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Epic Finale to Award-Winning Game Series Debuts at #1 on the App Store!

Salt Lake City, Utah, September 18, 2013 — ChAIR Entertainment, an award-winning Epic Games studio, today launched “Infinity Blade III” on the App Store. Powered by Unreal Engine technology, Infinity Blade III delivers an epic conclusion to the blockbuster video game series with a thrilling story of honor, love, betrayal, and redemption.

Fans can view the new Infinity Blade III “Heroes” launch trailer on the official ChAIR YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUjTdsREvvc&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL_UggmoSaui0Ff4MrUPQRsgt8XFWWDct4

Powered by Unreal Engine technology, Infinity Blade III is a universal app priced at $6.99 and is compatible with the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch 5, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPad mini.


IB3 DragonResponsive and Intuitive Touch Controls – Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate touch screen experience, players attack opponents, dodge enemy advances, cast powerful magic, and explore the world – all with a simple swipe of the finger.

Simple Navigation – Easy tap-to-move controls enable players to effortlessly navigate the world while collecting valuable items such as treasure, swords, shields, armor and other magical objects.

Play as SIRIS and ISA – For the first time in franchise history, gamers play as both legendary hero Siris, and the stealthy female warrior-thief, Isa. Each character features three (3) unique combat styles and their own set of over 135 unique weapons and items.

Dynamic Single-Player Campaign – Choose multiple paths to follow, each with unique missions, new enemies to fight, and larger, beautiful 3D environments to explore.

Deep, Rich Story – The epic tale concludes in the most detailed story scenes ever shown on a mobile device, and featuring the voice talents of fan-favorites John Noble and Troy Baker.

New Fighting Styles and Weapon Classes – Six (6) unique fighting styles, each with specialized weapons, moves, combos, and capabilities to be mastered

More Powerful Enemies – Dozens of new enemies and bosses, each featuring unique abilities and exciting attacks, provide greater gameplay variation than ever before.

ClashMob™2.0 – Patent Pending. Players from around the globe team up for unique “massively social,” group-based challenges to defeat new enemies, unlock rare treasures and earn exclusive items. Three (3) new modes include: Trials (single-player daily challenges), ClashMobs (multi-layered co-op events), and Aegis Tournaments (special, longer running competitive qualifying events).

The Dragon – Rumor tells of a massive Dragon scouring the land, leaving destruction and carnage in its wake. Players can hunt down and battle this mighty beast, slaying it to win a rare treasure.

The Hideout – The Hideout serves as the player’s all-new base of operations. Throughout the campaign, players discover and unlock allies who will join their cause: The Merchant brings rare and exotic items for sale at a discount. The Gemcutter allows combining and fusing of gems into new, more powerful gems. The Potionmaster cooks rare, unique potions from ingredients players find in the world. The Blacksmith allows players to upgrade and re-master all weapons and items.

World Map – Players now choose from multiple quests, side missions, and ClashMob engagements with the new in-game World Map interface.

Deep Role-Playing Elements – Players earn and collect hundreds of unique Weapons and Items. Objects can be mastered unlocking valuable XP and Skill Points used to level characters and unlock powerful new Skill Perks. Hundreds of unique Ability Gems can be slotted into items, increasing their abilities. Enhanced gem forging, potion mixing, and weapon re-mastering allows for endless character leveling and customization. Goals – All-new Goals feature takes Achievements to the next level, allowing players to earn valuable Chips that they can spend on keys, treasure maps, prize wheels, and other rare in-game items. Original Score and Customizable Music – Gamers can experience the game’s original orchestral score or choose their own custom soundtrack while playing.


Imagine Dragons – Internationally acclaimed rock band Imagine Dragons debut their original, Infinity Blade-inspired song, “Monster,” in-game (also released as a single). Players can also obtain the exclusive “Imagine Dragon” in-game weapon and hear the song playing whenever its in use. Ben Hibon Animated Short – Infinity Blade III kicks off with a dramatic new animated opening sequence, entitled “Infinity Blade: Origins” created by award-winning animation director, Ben Hibon (Harry Potter, Heavenly Sword, Mirror Mirror), and also featuring the voice talent of actor John Noble (The Lord of the Rings, Fringe) as The Worker of Secrets.

“It’s been amazing to see the continued success of Infinity Blade and to have the ability to tell a complex story across different mediums, using a single device we take wherever we go,” said Donald Mustard, co-founder and creative director at ChAIR. “We’re so proud of Infinity Blade III and feel it not only offers a powerful finale to the series, but also gives mobile gaming another giant push forward.”

Fans looking to delve more deeply into the fiction of the Infinity Blade universe can also download “Infinity Blade: Redemption,” the latest digital novella written by #1 New York Times bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson (“The Way of Kings,” “Mistborn,” “The Wheel of Time”). “Infinity Blade: Redemption” is available for $2.99 across all digital booksellers.

For all the latest info on the Infinity Blade games and products, follow @InfinityBlade on Twitter and ‘Like’ “Infinity Blade” on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/InfinityBladeGame Fans .can also view exclusive video content at: https://www.youtube.com/TheChAIRGAMES.


Pre-Order New Imagine Dragons Song “Monster” On iTunes Now

Salt Lake City, UT and Santa Monica, CA (September 12, 2013) – ChAIR Entertainment, an award-winning Epic Games studio, and KIDinaKORNER / Interscope recording artist Imagine Dragons today announced that an original new song from Imagine Dragons entitled “Monster” will debut in the forthcoming Infinity Blade III video game. The latest in the blockbuster Infinity Blade series, Infinity Blade III will be released on September 18th exclusively on the App Store.

Fans can preview and pre-order “Monster” exclusively on iTunes now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/monster-single/id696511366

Resulting from a unique collaboration between Imagine Dragons and ChAIR, “Monster” was written for and choreographed to debut during a crucial battle in Infinity Blade III. Additionally, players that click on the ChAIR-designed album cover appearing in-game will earn an exclusive weapon, the Imagine Dragon axe. The song will also be heard any time this weapon is used during battle.


Imagine Dragons commented “ChAIR has always been on the cutting edge of mobile gaming. Infinity Blade has been massive and we felt the song fit perfectly with the tone and visuals.  We’re pretty big gamers ourselves, so we couldn’t be more excited.”

“At ChAIR, we’re always looking to partner with talented artists who are masters at what they do – whether they be writers, musicians, directors – and to collaborate in a way that adds an even greater level of entertainment to our games,” said Donald Mustard, creative director at ChAIR. “We’ve been huge fans of Imagine Dragons since their early days and are honored to feature this amazing new song in Infinity Blade III.”

Entertainment Weekly called 2013 the “Year of the Dragons” and Billboard noted, “Imagine Dragons are rock’s 2013 live breakout.” Imagine Dragons —comprising Dan Reynolds (vocals), Wayne Sermon (guitar), Ben McKee (bass), Daniel Platzman (drums)—are currently playing to sold-out crowds worldwide. Additional tour information can be found here: www.imaginedragonsmusic.com

For all the latest info on the Infinity Blade games and products visit: www.infinityblade.com. Follow @InfinityBlade on Twitter and ‘Like’ “Infinity Blade” on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/InfinityBladeGame. Fans can also view exclusive video content at: www.youtube.com/TheChAIRGAMES.

Yesterday, during Apple’s event at its headquarters in Cupertino, ChAIR co-founders Donald and Geremy Mustard revealed Infinity Blade III. Here is a handy, succinct recap of all the important details and links.

Release Date: September 18, 2013

Price: $6.99 USD

Compatible with: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 4th gen, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPod touch 5 and iPod touch 4.

Operating System Required: iOS 6 or higher

64-Bit Version: Available exclusively on the new iPhone 5S (Don’t worry, it still looks amazing on all other iDevices!)

Key Points

  • Intuitive Touch Controls
  • Simple Navigation
  • Two playable characters – Siris and Isa!
  • The Hideout – your new home base
  • ClashMob 2.0 – Three new modes
  • The Dragon – a recurring nemesis with near-limitless health
  • Interactive World Map
  • Deep role-playing elements
  • Goals that earn in-game rewards
  • Ben Hibon Animated Short “Infinity Blade: Origins”
  • Features the voice talents of fan-favorites John Noble and Troy Baker

Infinity Blade III Reborn Trailer

See the full Dragon Demo from the Apple event. Yes, this is all in-game footage!

First Previews of Infinity Blade III

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To stay on top of the latest Infinity Blade news, head on over to the official Infinity Blade III website.

Be sure to follow @InfinityBlade on Twitter, like the Infinity Blade Facebook page.

Donald and Geremy Mustard stepped onto the stage at Apple today and revealed Infinity Blade III, the first game to utilize Apple’s new 64-bit processor. Infinity Blade III will be available on September 18, just in time for the launch of the new iPhone 5S. The demo wowed the audience, revealing a bigger, deeper, and prettier Infinity Blade universe.

Featured in the demo was an epic battle against the Dragon, a recurring enemy who appears throughout your Infinity Blade III adventure. And all of it was real in-game footage. You can never be certain when the Dragon might show up, so you’ll always need to be on your guard. This new nemesis has persistent health, meaning that whatever damage you deliver in a fight will remain the next time you encounter the Dragon. Eventually, you’ll weaken the Dragon enough for a titanic battle to the death!

IB3 Dragon
Also revealed was The Hideout, your new home base where you’ll launch quests, brew potions, fuse gems, and re-forge mastered items.

Of course, there’s a lot more to Infinity Blade III than just a sweet Hideout and a big bad Dragon. Infinity Blade III sees Siris return to action for a final showdown against the Worker of Secrets, who has gathered an army of Deathless Titans and seeks the destruction of the entire world. But Siris won’t have to fight this battle alone. Isa, Siris’s stealthy female companion from Infinity Blade II, is now a playable character for IB3. She offers a different style of fighting – quick and nimble – and comes equipped with a crossbow she uses to damage enemies before leaping into battle.

To help boost your war chest, the single-player campaign has been fused with an upgraded version of Infinity Blade II’s innovative ClashMob feature. All three of the new ClashMob modes are available from the interactive World Map, right alongside the story quests. Daily Trials test your skills and reward you with Gold or Battle Chips, ClashMobs offer week-long group-based challenges, and competitive Aegis Tournaments task you with posting high scores against other players to move on to further stages.

ChAIR’s ambitions for Infinity Blade III are best summed up by Creative Director Donald Mustard. “It’s been amazing to see the continued success of Infinity Blade and to have the ability to tell a complex story across different mediums, using a single device we take wherever we go,” said Mustard. “We’re so proud of Infinity Blade III and feel it not only offers a powerful finale to the series, but also gives mobile gaming another giant push forward.”

Infinity Blade III hits the App Store September 18. The universal app is priced at $6.99 and is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod touch 4, and iPod touch 5.

The Infinity Blade saga continues in September with a new novel by bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Infinity Blade: Redemption. Available for pre-order, the new novel hits iBooks on September 3 and other digital retailers on September 9.

When last we saw Siris and the God King, they had been betrayed by the Worker of Secrets and left to rot in the prison at the Vault of Tears. Now, the Worker of Secrets rules the world above. Infinity Blade: Redemption reveals what happens next — as Siris gets free and finds the world in dire straights. You can read the first two chapters of Redemption right here!


“You want stories of Siris, do you? Stories of the Deathless who fought for ordinary men?”
 “Stories of the youth reborn a thousand times, raised in each incarnation to try—and fail—to slay the God King? Stories of the man who did not know he was immortal?”
 “Stories of Siris abandoned? Locked in the Vault of Tears, betrayed by the Worker of Secrets? Left to rot by the one who should have been his ally? These are the stories you seek?”
 “I have said that they are.”
 “Well, good. Because stories . . . stories I have. Too many stories. Stories like rats in the wheat, fat and glutted upon my thoughts and memories. It’s well past time that someone heard them . . .”


Chapter One

Siris snapped his eyes open and rolled. He had only a few moments before—
 Hands grabbed his hair, yanking his head upward. A knee against his back forced him down against the cold stone.
 Vision blurry, Siris twisted, trying to claw at the hands holding him. He had to—
 The hands smashed Siris’s face down into the stone ground.
 All went black.

Consciousness returned to Siris like an eagle spreading its wings. His mind flooded with sensation. The cold ground. His face resting in a pool of nearly dried blood, sticky against his skin. The stale scent of the prison.
 He took a deep breath and threw himself to his feet, turning to swing. He opened his eyes to a blurry world of shadows and filtered light.
 Those shadows caught him, tripping him, then slammed him back against the ground.
 Siris growled. His primal instincts knew where his enemy would be, and he kicked. His kicked upward into a soft stomach. Connecting felt so satisfying.
 The shadows cursed. Siris pulled his foot back and rolled to his feet.
 A weight slammed him backward against the wall. Siris writhed, but hands grabbed his head and jerked it to the side.
 All went black.

Siris waited for his body to restore itself.
 First, his soul tried to flee, to escape to a rebirthing chamber. That was far better than returning to a body that had been defeated—a fallen body was a compromised body. Innate Deathless programming tried to send his soul, his Q.I.P., to safety.
 Siris registered this as a vague sensation, tangible only in the most fleeting of ways. Like the memory of a taste. A sense of uncontrolled soaring, a panicked flight.
 Then a wall, like invisible glass. His soul was rebuffed as it had been each time before. It could not break out of the prison, and was instead forced back. Back into the imperfect body, the trapped body.
 That body belonged to an immortal. It would restore itself, given time.
 Eventually, consciousness swelled in his mind, and he regained control. He tried to feign death. His thinking was fuzzy, his eyes not fully restored; he needed to—
 “You think I don’t notice you, Ausar?” a voice said from nearby. Siris felt warm breath on his neck. “You think I can’t hear you drawing breath as you struggle back to life?”
 Siris snapped his eyes open and reached for the figure above him, his ancient enemy. He could see only a blur.
 “I put your eyes out each time I kill you,” the God King growled, grabbing Siris’s head and smashing it down against the floor.
 “Your body heals essential organs first,” the God King growled. “Your eyes come late in the process.”
 Siris screamed, flailing.
 The God King smashed his head against the floor again.
 All went black.

Deviation the First


Rain blew against the window of Uriel’s cubicle.
 A window. He had worked hard for a window. Mary had pushed him to reach for that achievement. When you worked every day with numbers and abstractions, she said, it was good to be able to look out and see the world as it was—not just as figures on a page, to be added and assessed.
There are numbers out there too, though, Uriel thought, looking out the window. Natural laws commanded the rain. Unseen statistics and figures determined where each drop would fall, how hard each would hit, the precise route each would take sliding down the glass. It was well beyond the abilities of mankind to calculate those figures, but that didn’t mean they didn’t exist.
 “So,” Adram said nearby, “I told her that she’d better turn down the oven, because it was about it get a lot hotter inside!”
 The regular team of coffee-mug-holding, suspender-and-tie-wearing marketing fellows laughed at Adram’s joke. At least Uriel assumed it was a joke. He didn’t understand why it was funny. Too many jokes didn’t make sense when you broke them apart, not logically. The numbers didn’t add up to laughter. Not for him.
 He turned back to his smartdesk, lifting his stylus and making a few notations on a screen already full of numbers and ledgers.
 Nearby, Adram leaned with one arm on the wall of the cubicle nearest him. He continued to chat as people passed. Some joined his group, while others moved off. But Adram kept talking. Always talking. The man never seemed to get anything productive done.
 Normally, Uriel could ignore him, but today it was tougher. The numbers . . . the numbers were so worrisome. Uriel needed quiet, not this constant blathering. Who had thought it a good idea to put an actuary next to the marketing department?
 Uriel raised his hand to his forehead, kneading it as he tapped his smartdesk screen, bringing up percentages. If this happens . . . He brought up another list of percentages. Not if. When. It will happen.
 Each calculation spelled out disaster.
 Unfortunately, that wasn’t what people wanted to hear from him. They got angry when he told the truth—as if it were his fault. As if he could make the numbers do anything.
 He wished so much that he could.
Perhaps I can sugarcoat this, he thought. I could present the more optimistic side. Like they’re always telling me to.
 He glanced at the picture on the top of his desk. Jori, wearing a baseball cap. No. No, Uriel would not sugarcoat what could happen if this technology were released. He would have to tell the truth. For his son’s sake.
 That would make him unpopular, but why did they order a risk-assessment analysis if they didn’t want to hear the findings? Executives were so odd. All except for Mr. Galath. He always seemed to listen. He was one of the only people who made Uriel think this company had anything of a future.
 Adram’s chatter finally died down. Uriel glanced over. It looked like people had passed on to do actual work for once, leaving Adram alone. The tall, overly smiling man glanced at Uriel.
Please, no.
 Adram sauntered over to Uriel’s cubicle. “Ho there, spunky!” The man placed a hand on Uriel’s shoulder. “You’ll have good news for us at the meeting, right?”
 “I will have facts, Adram,” Uriel said, prying the man’s fingers from his shoulder. “Nothing more or less.”
 “Sure, sure.” Adram took a sip of coffee, then gestured toward the desktop and its display of neat ledgers. “You can really make sense of all that?”
 “This is my domain,” Uriel said. “I can make the numbers speak—assuming I care for them, encourage them. Control them.”
 “You make it sound like you’re a king, Uriel.” Aram laughed. “King of the ledgers.” He leaned down. “You’ll make them speak good things about Project Omega, right?”
 “The numbers do not lie. I will say what they tell me.”
 “They don’t lie. Cute. Look, Uriel. If you are so good with numbers, why do you always see the opposite of what everyone else knows?”
 “Everyone else is wrong.” Wasn’t that obvious?
 Adram sighed. “You realize that this is why nobody likes you, Uriel.”
 “That statement is patently false. My wife and son both like me.”
 “I wasn’t trying to pick an argument,” Adram said. “I was trying to help you out. As a bud.”
 “A . . . bud.”
 Adram sighed again, standing up straight. “Project Omega is going to happen, and it’s going to make us all very rich. You count those beans, Uriel. Count them well. And take a piece of advice—for once? Make them say that Project Omega is ready to go live.”
 Adram patted Uriel’s shoulder, as if with affection. Then he ambled away, raising a hand toward Jane and calling out something flirtatious.

Chapter Two

I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t grown weak, a part of Siris thought.
 The Dark Thoughts were stronger now. Siris recognized them as part of himself, and had admitted—to his shame—what he had been. A warlord. A despot. A murderer.
 He didn’t remember that person. Whatever had been done to him . . . it had wiped away those memories, permanently. He felt blessed for that, was thankful for it.
 The process, however, was incomplete. Those terrible memories had been taken, but that left him with something more primal. Instincts. The brutality of a creature who had lived as a tyrant for eons.
I could have dominated, ruled. I had the blade. I could have left the Worker alone, could have slain Raidriar. Now . . .now all that is left to me is vengeance.
 Siris threw himself to his feet, eyes squeezed shut. For a moment, he let the Dark Thoughts—the shadow of his ancient self—control him.
 He caught the God King’s arm as it struck him. Eyes still shut, Siris spun around, twisting the arm in its socket and popping the joint at the shoulder. Raidriar screamed. Siris felt the man writhing, cursing, spinning into another attack. Siris stepped away, but a shade too slow. The God King’s leg sweep sent him tumbling.
 He kicked as he fell, striking where he knew—somehow—the God King would be standing. Siris’s foot connected with something hard—the God King’s knee.
 A snap, accompanied by another scream.
 Siris moved. No thought. No planning. He scrambled forward, eyes still firmly shut. He couldn’t trust them. Trying to rely on them only got him killed. Over and over.
 His hands found an arm. The God King reached a clawlike hand to Siris’s face, ripping at the skin.
 Siris ignored the pain, methodically grabbing his enemy by the head and pounding his skull against the floor.
 Like a primeval man breaking open a fruit with a tough rind.
 Time passed. Siris eventually came to himself in the prison, kneeling over the God King’s bloodied corpse. Raidriar, the God King, did not breathe. Siris’s own breathing went in and out with ragged gasps.
 His eyes finally worked, but he didn’t see much. An open cell of rough-hewn rock—the soul prison in which the Worker of Secrets had been held.
 Much of the floor was coated with dried blood. His, and that of the God King.
This is what I can do, he thought. When I let my dark self free.
 He forced down those instincts. It was a struggle, one nearly as difficult as killing the God King had been. Eventually, Siris reached forward and pressed his thumbs into the God King’s eyes, bursting them, though the creature’s skull had been cracked wide open by his attacks.
 The skull would heal—but the eyes would come last.
 “Thanks for the tip,” Siris said, stumbling to his feet.

To be continued

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