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Bigger, Badder, More ChAIR-y

“Want to move to Utah?”

Hilary GoldsteinThis is how I was approached about joining ChAIR Entertainment. And, really, that’s pretty much the only consideration when given the chance to work at one of the best game developers in the biz. It says something about the people at ChAIR, the games they make, and the way they view game development that without knowing exactly what I’d be doing the only real choice for me was whether or not I was interested in leaving the West Coast for the desert.

It was an easy decision. Utah is beautiful and ChAIR is amazing. I’m a lucky guy. And it turns out that what ChAIR needs is something that fits what I’ve done my entire career in the games industry. For a long time I worked at IGN.com, writing about games, meeting with fans, helping to make cool videos and podcasts. That might seem like a strange fit for a game developer, but it actually makes sense for everyone at ChAIR.

We have a pretty simple goal here at ChAIR: Make awesome games. But with great designers, artists, and programmers busy developing the latest, greatest thing, ChAIR has always wished for the ability to spend more time connecting with our fans. You know, the folks playing those awesome games. That’s where I come in.

Over the next few months, we’ll introduce new ways we can deliver info, respond to requests, receive feedback, and share more of our process of making games. This includes more activity on our existing Twitter and Facebook pages, editorial features that deliver exclusive content, behind-the-scenes looks, videos, and (yes!) even a regular podcast.

Sure, I made a few mistakes during my job interview...

Sure, I made a few mistakes during my job interview…

If you haven’t been following us on Twitter and Facebook, now’s the time to start. Our game feeds, such as those covering Infinity Blade, provide useful tips, news on sales and updates, and pretty much anything IB-related (just wait till you see what we’ve got in store for the Infinity Blade universe). Our ChAIR feeds are the official source for information on ChAIR, providing you with the latest news, updates on anything we’ve worked on or may work on in the future, an inside look into game development, and special previews of all the fatty foods we consume.

On Twitter: @InfinityBlade | @ChAIRGAMES
On FB: InfinityBladeGame | ChAIRGAMES
On Instagram: @ChAIRGAMES

I’ll be keeping an eye out for great fan art, videos, and sites. Be sure to hit us up on our feeds if you have something cool to show.

I’m Hilary. Thanks for reading. We have big plans for the future and a lot of ridiculously cool stuff in the works. Can’t wait to tell you all about everything… eventually.


    • Joshua Gonzalez

      Is he going to talk about lost here too?

    • Hilary Goldstein

      Special guest: The Smoke Monster

    • Matt Jones

      I fully expect R.O.B. the Robot in the next installment of Infinity Blade!

    • Bizzy

      The new ChAIR studio is right down the street from where I’m currently living. Also my brother moved away to San Fran to work at IGN so its almost a cycle of sorts.

      • Hilary Goldstein

        Pretty much the plot of the Lion King.

    • https://arukun14.com Tim Fangon

      Looking forward to what you’re going to bring, Hilary!

    • shimei