sam Dizzy etc. Remove the ‘VIP’ playlist and just make one set of playlists to stop the separating and endless bot games happening. Just give VIP pass people permanent double exp. Remove the Stim, Remove the melee from Master at Arms. Nerf the Scorcher and remove the Boomshot from Rig. Turn Domination into KoTH with changing ring locations like gears 3.

      Ps. Stop putting Boomshots and Boomshields in new maps and start putting the Boltok and Gorgan pistol in. You can see they work in Master Of Arms or you could add them as a spawn option.

    • https://www.facebook.com/darrin.tho Darrin Tho

      I think the new gears is good for NEW players just
      coming into gears. The controls are like Call of duty so gamers would be use to it, but to players that have been in gears since ONE (such as me) is kinda disapponting. Maybe try to get some game types using the old contols for OLD gamers and the NEW gamemodes to the old. Not only will this make it better for OLD gamers but make it easyier for the new ones cause we aren’t allready use to gears.

    • Disappointed1

      The wretches, need to be nerfed. Hardcore. A wretch is so overpowered in overrun that a lone wretch, can destroy the generator, and/or e-hole cover. Not to mention bypass all obstacles on the way to it.
      But yeah, in the future. Do not worry about “accessibility” for everyone. In reality, you have managed to upset a larger and more dedicated audience. In your attempts to make the game more “accessible”. You have sacrificed the great gameplay mechanics and overall well-rounded ness of gears 3. To cater to some audience of, well, to put it bluntly. Noobs. Discontinue this trend, or discontinue the franchise.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=545562024 Harrison Jay Walton

      Add DBNO to all game modes except FFA.

    • ALEX


    • Frank

      What about non-retarded achievements for DLC?

      • ViRUS

        There were by far the worst DLC achievements i have ever seen. Not even one of them for the new game mode included in the DLC?! Crazy.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mariano.clementejr Mariano Clemente Jr

      So far while playing master at arms, I’ve run into problems firing the digger as soon as it’s turn comes up. The animation would occur but as soon as the digger “bullet” hits the floor, it disappears as if I never shot it. So I fire another time and the same thing. The third time is when it registers and works properly after that. @lordapollo89

    • Skullslayer77

      Let the fans get input on Melee next thanks!

    • Sly Lie

      Played Gears 2 and then 3 most nights of the week with a cool bunch of guys (and a few girls) But Judgement is so NOT GEARS, feels like it was made by a company that took Gears 1 and Black Ops and mixed them into a game. It does not feel right, its too fast for me, by the time you try to communicate in any team game your dead or they are. People talk to each other in maybe 1 in 25 games. To top it all off everyone of the people i teamed up with on a nightly basis have gone back to Gears 3. Just being honest and giving my opinion, i understand some will enjoy the gameplay, but its not for me ..sorry

    • guest

      we need horde back. whenever vs modes got tampered with until i couldn’t tolerate the crap that goes on online, horde was a solid back up mode. i fell in love with horde, so now it’s the only thing i play anymore. you didn’t have to make gears so different. we loved it for what it was! so please bring HORDE 3.0 and locusts into gow:j FOR FREE or a REASONABLE price!!!

    • fest

      If the xbox360 is about to die, wouldn’t it be better to let gears3 die in glory with it instead of bringing this experiment; I play judgement regullary but I seriously miss th high harthbeats that only gears3 can give :(

    • R D Balshaw

      Judgement Multiplayer is Call of Duty, it sucks. Multiplayer should be Gears verses Locust and Horde. I’ve bought the season pass, but I’m afraid to say that I have wasted my microsoft points as I will not be downloading anything for Judgement, as I have already given up playing Judgement.

    • MikukeyuShirubi

      Epic heres an idea for you if you want to make gears of war multiplayer a success how about you hire fans that already played the game sense 2006 instead of hiring scrub ass COD players that have no business putting there 2 cents in it….

    • Jake Dizzle

      i’m really freakin good at this game and I still think it’s a giant steaming pile of shiiiiiip. You’ve had your fun using a $60+ game act as a testing tool for the next generation. Except you failed to add into your assessment that your fan base will no longer trust you any longer so you’ll have pump more money into your marketing just so you can finally realized….’damn, that last game really F’d us up’.

      Good job dip-shitts that sat around a desk and thought this up.

    • VeIkro

      First off, this game has it’s ups but too many downs, consisting of:

      1: inconsistent weapon/melee damage. i.e., the gnasher.

      2: Rig. Speaking of maps, the lack of them.

      3: Rifles being a little too powerful. I’ll probably get flak for this, but whatever.

      4: No locust, speaking of characters, lack of them.

      5: my biggest disappointment, no legacy unlocks.

      6: Prizeboxes. I HATE when i get xp. I don’t want that, i want skins. But why can’t it just be unlocking skins through medals like gears 3?

      7: The DLC. I’m disappointed that you decided to cut mausoleum in half and claim it’s new and also put in blooddrive and a map for overrun and some useless skins. For 1000 MSP? ridiculous.

      8: Game modes. Bring back KOTH. Domination just doesn’t cut it. It’s not fast paced like the other gears games i enjoy.

      Although this game is fast paced, how can it remain fast paced if the hills are stationary?

      9: The fact that you can spawn with a semi auto sniper is beyond me, i just don’t understand.

      10: Stim gas. That’s enough for that.

      11: The fact that i am assuming Haven counted as VIP material? Bull fuckin horse shit. It was free because MAXIM sponsored it.

      12: Survival, what can i say. Just 10 waves and that’s it? And Overrun too, while i’m at it. The maps have too many choke points, i guess.

      And the pros
      1: Free Gears of War
      That’s about it.

      • Marf_box

        I don’t even think you get DBNO in that game. Noobs just kill you on sight. I think the game should have more maps and skins..and alot more characters…the locust just get kicked out of judgement…they have feelings too.

    • https://www.facebook.com/xskilxpoopedon Chris Aybar

      need more game modes and option to change controls the way we want to if i want to throw smokes with (Y) then i get to put it that way or if i want (B) then i can do that too because people dont like the new controls its not gears of war

      • Marf_box

        I fuck up a lot throwing nades. I am so used to the LT(throwing) and the B(blind throwing) that I forget how to throw.

    • https://twitter.com/LambentLucky Lambent Lucky

      One that’s not mentioned is Weapon spawn. Power weapons shouldn’t spawn till after use like previous games.
      Remove stim gas from MP except OverRun.
      Keep the rifle/shotgun load out as a permanent playlist and add it to VIP

    • Matt (NinjaNeddy)

      Epic, Thank you for taking the time to listen to us. I have been a Gear head since the original as many people on here are. I would like to make a few suggestions for Judgment.

      #1 I think the biggest thing for me personally is the controller layout. I miss the old D-pad weapon switch.

      #2 I do not think you should be able to spawn w/ frags or inks (should be pick ups)

      #3 What did Dom ever do to Marcus in order for him to try and kill him? (Locust’s are a must please)

      #4 Please stop trying to get a different group of people into the game (COD and Halo fans). The true Gears community is right here waiting!!! Trust us, “If you fix it, they will come.”

      Thanks for your time Epic!!!

    • Fathuhm

      Instead of making a whole shit ton of new features and changes why not just fix what was wrong with the previous gears now you have all this shit that hardly anybody likes because you tried making it more player friendly for beginners leaving all the original gear fans in disappointment and annoyed. Fuck judgement what a fucking let down

      • Potato

        Because people bitch that it would be the same as gears 3 and complain that its DLC which they already do about judgment. If they wanted to release another game they had to make some changes. Just hope that the next gen gears game is alot better than 3 and judgment.

    • Jugs

      Stim only in overrun.

      Wasn’t the point if the sawed off to be close range and have wide spread? I don’t get that in judgement.

      Bring back locust to multiplayer.

      Where’s the BOLTOK?!

    • BadKidZero

      Gnasher consistency! I swear somebody put marshmallows in it! I run up from behind people and shoot them in the back and NOTHING! The Gnasher is the best weapon in the game and need some fixing:/

    • anthony

      starting with gears one, i came for the campaign… and in gears 2 i stayed for HORDE. in gears 2 and 3 i’ve logged HOURS AND HOURS of time playing horde, and enjoyed every single minute of it. i’ve made some really good friendships with fellow xbox live players, and we continually add each other to our horde squads whenever the chance arises. the comradery you develop with other gearheads playing cooperatively is a lot more enjoyable, vs. all the cursing and complaining that inevitably happens in the competitive modes.

      i’ve played some of the competitive mp modes, but it was horde that kept me coming back. needless to say i was VERY DISAPPOINTED to find that it was not included in judgment, and have since gone back to gears 3.

      overrun and survival are ok, but nowhere near as fun as horde. i’d love to give judgment another shake, but i don’t see myself playing it ever again unless horde makes a return.

      that said, BRING BACK HORDE PLEASE!!!!

    • Fathuhm

      Epic you shouldnt be trying to make changes AFTER the release this all should of been put into account before hand, having forums and polls on shit like this is pathetic and stupid judgement multiplayer is practically dead, now everyones back to Gow 3

    • Christopher Gentry

      Don’t see any mention of the reverse two piece. This really needs to be addressed and quickly.

      I too feel it may be too late and I am out of $220 I couldn’t find a full TDM quickmatch lobby the other night and went and played Gears 3 where there were at least 4X the amount of people on according to the broken counter that says there are 4 more people playing worldwide. Crazy how the people in my area just love this franchise and no one else does.

    • i play all gears1,pc,2,3,judgm

      locust back . . . . more maps . . . . news or gears 2 or 3 . . . only MORE MAPS . . . more characters lile dizzy, hofman, carmine and more . . .dom anya bla bla bla griffin !! . . .gears j suck now like me english . .wait no . . me english is better than gears judgment “gears shitmen”

    • Rink

      Bring more characters to play e,g Carmines Sam Dizzy etc. Remove the ‘VIP’ playlist and just make one set of playlists to stop the separating and endless bot games happening. Just give VIP pass people permanent double exp. Remove the Stim, Remove the melee from Master at Arms. Nerf the Scorcher and remove the Boomshot from Rig. Turn Domination into KoTH with changing ring locations like gears 3.

      Ps. Stop putting Boomshots and Boomshields in new maps and start putting the Boltok and Gorgan pistol in. You can see they work in Master Of Arms or you could add them as a spawn option.

      • Jake

        Dizzy and all of them came later on in the story that can’t bring players back that just don’t exist in the storyline yet

    • https://www.facebook.com/floyd.powell.5 Floyd Powell

      my opinion on this game is that it needs more content fast. if you want to save this game. bring back the locust and horde. Honestly i like this game the way it is in comparison to the older gears. but this series is based off COG AND LOGUST. Blue vs red is not gow. i like starting with one weapon. i like boneyard the way it is. blood drive though you guys need to get rid of the boomshot and booshka. i dont even care about the stim grenades. my answer to that is get bodied! please save this game before there is nobody left playing it when i get home.

    • Kyle

      I can’t continue to play a game where I know the developers weren’t thinking of us. Sadly, I will not be buying anymore Gears game. Unless you bring back DBNO, the normal hammerburst,, locust, Gears 3 melee, and DUMP THE USELESS PLAYLISTS. Quit trying to appeal to the CoD players. I play Gears BECAUSE it’s not CoD.

    • https://www.facebook.com/max.silveira.79 Max Silveira

      Torque bow takes TOO DAMN LONG to load….

      • Jsedaro

        and Sawed off load fast jajaja

    • viper83

      I really miss playing Horde. Gears of War: Judgment would be way better if it had horde!!

    • Ren

      This game was just mostly a slap to everyone that are fans of the games, on top of that you charge more money for less things(maps, skins etc.)…. love that you took out active and some other things that were annoying, but judgement seems to have just been made from people who do not play the game and know nothing on how us vet gears play do things. Quiet frankly its pretty disgusting you can slap the gears name onto this game, let people can fly turn it into, and i hate to say this but, a bootleg cod/halo game and just pretty much made people think if they really want to buy any gears game again

    • https://www.facebook.com/julian.batch.3 Julian Batch

      the lancer needs a damage upgrade bad! most of the riffles do, i see NO ONE using anything but the gnasher like always which is fine but it leaves no variety, and then when u finally decide to use a different gun, you cant kill anybody because the damage is horrible, damage increase is a must! i also feel you should add more characters, and keep a rifle/gnasher playlist permenent

    • Lemmgow

      i´m a hardcore fan from this game since 1, Judgment it´s different, but not a piece of shit like someones suggest, i really like it, obviously it´s going to be references with the other games, but i should really say, that with several conversations with friends that also love this game, you should try to make horde back, that mode is really fun… also please COG vs Locust back! it´s the plot of the game! i don´t enjoy shooting my fellow gears… but i really like shooting Locust… and killing COG´s but as a Locust! thanks!

    • NinjaFace

      Bring back King of the Hill and do something about ppl hiding in that One Shot room on Library.

    • dgjesper

      Too little, too late. If you had nerfed active damage and stopping power in 3, you would have made your fans very happy. Instead, you threw it into Judgement, your cash-grab of a game.

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Bonkermann-Bonker/100002719209966 Bonkermann Bonker

      We want HORDE back! Overrun is boring, Master at Arms worse and Domination a bad replacement for King of the Hill..
      And please, dont let us pay again a full-price game like Judgment, it’s just an Add-On. Price drop down after 4 Weeks from 60,-€ to 30,-€ (Germany).

      WE WANT HORDE!!!

    • GamerMatt

      More skins in survival would be amazing. Would also LOVE to see a new horde mode version with the classes. Survival feels to confined but horde mode doesn’t FORCE you to work as a team.

    • HIXXY22

      Please make it so you can plant grenades! Plus I want cog vs locust not cog vs cog :(
      The sawn off feels weaker?
      Bring back king of the hill!

    • tj

      Keep the gnasher powerful at short range. Maybe a slight nerf on grenades and stim. But most importantly, stop partying me with Mexicans lol. It ruins all of the tweaking and fine tuning and makes the game run very poorly. (and yeah I know you cant do that but it really pisses me off)

    • Mxrck

      Locust vs CGO or lot of character different for team, it’s horrible to see same characters in two teams, in multiplayer.

      Better skins armor, the actually are horrible!! looks for casual gamers and difficult to diference the teams sometimes.

      bring back GUARDIAN, warzone.

      More slowly hits, it’s too much fast :@

      More weapon consistency, sometimes you can do 5 shoots, and the other guy just 1 and kill you ( shotguns ), or do some shoots with lancer or retro and kill you very fast ( like active reload ).


    • tj

      Oh and most importantly.
      Lose Domination and add in Annex or KOTH.
      Domination is a freaking merry go round with no real point. It would only work in clan matches and even then I think it’s still dumb.

    • hmong007

      A big reason people are already bored with this game is the game shipped with 4 versus multiplayer maps with 1 free after 2 weeks delay. With the DLC maps, it only gets bumped up to 7 maps total. Every other multiplayer shooter comes with a minimum of 9 maps shipped. GoWJ doesn’t even have the minimum after DLC that other franchises have in the box shipped. Do not get me started about no DBNO, locust or horde.

    • https://www.facebook.com/WAR13TUELL Joe Tuell

      i can handle the new controls, they dont bother me too bad, but what happened to the rest of the game? i know horde or horde 2.0 might not be possiblt to release as dlc, but please i beg you epic quit shitting on the franchise i fell in love with. please if there is another gears game in the works put horde back in and rifle shotgun loadouts, otherwise ima have to hang up my cogtags. :(

    • Fern

      Why get rid of all the good bits of gears?! make hardly any online game modes. This game is a total joke and by far!! the worse gears. What a complete waste of money i haven’t even completed the campaign for one the game blew my powerpack and kept making it go to red unlike any other game and 2. it was rubbish. WELL DONE ON DESTROYING GEARS OF WAR. :)

    • John g

      Would love to see the RIVER map from gears 2 make a comeback, how many times do epic wanna put blood drive in a map pack

    • https://www.facebook.com/felix.santiago.1044 Felix Santiago

      Bring back HORDE and all the characters from GEARS 3 including the LOCUST to replace COGS vs COGS. Bring KOTH and an upgrade version of BEAST mode with free classic maps to make up for the short CAMPAIGN and I want to be able to tag a frag on a wall. From a loyal fan since 2006 from the first GEARS.

    • ViRUS

      I thought the Judgement campaign was excellent, very Horde like which is good. Shame Horde was removed as Survival isn’t a good replacement for it. Don’t like the class based system at all, i want to be able to pick my own character and weapon load out. I also want to have the freedom to move around a large map and not be constrained to one particular area.

      I’m not a fan of Overrun and i find it very jarring that the majority of the DLC achievements are geared towards it. I’m a VIP member but i refuse to download the DLC or play anymore of Judgement apart from playing the special events for that particular achievement. Locking achievements to specific maps and having to do them in player/ranked matches seems like an attempt to get people to play longer. It’s had the opposite effect on me and several of my friends. I was enjoying the multiplayer element of this game, particularly Domination, which is strange for me as i’m more of a Horde player but the type of DLC and the achievements attached to it has sucked all of the fun from the game for me.

      The main thing though is that i get the impression that none of the fans are listened to. We don’t want a Call of Duty clone, we want Gears of War. We also want a decent amount of content for our money! I don’t want to feel like i’m being ripped off by my favorite gaming franchise.

      • Facepalm35

        YESSSS!!! I would like the new achievements if they were made for “all” maps instead of terminal!!! It feels like playing as cog is absolutely pointless unless it’s on terminal, this alone made me run from overrun!…smh…

    • Rumbo

      Bring back downs, shotgun and rifle loadout, and put gorgon and boltok as pickups. It also seems like everyone wants horde back, which is a lot of work, but if you can do it, then do it.

    • barozy

      you guys that made judgment are a big disgrace to the gears franchise..stop trying to copy stuffs from other game developers and just stick to the gears tradition,,,judgment is an EPIC FAIL…there cannot be gears without locust, we wana play gears of war not call of duty..gears tradition is COG vs LOCUST

    • https://www.facebook.com/felix.santiago.1044 Felix Santiago

      Bring back HORDE and all the characters from GEARS 3 including the LOCUST to replace COGS vs COGS. Bring KOTH and an upgrade version of BEAST mode with free classic maps to make up for the short CAMPAIGN and I want to be able to tag a frag on a wall. Bring back an option for the original D-PAD layout. From a loyal fan since 2006 from the first GEARS.

    • Zerofault

      Fix the gnasher already! blind fire was my way to play and point blank does nothing? makes perfect sense!

    • barozy

      judgment is an EPIC FAIL….stick to the GEARS tradition

    • fern

      Also if your just going to make a complete new game do so but keep gears of war like gears why even bother changing controls its just irritating you can do that in control layout section. and why get rid of rb so you can see peoples gamertags and talk asa team. why not keep all the modes gears of war 3 had and just add more or survey people in the first place what they like and want to change from gears 3 not now you’ve created the game. A whole lot of people want you to make up for these mistakes.

      • Marf_box

        I’m not trying to say that the game is bad. Its very fun but the what happend to the whole game? Cod on Cod action isn’t even fun and don’t get me started on domination. Just a knock-off KOTH…BRING KOTH BACK. And the locust have feelings too, bring them back. The maps, character, and skins are just lacking right now. Those VIP rooms? take them out just make a private room. The DLC game mode options are very bad too. Epic, Gears fans want you back come to them and bring forth a new. This stuff here isn’t cutting it….something got to give.

    • https://www.facebook.com/heibel.oreza.9 Heibel Oreza

      they need to think about there dlc’s releases if there planning to come out with a new dlc to bring more then what we expect cause 2 maps and 1 overrun map and a few skins & a new game mode does not make us go play this game like why don’t you go on gears 3 and see the amount of players in that game it should tell you that your doing something wrong lol

      Add customization for are characters , add better re-ups how can you make amazing looking medals that no body really can see make the re-up,s look like the medals,
      Add 20 new maps remake all the maps ever ade you guys have no idea in making new once

    • https://www.facebook.com/frank.schmelz.3 Frank Schmelz

      I think giving us a locust character skin is your way of saying to forget the locusts cuz they’re not making a return. The dual primary loadout is cool but if your willing to do that why not throw in a pistol and a smoke grenade for us 1st gen fans? STOP HAVING BOTS RUN TO POWER UPS AS SOON AS A MATCH BEGINS!!! That’s a huge pain in the ass and can be the difference between a match won or a match lost. Boneyard is a map that tells me you needed a new map within an hour and that’s how this map came to be. I do however think you guys did a good job on blood drive. I’m still euphoric and love the old blueprints behind it but I can adjust to this. We need more multiplayer maps for Versus. I’m personally fine with waiting longer for more creative, well thought out, elaborate maps

    • Doctor Gloop

      This is a forum for constructive criticism, quit bitching and moaning about how the game sucks, it’s not helping solve issues.

      Things to fix:

      1. Frag sticks need to be fixed because they are too easy to do and hinder the action since people are hiding and hoarding them via ammo pickups.

      2. Condense the playlists, get rid of ranked and VIP lobbies. It was a great idea, it’s not working, and it’s dividing the already limited community.

      3. Add a bomb gametype. Keep stealing from COD for this game since we’ve already gone this far, add a Search and Destroy gametype. It certainly can’t hurt to try at this point and may end up kicking ass, I know I’d play it.

      4. You can’t fix it with this game, but seriously all the extra weapon skins and character skins that cost money should be included in the game. They’re on disk, and the amount of money you’re making on them is isn’t cost effective versus the negative reputation it’s causing in the community. Had you considered this up front you could have included all that in the prize boxes so I wouldn’t feel so let down when I get XP, not a skin.

      5. More maps. Get your interns to crank out a shitload. They may be mediocre, they may suck, they may be awesome, we would all be happier at least giving more maps a shot. You never know, some might turn out to be awesome by shear accident, gust like the GoW 1 MP was.

      6. Spectator mode for competitive play

      Don’t let all the haters get you down, and you have great insight with this game for things to do and things not to do in the next gears installment.

    • https://www.facebook.com/KiNgDoMOrAcLe Joey Acevedo

      Hit Detection from behind needs to be fixed! Especially when holding Boom or Meat Sheild. A matter fact just take out that Damn boom shield!

    • Lifelesslump

      If they just use the Overrun maps into execution maps, (free for all would not work really) I think my complaints about not enough maps would be dealt with for sure. This is a solid game, just needs some work.

    • https://www.facebook.com/KiNgDoMOrAcLe Joey Acevedo

      Oh and yea bring back COG vs Locust multiplayer!

    • Alex

      Classic loadout should b permanet start out w it, Stim should only b used for reviving nthing else ppl abuse it in Overrun aswell just to push an opponet which is garbage , should have left blood drive as in Gears3 as far as placement of weapons to much weapons on blood drive should be like 3 n boneyard is ok


      The game has zero strategy now. They need to put back grenade planting and bullet stopping power. The game now, is nothing but unlimited running/rolling and overpowered shotguns. How is it that a large man carrying 40 pounds of armor can run forever, roll unlimited times, and bounce from wall to wall all the while running through a stream of 30 rounds of assault rifle ammo without losing any speed. Gears 3 multiplayer was far more balanced and the stopping power of the guns actually made the game more balanced. The only thing they got right in judgment was the quick weapon swap and quick grenade toss. It no longer feels like those strategic games of Gears 3, now it feels and plays more like Unreal or Quake. No strategy, just run and gun.

    • dan33

      Bring back wingman and a few gears 1 maps please

    • https://twitter.com/ElCoyotazo Victor Conti

      I gonna post this here, cause dont know where else. Why did you changed control scheme?, eliminated locust of MP (except Overrun)? , drop the “symetric” MP maps? and tryed to make people use less the Gnasher? (The “awesomest” weapon of all games now and to be). Gears fan, not so much on Judgment.

    • SeventhOblivion


    • Penter2192 .

      One comment on Master at Arms would be the transition to Digger. When you first receive the Digger it is unable to fire for immediately.

    • Starky Doe

      I’m sure a lot of people would love the rifle/shotgun loadout as would I. The Gnasher just seems so inconsistent though and the range on it is ridiculous. I wish you guys would change it to how it was in 3 and PLEASE do something about the melee! I know you tried to fix it, but it is still a big issue. I don’t understand why you can’t just change the melee back to how it was in 3. There were rarely any melee kills unless you had a body shield. Now people just shoot and immediately melee which is annoying as shit. Stim nades still last too long. I don’t like them at all really, but if you are just trying to make them better I believe you should make it to where they heal you and they’re gone. They should be able to sit there and heal you for like 4 seconds it’s ridiculous. I haven’t played the new maps much, but I don’t really like what you’ve done to Blood Drive. If you’re going to change it that much it needs a different name lol it’s completely different. I like using rifles and shotguns, but I think there should be an FFA mode with just Gnashers and no nades. FFA gets ridiculous with all these nades flying around. It may just be me lol it annoys the shit out of me. I love what you are doing with the game though and I look forward to more updates to make it even better!

    • Starky Doe

      Also like John g said add a bomb gametype! If not that add a flag or something. I would play the shit out of that lol and I’m sure a lot of others would too. I was a huge Halo fan until they decided to fuck everything uP with Reach, and Flag or Oddball were my favorite objective playlists. I know this isn’t Halo lol I’m just saying. Keep it uP though!

    • https://www.facebook.com/michael.skiles.39 Michael Skiles

      The campaign was absolutely terrible. Cinematics were opening a door and closing a door and saying some stupid obvious statement. Plot was way too predictable and the story line was awful.

    • https://www.facebook.com/alejandro.fonsecapanqueva Alejandro Fonseca Panqueva

      Seria bueno el modo horda nuevamente y el guardia clasico de gears of war 2.

    • Starky Doe

      I also forgot about 2v2! Please put a Brothers to the End playlist back in there

    • https://www.facebook.com/dustin.dragoo Dustin Dragoo

      keep the loadout the same, lose the stim in mp, and just give me more maps for mp (not overrun) and ill keep playing

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles

      maybe you guys can also fix the ‘public only achievments’ too, NOT EVERYONE can play online versus….

    • https://www.facebook.com/eric.vorrath Harb Inge R

      Locust vs. Cog in Versus, the original Hordemode and DBNO .. that’s all, Epic. You gonna make a lot ppl happy as you probably see in the comments. Cheers GoW3-appreciator

    • evilsaintnoonan

      I notice that Epic doesn`t have the balls to talk about the lack of Horde!!!!

    • truu

      please change the final re-up. it was better in gears 3 but the best was gears 2 now we get a “onyx” star with a gear around it that barely looks different than the silver..

    • Gms313

      What’s up Gears?!! Long time fan since Gears 1. No problem with Judgement overall, but I really hate the health on multiplayer. I run with the Lancer or Classic Hammerburst and shoot someone with the Gnasher for a good minute. Then the person can just run up and shoot with the Gnasher. I do not understand this at all and this happens a lot. Could there be a patch for this?!!

    • JT_Death

      I loved Gears 1,2, and 3. I was terrible at Gears 1 and but I really liked the originality like the Lancer and really liked seeing people get sniped thats why I stuck with it until I got better. Gears 2 had a rough start with lag but I loved it. Gears 3 had the Sawed-off but I didnt care because I had become good enough where it didnt matter, I could kill them before they killed me. Gears 3 was my favorite game in the series.
      GOW:J lacked an exiting story it felt too short but I did like Aftermath that story had more connection like at the end when they talk about Sofia. The multiplayer in GOW:J is something different but Gears was always a rifle/shotgun game not either or. Stim Grenades on Overrun are fine but in multiplayer it is difficult to get the kill if they toss it and just plain annoying. The OP Scorcher needs to get fixed if you come in contact with it you are done. I was decent at gears 3 with over 3k MVP medals in GOW:J I destroy, I just find it too easy and not as challenging as the last game. I can seriously go on and on about the multiplayer.
      Survival has got to go, its basically the same thing as Overrun and its not even fun to play, Horde needs to come back. I use Turtle beaches and the most annoying thing is the fucking SOUND! The footsteps are way to loud and on Rig the Raven takes off but if you are on the helipad by the Boomshot you can hear the turret sounds coming from there even if there is no Raven there.

    • truu

      And fix the dely in running after you roll, the teleporting when you wall bounce too fast, bring back actives, DBNO, and an option to remove the annoying crosshair off the screen. gears of war 3 was much more fluent. judgement feels stiff please fix all of these issues and ill love the game

    • truu

      We need more characters and maps too

    • truu

      basically just take the whole gears of war 3 game and put it into this game. you tried too hard epic having new guns maps skins armors and characters is enough no need for the extra changes.

    • calvin duncan

      Please bring back guardian and king of the hill please.

    • elitemachine07

      BRING BACK HORDE MODE !!! I run a youtube channel called GOWCompetitions and talk to many, many people and they all say the same thing. Survival isn’t a replacement for Horde Mode nor is there any difference between Overrun & Survival.

    • Stephen

      Red vs Blue is Halo, not Gears. Bring the Locust back

      But most of all—–> Bring back KOTH

      Domination is way too spread out. The point of KOTH was to have 1 point on the map that you know everyone is going to be so that you can get max kills. Obviously that is not the whole of the game mode point but it’s what made it fun.

      And what was up with only 4 multiplayer maps on release? Granted they were great maps, but come on there should be at least 4X that. 16 if not 20+ maps by the end of all the expansions would be nice.

      Also it would be nice to get the rifle/shotgun loadout back. I wanna us the new rifles and stuff but I just don’t feel safe without the gnasher.

      Stim gas is kind of annoying too.

      Don’t get me wrong I love Gears –best game ever created– but judgement could use some improvements.

    • Marlista

      Bring back horde. When you made judgment you took away the best thing about gears so bring back horde

    • Josh nester

      Nothing can save judgment multi . You took away locust and totally screwed up game play what a mess you made to a great game

    • drummike

      I like the new controls but I really think you should remove Survival and replace it with a Horde mode. Everyone is asking for it Epic! You have no choice unless you want this game to keep leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths. I, for one, enjoy this game, for the most part. I do miss Horde 2.0 though.

    • DonkeyDick

      I wouldn’t mind capture the leader or guardian…… Those were good game types

    • Dom

      When they return the locust to the multiplayer?

    • Kris Caughey

      Bring back Cog VS Locust
      Bring back Team death match from Gears 3
      Bring back the rifle and shotgun starting weapons
      Bring back the control layout from the the first 3 games (it is far too easy to throw your grenades now, it was much better when they were a selectable weapon)

    • DanC.

      I miss the melee damage. It was the only chance you had in close courtiers with the hamerburst & classic vs the gnasher. Also bring back either two starting smoke grenades or increase the stun time because they have been made worthless. The Stim’s are fine in my opinion.

    • Masterblaster

      I have stop playing GOWJ because its boring. Why boring because its just about killing opponents … Its like COD OR HELO …. But GOW is not about just killing opponents its about how you want to kill your opponents by execution, 1v1, wall bouncing, clutching and camping. You guys remove all of these its annoying when you do 1v1 they use stim grenades and every body has sniper its shit … I want to fight for power weapon and team fight for power weapon but there is no fight for power weapon ….. Because everyone has already has one … Plus frag. You guys should look back why GOW3 was such a successful its all because of GOW2 how we loved it … No social only ranked .. Its more comparative … and fun i used to play for hours but now GOWJ is boring i cant play more than 1 or 2 game … Its not a bad game but it is not like gears of war any more so i have started playing GOW3 … I love gears of war and i only play this game but not judgement. : (

      • Masterblaster

        And i want my fucking wings when i reach level 100 not fucking shit stars. I am proud of my wings

        • https://www.facebook.com/josh.bryant.167 Josh Bryant

          Hell yes it’s all about the wings

    • solojuicy

      Bringing back locust vs. Cog multiplayer might get more gamers to play mor . Cog vs. Cog is not that awesome also bring back wingman, guardian.

    • Gearofwar judgement sucks

      Locust must come back!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/austin.wafer Austin Wafer

      im still a little mad on the whole “COG vs COG” change. overrun is cool. but i want to use the theron elite and kill some COG Forces.

    • CJ


    • AnubisEnnui013

      My biggest gripe is COG on COG is asinine. It was a failed decision that shows no understanding of the most basic story of the series. COG fight LOCUSTS not each other. If you wanted human avatars then you should have developed the game during the Pendulum Wars…not after Emergence Day. This decision smacks of disrespect for the players and the story. There is always something else to gripe about…sawed-off shotguns gibbing me across the screen, frags off screen killing me, but these are minor compared to that one fatal flaw that has pissed off three GOW players in my household. My sons brought me into their world of shooter video games with GOW 1 and I’ve played them all since. We used to grind the hours of the day away playing Horde on GOW3. (And that’s been replaced by the inferior Survival). Fix it so COG and Locusts are blasting, sniping, and Gibbing the hell out of each other and you’ll appease many unhappy players.


      Why did you guys change this game to bring in cod and halo fans when all the gears fans are here disappointed because all the changes no locust !!!really thats halo red vs blue team and jumping off buildings -throwing grenade and having weapon classes and making it more fast paste thats cod.gears had a badass thing going meat shield,ugly gruesome ruthless monsters with different unique looks and voices going head to head with top notch fearless soldiers that all went threwsome cool crazy shit awsome executions and meat shields going in to a small battle guns blazing limbs flying i hope you realize what you guys did with this game and make some serios changes !!!!!

    • Brian W


    • dfgdfg


    • lk;j

      Here’s some feedback, stop trying to be like Halo and COD. Oh, and actually make a good campaign next time instead of some half-ass’d turd of a story.

      If you are going to make a cash grab game, at least do it right damn it.

    • Samad Agha

      Great game but still needs work all around. Stop changing everything often. Make grenades powerful. Take stim G out. Shut gun+Rifle start out.
      Now let me scrap these kids…

    • Marcus finix asdfghjkl

      Gnasher should start with 16 shells and the stim gas grenade should heal you over a moderate period of time and not immediately and most definitely BRING CLASSIC LOADOUTS BACK

    • doomquake777

      Is there any Chance of Horde mode 3.0 or a return of Classic Horde mode? I would love to see that as Survival mode just doesn’t do it for me.

    • Marcus finix asdfghjkl

      Bring actives back pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee

    • BigMike

      Very very disappointed GOWJ!!! No more fun right now! Please give me the 50 wave Horde modeback! All my friends not playing GOWJ now….soo sad!

    • Sargeguica

      Does anyone know why i’m not getting double experience in judgment, i bought a vip pass but i’m getting normal points. How can i fix it???

    • anthony

      the classic mode is what this game needs, it took away the mindless running and gnasher pop shots that took over the game. it slowed the pace and thats amazing, because if you did not notice, no one uses cover in your game or has any real stratagy. that being said not having symmetrical maps is a joke, you went for a call of duty feel, but then randomized the spawns….. should do something about that next in my opinion, because your multiplayer is just really a bunch of nonsense gnasher kids who cry about everything the rifles do, if you want the numbers to grow you need to be consistent, and this game is far from it.

    • https://www.facebook.com/1wilsontroche Wilson Troche

      If you are a Real Gears Of War Fan you wouldn’t be complaining about Gears Of War Judgment

      • https://www.facebook.com/josh.bryant.167 Josh Bryant

        I’m a die hard gears fan but judgment isn’t gears it’s more like halo of duty judgment

    • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.reust Andrew Reust

      TDM is not good. It should score like GOW3 not first to 50. Good job bringing back execution but TDM needs downs again. Plays too fast and no strategy! Also the breechshot is too powerful. It gets more headshots than the sniper which shouldn’t be the case!

    • dane elleson

      Stop making the game like Call of Duty. This is the worst Gears yet.

    • https://www.facebook.com/braden.miller.370 Braden Miller

      This Game is Ridiculous and a MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT!!! First off I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to see a frag every time I am in a battle. About 90% of the time I die in GOWJ is because of a frag either hurting, sticking, or blowing up next to my character. I think that Frags, Inks, and Stims should not be part of the loadout system. I also think that Epic needs to remove Boomshot, Breachshot, and Vulcan in all versus multiplayer modes. My Idea is to replace the Boomshot with Pickup Frags. Replace Breachshot with Pickup Inks. And Replace Vulcan with Mulcher. One other thing that really bothers me is that the Gnasher is VERY UNRELIABLE. Epic please decrease the Spread and Range of the Gnasher. And please bring back my Locust in Versus Multiplayer. “We don’t have Gears without Locust.” Rod Fergusson quote.

    • https://www.facebook.com/goncalo.ferreira.397 Gonçalo Ferreira

      Seriously Epic, i´m shocked that you still don´t know what´s wrong with Judgment and as such you ask for fans opinion.

      The greatest problem Judgment faces is Epic games itself. I don´t know what happened on the backstage, trough development. Was Epic pressured by Microsoft to release the game?Is Epic busy with next gen and Unreal Engine 4? is this effects of Cliff and Rob leaving? i don´t know and has a costumer it´s not my business.

      What IS my businesses, as a costumer and more importantly as a fan (veteran if you will) is the way you treated me…and off-course millions like me.

      If the game mechanics change, graphics, or whatever (tough i vote AGAINST steam grenades, 2 piece and in FAVOR of locust,horde,DBNO), its mostly ok,i can adapt. This is a Gears spin off after all. If i´m tired can go back to the real deal.
      What is unacceptable is shipping the game with such poor content. Imagine COD, HALO or even even Uncharted shipping their multilayer versus modes with only 4 maps.can you imagine?
      The lack of content is killing this new Gears. I believe that most people are okay with the campaign (tough some more bosses would be nice, isn´t this an arcade version of Gears?ARCADE ACTION GAMES NEED BOSSES).
      At least you could compensate the absence of Locust with the presence of more Gog soldiers to choose in multilayer, tons of them! just look at Gears 3!no Carmine?why?
      Your latest DCL release is a joke. It must be. 1000MPS for 3 Maps (2, if you like me, don´t care about Overrun mode). No new characters, no new relevant mode. No locust.Not even a promise.
      The ball is on your side Epic. It was people like me that made you one of the most important developers this gen and helped to consolidate Gears has on of the most important,recognizable and profitable IP´s of this gen. It was Gears that helped you to sell Unreal Engine to tons of developers making it the most used engine this present gen. Even Bioshock Infinite uses this technology.

      Its time for you to give something back.

    • https://www.facebook.com/goncalo.ferreira.397 Gonçalo Ferreira

      Seriously Epic, i´m shocked that you still don´t know what´s wrong with Judgment and as such you ask for fans opinion.

      greatest problem Judgment faces is Epic games itself. I don´t know what
      happened on the backstage, trough development. Was Epic pressured by
      Microsoft to release the game?Is Epic busy with next gen and Unreal
      Engine 4? is this effects of Cliff and Rob leaving? i don´t know and has
      a costumer it´s not my business.

      What IS my businesses, as a
      costumer and more importantly as a fan (veteran if you will) is the way
      you treated me…and off-course millions like me.

      If the game
      mechanics change, graphics, or whatever (tough i vote AGAINST steam
      grenades, 2 piece and in FAVOR of locust,horde,DBNO)…i can adapt, this
      is a Gears spin off after all.
      What is unacceptable is shipping the
      game with such poor content. Imagine COD, HALO or even even Uncharted
      shipping their multilayer versus modes with only 4 maps.can you imagine?
      lack of content is killing this new Gears. I believe that most people
      are okay with the campaign (tough some more bosses would be nice, isn´t
      this an arcade version of Gears?ARCADE ACTION GAMES NEED BOSSES).

      least you could compensate the absence of Locust with the presence of
      more Gog soldiers to choose in multilayer, tons of them! just look at
      Gears3!no Carmine?why?

      Your latest DCL release is a joke. It must
      be. 1000MPS for 3 Maps (2, if you like me, don´t care about Overrun
      mode). No new characters, no new relevant mode. No locust.Not even a
      The ball is on your side Epic. It was people like me that
      made you one of the most important developers this gen.It was Gears that
      helped you to sell Unreal Engine to tons of developers this last few
      years and in the process making Gears one of the most important and
      profitable IP of this gen.

    • barrett

      thanks for the hard acheivements well done epic

    • Hurtos

      I keep seeing an ad on the right side of my screen for a shirt that says “Keep Calm and Active Reload”…… Well, I would but you took that out didn’t you. SMH

    • Akumasensei

      I think the classic load out should return to every playlist but free for all and of course overrun, stim grenades are okay and please please bring the locust back!

    • tesco stacker

      Hi the new map packs r ok I like the new look blood drive but could you please bring horde back with no limit master at arms game ok too much like cod. But I do like judgement. And what is happening to the prize boxes all I get is xp not many new skins

    • Andrew

      Ive played Gears since Gears 1, and Gears 3 was the closest they came to matching the original. Judgment is garbage to say the least. If you want a good game then take it back to basics…I enjoy new weapons(even if you got lazy with the reload animations) but I hate people that can start with a sniper or frags…stim gas is retarded, go back to the tradition revives. Being able to revive people from across the map is lame. Horde needs to be brought back, i don’t mind the classes in Overrun, but in horde it’s just lame as shit. AND PUT IN MORE CHARACTERS

    • mike

      Keep rifle shotty loadout and take stims out and more content

    • https://www.facebook.com/paulwebster901 Hrh SuperKing Paul Webster

      The biggest criticisms are the smaller things that can still be fixed epic. Bring back the locust so that teams don’t have that horrible blue or red glow round them and then the armour skins won’t look ugly any more. Then add horde and your done. Coz overrun and survival are superb additions, u just need to bring back some favorites

    • Geko Bezerck

      Why no boom shot on execution mode?

    • Geko Bezerck

      Why can’t you plant bombs? It is a core part of the game play.

    • nemu

      Bring Locust Back as character skis for free battle and team batle and i will buy the game plus the season pass

    • AssassinUriel

      to return the Locust

    • ANDRES


      • JoHarYx31


    • Judgmentisgears

      Just add back classic load outs just that’s it and locust cause locust vs cog is what made gears

    • Nike

      I played every gears of war game in my time of having my xbox, through me life I decided that from gears 1-2 I though that they were ok games, but a new gameplay instead of first-person shooters. But when gears 3 came out, it was decided that it was the best game I ever played, the amount of characters available, the game types it offered, the number of maps it had and the gun camos. I’ve even bought all DLC cause I felt like it was worth it. But then the gears fan in me fell when I picked up a copy of judgment and found so many let downs, the lack of maps, lack of characters, the game modes and ect.(just don’t feel like naming them all). after playing this game I felt like it was missing some many stuff, I thought that it was going to be like gears 3, but boy was I wrong. And when I heard of what the first DLC had I was really piss. I mean come on two maps and a over run map (btw over run should of never been made or at least survival because its the same thing but only cog) and there where no new characters and they expect us to pay 1000 Microsoft points for that shit. because of me playing judgment I became less of a gears fan. I went back to gears 3 for the fact that it had more playable stuff then judgment. I just hope they fix this game before Epic starts to loss more and more fans by the minute.

    • DirtBiker1056 .

      It sucks you guys did something right you gave every copy of Judgment with Gears Of War One. Other then that game is trash.

    • Iván

      Please!!! we want LOCUST!!! on multiplayer

    • brown646

      Apologize to the fans for all these unwanted, “streamlined” changes and make gears of war 4 like gears of wars 3 after all the title updates. Also, stop shortchanging customers; 4 multiplayer maps out of the box is absurdly stingy…..

    • EvilSaintNoonan

      Epic STOP trying to be like Battlefield or Call of Duty… Those games already have their following and they are not going to leave those games for GOW… Whomever is directing you guys to change GOW into COD needs to be fired… they are NOT good at Business. Epic had a great following and loyal fans but you guys pissed it all away because some “suit” felt that if you guys changed that you could make a larger profit. Well that douche was wrong… If you want your loyal fans and followers back… its simple just apologize for judgment give the VIP members all the new maps from judgment on GOW3 along with the armor skins and new weapons and promise to do better next time… As of right now I WILL NOT buy any games from EPIC because I have lost my faith in EPIC…

    • Ger cucho

      GOW judgement?? I think that Baird and Cole enter to the UNSC academy for play red vs blue, I’m back to GOW3

    • https://twitter.com/maddogmalcs Mad Dog Malcs

      Thanks for the opportunity to vote on these Rac, posts like this are invaluable and whilst may seem like ‘a way of the whiners getting their way’ to some, ultimately the ‘whiners’ are the fans and people that care about the game and it’s future! We’re all in this together so lets make it a beautiful thing! :)

    • Cole slaw ala Karn on a Cog

      HOW ABOUT EVERYONE’S THOUGHTS ON … HORDE… COMING BACK. Simply because. “RANKED SURVIVAL” is as “BROKEN” as EVER. With Weak Turrets that can’t even take down a Wretch. But then again, What else is new right? Gears “Multiplayer” has always been broken. But with Judgement, this has come to an all time low.

    • Hellhawk7

      Where to begin :/ I think it has become apparent that this game is simply a ‘large beta test’ for the next gen Gears but the lack of original gears is frightening! Its easier to list the things that are right with the game than wrong because the list for the things that are wrong is so long. The positives are the declassified missions, overrun and survival. Now i’ m not saying they are perfect, far from it but they do install a little of the old gears into this lackluster prequel. Stim gas and spot grenades are also well done and the class system works well even if the points for the engineer are a little bias.

      I’ll draw this to a swift conclusion though and i’m not sure how many Epic members will read this but think about it. This is the last gears game on the xbox 360 and it has left a bitter taste in many hardcore fans! You hopefully will understand that if the balance of console power shifts back to sony and the ps4 that this is the last experience for many fans of gears and it will have been of judgment. The outrage hasn’t been as public as it was with mass effect 3’s ending but rest assured the gears community have been significantly hurt by this release.

      I’m always looking on the bright side though and i would like to thank Epic for giving us in my opinion the best gaming trilogy ever. :)

    • AssassinUriel

      locust vs cog and horde please

    • AssassinUriel

      the locust are the essence of gears, locust vs cog and horde :)

    • AssassinUriel

      1) Locust vs COG
      2) Horde
      3) More Characters

    • jesus

      esto se volvio un halo 5 solo fue una copia de halo no me gusta para nada el halo pero por lo visto todo es igual y si tubo sus cosas buenas pero tambien las malas le han quitado la ensencia del gears me gustaria que se pusiran a leer los comentarios jugar partidas con mucho lag cachazos granadas por doquier hogal lean todos los comentarios si quieren que halla mas personas en el juego Gracias por su atencion

    • Eugenio

      estoy apoyando esta pagina

    • Eugenio

      for the reaper :)

    • NOX

      Classic Horde Mode PLEASE! Bring it back how it was and don’t mess with it by changing or adding anything from Gears 2 or 3. Announce it soon if you plan on adding it because if you keep it a secret you are guaranteed to lose what’s left of us diehards. From Gears 2 and 3 our team was the same and we played horde every damn night into the morning every damn day. If we died on a 49 we’d start a brand new game until we did a no fail 50. It was the best, slowly built our team over time, it all started on Pavilion and it ended the day of Judgment. We became friends and knew how our teammates played so it all became natural. For years this went on and now I’m lucky if I see them browsing the “instant que”…. My opinion, Cliffy B didn’t want to disappoint his fans and left EPIC because there would be no more horde…

    • Amazonian

      I certainly hope the majority of gears fans are enjoying judgement. Its a good game. For me a co-op player/VIP as well there’s not much after campaign .Gears 1,2,3 never sat on my shelf( where judgement is now) I really hope there will be some dlc in the future to get me interested again. cheers

    • https://www.facebook.com/brian.bellows.750 Brian Bellows

      Hello, I have played all three Gears installments including judgment and I am including some feedback which may be helpful. Include a panel option to go back to classic mode.
      1) include a rifle/shotgun loadout, or at least the option to have a boltok, snub, or gorgon pistol.

      2) include DBNO in all game modes as this gave the other modes an important team dynamic.

      3) Get rid of the two piece or make the duration when one can hit longer.

      4) Include older maps from gears of war 3, 2, and 1 as a bonus for those who have stuck with judgment even though it has flaws

      5) add ability to meatshield in all game modes except free for all since this included a strategic cover element that is crucial for Gears of War

      6) The Scorcher is overpowered, its power needs to be taken down

      7) blindfire needs to be fixed, unlike in Gears of War 3 where you could effectively blindfire, the blindfire is very jerky and cannot aim incrementally. It feels like a tacked-on feature

      8) Make all ribbons possible to get offline, this is not imperative but I would like to see it as I am not an online player

      9) allow players to system link two Xboxes, this was a huge disappointment when I saw judgment can’t system link in multiplayer like in Gears of War 3

      • Marf_box

        I agree with all of it. But Epic needs more maps and more skins, and characters. I mean you have you at least kill one Baird on the opposite team in doimintaion and in any deathmatch

    • https://www.facebook.com/brian.bellows.750 Brian Bellows

      Also including the locust characters, this is paramount. I can’t tell you how many times I have been a character and heard another character call out regarding a grenade and it threw me off. If not the locust characters, more variety in the human character. If there is another Gears game, include the locusts.

    • https://www.facebook.com/felix.santiago.1044 Felix Santiago


      Gears of War 1: Original Maps (10)
      – War Machine*
      – Mausoleum
      – Escalation
      – Clock Tower
      – Fuel Depot*
      – Rooftops
      – Canals *
      – Gridlock *
      – Mansion *
      – Tyro Station*

      Gears of War Multiplayer Map Pack 1 (2) 1/10/07 – FREE – Brought to you by Discovery Channel
      – Old Bones
      – Raven Down

      ‘Hidden Fronts’ Multiplayer Map Pack 2 (4) 5/3/07 – 800 pts / After 9/3/07 FREE
      – Garden
      – Subway*
      – Bullet Marsh
      – Process

      Gears of War 1: PC Exclusive: (3) 11/11/07
      – Courtyard*
      – Sanctuary*
      – Gold Rush*

      What a huge difference for a 7 year old game to this new ripoff.

    • cristian

      want Gears classic mode and more characters available to play in judgment

    • Marf_box

      Gears of war Judgement has very good graphics….better than Gears of war 3. But gow3 will always have better multiplayer. There are so many flaws with judgement. I got this game on the release date and was suprised about the lack of people playing. I went to gow3 and saw a little more played it.

    • Marf_box

      Whats up with these “character skins”?

    • Marf_box

      Has the beserker been exchanged for the Rager?

    • Gears

      The rifle/shotgun loadout is more balanced and fun.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000537582662 Robert Williams

      Gears should bring back wingman it’s the only thing I want to play on this game

    • assassin huicho

      hello epic games were more fun if they put the game guard mode gear of war 3 and would put the epic reaper leader or another hopefully interesting character I take into account

    • https://twitter.com/FrAgGoD666 FrAgGoD 666

      worst game i ever played, no grubs. The reaper is impossible to play and your just ripping vip members off. Bring Back Horde. Oh this isnt call of duty so quit trying to copy it. List of stupid judgment shit: Domination; Overrun; weapons; map designes. screw this i just realized i could be making this list for an eternity. PLAY GEARS 3

    • LordByron

      This gears of war should not be part of the GOW franchise. Especially the changes in execution. Execution should have an option of starting with two weapons not one and a pistol. The new change with two weapons and grenades in team death match is too much. Team death match is ok the way it came. Execution should have two starting weapons. And thank you for eliminating stim-gas from team deathmatch

    • andy b


    • andy b

      Because the mode ” hinrichtung” is shit. A good old hordemode refresh the game. And took the locost charakter with lit of skins in all the modes like deathmatch. Than its ah perfekt multiplayer gears;)

    • andy b

      And more maps please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • true gears fan

      lol wall bouncing takes skill OMG thers no skill in bashing the buttons left to rite then gettin 1 lucky shot off!!!! gears has not been the same since gears 1 fact!! no 1 has proper shottie battles anymore

    • Toonces T. Cat

      A number of points, but a few comments first:

      1. I love the campaign and the ability to play through it with the declassified missions either on or off in each chapter. The blending of some of the aspects of Horde mode is a touch of brilliance!

      2. The graphics could be better (I was hoping for something comparable to Crysis 3 but I realize that the Unreal Engine 3 is approaching its end of life and this may be all that you could wring out of it on the 360.

      3. All of the comments regarding DBNO, characters, and especially COG vs. COG are spot on. I play COD and Halo. They are good games, but they have never displayed the flashes of genius that are in Gears 1, 2, and 3.

      Now, here are a few things that you could correct that just might save the game. And let’s be honest, Judgment is dying on the vine. Just look at the math. I played several hours of campaign yesterday and I never once saw the number of players world-wide exceed 200. At this point in the life of Gears 3, if I recall correctly, the numbers were in the range of 20,000 players world-wide pretty much 24 x 7…and relatively speaking, versus is in even worse shape! So, here goes:

      1. You really need to return Horde as soon as possible or you may pass the shelf-life point of no return for the game. Horde more than any other feature of any Epic game promoted social interaction that kept people coming back for hundreds of hours of play. Not since the clans of Unreal Tournament’s hay days have loyal fans flocked to a game as they did, and still do, to Gears 3 to play Horde.

      2. Along with Horde, you immediately need to bring the mutators back so that players can create custom games. Talk about heading off boredom at the pass, Horde with a mix of three mutators could offer endless rounds of unique gameplay.

      3. And finally, bring back Arcade mode for the campaign and add a medal for Insane that forces players to go through the campaign with everyone on the same difficulty setting. And, of course, allow the use of the mutators in Arcade as well as Horde. I am proud of all of my Gears 3 medals, but none more so than the Onyx for beating the campaign on Arcade at the Insane setting.

      I hope that y’all are really reading and taking to heart these comments as many of us truly want the franchise to stay viable. I can think of nothing I would enjoy more than a campaign that begins in the Pendulum Wars and goes through the first week after emergence day with Marcus and Dom on the Xbox 720 using the U4 engine.

      Thanks for listening!…Toonces

    • Toonces T. Cat

      I checked the numbers on the campaign again this morning:

      Gears Judgment = Less than – 200 world-wide

      Gears 3 = Almost – 8,000 world-wide

    • Renegade

      I was so excited for this game, until I learned they took locust out of multiplayer to cater to CoD fans, as if the GoW 3 ending wasn’t enough. Screw you Epic.

    • Nelson Garcia

      Will horde come back in judgement as dlc or even asa title update

    • Olympic Gold Medalist

      Another thing that’s bull**** there is no DBNO and no clutching one life at the end of the game in MP. I love beating the shit out of people with their own arms to prove to them I’m better than them. And no clutching, its so fun when its 5v1 and I win!!!!! It’s so awesome. Lastly COG v COG that is just plain fucking retarded whoever thought that up should be fucking fired. Honestly what did Baird do to cole to make them kill each other and same with Dom and Marcus both of these pairs are best bros WTF. Honestly judgment was horrible its like you kicked all the original gears player in the BALLS!!!!!!!!!! EPIC YOU FUCKING SUCK THE D 8===========================================================D

    • Pollo Lopez

      deberian de quitar las granadas de fragmentacion al inicio,deberian de volver al estilo clasico la jugabilidad por que a nosotros los fans del juego y el comic nos gustaria mucho

    • levo2288

      I think any respectable gow player can agree that the markza is a joke. It completely ruined team death match. When you can’t even show your face in the open or you will be hammered with five different markzas, something’s gotta change. If I wanted to play call of duty I would! All the markza did was took skill out of the game!!!!

    • Abel C. Elit

      por que no sacan un dlc que permita jugar como los anteriores gears, 4 armas iniciales un multijugador clasico

    • Gage

      I wish the multiplayer was back to the pace of gears of war 1. I feel movement ha just been slowed way down in all other gears games. Also you die to fast.

    • InuYasha 2013 (Gears Forever)

      Please on behalf of all the young men who keep playing Gears of War 3, directly as we are dissatisfied with following Judgmen their new game, From Mexico we love its third installment and bought new by knowing that we were surprise but the truth was not what we expected … considering we’d like them to correct things that do not like Gears of War 3 … The Sniper Rifle would love them to remove the second pointer as many of the tricks that we like to get really easy with that pointer in conclusion there is no shooting “BlinFire” we love a lot.

      Please put back the perfect active reload.

      Put all the characters we use in Gears of War 3.

      And above all please make an option to put the controls of previous deliveries are Alternative Command and default, as we know veterans Gears of War 3.

      We want the original game type that you created friends of Epic Games, we want things existing games. You are really creative geniuses to create the most wonderful game for many of XBOX Live, please follow it being you are great and deliveries many want to feel the passion to create something so wonderful and entertaining as Gears of War like you.

      Kind regards and thanks for reading =).

    • maxzoe378

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    • CrisRockzz

      We just want Gears is the same again. (Gears of War 2) We don’t want the retro lancer, we don’t want sawed-off, We don’t want the new weapons because are crap. Only Lancer, Hammerburst and Gnasher… how it used to be.

      I never played Judgment and never I will play. Because it is a complete crap.

    • RIU

      que pongan los modos de juego clásico como rey de la colina y que tengan mas personajes para jugar que tengan locuts para jugar en multi jugador y que restauren el arma secundaria que las armas tengan menos daño porfavor mucha gente esta decepcionada por las estupideces que cometen por favor arreglen lo que comen toda via hay rescate de este juego no destruyan los sueños de la gente que le justa la franquicia

    • Sebastian Torres Sanchez

      i buy my xbox for play gow 2 but now i hate my election

    • XxKomodoroxX

      gears of war judgment es una reverenda mierda gaste demasiado por este juego y es una shit devuelavan la escencia AMO GEARS OF WAR 3