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Gears Gals and Operation Supply Drop Charity Raffle

Operation Supply Drop Crimson OmenOperation Supply Drop has a Gears of War Judgment poster signed by developers at Epic Games in their raffle this month during Gnash Bash. The Gears Gals are working to try to get Operation Supply Drop as much money as possible towards their next care packages, which will go to US troops overseas. Operation Supply Drop does their best to give a feeling of fun and entertainment to those who are serving in war zones, by sending games and gaming related items.

For more information click HERE. This raffle is for US residents only. The raffle winner will be chosen next Wednesday, Feb. 27th during a special Gnash Bash event on Brittality’s Youtube Channel starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

The sign up for the special event will be in the group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/GearsGals/

Also if people would like to know more about what Operation Supply Drop does you can direct them to their FB page:


Gears Gals and Operation Supply Drop Raffle Event

By J. Rodriguez

Operation Supply Drop Crimson OmenThe Gears Gals are teaming up with Operation Supply Drop to help show love to the real life COG, our military. Operation Supply Drop has a Gears of War Judgment poster signed by the folks at EPIC and the Gears Gals are working to try to get them as much money as possible towards their January care packages which will go to US troops overseas. Operation Supply Drop does their best to give a feeling of fun and entertainment to those who are serving in war zones, by sending games and gaming related items.

The cost of each raffle ticket for a chance to win the poster is ONLY $3.00! People can purchase as many tickets as they want. To enter or simply make a donation go to this link: https://fronttowardsgamer.com/osd/ and scroll down to the ISIS AGENT on the right side of the screen, then click CHIP IN and make a donation. We will be announcing the winner at a special Gnash Bash to be held Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 9pm EST which will be streamed LIVE on@Brittality‘s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/brittthegamer.

If anyone is interested in signing up for the Gnash Bash you can request to join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GearsGals/

Team Razer Streaming Gears of War 3 for Charity

Team Razer will be back once again for 24 hours of gaming for the Children’s Miracle Network. Last year, they raised over $20,000.00 and this year, they’re shooting for $25,000.00!

The stream will start tomorrow morning, October 20th at 10:00 PDT on Twitch TV.


Epic Games has donated some Gears of War 3 DLC codes for the stream. The team will also be streaming Borderlands 2.


Pink Lancers Fight Cancer 2

By Craig “Craigums” Kaufman

Coming in two very short weeks, Dedicated Servers (Formally GOWCharity) is hosting the 2nd annual Pink Lancers Fight Cancer event, a 24 hour Gears of War marathon benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Last year, Dedicated Servers along with Epic and their pink Lancers raised over $3,000 to benefit Breast Cancer Research and Prevention. This year, we would love to top that amount while continuing to fight breast cancer. The Dedicated Servers crew has expanded Pink Lancers to welcome the Gears of War community, such as The EGFC, GCON, Warhoundz, Epic Games Universe, Gearz and Beers, and many more.

The event starts October 12th (Noon PM EST) till October 13th (Noon PM EST). What should you expect in a 24 hour livestream event? Dedicated Servers will host special guests from the gaming community, play Horde, jump into some random matches, and give away prizes to viewers, as well as people who donate.

If you donate, you will be eligible for our prize raffle, which includes a new Pink Retro Lancer compliments of Epic Games! We will also have prizes you can win from our other sponsors, as well as lots of surprises for those watching. If you want to join in and play Gears, The Epic Games Forum Crew and Gearz and Beers will be hosting lobbies, so make sure to follow https://www.twitch.tv/team/pinklancers for all the livestreams of the event.

For the latest in news about Pink Lancers Fight Cancer, follow @PinkLancers on Twitter, as well as checking out PinkLancersFightCancer.com. You can also Check out the EGFC post on the Epic Games Forums. To make a donation, go to StayClassy.org/PinkLancers2. To watch all the action take place, go to https://www.twitch.tv/team/pinklancers. To see the full list of streamers taking part, go to https://www.twitch.tv/team/pinklancers. Any other questions, tweet it to @PinkLancers.


Operation Supply Drop: Crimson Omen

Steven Machuga Operation Supply Drop Crimson OmenFor nearly two years, retired Captain Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga has been putting together care packages for U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan.  He spent a total of two calendar years deployed overseas with the 82nd Airborne Division and 2nd Infantry Division to 13 straight months in Iraq.  In that time, he learned what an impact good care packages can have on morale for the troops overseas.  As a gamer himself, Stephen realized that video games are a popular item to see in a care package and an excellent way for us to give back to the troops.  Therefore, Operation Supply Drop, his charity, focuses on video game care packages from various game development studios as well as donations from the public.

The care packages are such a success that Steve reached out to us with the idea of a Gears-themed care package.  The care package is called “Crimson Omen” and Steve is looking to raise additional funds to help make it extra special.

You can get more information about Operation Crimson Omen here as well as have the opportunity to donate to support the wishlist items for the soldiers!  Below are some photos of a past care package that Epic Games donated to as well.