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Former IGN Editor-in-Chief Hilary Goldstein Joins ChAIR!

Chair_Logo_HighResA Note from ChAIR Creative Director, Donald Mustard:

One of the things we value most at ChAIR is our relationship with the people who play our games, the great feedback they provide to us, and the memorable gaming moments we create together!

Hilary Goldstein

Hilary Goldstein

Finding fun new ways to connect with our community is important to us and we’re excited to expand our team in ways that provide more opportunity for us to do so.

We’re thrilled to confirm today that Hilary Goldstein will be taking on our newly created role of Integrated Media Manager at the end of June. Embedded within the development team here at ChAIR, Hilary will provide access to the team and our games in ways that will bring us closer to our fans than ever before.

We’ve worked with Hilary throughout his 12 years in the games industry – as the former Editor-in-Chief of IGN and as a video game expert, writer, and consultant – and we find his experience and insight to be a valuable asset to our team as we continue to grow our community.

Please join us in welcoming Hilary to ChAIR! You can follow him on Twitter at @hilgoldstein.





    • https://www.evolve-pr.com Tom Ohle

      ooooh baby.

    • Mike N

      I’m a long time fan of Hils and this is exciting to hear. Hope the best for him, and one more thing… Where’s Shadow Complex 2?!?

    • Dan Richardson

      You should talk to him about Lost. He’s good at that.

    • ch3burashka

      I’ve missed Hil’s voice all the way back since TRL.

      @hilary – I don’t care how you do it, get your voice on some podcast. I don’t know if Chair has a podcast. If they don’t, start one, something along the lines of Irrational Behavior.

      Congrats on the position.

    • theain628


    • lagz

      should do to make a game with clay and anya gears as main characters. I have a great idea I epic