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Gears Weekend Recap September 9, 2011

Gears Weekend Wings and Boomers

Gears Weekend Wings on TwitterBoomber BlastWith the Gears of War 3 launch just a little over a week away, people were working very hard towards getting their wings this past Gears Weekend. It’s great to see so many of you accomplished the task!  The Boomer Blast was very successful and from what you were telling us, a real challenge. Congrats to those of you who managed to get your wings with all of the boomers… booming! Twitter user Jedi_Kez noted, ” #GearsWeekend is great for ranking up! Those boomers are big, slow, and easy to hit across the map! Just keep yer head down!” Good advice, I hope Carmine reads it.

GCON Banner

GCON Community Night 4.8: The Last Stand

Community Night 4.8 was Gears Community Online Networks official send off to Guardian. This is The Last Stand! They assigned their staff to either the Coalition or Locust. The team that came out on top were given special hashtags to enter for one of five prizes that were given away during their live stream.

One XP Event Left Before Launch

Veteran GearIt’s hard to believe that this coming #GearsWeekend XP event will the last before launch! We’re wondering where the time has gone. Along with the extra XP, we’ll also have another fun event to keep you busy! Good luck to everyone trying to earn their wings before the launch of Gears of War 3. Here is the extra XP information:

9-16-2011 9:00 AM EST Through 9-19-2011 9:00 AM EST 25X

OUR WINNER! Congratulations to Tyrol Yome! Tyrol won his very own Hanover Cougars Beta Tester T-Shirt.


Gears Weekend: Boomer Blast and 20x XP!


Gears of War 2 Horde Event BoomerEpic Games Lead Gameplay Programmer Joe Graf (@EpicCog) has declared that this Gears Weekend event will be named, “Boomer Blast”. There will be waves of Boomers, Boomers and more Boomers. So good luck staying alive! Be sure to use the #GearsWeekend hashtags to let us know if you survived. If you did survive, share your tips and tricks on how you did! Joe also mentioned via Twitter that he will extend the event since he was late setting it up.


Only 2 More Weekends of Extra XP Before the Gears of War 3 Launch

XP Will also be increased to 20x. This is our next-to-last Gears Weekend and XP event, so be sure to get in some play time.

Our last XP event before the launch of Gears of  War 3 will be 9-16-2011 9:00 AM EST Through 9-19-2011 9:00 AM EST 25x XPGears of War 3 Beta Tester T-Shirt

Tell us About the Boomers with the #GearsWeekend Hashtag for a Chance to Win!

One random person who uses the #GearsWeekend hashtags this weekend to tell us how they’re battling the Boomers, will win a Hanover Cougars t-shirt. Be sure to let us know if you’re enjoying the event!