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Celebrating 15 Years of Unreal with a Steam Sale!

unreal3It was 15 years ago today that Unreal started appearing on store shelves. Who could forget walking out of Vortex Rikers and seeing Na Pali, and the dreaded Skaarj for the first time.

How many hours did you spend exploring that amazing world? If you’d like to go back to experience it all again, we’re having a Steam sale to help you on your journey!

The Unreal Deal pack is on sale this week for an amazing 75% off. The Deal Pack includes, Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition, Unreal 2: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor’s Choice Edition and Unreal Tournament 3 Black. That’s five games for $10.oo!

unreal12Tell us your favorite moments from the original Unreal below in the comments. We’ll chose two random winners this Friday to receive a Steam code for an Unreal Engine game and a vintage Unreal poster!

Don’t forget, you can get the original Unreal Main Theme on the Epic Games 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack, HERE.



    • Woote®

      I remember the first time I played online on UT99, I entered a Bunnytrack Server..

      CTF-BT-Maverick, I got slimed a million times at the first part, only to realise that was just the beginning of my Unreal Journey!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jim.castile Jim Castile

      When the lights go out in that hallway one by one… That was stomach churning!

      • https://www.facebook.com/aaron.noone Aaron Noone

        Im still on edge going back to there knowing full well the Skarjj is comin for me.

    • https://www.facebook.com/stevenlundbeg Steven Lundberg

      remember this back in the day on my 486 and 54K Modem and rocking the net with that hoverboard mod. It was so grindin

    • Aiwon

      Some of us still playing this awesome game!

    • Steven Anderson

      I remember the first time loading into a server. Couldn’t survive a whole minute. I kept getting owned by everyone else. Frustrating game at first, but it got better and more fun over time.

    • https://www.facebook.com/aaron.noone Aaron Noone

      Nothing touches Unreal not even UT99 for the gameplay. My first Online Deathmatch was with Unreal Collecting the Upgrades for the Dispersion Pistol then floating up to the Invis. I still have it installed and I still go back today for more, The speed and pace of the game is untouched with modern games and seriously needs to be revisited and brought back into competition. Please CliffyB do the right thing.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jim.castile Jim Castile

        Cliffy ain’t here man!

    • Oruam

      Unreal tournament 2004 LAN parties, M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!

    • https://www.facebook.com/csosz.gergo Csősz Gergő Levente

      The first fav moment is when you leave Vortex Rikers for the first time and you see the huge and gorgeous landscape and you hear that beautiful soundtrack. The second fav moment is a scary one, when the lights go out, one by one, then the skaarjwarrior jumps on your back and that techno kicks in, one of the most memorable things in PC gaming history. Aaand of course the first battle with a titan, truly an “epic” (pun intended) battle! And of course the final boss battle isn’t a walk in the park, especially on “unreal” difficulty. I have spent about 230 hours playing this game and all of those hours are in single player. I’ve played it on hard difficulty about 10 times and on Unreal difficulty about 6-7 times and I still cannot get bored of this. I just LOVE it. Thank you Epic Games for making my childhood the best childhood one can have!

    • https://www.facebook.com/harvey.g.hendricks Harvey Greg Hendricks

      Unreal is still a pretty cool game, no question about that.

    • https://twitter.com/StayTru2U4Lyfe Crystal Binkle

      My favourite moment was pulling off a triple kill with the shock combo. Made me feel like a bad ass

    • why420

      I remember playing the single player compain and getting my mind blown away when i discovered the multiplayer. that was one of my favorite moments ever :)

    • Ranfivious

      How to forget the… “MO MO MO MOMONSTER KILL” hahahaha

    • https://www.facebook.com/davelepore David Lepore

      When the lights go out in the hallway. That moment was perfect.

    • https://xelusprime.wix.com/ettiennev Xelus

      it would be EPIC to see unreal 1 revamped to the modern engine. Unreal 1 was and will forever be the best damn unreal in the franchise! Played this game for weeks on end. Was awesome!

    • https://www.facebook.com/cesare.a.a Cesare Antoine A

      that game was the difference between bullshit and really ass kickers video games. i still remember myself having 14 years old getting insane for buy my old 16 mb 3dfx voodoo video card to run Unreal al full. theres ut t4 comming soon?

    • https://www.facebook.com/lazarus.man.9 Risen Lazarian

      I still play the original Unreal game. Such an awesome game.

    • Jonas Chupp

      Killing the stone Titan. That was such a fun battle. Also, trying to get the monsters to kill each other was super fun.

    • starwolf1001

      heck, Unreal was the first game I ever bought for my computer (ok really the first game I bought for a computer was Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for the Apple IIe, but that was a loonnnggg time ago) and I has completely flabbergasted by the game play and graphics, ahh the graphics were phenomenal, and it was really hard going back to Saga and the like for games.

    • Louis

      First time I played : The Vortex Rikers level and the arrival to Na Pali, discovering a wonderful yet so dangerous world with graphics and ambiant I’ve never seen before in another game. Still humbling to think about that moment

    • Neox301291

      Unreal Tpurnament was my foirst PC Game and I still play it. All this awesome bunny hopping maps and this good old fast shooter action just amazing.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703047186 Britton Bucciarelli

      I first loaded up the multiplayer and didn’t live for more than 5 seconds each spawn. It drove me crazy and yet drove me to get better and kick butt like I do today : )

    • https://www.facebook.com/ian.mars.9 Ian Mars

      Being just a little lad who came home every day to play UT99 on his dad pc till my dad had to kick me off

    • Mikey

      Playing the game nonstop for hours

    • mk7

      Survivors of UT2004, seek us in Facebook

    • https://twitter.com/mangestweet Magnus N

      Unreal was just jaw dropping back then and the engine still is in the lead today.

    • https://twitter.com/whitewolfmusic Tobias Arnold

      Unreal is my favourite game of all time, and the moment of leaving the ship and seeing this beautiful sky, together with the magical music, the waterfalls, the little pond and the fish, unforgettable. Then the mixed feelings when you discover the corpses all around, ingenious. The music still haunts me. It was THE moment of my gaming history. I wish there’d be a modern Unreal game with the same amount of exploration on a beautiful alien world. *listens to Dusk Horizon now*

      Some of my most favourite moments happened in botmatches, too. The darkmatch was incredibly atmospheric, all the maps had amazing designs. This game had everything. It’s a shame that Epic focusses too much on the engine only these days.

    • -=WolverinE=-

      It’s been 15 years now? Time sure flies fast! I will celebrate this with some UT2004. :)

    • https://www.facebook.com/mentrican Mason Entrican

      UT4 was the game that got me into the FPS scene. Unreal has made a huge impact on gaming in the last 15 years :D.

    • Caleb Child

      I don’t know about my MOST favorite moment playing Unreal, but I can tell you that my LEAST favorite moment was when I went to install it on my new computer, and I got an install error because the disc is scratched.
      I never did get to finish playing it.

    • Caleb Child

      Actually, my most memorable moment would probably be the level(s) where you had to drain the water on the ship. You hit the button to drain the water, the level pauses, loads a NEW level where the water is lower, and much to my amazement I was standing in the same exact spot, AND all the items I had/hadn’t collected, enemies I killed, and so forth were all in the exact same spots. I ran around the whole map just to check that.

      People today just don’t respect how awesome that was. Games didn’t save large amounts of data like that between levels; you didn’t walk into a new level and start where you were in the last level. Back then, levels were completely independent entities.

    • MichaelSokolkov

      I guess it was the countless times I tried to get to certain secret areas – Unreal has tons of them, and some are really cool. Especially I remember trying to get Nali ghost on Bluff Eversmoking to open the tombs in the cellar. Lots of times he got scared and would run away.

      Or may be getting lost in lifts and corridors of Sunspire – the only map I couldn’t remember the layout outside the way to the top.

    • https://twitter.com/redheadwes Wes Johnson

      Finding the Flak Cannon inside that Nali church and getting that feeling that things were finally about to start going my way.

    • Plutonic

      Prior to Unreal, the dominant colour in FPS was brown, so walking out of the Vortex Rikers to a world full of colour was an absolute joy. I loved Unreal from that point.

      For me, Unreal took level design from an interest hampered by clunky tools to a deep passion thanks to the power of UnrealEd and the creative freedom it allowed. Thank you Epic (and Digital Extremes).

    • https://www.nitesstudios.com/ Stealth Beats

      My favorite part of Unreal was the ISV Kran. Exploring that scary atmospheric wreck brought out all kinds of thinking on my part – about what happened to the crew stationed aboard, if any of them actually survived, etc. The translator messages in those levels really helped set the mood (we’re all gonna die!, etc.) I must have played through Unreal at least twenty times and the Kran was always the highlight of the trip.

      @Caleb Child – The levels you’re thinking of are Terraniux, the mercenary ship. Also a great set of levels in Unreal 😀

    • https://vovinyl.blogspot.com/ FangsFirst

      I don’t…how can I encapsulate one of my favourite FPS experiences ever in a single moment? Walking out of the Vortex Rikers? That infamous first interaction with the Skaarj? The huge arena and the Titan?

      I think it might be the first of the dispersion pistol enhancements I discovered. Suddenly, I found myself using a weapon I’d otherwise abandoned, fascinated by the growing mutations of this seemingly innocuous weapon, as it smoothly branched, grew adaptations and otherwise enhanced itself.

      To think, I played it in 400×300 that first time, on a severely insufficient computer, all the way through, still averse to mouselook from all the Build engine stuff in my history, turning carefully back and forth with the arrow keys, looking up and down with page up and page down.

      Ah, how times have changed…

    • BigFatGuy

      My favorite moment is finally learning the fate of the final Vortex Rikers crew member at Bluff Eversmoking.

      There had been sporadic journal entries from the deceased crew’s PDAs all throughout the game, and it was fascinating being able to read a story-within-a-story with real human elements, all without anyone saying a single word. It’s design such as this, that make Unreal 1998 such a better story experience than the linear and focused set piece experiences of today’s games.

      Ascending the Spire, and climbing into the atmospheric elevator is a close second. Unreal is so special because it could combine twitch FPS action with a sense of real mystery and exploration. The original DOOM, as exquisite as it is, just didn’t have things like that.

    • maniacyosh

      The best part of the game for me was when you first encounter the skarge. The lights go out and then he appears. EPIC!!!! The next best part was taking the leap of faith off the top cliff in an pali…. falling straight in to a magnificent river filled with life. Was a great felling when I got the eight ball gun!!! Such power. I just bought the pack! Ten bucks what a bargain :) thanks epic

    • nightcabbage

      I loved everything about Unreal: true sci-fi. It was mostly about the world/exploration for me. It really felt like a strange, isolated world in the middle of the cold universe. It’s strange but what I remember most about Unreal was the sky. I just spanned out into the distance and made me dream about what was beyond the horizon. I wish it never would have ended. I <3 Unreal.

    • https://www.UnrealRex.com/ GF-REX

      As for stock Unreal maps, The Sunspire has always been my all time favorite. After getting warped to a small village, you traverse some massive cliffs surrounded by lava, only to enter an enormous maze-like tower full of lifts. Once you reach the top, you continue higher still by catching a ride on a hot air balloon! Then the fun continues as the next map was another awesome map which ranks as my 2nd favorite Unreal map.

      As sweet as the stock maps were, I spent the majority of my online time playing co-op mods. Most of my time was spent playing Operation: Na Pali on UT. Sure it wasn’t actually Unreal, but it sure felt like it! Such outstanding level design that came so close to keeping the Unreal feel while also adding in many new things. There have been some other sweet co-op mods since then, but ONP is still my favorite!

    • https://www.facebook.com/yosef.tajzoy NEMESIS

      Unreal was the dawn of a new age for me in gaming. It is what elevated me from a casual console player to a hardcore PC gamer. The seemingly boundless and immersive universe of Unreal captivated me like no other game has, nor ever will. Unreal Tournament 99, to this day, is still my favorite game of all time. I still play it with passion, enthusiasm, and love. Without fail, it always manages to surprise me with that spark of joy that nothing but Unreal can create. I frequently look back on the first time I played Unreal with unparalleled fondness and nostalgia. I can easily segment my life into temporal blocks corresponding with the subsequent releases of Unreal games over the years. Unreal is more than just a game, its an identity. I also must say, that I respect and love the staff of Epic. To Mr. Tim Sweeney, you are an inspiration and are the truest pioneer of gaming. After following your work, your innovations, and your presentations over the years, I am continually awestricken and inspired by your genius and vision. You have my greatest respect and professional admiration out of anyone in the industry. I enthusiastically await your next great work. And to everyone at Epic, you guys have provided my friends, family, and myself with 15 incredibly UNREAL years of Unreal! With my sincerest and most heartfelt wishes, I hope that both Epic and Unreal games persist and grow for the rest of time.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1702909599 Duane L Budd

      Unreal is one of my all time favorites. I picked it up new at an Electronics Boutique in Reno. It was the second shooter I’d played on the PC, the first game I ever played online cooperatively, and was the first time I’d played with a 3d editor. I still absolutely love some of the animated textures in that game. Some, like the energy fields, are just beautiful, even today.

      A couple of years ago I ran through it and offered my friends some thoughts, not only on Unreal, but on why, in some ways, it is head and shoulders above many modern games: https://www.octopusoverlords.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72661

    • mxtomek

      congrats, i hope to see it something new in this universe :)

    • Michael

      Me wants a new Unreal :(

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518508509 Magnus Lindén

      Still want a new UT game with Unreal Engine 4!

    • https://blog.airmio.com/ Amio


    • https://www.facebook.com/dr.flay Doc Flay

      Nice post Flak. Your community thanks you 😀

      For anyone thinking of revisiting Unreal, do yourself a favour and play it with all the new updates and replacements.
      Your new modern hardware, with Unreal brought up-to-date, is … EPIC and Unreal !

    • Jesse Furr

      Loved the game. IIRC, I had to upgrade my video card just to play it, some version of a 3dfx Voodoo card most likely.

    • PATER

      Just loved the Athmosphere of this Game. The sense of wonder and exploration. The sense of being alone in a hostile world. The Music! Unfortunately this got pretty much lost under all the story bshit in Unreal2. It’s not what made the first Unreal great. I reeeeeeally really hope Epic get’s it’s shit together and creates a new Unreal Game with a modern engine that can live up to it’s legacy that started 15 years ago with a bang.

    • Dave

      I still remember the music the first time you leave the ship and walk out and see the huge waterfall. [bmbmBMbmbm bmbmBMbmbm] My friend and I used make that sound every time we’d find something cool in real life that mesmerized us or otherwise captured our attention! Burned into who I am forever. Thanks Unreal and Epic! :)

    • Kelly Davis

      Oh God, to pick a favorite…This will sound so self-centered but the highlight for me was the first time I went on a public server I didn’t directly know and they were running something I had modded. I truly love the Unreal world and to know that I could contribute directly to it opened up an entire world for me that has lasted two marriages, three kids, and a decade-n-half of the best gaming and friends ever.

      I’m surprised too that I didn’t see anyone select the castle fly-by title screen. It had it all: great detail, intrigue, little peeks inside. All the while you got to fly around it and guess at what was waiting for you. I still remember the very first time I saw “LOADING” across the castle as I was joining my initial coop server.

      Thank you Epic, it has meant so much. And to you too Flak for keeping the torch for us.

    • Thomas Warnica

      No doubt, the original Unreal Tournament will always be one of my favorite games of all time, with the original Unreal coming a close second.

      Here’s to hoping for another UT and Unreal on Unreal Engine 4! You’ve got my money the second I can preorder them. :)

    • chonglee

      15 years!

      I don’t want to wait ANOTHER 15 YEARS. Time to bring back the goddess of FPS!

    • d4m45t3r0fm41n@gmail.com

      Long live unreal :’)

    • https://martyscarnagecompany.com/ M^uL

      Unreal for me is still the most groundbreaking moment in gaming. I followed the development of it with great hope and bought extra copies the day it came out to hand out as gifts. I started out playing it using software rendering but I fondly remember a running through the crowd with a friend at the opening of a local computer expo to fight our way to the vendor we new would be stocked with Voodoo 2 cards. Turns out he had the only two in the entire show! I’m sure my jaw dropped witnessing Unreal with a Voodoo card for the first time. The combination of 3D acceleration and Unreal was, well, Epic!

    • SirBee*

      I , Wee are a Huge Community of players out there that still to now . 2013

      Playing many serie of the unreal and tournaments series …Praying for a

      Unreal and Tournament release, Please ! ….

      We want you guys to make Honors to how all started … Unreal and it’s engines.

      give us back the real Unreal Tournament we all grave to have …

      I am a Graphic Designer because of Unreal :-)

      some weapons , maps and models as a passion hubby .

      Unreal as bin the most user freindly games ever … for entering in its art ..

      so yes i will make a collections of the Packs that are release . but will keep

      wishing and dream of a New Unreal and Tournament release …

      please in Honors on how all started :-)

      Long live UT

    • https://www.facebook.com/dr.flay Doc Flay

      Well there is lousy timing for you !
      “Ultimate Game Server will be closing its operation on June 24th 2013”
      Loads of Unreal servers are about to go offline :(

    • pingan379


    • Richy

      hello …

      good old times :)


    • elielke

      eu queria ser o epic reaper meu gametag (drakodestruidor)

    • Mikala Moffatt

      15th Anniversary, Na Pali, Prisoner 849, Skaarj, soundtrack, Unreal, Vortex Rikers

    • Fhaetal

      My PC Gaming Life would never have been without UNREAL/UNREAL TOURNAMENT!

    • GnrlSpecific

      UNREAL is just the best game. The soundtrack kicks ass, the game is huge. I remember playing this game for the first time, spending hours playing and all my waking hours when I wasn’t playing the game I was thinking about the game, like, what’s going to happen next? What will the next part of the game look like? etc. When I finally did finish the game it was with mixed emotions. A sense of achievement to have finished the game but sad because there was no more to the game besides playing it again…and again…and again.

    • Sioux Blue

      <3 tanx <3

    • Sioux Blue

      it was almost 15 years ago today, Unreal taught this grrl how ta play…

      shes been goin in and outta style, but shes guaranteed to frag for awhile,

      so lemme introduce to you, the game we loved for all these years UT UT UT!!!
      …so I got into Unreal a little less than a year after it debuted and just loved the SP, but when I discovered the multiplayer game, I never looked back…

      One of my fave moments in original Unreal was finally getting a handle on the Rocket Launcher and running down a long open area firing away at other players and watching them gib! Jumping off a bridge and raining rockets on unsuspecting players :p and then realizing half the damage had been caused by another player helping me from behind :)

      Single player was chok full o great maps, Nali Castle, Vandoras Temple, Bluff Eversmoking… there was something fun about swimming and fragging in Unreal too, cant quite put the flak on it, but it was always fun!
      Thank you EPIC and everyone involved in Unreal and UT!!! :)

    • SigF

      Wow!!! 15 years of the GREAT “U”!!!

      Just some words…

      Unreal was, and its stil is THE game, THE World, THE Universe of games.. It´s the miracle of playing a game, its pure joy.
      And that´s why Unreal it´s not just a game, is everythig in gaming. Thanks to Unreal we have the best of videogames. And I mean the engine, and, of course the revolution of online gaming.

      Just every game made with the U, I just pick it up.

      And Epic and staff, just don´t have a words to describe what I feel… Tim Sweeney, CliffyB (I, we miss you) are AWESOME! Such an inspiration

      I just love (the) U.

    • 123

      Viva oldschool FPS! Unreal Tournament rocks!! m/

    • duoqing