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Epic Games Podcast: Episode 17 with Donald Mustard

IB2-sale-July13-Comm@Raczilla and Hilary Goldstein chat with ChAIR’s Founder and Creative Director, Donald Mustard. Donald talks about the story behind Infinity Blade and more!

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the App Store, Infinity Blade II is free this week! Normally $6.99, you can download the award-winning action game to your favorite iOS device at no charge. Infinity Blade II has never been free before and this special only lasts until July 15, so act fast.

Download Infinity Blade II for Free

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    • Emzzz

      Best thing everrrrr

    • pitiao


    • Mitch

      This doesn’t seem to work properly with iOS 7, beta 3. With beta 2, the entire screen worked fine, but if I hold the phone in landscape mode while playing (while using iOS 7, beta 3) only 2/3 of the screen works. Even weirder, depending upon which side I hold the phone on (speaker in the bottom of the phone to my left or speaker to my right) that determines WHICH 2/3 of the screen actually works.

      I have an iPhone 5, and I’m wondering if the issue is that the app displays the full screen image, but assumes my “touchable area” to be that of an iPhone 4 or 4s, which is only 3.5″ diagonally.

      I love the game, and I’d love to be able to use the entire screen moving forward. When I wanna hit the settings button in the app, if I’m holding the phone in landscape mode with the speaker to my left I can press the settings button but it doesn’t register as a touch so nothing happens. However, if I flip the phone around so that I’m still holding the phone in landscape mode but the speaker is now to my right, I can then hit the settings button and it works fine.

      The real issue here is that I can’t use both dodge buttons with this problem. One of them is “pressable” but only one at a time unless I flip the phone over, then I can use the opposite dodge button but NOT the one I’d been using before. Very frustrating.

    • daren


    • Jake

      How do I get the helmet needed to complete the armor for the scroll?