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Gears of War: Judgment DLC “Lost Relics”

The Gears of War: Judgment DLC “Lost Relics” is coming in June! The pack will include four new maps, a new single objective gametype, new armor and new weapon skins.

BREAKTHROUGH – Breakthrough is a single-objective gametype that features two teams with very distinct roles: one team has possession of a flag that they must deliver to a set location; the opposing team has a purely defensive role and unlimited resources.

The attacking team must break through the enemy team’s defensive line and deliver the flag before their pool of lives run out. 

An Old Favorite Returns:


New Maps:





WARD (OverRun)


Look for more details in the coming weeks!

* There will be different weapon swaps for the Execution gametype.

    • Jim Brown

      Lame. One new OverRun map? Since you guys FUBARD the game with Cog vs Cog, OverRun is the only good part that’s left.

      • Yahboo

        I still hate how it is Cog vs Cog… So stupid, really don’t see the point at all.

        • https://twitter.com/dibils dibils

          armor skins….

          • Revan

            Hurray we lose Locust so people can have micro transactions. These stupid people

      • Flavio

        You are freaking right, dude.
        I hope they fix that “Surprise!” achievement too.
        It’s so sad watching my favorite franchise going to bitchshit like this.

        Fucking thank you EPIC!

      • https://twitter.com/LilBabyEskimo Eskibro


      • https://www.facebook.com/bigpoppa.dars.7 Darcy Jankovic


    • https://www.facebook.com/psycophyte Richard Daniels

      wingman thats what i want to see :) not a recycled map what i already paid for in GOW 3 this is not cool bye 400 ms point :S

      • https://www.facebook.com/keith.eadie.7 Keith Eadie

        They have that on the Special Event at the moment. Brother til the End its called.

    • me

      this is a please come back map pack, i hope its free or no one is going to play it. You should make some new GOW3 maps since that’s what everyone plays

      • Flash

        Whatever this guys says, I agree with him 😉

      • https://www.facebook.com/MikeKenney326 Mike Kenney

        Quit your damn bitching and go sell the game. Noone cares about your opinion.

        • https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyLaudun John Laudun

          Hey DumbA$$ is not about bitching, its about making all of the gamers points known and heard so that the developers will hopefully listen and give us what the public wants.

        • https://twitter.com/Candi_Rotten ☠Candi Rotten☠

          If they didn’t care, there wouldn’t be a section to express your opinion… genius.

        • Mike’s Dumb

          Mike, if you really like snicker bars and you went to go buy one but when you ate it, it tasted like an stale piece of poop, would you be happy? I know you will get that analogy.

        • Cody

          I’m pretty sure everyone cares about his expression . And I sorely regret modding my gears 3 stats a week after judgment came out so I could still play gears 3 but that’s my fault for modding and getting banned no one cares about that ok that’s fine. But when he says something about new maps on gears 3 and the 5000+ people who play the game I’m sure they do wnt more maps but EPIC is disgraceful and doesn’t listen to people. Cliff needs to come back because at least he attempted to fix a game; example, gears of war 2 that game is amazing now

      • https://www.facebook.com/giss.desbois Giss Desbois

        i am sure it will be free if you have the season pass, cauz so far i get my dlcs free! :)

    • Grumbles

      It could have been War Machine, Canals, River, Escalation, Fuel Depot, Mansion, Tyro Station, Clock Tower, Gridlock, etc…and you choose Checkout as the throwback map? No wonder this game sold poorly.

      • https://twitter.com/Candi_Rotten ☠Candi Rotten☠

        Was thinking the same thing! Those are all great maps, yet they bring back Checkout? Lame.

      • https://www.facebook.com/AndrezBlack Andrés Suárez

        Yeeeah! You’re right! I was really excited with River :/

        • Liam Fisher


    • Tyler Cimba

      video game companies need to quit fucking up awesome game titles

    • Pablo

      Why Is there only 3 maps, and another one for overrun?
      How is it going to cost?
      Any new characters?

    • Diulee

      So still COG vs COG. Even after a few DLC yous till can’t fix the basics of what made Gears, Gears.

      • https://www.facebook.com/keith.eadie.7 Keith Eadie

        I totally agree. Why they chose to change away from what made them unique and successful is beyond me.

      • https://twitter.com/Gunja1513 Dr. Hosaj Urdga

        View my post at top. Info was released a few weeks ago.

      • xxLordDoomxx


      • The One with the Silverback

        I agree, couldn’t they at least change the red team into lime or green, making the opponents at least represent the UIR instead of making it so wrong.
        COG VS UIR would have at least make sense since it is several days after e-day, and that Paduk even states a sarcastic remark about it.
        But nooo, they have to make such a big insult to the locust making friendly fire much more approved, and then make a armor skin just to rub it in their faces. this game should have been delayed for a mayor work on multiplayer, just like Gears3.

      • iBe Kevo

        I know right i hate killing the character that im being -_-

      • faz™✗

        this is why I stopped playing gear. No locust no thank you

    • Micheal

      When will they ever add new characters, they haven’t said anything about that yet?

      • https://twitter.com/Gunja1513 Dr. Hosaj Urdga

        View my post at top.

    • https://twitter.com/dibils dibils

      yes checkout baby! best, most chaotic map on Gears 3 KOTH, hopefully it doesnt turn into a dullfest in DOM, but no stopping power and no active this map should play perfect

      • https://www.facebook.com/keith.eadie.7 Keith Eadie

        Checkout was one of my faves from GOW3 too. Wish they had jus left KOTH as was, DOM is poor.

    • https://www.facebook.com/keith.eadie.7 Keith Eadie

      As someone who has purchased and played all Gears games, and spent an absolute fortune in buying DLC’s. I think its hilarious how we are constantly asked to pay for maps we had in previous games. Its a joke. Gears of War judgements Overun is the only decent thing going for it. Bring more maps for tht and not the stupid Call of Duty game types you have introduced. If i wanted Call of Duty i would play it. Gears was great being different from other game types previously and it worked. I dont understand why the chose to change it.

      • https://www.facebook.com/chris.sherfey.5 Chris Sherfey

        You take away DBNO, which also takes away curb stomps. If we play a game of word association and i say “Curb Stomp” 98% of people will think of Gears and the others are probably racist bastards. You can switch guns crazy fast which takes away the planning aspect of an attack plan. “O i got sniped in the chest? im fucked now bc one bullet from any weapon kills you”
        dont even mention the melee system on this game or ill break my dresser with my fist again. They changed a formula that wasnt broken in the first place. If you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing NOBODY.


        • https://www.facebook.com/keith.eadie.7 Keith Eadie

          I totally agree. I believed in the franchise til the day i bought this game. Wish they wud ave jus gave us new maps or some other stuff for GOW3 instead of this COD based version of what should have been a great game.

        • seano

          you said it best brother

      • Revan

        Too right, this is why Judgment fails compared to every other gears of war, four steps back this time releasing something worse than any of the previous games. Go back to the Gears 3 MP system I say

    • https://twitter.com/EV0L0NE GEARS FREAK

      AWESOME!!!! Can’t wait for this!!!

    • dannyboi3459

      such a disappointing season pass

    • https://twitter.com/LilBabyEskimo Eskibro

      As much as I am excited for new content, looking at the overhead maps of the new maps I can’t wrap my head around how Lost City or Musuem will work for execution. Lost City is obviously made for the new gametype which is a welcome addition. But please add more characters and please follow through with the promise of another map returning for free. Hopefully around the same time. This game needs content.

    • estebanx

      They should bring back the KOTH PLAYLIST!!!! I MISSED the gametype…I DON’T LIKE DOMINATION!!!!!

      • https://www.facebook.com/keith.eadie.7 Keith Eadie

        Same. Domination is a COD gametype. KOTH was great in GOW3. Hate Execution yet that made its way back. Why not KOTH????

        • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1799223348 Matthew MajinGunz Attard

          You hate execution? Fuck is wrong with you lol.

          • Revan

            because execution has no place in Judgment, the game does not support DBNO because everyone dies too easy, the game mode is awful in this new game. I went back to Gears 3 because they made Judgment not work with DBNO. Hell you cannot even curb stomp in that game type, if you try to revive you WILL die as a butterfly landing on you will kill these new bitch ass cog

    • https://twitter.com/Candi_Rotten ☠Candi Rotten☠

      Epic really needs to start listening to the fan base and make some changes. No one is happy about Cog vs Cog. No one is happy with the lack of horde mode. Maybe you guys should just start making more maps for Gears 3, because I’m pretty done with Judgement and miss playing horde.

      • https://twitter.com/Gunja1513 Dr. Hosaj Urdga

        Read my post at the top. Info on those 3 things has been around a couple of weeks.

      • https://www.facebook.com/giss.desbois Giss Desbois

        I agree with you! no horde no chalenges no fun! and about the reaper i think he does n t show himselph that mutch is he on strike or what!^

        • BrutalOmen

          Desbois a reaper is always on…OMEN I AM gt…I’ve helped at lease a dozen of my buddies find a reaper message me I’ll try my best

      • Revan

        Judgment should of been a Campaign and Map pack DLC for Gears of War 3. They could of even added overrun as a new game mode. That would of made people happy. Instead we get this shit with the awful MP system.

      • Chris Leaver

        Well they did say that Horde wasn’t necessarily not going to come.

      • whoosh2

        i totally agree Candi, horde was the best GOW had to offer and now its ruined, Judgment has too many glitches and unless you have a super duper connection all the versus modes are useless and soul destroying.
        its all about the money and once again Epic bought forward the release date by at least 3 months and don’t care what their fans think because like saps we all went out and brought the game, now they announce the realise of their new console and that’s just a £429 lemon that you wont even be able to play existing games on.

    • Cee 43

      Bring back hoard! No more cog vs cog. Can’t you hear us?

    • https://www.facebook.com/GTOREDEYEJEDI Gto Red EyeJedi

      whoopee..(sarcasm here).To be honest I would rather play gears 3…I was such a huge fan until this colossal waste of money. Gears no longer have any identity…we kill each other…that’s just lame. Gnasher is joke, this isn’t Gears of war – It’s Gears of Dalo (that’s call of duty and halo in case you need it explained) returning my copy for credit at gamestop….not expecting much as they seem to have a surplus amount of judgement.

      • Cody

        You mean gears of duty: Halo edition?

    • https://twitter.com/_Saaaaaaaammm_ Saaaaaaaammm

      Trust me, I was so sad to see the locus go away. BUT, I kind of see the purpose of cog vs. cog due to the ending of Aftermath. This decision can actually make additional Gears games go in so many different directions with a storyline.

      • https://twitter.com/ASavageBeast89 SAVAGE ELiTE89

        Gears of War: Judgment is a Prequel!!!! There’s locust in the Campaign, there’s no such thing as COG vs COG, it was UIR vs COG before the locust came. Even if it was COG vs COG, there wouldn’t be two Coles, two Bairds from different Neighborhoods. This game is a rip off from Halo and Call of Duty, which makes no sense, Epic was the first company to have over a Million Pre-Orders to an Exclusive title which was Gears of War 3, why butcher it? R.I.P Gears of War November 7, 2006 – March 14,2013

    • https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyLaudun John Laudun

      The need to bring back guardian.

      • https://www.facebook.com/tim.d.alkire Tim D. Alkire

        i love guardian dude!

    • Reaper

      Fucking Gow Judgment let me down!

      No more Locust

      Everybody has grenades
      Melee kills are stupid
      Nobody likes this game
      It’s a combination of: Halo, Cod,
      Pointless game

      • https://www.facebook.com/alex.gurrola.16 Alex Gurrola

        True that plus everyone eats so many shots with the gnasher

        • Revan

          I call BS on that, learn to aim, the shots come from the crosshair not the gun, get close and actually hit them. This is the most effective Gnasher in any Gears of War.

          • Cody

            No it isn’t gears 3 gnasher is most affective. U can’t backpack people and the bullets come out of the fun like bullets should do, judgment gnasher is the worst

        • https://www.facebook.com/ray.spijk Ray Spijk

          In that case you just need to practise. There is a lot of stuff wrong with Judgment, but the Gnasher works just fine.

          • stecv

            but it is unrealistic

            • SneakyBrownGuy

              unrealistic? what is this battlefield? nothing in this game is realistic otherwise a few shots from the lancer should kill someone. are you high?

        • https://www.facebook.com/Patriotsfn Jeff Shoup

          Then get a better faster connection cause I kill very quickly with my gnasher! The only time some one was able to eat all shots out of a gnasher and another full round of full active and never get dropped or die (GoW2) that was horrible so this is (GoWJ) much better cause they actually die now!

          • Miz HYDRO 3LIT3

            that cause no one can active reload online anymore which is great.

        • Marcos Torres

          He’ll yeah that’s so fucken true pisses me off every time


        GOW3 let me down!

        Everybody active-reload-lancer all over the place
        There is a camping sawed off/retro kid camping behind every corner
        Full of sponge chars
        Lancer kids like this game and still playing it
        Pointless game

        • Cody

          Stop complaining about sponge characters and saw off noobs and retro noobs are easy to kill because they’re idiots. If somone active reloads than out play them, u must suck at gears 3 if u can’t do any of that. Go play judgment if u suck so much because that’s the only gears game that doesn’t need skill to play

        • Jose

          You must of sucked at GOW3. See GOW3 brings the skills in many ways.
          You must know when they active and how many bullets are active.
          Camping? wtf you need to be patient and know what moves you going to do b4 you lay them. (like playing chess) or use your fucking smoke, it stunts him you idiot. TIP
          AND retro and sawed off is easy to avoid… You aint good.

    • MRAMBO

      so no annex or KOTH well that sucks

    • Micheal

      Will they ever release new characters though? We want characters!!!

      • Chris Leaver

        I have heard yes and no. Yes because we ask for them but no because armor skins dont want to work for all characters.

    • Manny

      How about bringing locust back!!!!!!

    • ForgotMyName

      Judgment is a fucking abomination. Game became dead under the first week when it came out & there now making more maps? There is no skill factor in this game at all. Gears 1 will forevermore be the greatest gears game in the series. It’s just hysterical how new kids that just get into the gears saga, already becoming decent at the game because of course there is no skill factor smh!

      • Revan

        I actually played all the Gears games, Gears of War 1 was far from the best, infact it was the most inconsistent. Gears 2 after they fixed the launch problems was better and Gears of War 3 was by far the best. Judgment seems to be some lame attempt at 3rd person Halo 4

        • Cody

          No gears 1 is the best, u probably suck at it because the game requires skills

    • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.gonzalezbarrios.3 Dan Gonzalez Barrios

      bring back the locust enough cog vs cog bring some more playable characters hear us out

    • https://twitter.com/Reifer90 Joe Reif

      If anyone is doing their math, the maps that are part of the vip pass is up to 7. 3 from call to arms and 4 from lost relics. It was suppose to be only 6 when they announced the vip pass. Does that mean Checkout is a bonus?

    • https://www.facebook.com/AndrezBlack Andrés Suárez

      It will be free for VIP members?

    • Go Play Barbies, Idiots.

      People bitch too much. If they didn’t change it up you would bitch about how they’re selling the same game. Fucking morons.

      • https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyLaudun John Laudun

        hey dumbass like i said below if people dont bitch nothing will ever change, even if it stays the same, there is always room for improvement.

      • GFYS

        Or you can stop generalizing and learn the difference between mindless bitching and legit complaints. Most of which are so valid its sad that nobody at people can fly or epic said wait a minute what the fuck are we doing, or worse yet didn’t care/caved in to microsoft and their demands.

        On a side note hilarious how they keep making people pay for old maps along with blood drive, and even funnier calling check out an “old favorite” when 1) its as new as it can possibly be 2) can be played on a better version of gears(better/not best) 3) the map was spawn camp paradise.

    • https://www.facebook.com/rjtibbetts Richard James Tibbetts

      you know i just don’t get it clearly you have hundreds of people who are pissed at the fact that this gears is nothing like the others and yet every person bought the damn game for that reason gears was gears and this is more Cod then anything you can’t even revive people unless you play Execution and Locust was my Favorite and its just wack i don’t understand why you don’t listen to a single person here they all feel the same way. when i talk about this game to my friends they don’t even wanna play it and when gears 3 came out it was huge every person wanted to play it please just fix this why ruin something if it’s not broken you know what im saying plus Horde was so big and you killed it for some other crap no one plays watch how many people don’t buy your next game epic and i bought every gears game and all dlc you ever made to support such great games and now this… im done just wanted to express how i feel about the game

      • https://twitter.com/KiNgOfBoLToKs Aaron Roach

        Same here, i waited at midnight launches for the DLC for Gears just to get the new maps, i went to the midnight launch of gears 3. I was told the game sucked, the game was awful but i bought it anyways, just to say i played it and experienced it and i wish i didn’t :/ Gears was my favorite game, it was my pride and joy. something to get my mind off of things whenever i was pissed off or whatever. But now, i resort back to 3 because the game is not fun. I don’t enjoy playing it at all. Nothing about it is enjoyable in all honesty.

        • https://www.facebook.com/rjtibbetts Richard James Tibbetts

          it’s the truth Gears made a mark for itself for being A better Shooter in alot of ways and now we get this Half Ass Version of the game and if you look at how many people are playing judgement not as many as gears 3 im sure of it judgement had a few good ideas but don’t change a entire game to please fans from other Shooters like halo and Call of Duty they even got Master of Arms which was on Call of duty first and battlefield Gun game its just dumb plus the amout of maps is crazy gears was all about mp and its got what 7 maps if you got the Season pass gears 2 had like 12 or 13 from the start gears 3 had like 10 and just less and less you gotta pay more for less nowadays lmao

    • https://www.facebook.com/juanmanuel.romeroperalta Juan Manuel Romero Peralta

      I have an idea for a new Gametype. I’ts like Regicide.
      But when you become the King you transform into Locust, my idea was Reaper but maybe its better to become Karn.

    • https://www.facebook.com/AndrezBlack Andrés Suárez

      I was really excited to play judgment at River, Canals or Fuel Depot, and you brought us checkout? :/ i think the people want more “old school” maps from gears 1 and 2, no recently maps from gears 3.

    • ForgotMyName

      Gears Judgment is an abomination to one of the best series on Xbox. I love how this trash is already dead under the first week when it comes out & now they’re releasing new maps? Gears 1 will forevermore be the best gears game ever made. At least that game had an actual skill factor & it was actually enjoyable to watch on the circuit. Kids who are new to the series can simply pick up a controller & rape kids on judgment because well, there isn’t no type of skill factor.

    • https://www.facebook.com/alvir.soutoneto Alvir Souto Neto

      It will be good.

    • https://www.facebook.com/davafett David Stegers

      Wish I could be more excited about this since I purchased the VIP pass but alas… Already fear there will also be horrible achievements

    • Steve

      Has anyone at EPIC ever looked at a post for judgement? Top 20 comments are the same for all. Maybe they should take a hint?

    • dbushik

      This isn’t terrible, but it isn’t Horde and it isn’t campaign DLC that would make me feel like it was worth getting the season pass.

      I was somewhat disappointed with GoW3 season pass, with it being only one campaign DLC and chock full of retread maps, but 3 was actually a robust game with plenty of content (maybe not at launch so much, but you filled it out quickly and nicely for free).

      Judgement is just a huge disappointment. I feel like I’ve lost game modes, can’t play Locust, and most seriously, lost Horde. I don’t want to ignore Overrun, it’s kind of cool and the class based thing is novel, but it is no where near what Horde is. It just doesn’t even come close to what Horde provided. Beast mode was kind of gimped, so it does kind of fill that niche, but there is still the huge gaping hole of Horde being gone.

      At this point I don’t see myself pre-ordering any further Gears releases, as I have the last three. Unless there is a huge turn around in short order (like we get surprised with the addition of Horde in the “Lost Relics” DLC in June), the next Gears release isn’t going to be a purchase for me until the game comes down below $20, and you can pretty much forget about a season pass purchase or any non-campaign DLC that isn’t on-sale at half price.

      Sorry EPIC, but you’ve already got and banked my goodwill from what you previously did well and now we are moving into a different phase. I’d love to love GoWJ, but you’ve cut out so much there just isn’t enough to love. Neon weapon skins are a nice topping on a great game, but when they become a significant share of the substance of your game, you don’t have any substance.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.brosz Mark Brosz

      Folks if you haven’t figured it out yet, THEY ARE NOT LISTENING! They’re sitting on top of that stack of cash they got from pre-sales, the game has been finished, including the DLC that they are doling out drop by drop, and they don’t really care about your bitching. The only mode I play is overrun and I’m getting bored with it. You are all right, it’s not the same game, but write your complaints on a piece of paper and burn it, it’ll do as much good as posting them here.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles


        the only people they listen too are the cry babies on the forums..
        the ones who say stuff is over powered = nerf… the people who want public only achievments so they can show off their skillz to their friends, saeriously people actually do this ? only school kids who are too young to be playing the game…they also listen to the fans who swear abuse and muddy the waters because they get banned…

    • xbadace317x

      New Maps……..Better ConnectioN…..New Executions And CaLl It Gears 4 That Is All We Wanted. I Have Never Completed A Full Campaign……Its All About Online MP With Ur Buds. People Can Fly Ruined It And It Better Get Fixed. Look At # Of People Playing Gears 3 To Judgement. Gears 3 Was And Still Is The Only Game I Play!!!

    • Epic Reaper

      All you fucks bitching about Judgement. Please do go back to playing GoW3 and shut the fuck up. No one cares about your pathetic whining. Especially not Epic.

      • Realist

        You’ll find that they do care considering the numbers of people playing Judgment. Hence the reason they so comprehensively listened (…yet still comprehensively failed somehow) to the FatalStrike wish list. Never before have they asked for feedback and tried to actually work with it like they did recently…why?….utter desperation!



    • https://www.facebook.com/david.keeney.144 David Keeney


    • Cliffy B


    • https://www.facebook.com/MazeAFR Alejandro Fernández Ramírez

      ._____. Put CGO vs Locust! Come On! Gears of Wars don’t be the same without the Locust :C Gears of Wars Judgment now is Black of Halo Cops Judgment .___. And add the execution in the teamdeath match please! And add more characters .__. mmmh Minh in Judgment? Minh was in Gears like a 20 minutes .__. where is Anya? Where is Carmine?

    • Realist

      I’m not sure what Epic aren’t understanding exactly, but Museum is exactly the type of map we do not need in this game. They’ve seen the wishlist yet they keep bringing out Halo-Hybrid stuff like this…If only Epic had a few competitive Gears players in their team…or at least watching over their shoulder…they might actually understand why Judgment has been a monumental disaster.

    • Ben

      People need to stop complaining. They’re making constant adjustments, and tweaks. I’m sure they’re working hard at satisfying all of your complaints in some way, but Christ, not everyone hates they game.

    • https://twitter.com/Timmzy27 Matthew Timms

      We’re bringing back an old classic: Checkout……….. But what we are not telling you is we are also giving it the same treatment we did to Blood Drive and adding 50 new unnecessary pathways to everywhere.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles

        the map looks standard…

    • LARIANNE69

      I want my Horde mode!! Please :(

    • WaChI

      Yo Epic, there’s more players playing gow3 TDM then judgement TDM. Almost double, how do you feel?

    • mrsturbo

      so happy to see more maps!

      I know bringing back the Locust’s is not an option..but for the next update are you tweaking the red/blue colors so they are more distinguishable? I know there was talk on the forum about it, but wasn’t sure if this was going to be in the next update.

    • TheTitaniumSlug

      Bring back wingman!!!

    • https://twitter.com/Gunja1513 Dr. Hosaj Urdga

      I am going to post this one last time. Please read, because it will stop the complaints, mostly it will stop you from playing too.

      Horde: Not going to happen. Microsoft killed any hope, DLC would be to big for them to allow, not enough time/money to support it from Epic’s side.

      Carmine: Character would need rebuilt from ground up to support skins. Not going to happen.

      Locust: Same as above, plus hit box issues, scaling, and character skins won’t work. Not enough time/money to develop.

      Old Maps / Symmetrical: Unlikely (without major redesign) Epic’s Comment – Symmetrical maps do not work with FFA, their are major issues with spawns, spawn trapping and weapon placement for that mode. Future DLC are going to be more like Haven and less like Gondola. Symmetrical-ish.

      All of this has been on the Thursday streams, and the forums for a month. Please check those sources.

      • !Angry Fan!

        This seems like bullcrap to me. I don’t see how they cant port things from gears 3 to judgment. The code is already there! We dont give a fuck about the goofy skins not working and why is Horde so hard to port. It seems like Epic is just being lazy and or cheap. Maybe to many good people quit and they dont have the proper team to figure this shit out and get it working.

        • https://twitter.com/Gunja1513 Dr. Hosaj Urdga

          Really the Horde thing started at Microsoft with a no. So they looked at things and their other options all wouldn’t pan out.

          • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles

            who ever you are dude you wasting your breath so stfu…

            instead of posting all this crap just provide the link to the info…other wise you sound like a douchebag know it all.

            have a nice day…

            • https://twitter.com/Gunja1513 Dr. Hosaj Urdga

              Be a real fan, pay attention to the forums, and watch the live streams on thursdays. All of this has been told to us multiple times multiple ways. Sorry I listen to details.

            • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles

              i have better things to do than follow all that shit and have to wade through crying little bitches moaning whinging and asking stupid questions.. or even watch some idiot talking 90% rubbish just get one or two minutes of actual news..

    • iParadigm Shift

      Well looking at the comments no wonder Epic can’t win when the community doesn’t know what it wants. They made so many positive changes for this game (active reload, stopping power, frag tags gone) yet everyone focuses on the negative. How much of a difference will COG vs Locust make? It’s an aesthetic thing it doesn’t change how the game plays. Checkout was probably the best GOW3 map I’m glad it’s back and standard multiplayer does not have enough maps so these extra three will be a welcome addition. If they bring out pure Overrun maps you guys will complain there’s not enough standard maps, they bring out 3 standard 1 Overrun you complain there is not enough Overrun maps. Epic just can’t win because the community is built on hate and negativity.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1799223348 Matthew MajinGunz Attard

        That’s a complete load of BS and you know it. First of all, the gnasher is such a joke. It’s like you shoot marshmellows out of the fucking thing. For example, I kicked someone and they were stunned. Explain to me how 3 shots later while he is not even fucking moving he is still alive and actually managed to run away? Secondly, the booshka is one of the cheapest things I have ever seen in my life. You take out the fucking boomshot in execution, but not the booshka? Because that makes PERFECT SENSE. Thirdly, they may have taken out planted frags, but what difference does it make if you SPAWN WITH FRAGS THAT YOU CAN THROW AND STICK ON PEOPLE?

        • iParadigm Shift

          Haha way to disprove my point bro. I agree spawning with frags is annoying and boomshot should have stayed in EXE because it’s the weapon you fight over to get the advantage in the round. Other than that I don’t know maybe your connection isn’t great? Gnasher works fine for me…

          • Cody

            No it’s not gnasher, it’s how the thing shoots. Not out of gun anymore it’s a fuckin gears 1 gnasher, and most of the characters sponge (Alex Brand, Onyx guard, Minh. Etc.) they got rid of locust because 2 characters sponged ( Myrrah and Savage sponge bird “kantus”) and they ended up making it worse I mean shit they still haven’t fixed the mantle kick

        • https://www.facebook.com/ken.kauluwehi Ken Kauluwehi

          Gnasher works fine for me too… its just you. Epic has had many great changes to the game. Unfortunately they took out what made gears, gears…. not the Locust but rather DBNO. The second problem I feel they made, was dumbing down the game to make the noobs and casuals happy. Taking away power weapons that were in every other game type gears had ie the boomshot from exe… What was wrong with leaving it in for GOWJ? It worked fine in Gears 1,2,3… but no… the players are too dumb not to know that shouldn’t rush the guy with boomer in GOWJ all of a sudden. People complain about the this gun being OP that gun being nerfed… I suggest you learn how to play… and stop blaming other for your low K/D. IF they left DBNO I feel it would still feel like gears… right now… I feel Epic has lost the essence of gears, and are trying to cater to a different audience to increase sales. Not thinking that they would lose so many of the old community. Im still playing GOW3… I should try GOWJ now with the updates but I think ill wait till the UT in June.

          • iParadigm Shift

            DBNO wouldn’t work in FFA but it could still be in TDM/DOM, I don’t think it’s that big a deal personally as long as EXE is still in though. Agree the boomshot should be in EXE it’s the weapon you build all your strats around, secure that you’re likely to win the round! Also agree people complain about game imbalance when they die instead of looking at how they could have played it differently/better. All the changes they have made so far (minus the temporary rifle buff) have been good, it’s a solid game but nobody plays it citing some real trivial issues as if GOW1 didn’t have host advantage, GOW2 wasn’t just terrible and GOW3 didn’t have ridiculous stopping power.

          • Chris Leaver

            Yeah im tired of the “Server side updates” we need a system update to fix these issues. Thank god the prizeboxes were fixed and DBNO should be back I mean that made gears along with the unique characters and story.

        • Chris Leaver

          the gnasher is fine. I agree about the frag issue though.

      • Starky Doe

        I agree with you, bro. Personally I love the game and they’re still improving it. Most of the people on here are just butthurt and can’t adapt to the changes. If you’re a boss in GoW3 you can be just as good in GoWJ

        • iParadigm Shift

          Someone agrees with me? Why does that make me feel so uneasy? Haha definitely! Once people stop blaming the game for them dying and look to their own game they will improve! People don’t have the patience for it I guess and then look for excuses. It’s a shame because here in the UK there are about 30 people in TDM and another 30 in EXE at peak times… I like the game but there aren’t enough people playing right now.

          • InSpiredWON

            That says it all…”not enough people”. This garbage has only been out 2 and a half months…joke.

        • Cody

          Yeah but that’s what is so bad about this game. Every gears required skill but this game. Requires none just shoot and melee is all everyone does

      • whoosh2

        think you’re talking out of your arse mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mike castro

      If you are goin to bring back some old maps….bring back all the favorites. Are you guys too blind to see what fans want. This is not to satisfy your needs its supposed to be for the people who buy the game. You guys continue to mock other games. If I want to rifle or play similar game modes, I’ll go play COD. There’s more options. You guys ruined and continue to ruin this game. I still don’t know why the locust and DBNO aren’t in multiplayer either. You devs need to pull your head out or EPIC and its games will be a thing of the past.

    • ImDaddy

      Like this if anyone know what a reaction shot is on gears & knows how to do it. 😉

    • Doctor Gloop

      Personally I say keep experimenting with game types in this game and find out what works and what doesn’t so the next gears will be better….for example, a bomb game type. I think one more DLC would make the season pass I purchased not feel overprice. Just get Maxim to pay for it for everyone else.

      We may as well make the most out of judgment instead of bitching, which serves no purpose at this point because there are many things they can’t simply fix in a patch, like COG vs. COG.

    • Josh

      They should have brought back KOTH… domination is wack


      All I have to say is Horde 3.0. There is some much unused potential in this game it is ridiculous. This game has all the ingredients for a burger from Five Guys, but only delivers a McDouble from McDonald’s. With the mechanics introduced in over-run like classes and movable turrets Epic could have made a freakin’ awesome horde 3.0, or just added some stuff to Horde 2.0. All we got was overrun with bots though. Thanks EPIC games….. Please listen to your fans for the next DLC, we know best what will sell (since we are the buyers -_-).

    • James Reed

      In my opinion the only good Gears multiplayer I have ever played was the first game…

      The second game has the best story and the first had the best multiplayer

    • sa


    • XxNightwolf77

      Still no new characters, still no fixes to the melee’s/weapons, still cog vs cog, still no DBNO……….Epic what are you up to guys why do you just making a bigger hole for youselves only thing decent is the new gametype its probably going to suck due to the problems i just stated and finally added 3 multiplayer maps instead of one or two but even then should have added 4 multiplayer and two overrun

    • Angry Bassist

      All of you people complaining on here make me laugh…..if you hate judgement so badly why are you even on here? you guys just want more of the same “Safe” BS. ive been a fan of gears since gears 1 in 2006 and i absolutely love judgement yea there’s a learning curve but its been that way since the 1st entry in the series …..no gears game has been the same as the last and if your complaining becuz you cant handle the learning curve blame yourself for not having the ability to do so…….i never heard this many people bitch about halo when they stole the horde idea…and i hate halo but their fans aren’t acting like sad puppys. Epic/PCF are trying their best to please you but in all serious you uys all know that no matter what you will still take time out of your day to get back to the forums and bitch about something. think im wrong? go look at the gears 3 forums and let me know if u see any post stating that the game is perfect.

      • XxNightwolf77xX

        no gears 3 isnt perfect but its wayyyy better than judgment and most people are complaining because this game was original it was the game people can play if you dont like Cod or halo and all of its originallity was thrown out the window trying to attract other fan bases of different games and thats what are making them loose their original fanbase. obviously we are still on here cuz majority of us are gear fans and we are willing to see what they will change. you say about learning curve so we are supposed to learn to get close to an enemy and hit them? learn to figure out how to dodge a snub bullet from a mile away after getting hit in the leg with a snipe? I dont think thats how gears was meant to play. and no Epic and Pcf arent trying thier best because if they did they would have listened to all the negative input before the game even came out i mean cmon how many people do you see play judgment now? people are now going back to the 1,2, or 3 maybe even dropping it all together. they need to listen.

      • whoosh1

        so you’re not going to bitch if a game franchise you have played from the start ends up being a total disappointment, its not the gameplay its the total restructuring of the gears world that all the fans love, yes the game is repetitive and its got to be one of the easiest games to kill on but the game has been rushed to get it on the shelves and Epic just think about all the money they are making knowing that true Gears fans had to buy this game because we all thought it would be brilliant, I have never played a game with so many glitches in it.

    • Funnel

      The new gametype sounds rather interesting. But this game is almost unplayable to me.

    • Proxy is Pro

      execution is what made gears gears cmon now lets be real im a gears veteran played them all and I just think bring locust back make characters and more maps game is fine its just something to get use to just like target finder and mms scope in cod.


      I am sorry I bought the Season pass this time. These maps should be free since we can play them on gears 3. Versus is just boring now. In the past i could not wait to get home, eat then sit down with my buddies and play gears. Now they do not want to play judgement because they think it sucks. Going to watch a hockey game tonight and start following baseball. Good bye Gears.

    • Mau

      Gears of War Judgment is like a “Ninja Gaiden 3” for the franchise. They got the best things and threw away. Sad with it.

    • https://www.facebook.com/calin.popa.969 Calin Popa

      Well it’s something new…But if Epic would wanna raise their playercount they can just copypaste Horde mode and the other old stuff from gears 3. Then they could put overrun maps in horde and maybe put the new judgement weapons and grenades in horde mode too it would be pretty cool being like 8 player coop beating the hell out of all the new monsters(and old ones from gears 3 (even lambent) That would make an awesome dlc and more people would play the game even the new noobies from Call of duty would stop playng it and go on gears judgement!

    • Boltoks

      I’m upset they didn’t bring the boltok, a weapon that was from the beginning of gears.
      the melee is ridiculous. the OP flamethrower? why are you putting that on Checkout, are you kidding me? you wanna give us a brand new gamemode, instead i’d rather have wingman put back. It’s fine. i’ll keep to my gears 3 instead. Already do anyways.

    • https://twitter.com/NephilV Neph

      Well, forget all of the whining children commenting on here, I’m excited. I’ve loved Checkout since the Gears 3 Beta, and the other maps look fun to me. Wouldn’t mind a character or two, but if that’s not possible, it’s all good.

      This new single-objective game also intrigues me. Also, I love Master-At-Arms, because I’m one of the few players who uses weapons other than the gnasher, so I rock at it. Sorry, gnasher kids!

      • Angry Bassist

        Thank you lol

    • https://www.facebook.com/bigpoppa.dars.7 Darcy Jankovic

      Over run is the best thing about this game. The Campaign is ok, but the M.P. is garbage… you took everything that made Gears original and threw it out…WTF?

    • https://twitter.com/ALeSpartacus Spartacus

      Judgment me decepciono bastante, llevo 1 semana sin jugarlo, cuando el gears 3 lo jugaba todos los dias, los chachazos, sin locus, arruinaron lo que podía haber sido un gran juego.

    • bryan

      cuanto costara para aquellos que no tengan el pase vip?

    • https://www.facebook.com/jack.carballo Jack Carballo

      You bastards. You choose the worst, smallest and most clustered map back instead of a true fan favorite like river or fuel depot, which could’ve brought us back to the old days and forget the shit that you guys have turned Gears of war into. I don’t understand why you don’t LOOK at these comments and listen to us, we’re the ones that pay you for the game, so I think if anything the COMMUNITY’S opinion matters more. I have two points: Bring back locust in multiplayer. I’ve played this game since it was released, being able to switch back and forth from the locust gave it more interest and surprise. but no, you guys wanted your flamboiyant little “armor skins” which not alot of them are even good. Alternative: Customizable ARMORS for COG AND Locust, this adds personality to the character and they can still choose their gun skin. Sure it may be like Halo, but you guys already tried appealing to CoD fans by making the game easy for noobs to pick up, which FAILED. Check your numbers epic, 1000-2000 people on Judgment TDM, and 4000-5000 on Gears 3 TDM.
      Second point, four maps at realease? You honestly expect us to stick around after that slap in the face to true Gears of war fans. Sure you keep adding maps, too bad there’s no more than 300 people who play the DLC playlist, and honestly nobody likes playing with bots, they’re either illogically evasive or overpowered or boring and easy to kill. What i feel strongest about is LOCUST IN MULTIPLAYER. I don’t care if they can’t wear the armor skins, I don’t care at all, just please for the sake of god bring them back, I CAN ONLY HANDLE MINH YOUNG FOR SO LONG. If anybody from Epic or is an ACTUAL long-time fan of Gears reads this and disagrees or has an opinion that isn’t just telling me to ‘stfu’ and can offer valuable input, I would love to hear it.
      A personal message to Epic: It is better to try and work with the game you know, and also try new things, but not to appeal to a whole new audience because you lose your old fans who don’t like the new. New players aren’t going to pick up your game because it’s too different from what they know, so in my opinion that approach failed completely. I’m not trying to dog on Epic, they’ve made amazing games, I just wish that you would’ve stayed true to what you know even if it means keeping some things the same. Look at your numbers, listen to your fans,


      • Dangerous Joe

        Man, you’re right.
        But they can’t bring the Locust back, it is a coding issue.
        The game was built based in COG vs COG, now is too late, and they can’t change it.

        But they can bring back the executions to TDM, this is something that they can fix, but the just doesn’t want to.
        You think just like me, i think it’s because we’re veterans.

        I think we’ll have to stick to Gears 3, until the next generation.
        I have a theory about Judgment, i think it represents the last breath of the Xbox 360. Epic was probably working on the Next Generation of Gears, while People Can Fly handled the campaign of Judgment.

        If they listen to us, like they did during the production of Gears 3, the Next Generation of Gears if going to be a good game, just Like Gears 3.

        • Revan

          DBNO DOES NOT WORK IN JUDGMENT! that is the worst damn part! they designed the game to be a 3rd person Halo 4 where everyone dies ridiculously easy. DBNO has no place as you would ALWAYS die trying to revive or execute. Not to mentioned they removed Curb stomps and gun executions.

          • Dangerous Joe

            But that’s easy to fix.
            The point is that Epic doesn’t want it to be fixed.

            I can see they using the terms “Returning to its origins” to promote the next Gears of War.

            • Liam Fisher

              It’s not like judgement is a complete failure it’s the inconsistency of the developers including horde and humans vs. locust multiplayer that is the big problem. At least they’ve done everything they could to make the game to our likeing. They gave us something different though and i’m not saying it’s better but now we have 2 choices judgement along with it’s gameplay or gears 3 with it’s different gameplay. One is faster pace whether you deny or not it’s true and one is slower pace. I like the fast pace action and how you can spawn back getting quick kills as well as gears 3’s slower strategic play a medium would be great along with the chemistry of the maps and a game with overrun and Horde alongside the good old days with the Locust on Human multiplayer.

            • B-Laddy

              Exactly i loved Horde i dont really like playing online because of lag and people who use shotguns from ridicules range so i played horde and i loved it.

          • SiiK

            actally execution is a game mode… so DBNO is included and so are curbstomps and executions… play other game modes instead of just free for all

            • YoureWrong

              You’re a retard only bots can curb stomp… Hop off this shitty game. Best gears was 1 they’ve gotten worse ever since.

            • Cody

              Agreed 1000+ people still play gears and I’m one of those people

        • Andrew

          Locust are on the disc. If you watch the early gameplay footage it has Marcus fighting a Kantus and other Locusts. Coding issues is BS.

          • Dangerous Joe

            They’re on the disc, but they can put Locust to fight Cog.
            Not even the modders are able to do it.
            Research a little more.

            It’s pretty obvious that Locust are in the disc, since they’re in Overrun ans Survival.
            What you saw was footage from Survival mode.

        • Liam Fisher

          Thats probably what they’re looking for too our feedback. I feel that judgement was just a beta in which they wanted to know what failed and what was successful. The next gears will be the best because people can fly decided to go all out this time. I hope i’m right and i trust epic. Have since blockbuster when i rented a copy when i was like 10. Will stick with gears forever. But first we need a fat-ass mop and some crazy glue so gears 4 can be THE NEXT GEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • B-Laddy

            There cant be a Gears 4 Marcus killed the queen and Adam destroyed the Locust due to the imulsion inside locust. That’s why they had to invade above ground they were being infected by the other imulsion infected locust.

        • Wabb

          How do you suppose that they will make another gears? In no way could they make gears taking place after 3. Some may say it’s the pendulum wars, but i doubt it because gears is a game about stopping the locust, not other humans! is it even confirmed that epic will make another gears?

        • Samh694

          I have played every gears game, and you know what, i ran into a tryhard who cussed me in judgment. most likely a cod player. this never happened in any other gears to me. epic made a good game, dont get me wrong, but they need to bring back the core mechanics of the game veterans are used too are gone. they went mainstream and look what it brought them to. this bullshit of a game.

      • Liam Fisher

        YEEESSSSSS RIVER my favourite since gears 2 launch baby!
        Too bad!

      • B-Laddy

        Exactly man. Epic needs to bring that back. Even add the ability to customize your COG armor, to make your COG character you. That is what i like not this little change the armor design its dumb. The whole COG v. COG thing is dumb to the whole GEARS OF WAR SERIES IS ABOUT THE LOCUST INVASION NOT A CIVIL WAR. I mean I get the whole its right at the beginning of the war but still the whole point of the game is to deal with KARN NOT OTHER COG. You guys have destroyed this game. Gears of War was the reason I was staying with Xbox and you blew this one i would much rather have Gears 1. I do not like the onyx guard they are just pointless bring back the original Gears. I loved the Gears of war games but this one was just bad like you said look at the numbers. I bet almost every loyal Gears fan was at least a little disappointed in this game. Somethings were a plus but others just made the game only playable for a short time before I want to beat the crap out of my controller like CoD does and if I wanted to do that i would play CoD.

      • https://www.facebook.com/Patriotsfn Jeff Shoup

        Not true I love to play against bots esp. in Judgment cause they play better than they ever did in GoW2!

      • Marcos Torres

        They should have brought back avalanche or ruins

      • Wabb

        Well said. That’s everything I’m angry about in this game

      • gears crazy

        i agree with you 100% but you cant blame epic games for all of it its just there servers and graphics, people can fly came up with the story line and how the versus is played so if ur going to blame some one blame people can fly INC

    • https://twitter.com/ElCoyotazo Victor Conti

      increase the gnasher rounds, 8 arent enough

    • Redbrick Jaguar

      For all of you people telling us gear veterans to stop complaining, you stop it. Gears of war is suppose to be a unique game to gaming in general. Now i dont hate the game. I hate the changes that were made. The game plays well and all the maps are decent. I dont ever play tdm and domination. Dbno and executions made gears such a great and different game. The point is gears gave us a new game everytime a new game was released. Unlike call of duty. But this game was too much of a different game. Thats my opinion. Not terrible but couldve been better by simply keeping gears what it was

      • https://twitter.com/KiNgOfBoLToKs Aaron Roach

        I agree with you 110%

        Gears was gears, it was completely different, it had it’s own style, own people. It was unique. It was difficult. I thought i hated gears 3, hell no. this game is such a disappointment.

      • Revan

        This game would of been fine if it was released before Gears of War 1, as Gears 1 would of shown VAST improvements from Judgment to 1. Which would of logically been followed by 2 and 3. Judgment is an awful game that is clearly 4 steps back by comparison. The only people who do not agree were those who could not keep up in the first three games where skill clearly divided the players.

        • Quinton

          Yeah those who couldnt keep up… seriously…. the only weapons i ever got killed with were power weapons and shotguns…. where is the skill in that…. those are noob tactics… atleast in this game i do get killed with literally every weapon in the game…. so thats better… DBNO is for people who rely on others to incapasitat others…. almost everyone i dropped in gears 1-3 was finished by someone else…. wheres the skill in that…. please do explain!

    • https://www.facebook.com/alex.gurrola.16 Alex Gurrola

      This game took away so much. Im a gears fan loved all 3 and now its ruined cuz of judgment. Stop trying to make it better because it wont it’s just more Halo and COD combined

    • Tom04590

      It was not epics fault.People can fly had made many changes.I know a lot of people are very disappointed but gowj sill pretty fun!Do not complain to epic,they probably wanted to keep it the same.I am upset as well.Everybody I know you may be mad but we should hate this game it is like saying you hate dogs.So everybody still play gowj

      • Tom04590

        Sorry I meant to say not to hate this game I was typing on my I pod srry

      • Dangerous Joe

        People Can Fly worked only in the Campaign you ******.
        The changes in the multiplayer were all made by Bleszinski before he decide to leave Epic.
        Don’t talk about stuff you don’t know.

    • Tom04590

      Sorry I meant to say still like gowj I was typing on my iPod I am very sorry.still play gowj!!its very fun

    • Tom04590

      I am a terrible typer

    • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.barke.3 Andrew Barke

      CHECKOUT!!! lets hope they dont rape the map like they did to Blood Drive.

    • FUQUAD

      Domination is so annoying. KOTH please.

    • Mikitower

      this is the last DLC free for VIP pass right?

    • https://www.facebook.com/ur137.Carmine Uriel Rodriguez Almaraz

      quermos locust

    • angeldeschain

      So happy, that everybody hates this game. This is my 3rd consecutive week without turning on my 360. Pc very vey welcome, Please thanks GOWJ

    • JensenLion


    • D_B

      please, add more caracter ¬¬

      estamos fastidiados de los mismos personajes ¬¬

    • damon

      ok listen epic games we the people want locust OK IS THAT TO HARD TO ASK

    • Dom

      And, when they return to the Locust multiplayer?

    • https://www.facebook.com/max.alexander.184 Max Alexander

      After reading quite a few comments here, I agree with a lot of players. We want
      Gears to be gears again. You owe it to us..your supporters, your fans.
      While coming out with re hash maps is fun for some, not all of us agree.
      I do like the new maps that are free dlc, but so far this whole game still feels just completely rushed In order to make a buck.
      Seriously, Epic… When ARE you going to start listening?
      Daily you are losing a fan base. Is your attitude due to Cliff leaving and you all
      are trying to flee the sinking ship, but not before stealing a few bits of cheese?

      As I see it, you owe us. WE, not you made GEARS. Without us, your title would be nothing. So, how about taking care of US for a change! Stop biting the hand that feeds you.

      • https://twitter.com/dibils dibils

        “WE, not you made GEARS”… thats the dumbest thing i ever read, no they LITERALLY made Gears

      • Dangerous Joe

        Cliff made the decisions to change the game ridiculously.

    • Vlcl0uS Vlp3R

      Ive been a fan of the Gears Series ever since i played Gears 1 , it was the only reason i bought an Xbox system and have been playing ever since! In all actually all 4 games have had their pros and cons In my opinion! dispite the fact that not everyone will agree! Best maps were in Gears 1, best Campaign & Horde mode was in Gears 2, although the added bonus in Gears 3 with the fortification setup was nice it still lacked that fun factor for playin horde. best multiplayer was Gears 3 and the only positive thing i found in judgement was the overrun mode, They messed that multiplayer up with that Cog vs Cog B.S. , It gets very confusing especially when some in the oppossing team are wearing slightly the same armor and pretty much the same color!, So i totally shelved my judgement game and playing Gears 3 again! and from time to time go old school horde on Gears 2!

    • George Gonzalez

      Gears of war judgement is officially garbage all people do now is camp lancer and hammer burst. So stupid how gears turned into call of duty. I play Tdm and that’s what everybody does by the way this is coming from a top 20 person on the leader-boards. Hope epic games changes all this shit because no one likes this trash game.

    • beard of zeus

      Jeez bunch of cry babies. They said no locusts at all so get over it. Don’t like the game and the dlc don’t play or buy it. That simple.

    • ScottUK

      No Horde. Fuck you Epic/PCF.

    • Revan

      If you want there to be more than 2000 people on this damn game, go back and improve on Gears 3 not make a game worse than Gears one. The durability of the characters in MP is pathetic and we want Cog Vs Locust not Baird vs Baird.

      • https://twitter.com/dibils dibils

        Gears judgment right now is better then Gears 3 in terms of gameplay. it just needs more maps and KOTH. Gears 3 was my fav game but the stopping power and active damage really ruin that game now that judgment doesnt have those

    • https://www.facebook.com/brian.nave.12 Brian Nave

      Jesus christ u all complain cuz ur just bad…im not experiencing any of the bullshit u all talk…they made the change the game flows smooth so maybe u either need a better connection or ur just upset that ur still as bad as u were before so u quit…

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles

        your avatar picture makes your comment invalid..

    • o I D a N I

      these maps look bloody huge man, where’s the old cqc gears maps? I wish I didn’t buy this shit season pass. Awful game.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ray.spijk Ray Spijk

      Good that chekout is in there. But it’s already in Gears 3. Which is actually a good game…

    • Tia

      Screw the :”new” game mode. It’s capture the flag. You want to make me happy? Bring back Horde. I don’t even play this crap anymore. I’ve “re-upped” 4 times. gotten most of the Onyx medals, beat the campaign like 4 times. I’m bored and the game has been out only 2 months. I played Gears 3 daily since the it’s release. You screwed up, Epic.

    • https://www.facebook.com/loveforeverfromme John Alexander

      bring back guardian fuck this bs

    • Vdal

      I would have kept the less frenetic pace of Gears 3 while adding the two- to my personal tastes- grand improvements of Judgment to the Gears formula: the vertical mobility and the weapon balance, including active reloading changes (Active reload damage was a BS stuff and I´m happy with its
      absence; no more losing a duel to a hands down clumsier opponent by simply not complying with an annoying procedure).. That would have made my all time fave Gears game.

      So it would have been LOCUST vs. CGO, -not the nearly indistinguishable, nonsensical and reminiscent of OTHER franchises Blue vs Red- all grenades are pickup weapons except smoke, which comes as default, -and can be planted; there are no sticky grenades (if you wanted a grenade that rewards one hit-kill “marksmanship” you were just fine with incendiary) same control scheme as older Gears (Judgment`s is fine and it really misses only the curb stomp move, but I simply couldn`t see anything wrong with the former one, its only downside was the inconsistency of that part of the 360 pad)

      Pistols for everyone – can´t stand the stupid way they are removed from the team games-
      and fucking DBNO rules for all modes except for the FFA ones, where they actually make little sense.

      Now we would have the complete roster of Gears characters unlockable by your distinct achievements in the game, each honing that particular chars`personality – not by your pecuniary contributions to the Epic Widows Fund (for example, a Bernie Mataki character with a golden/onyx Headshot medal, or an Anthony Carmine with a silver First Blood one)- and keep the more ridiculous or flamboyant skins for armor and weapons for the people willing to pay for making themselves a funnier target; ship a really decent number of maps… and paff, there you are; (my) Gears paradise.

      Dreaming is free, so to speak.:-C

    • Cycling_Dead

      Why no Horde Mode or have OverRun with up to 8 friends… I am so
      overrun… and why can’t all maps be played in Private? Not all of us
      that buy this franchise play MP online or for MP achievies only. 😛

    • Dangerous Joe

      To all you guys who defend Bleszinski, and blame People Can Fly for what happened to the Multiplayer, please, just SHUT UP.

      First, People Can Fly worked only in the campaign of the game, which is great, btw, while Epic in the other hand, was working on the Multiplayer.

      All the changes that you guys hate so much like the removal of DBNO, Locusts, etc They were all Bleszinski’s ideas in the first place, just in case you guys didn’t knew that.

      Ideas that he implemented some time before he has decided to leave Epic.

    • Elektrosmog

      Judgment has only been a fun game, i bought it because i like the style of the over-run mode, but i never played trough the story, okay and horde mode is missing… Gears 2 was the best, with it’s dark atmosphere…

    • Elektrosmog

      but god of war failed as well xD…

    • Mad F3rr3t

      Why Isn’t this part of the VIP pass? Thought that was the reason for buying a season pass.

    • https://www.facebook.com/andresacostarippe Andrés Acosta Rippe

      No locust? No new characters un dlc?? Gow has been buried with this awful choices, what a shame

    • youcantfly

      I stopped playing this game because of COG vs COG. And even with only COG available, there is no Carmine. Why? He’s in Aftermath.

    • Alive Arcangel

      muy buenos excelentes mapas esperemos que sigan mejorando gracias

    • Starky Doe

      Excited for this DLC!

    • https://www.facebook.com/max.vallon.3 Max Vallon

      Epic release this game on demand as soon possible because i really want to get it I would get it in stores but my mom dad won’t let cause its rated M thanks

    • https://www.facebook.com/alex.carrillo.3760 Alex Carrillo


    • https://www.facebook.com/Incubastic Felix Stalleone

      that was i like my jtag xbox 360 and my modding skillz. ! Activated all disabled Chars and so on..why cant that epic do ?…Some Modders or Mappers are the better Devs as Epic.. Sry.

    • Ambush

      GoW3 was the best for comp even though public was bad because of how powerfull the retro/sawnoff is but knowing epic they will f##k up checkout like they did to blooddrive

    • wilson

      remove fuckin melee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just this

    • wilson

      busco personas que se unan a mi clan mi gamertag es FBIxgears32x si no saven aser el pegarse a la pared yo le ensÑo

    • Jacob King

      Why don’t they add new characters? #BringBackCarmine

    • gears minh

      and always not of Locust snif I’m fed up of that
      maybe one day ^^

    • https://www.facebook.com/myers1971 Robert Myers

      I believe they need to go back to the original ways of Cogs VS. Locusts

    • Evzzz

      No more characters?

    • https://www.facebook.com/michel.cure Michel Cure

      Is there any change that horde is comming back ??

    • SNOWCONE204

      Gears 3 is what I miss, judgment is a fail, but I still don’t understand why everyone’s complaining about paying for a season pass like come on it was like $20 y’all poor or something?

    • https://www.facebook.com/feelless.feelless Jose Luis Feelless

      Oh C’Mon! This Game is just EPIC! All of you just wanted a “Geras Of War 4” WRONG! Judgment is a masterpiece! Just take it like it is: Another face of gears of war, with many diferences, gameplay and a lot of new stuff, this way we’ll never say “it’s only the same thing than it’s predecesors….”

    • ElycCoOpTeR

      esperemos que aya sorpresas o algo diferente para los que tenemos el pase de temporada o EL PASSE VIP con este nuevo DLC de lujo lo esperamos con ancias y como comentario saquen nuevos locust en invacion o supervivencia eso estaria de super lujo.

    • tusaka

      all these ppl that hate gowj why r u commenting on a new dlc topic get off gowj stuff and go play ur old gears 3 i like gowj better then gears 3 in gears 3 u got fags that hide behind cover with actives or camp with lancer stopping power judgement is way way way more fun then gears 3 and its funny the age group of ppl crying over a game has to be atleast 17 and older thats sad grow up

    • tusaka

      i bet everyoone thats complaining about the game are one of those active hard aimers that hide behind cover or camp power weaps and spawn trap ppl cant do that in judgement so they cant get kills so they hate on the game o_O_O_O_O_ talk about stupid only things i hate about gowj are the melee and the nades and no horde surival sucks ass

    • deadpool

      I want more characters that is missing, more multiplayer characters for many people play and you get bored with the same CARMINES WANT TO! back in multiplayer Please ask more characters they are!!

    • ranma

      y los personajes que

    • tusaka

      im glad they took the locust off, the game is call gears of war i wanna play with a cog not a ugly ass locust u would go like the whole day being locust on gears 3 i have a fav cog character not a fav locust gears 3 have alot of problems they actually have chars that sponge shots the spawn trapping and switching is annoying the camping is ridiculous and lets not get started on the active hard aiming just seems to me ppl r scared to rush and fight without extra help

    • https://twitter.com/LuiigiRhenalz DarkBeam HaZard

      want more characters

    • staticwilton

      There should be a classic team deathmatch mode

    • xxLordDoomxx

      nobody cares about skins, put more characters on the DLC’s!!!!!!!1

    • Gears fan 9

      They should make frags a pick up with the same damage.. also the shotgun needs more bullets then 8 and breechshot shot should have 2 shot then reload to build more skill factor because 4 shots for a one shot headshot is too easy and more annoying then the gears 3 active boltok. the rifles need to be weaker now that we get a 2 primary weapon load out. the mantle kick is still broken. ink grenade can be easily fixed which I hope they do for competitive (mlg or gb) reasons. the melee is REALLY broke it needs to go back to the gears 3 melee. the melee affects those who know how the movement is in gears they can’t roadie run or roll. cause of the stun you won’t be able to turn to the opponent and get a shot off (only if you walk you can).. one shot room in library was STUPID! just wanted to say that. Also remove boom shield and scorcher from MP nobody is gonna miss it. instead make it another pick up like ink or frag depending on the map and change the matchmaking no one plays dlc make it either vip or standard buying season pass is cheaper than all the dlc together… POSTIVES: No stopping power, no ink stun, 2 shots in boomshot, 3 shots in booshka, no stim gas other than FFA. I like that we can drop down from buildings. I know there are more positive’s but I can’t remember right now

    • kilosquad66

      Why no more characters

    • Apolo

      Man, we like the map checkout, but why there is not new characters, its stupid play with 8 minh young kim and 2 bairds

    • Kai Torney

      No new characters?Come on Epic.

    • Kai Torney


    • Gears

      Wtf I want the fucking locusts back and DBNO because that was what made Gears a different game than others

    • GGnore

      How about you adding the character the skins that were pre-order only like Marcus, Dom, Anya, Alex Brand and the one that I can’t seem to find anywhere since the “promotion” is over Aftermath Baird. Another adjustment instead of more armor and weapons skins maybe add a few more characters. This would not only bring more people to bring the game, but maybe bring back a old game type like King of the Hill… It is these little things like this that will make people come back or buy the judgement rather then adding this new mode and more “armor” and “weapon” skins. Because of course people will buy or want these skins, but it isn’t something that keeps people playing the game. What happened to your marketing ideas Epic? You had it perfect with Gears 3: Thrashball Cole… The Golden Retro… Being able to play as the pre-order DLC characters if you buy the map pack… Where are things like that in Judgement? Instead we get more of the same “Armor” and “Weapon” skins to the marketplace. Not that they are a bad thing, but adding characters that are already on the disc to download would help… Basically my argument boils down to yes these maps are a great idea, but the way you marketed and brought DLC into Gears 3 was perfect. Why are you taking a step backwards?

    • yomama

      Whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch I cant believe I read some guy calling GOW3 his “pride and joy” and you all talking like youre anybody to say anything. Yeah whining babies thats what you are. Why dont you change your diapers put on your big boy pants and use your words to provide the developer with some real constructive criticism. It makes me upset as an animator to come on here and watch somebody’s hard work be completely ignored and what’s worse they get called a “bitch” for it. Now I know never to go on forums and listen to the fans. If dont change what works ppl complain, if you change it ppl complain. You just can’t win. Peores que niños, worse than children. Seriously im talking to all you children, in your teens or whatever you want to call it. Grow up. If you care about this game so much you probably need a life so go out and get one.

      As for gears of war judgment, keep up the good work. Nothing is perfect I know but at least bring back what made gears, gears and you’ll successfully provide half these kids with a pacifier. I believe in your vision Epic, don’t let me down.

      • InSpiredWON

        You are wrong, wrong, wrong! No life? Hell, we pay your fucking bills dip shit. Animator?? For what? This is where fans vent or applaud the game. The designers should visit this site if they want people to buy it. Besides working, taking care of family and so on, if I do get time to invest in a game I should at least have the right to bitch! I paid for it.

    • zwiebelsack89


    • olAciiDlo aLDa

      More characters!

    • olAciiDlo aLDa

      More characters

    • itsthewendigo

      Love the game, but seriously fuck you guys for wasting my time with a season pass with old maps. You want to offer them free fine, but it’s complete bullshit I’m paying for maps I already paid for in past gears of wars.

    • Andrés Acosta Rippe

      hey and new characters?

    • InSpiredWON

      If Overrun was a mode in Gears 3 it would get as much play as Beast.
      Face it, this game won’t be revived. Nobody plays it and most have gone back to 3. THIS IS NOT GEARS OF WAR!!!!

    • InSpiredWON

      Three things to consider designers:
      1) Horde-It made the game gritty! Great way for new players to gain skill.
      2) DBNO-It made you get better! In all modes.
      3) Grenade Plants-Strategy
      4) KOTH-Great game mode and has been a staple (check the numbers).
      5) Better Unlockables-(characters and skins) It seems everybody has everything.
      Which is not the case in the others (Gold and Onyx).

    • gears of war judgement is good

      !!!!!!!!!Its a good game!!!!!!!!!!!

    • king

      wow…is Epic reading these. Epic you have a lot of angry gamers here. I remember when DLC stuff had like 3,000 people in it but I always see numbers like 300,600,500…right now standard death match is at 1,343?? really….so tired of playing bots on overrun :/

    • Checkmate9moves .

      This game is the equivalent to the WII U, it’s over. Why release a map for only 1 mode.

      There’s a reason why this MP is deserted.

    • LoG Commander

      Why not call GoW CoG? Shortcut for Call of Gears (instead of Call of Duty). Let me know when there are “kill streak bonus” items so I can totally throw away Gears of War and Halo 4.
      The new games are all going worse. First they said GoW3 will be the last game, now they make some stories of characters in the game which is freaking [BEEP].

    • Bonussize

      Wish I could get my money for the game and my money for the preseason pass. Feel like the most waste of money I have sent in a few years. Cant believe they have not brought Horde back. Umm that made Gears more then anything next to its story. So def wont be dl this dlc and wasting the hard-drive space.

    • Tyler

      Am I like the only person that doesn’t hate judgment? I think it’s an absolutely great game. Yes, a lot of changes were made but I like it cos it changed the game up a bit from other games in the series. I think you all are expecting tom much from the game and should just be happy with what you have. This is absolutely my favorite game ever and I’m glad with new gameplay styles it brings. Some of you are complaining about such stupid things that it makes me think a lot of you are too picky when it comes to this game.

    • goro

      Judgment is so fucking poor :( CoG vs Cog less multiplayer maps than in GoW1, to big maps, you have to more run that shoot. Mele attacks. SHIT !!! I came back to GoW3. The best in part. The only one good thing in Judgment it’s campaigin. And that’s all. Multi suxxx balls terribly.

    • Lying Twist Electrodancer

      because they put special characters like doom young, young Marcus, Baird, etc.. for sale in the bazaar in the bazaar jo gow xbox live the truth would be a good idea please that there people who would like to have all the characters there, see you bye

    • BAGC 53

      Do not understand how trying to pursue their judgment gears of war when most people do not like, I myself took many days playing gears of war 2 because judgment and bores me and fortunately we have the gears of war 3, with its fortifications and switches gears to play and enjoy as we had always done.

    • TippingPoint

      like most here, i am a huge gears fan, but unlike most i don’t like playing against other players. i usually play bots on private matches. i do like playing with people in Horde, it made team work and helping downed players a rewarding part of the game. i was really disappointed that Horde was left out, over run is not the same dynamic, and a poor substitute. Most people who play, like multi-player modes which require a lot of maps to stay interesting but found a new game here with only 4 maps to match that style. i have heard from the game reps that gowj shipped with 8 maps, but if you don’t like over run / survival, then you only have 4 multi-player maps, with each dlc they keep dividing the maps between the two types, leaving almost everyone unhappy with the dlc added value. it would be a wise move to do a master pack with 10+ non – over run type maps. people will not feel content until they see that kind of variety. p.s i loved the campaign and how it was structured, it made replay worth while. one last thing, the skins packs have always been a gross money grab, and the kind of market strategy that violates the consumer base. thanks for a great franchise, i hope to see more content, and fine tuning soon,

    • Ryan Scally

      Sick of seeing everyone moaning, you moan cause you want a new game and complain on how shit the previous one was. Then when the new one comes out you moan about that and say the previous one was the best one ever but still play the new one. Epic can’t win with you lot

    • Derp

      Judgement was made by people can fly not epic, epic only produced the game. Sure it’s a long shot of what gears was but what did you people expect when the creators of gears didn’t even make the game?

    • https://www.facebook.com/Patriotsfn Jeff Shoup

      Well I see they changed their minds again we are supposed to get 4 multi player maps and an overrun map! Not 4 maps total! I am really starting to fucking hate epic to the point of fucking blowing up that company in SC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • freeman

      they need to add some new characters some who look like the original cog soldier and the prize boxes are such trash. u dont get anything out of they but i see everyone with gold they should have made it like certsin smout of prize boxes to get a chance to get it

    • iBe Kevo

      I only play execution in this game because it still has that “Original” gears feeling such as executions, but i miss CURB STOMPING!! That’s one of the things that made gears GEARS. Everything else reminds me too much of COD and FIX THE B BUTTON PLEASE!! -_- #Ranked 63 in Gears Judgment Execution:) If anybody play execution a lot add me GT: Nc iBe Kevo

    • iBe Kevo

      I only play execution in this game because it still has that “Original” gears feeling such as executions, but i miss CURB STOMPING!! That’s one of the things that made gears GEARS. Everything else reminds me too much of COD. If anybody play Execution a lot add me GT: Nc iBe Kevo. Ranked 63 in Gears Judgment Ranked Execution:)

    • Drifty

      That is true its cause epic doesn’t give a shit about the gamers anymore is about the money why do u think that they keep making dlc of old maps revamped cause they don’t want to spend the money to come up with new ideas and maps just like most other franchises

    • BlueHavoc

      Can we please have some maps for survival!

    • IDraIMa

      I’m a long time gears vet. Got Gears 1 on release week, and I still maintain that it will forever be the greatest gears in my opinion. Probably just because of nostalgia. Having said that, I don’t hate Judgment. It’s depressing that the community is so small, and you constantly see dwindling numbers. Upsetting that they’re releasing new maps and game modes now that they can’t get that audience back. I don’t fully understand why we don’t see maps like Clocktower, Fuel Depot, Canals, War Machine, and even Gridlock again. The overhead views of the new maps look decent. But I’m a veteran, played on MLG teams when gears 1 still had a venue there. Being able to go back to the glory days a little, wouldn’t hurt. I don’t even care so much about the missing locust, even though it feels odd.

      And for those of you complaining about it being a rifle game, or people sponging gnasher, you’re wrong. If you think this is a rifle game, you’ve never played good kids on any gears. It’s always been about crossing with lancers. The fundamentals of the game aren’t terrible. The worst part was the launch. Limited game modes. Honestly, it’s not the mechanics of the game that are flawed, its the content made available to us. I’m offended by the number of skins that I would have to purchase with my real money. And the cost of those skins don’t help my attitude either. I appreciate the new content thats upcoming, since I bought the season pass, having high hopes for this game. But at this point it’s over. The game will continue to die out, and it can’t be saved. No amount of feedback will help. Should’ve been delayed. Shouldn’t even have included that blemish on the great story that is gears. Honestly, who even remembers what happened in this campaign?

      So I’m stuck with a season pass to a dying game. All because it was rushed onto shelves. The DLC playlist should be removed, it just fragments the community more. Nobody ever plays it. The only people getting your DLC, are those of us who were dumb enough to buy VIP in week 1. So thank you People Can Fly, for a fun multiplayer game. But I hate you for losing the community. (You know the people I would’ve been playing multiplayer with)

      • IDraIMa

        (And I do understand the problem with symmetrical maps. But nobody here cares about excuses. Maybe if we had more than .000025 seconds of spawn protection, trapping wouldn’t be as much of an issue. If you couldn’t create a game that those of us loyal fans would like, you shouldn’t have wasted your resources.)

    • zhishang380
    • Daniel

      But characters like, Clayton Carmine, Baird Aftermath, Tai Jungle. Please Mas Characters

    • Wabb

      Does anyone even know if another gears will even be made?

    • Tim D. Alkire

      when is it actually coming out?

    • Tunechi

      Any specific date for release?

    • Thomas Davidson

      When in june is the dlc comming

    • iBe Kevo

      I hate rumors… people was saying June 14th soooo do anybody know when the maps are really coming out? And i think in the next update they should put Boneyard and BloodDrive on the standard playlist as well, because nobody plays VIP anymore so its kinda like a waste of money

    • Panther17

      I thought I could say that gears of war has disappointed me I mean I love gears of war and gears of war three was amazing and since gears of war has been getting better each game I was excited for this but this is what we got so far…

    • danny

      BRING BACK HORDE MODE!!! that is all.

    • Greeckos

      I don’t get what was going through Epic Game’s minds.
      I loved Gears 3. Pretty much every Gears head I know feels the same way. And we all favor 3 over Judgement.
      I read the interviews with R. Ferguson, before the game released, he said they wanted to reach another audience.
      The thing with that is, the Gears community is unique. Gears is the only shooter of its kind, it didn’t need to be more like Halo or COD.
      Executions, Locusts, Active Reloads, and Planting Grenades became part of Gears.
      And Epic shit all over the fans with this poor excuse of a Gears game called Judgement.
      I just beat the campaign, and I am so disappointed.
      Who was the villain again? Why did I just play through this arcade game?
      Epic really let me down.
      I thought after being reset and losing all of my flaming weapons I earned from the Beta, that that was the worst thing Epic Games could do to me.
      But no. They make a shadow of Gears 3, sell it for 60 bucks, and than to top it off, they fuck up Blood Drive.
      Epic Games needs to stick with making Gears what it is. And please its fans and the Gears of War community by not fucking it up and making it like every other shooter out today.

      My Gamertag – Greeckos

    • Andrew

      I can’t say fix the game because its already out, but please please listen to the fans! horde is gone, why? you ask what was our best maps so you can bring them to judgement, we tell you river. Where is it? you have removed things that people loved about the game in an attempt to make it better. instead of removing what we love, remove what we hate and then it will be nothing but awesomeness! (< that's now a word) I snapped the other week and came so close to getting rid of the game, but i gritted my teeth and stayed loyal. Please dont make me get to that point again.

    • 123

      take the melee away,ad that sweet gnasher shoot like in gow3

    • Brad

      A new idea is always a good thought but killing one of the things that made gears of war 3 epic is just stupid. I feel as if I speak for a lot of people saying horde mode was the greatest gears achievement and taking it out has dishonoured the franchise.

    • Dalto

      More characters, Carmine’s preferably

    • Trin

      What the hell is wrong with half the people here?! If you have a problem with judgment, then don’t play it, end of story. I won’t lie, it has its drawbacks, the lack of ability to increase the number of rounds being the most idiotic of all, but it has some new, good things. Can you jump down from a ledge and stick a saw in someone’s back in 3? No. Can you toss a grenade on someone and watch him run around like a headless chicken till he dies? No. If you don’t like the new shit, stick with the old shit. Epic is tryna make a change. Any true Gears fan still has 3 at home. So play that, and quit whining


      Gears judgement was such a crap game it had to be a beta. They ” fixed” controls that weren’t broken added new maps modes skins and even screwed multi player over with the whole no locusts. Set gears 4 as a different strain of locust that are immune to blah, make new and old characters unlockable via beating games or achievs/challenges like in 1 and 2. Put skorge in there for giggles, return gold shotguns to only gears 3 3rd prestige. Game play go back to gears 3/ judge spliced in, Put every mode on a 2nd disc horde, overrun, execution, wingman, guardian, koth, etc. Revamp old maps from gears 1-2-3 sell them as dlcs, make a weapon character selection screen just like gears 3, and make a ballin campaign, and have executions back in most if not all modes maybe even make alternate ones.~ Best game ever.


      Keep the reaper that’s Kool btw gj on that but overall my ratings are gears 3 is a nine of ten. And judgement is a generous 5

    • ThechamP

      Really? I dont get it. People literally tell these game makers what they want on the game, and the game makers just completely ignore what we ask for. I find it funny how gears of war judgement has poor sales, but when gears 3 came out it had enormous sales. Gears 3 sales numbers were getting up to 1.1 million, mean while judgement has not passed 500,000. All the controls are changed on judgement to be more like call of duty controls. They have taken locusts out of team death match, so now its a cog v cog. My question is why did you guys name this game gears of war judgement. It should have been call of duty judgement. People love playing as skorge, cyclops, raam, kantus, savage kantus, grenadiers, hunters, myrha, and many more. Why would you totally ignore what the fans pretty much told you to do with the game? They have ruined the whole gears of war feel. I did not buy this game, and I never will. If you are a true gears fan, you would understand where I’m coming from, and not buy either.

    • Marie Antoinette

      Yes, that is why I continue to play Gears 3 Horde every weekend. Judgment was a complete letdown. No mp locust = no play.