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The Week in Unreal Tournament Development

Last Thursday, the UT team here at Epic had their first play-through of Unreal Tournament Deathmatch! Gameplay programmer Matt Oelfke won the match, which is usually what happens when Matt plays. The team also played a few matches of the original Unreal Tournament to get a feel for the movement and gameplay. The UT team is discussing Unreal Tournament movement with the community in the UT Movement Discussion forum and in the Early Movement Prototype thread. Senior Designer, Nick Donaldson posted a prototype for users to try and forum members have been discussing it and posting their own prototypes. Subscribers to Unreal Engine 4 are able to download and play the prototypes as well as create their own. Be sure to check out the prototypes and jump in to the conversation!

Nick and Matt were also hard at work last week on the UT weapons. Matt created a prototype of the shock rifle and worked on shock combos. Nick created the blueprint prototype of the Minigun and Flak Cannon. Joe Wilcox quickly found the Minigun was a bit overpowered in the Deathmatch playtest and was nearly unstoppable. You can join in the weapon discussion in the UT Weapon Design forum.

Next week, our live stream will be returning and Art Director Chris Perna will be talking about his vision for the art style in the new Unreal Tournament. He will also be discussing the concept art the community has created and he and Senior Artist Rick Kohler will give pointer so to artists who would like to submit their concept art for review. You can join in the conversation in the Skaarj Concept thread.  Keep watching for a date and time for the episode!

We’ve also started work on a new logo for the game and we are setting up our social media channels. So far, you can find us on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram. The links are below. Be sure to give us a follow and join in on the discussion!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnrealTournament
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UTEpic
Twitch.tv: https://www.twitch.tv/unrealtournament
YouTube: https://youtube.com/UnrealTournament
Instagram: https://instagram.com/unrealtournament

Unreal Tournament Forums: https://forums.unrealengine.com/forumdisplay.php?34-Unreal-Tournament
Unreal Tournament Wiki: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Unreal_Tournament_Development










    • Mr.X

      Sorry, but the beam and combos just awful !
      Just imagine a laser pulse, the bubble, and his outburst, it’s easy!
      (UT to help you!)
      GL !

      • iFlak

        Hy Mr.X, thank you for your feedback. This is just the beginning!

    • Sheldon Cooper

      awesome, waiting for more updates 😀

      • iFlak

        We should have something soon Sheldon!

    • alex904

      Guys, you should work on instagib first. Look at still populated UT servers. They’re all IG. Does not it give you a clue? Combos are for noobs! 😀

    • LC

      Great, can’t wait to read more about the new UT! :)

    • Battle Roach

      Haha! This. IS. SO. COOOL!!!! Congrats you guys so far!

      • iFlak

        Thank you Battle Roach!

    • Tanganel

      It would be nice to have some movement behind walls like ubisoft games

    • Hektor

      Put team arena master too!!!! 😛



    • Antonio Camorani

      Oddio godoooooooooooooooooo !! =D

    • Antonio Camorani

      please take care of the net code, ut 3 is unplayable online D= it shots after 1 second

    • Chris Ricardo

      Nice! Can’t wait to try this out on Linux. 😀 Keep at it!

    • DJlNN

      I want Instagib on all maps thx. I hope they make it.