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Gears of War Cosplayer Studio Visit

Gears of War Cosplayer GroupSome of our biggest fans traveled hours to celebrate the launch of Gears of War: Judgment with us on March 18th.  They brought with them an arsenal of amazing hand made COG armor which they proudly wore for a tour of the Epic Games studio.

Along the tour the costuming group had the opportunity to meet Art Director Chris Perna, Assistant Producer Andy Bayle, and CEO Tim Sweeney who were truly impressed by their costuming talent and honored to have them visit.

Among the costumers were Brian Mead and his wife Robin as the ultimate Gears of War couple, Marcus and Anya.  Dale Harvey wore his incredible golden Palace Guard armor while George Lampard and his friend Cruz Cockman represented the Carmine brothers.  Miranda Dombroski was all armored up in her own original female COG design made with real steel plates!  The group was kind enough to share their passion for creating these costumes in the video below:

After the tour the group joined the Epic Games team for a few of the local midnight launches for Judgment.  Having them along made the events even more fun and it was very exciting to meet such creative Gears fans!  Check out more great photos below.

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Attention: Los Angeles Gears of War Fans!

Sam-Byrne-Flame-Grenadier-Cosplay8Funny or Die and IGN are putting together a comedy web show centered on the upcoming game “Gears of War: Judgment” for Xbox 360.

The video will be hosted by comedian Kumail Nanjiani, best known for “Portlandia,” “The Indoor Kids” and the new show “Newsreaders.” They are in need of Gears fans in the Los Angeles area who have fan-made Locust and COG costumes.

Chosen fans will participate in a sketch comedy video shoot the weekend of February 9th and 10th.

Fans who are available and interested should send photos of their costumes and headshots to the following email: funnyordiecasting@hotmail.com

You must be eighteen years or older to participate!

Dale Harvey’s Boomshield Pendant

Boomshield Pendant, by Dale Harvey

boomshield3For my first project of the year, I wanted to make a Boomshield to go along with my Locust Theron Guard Cosplay.  That build is going to be out of EVA foam, but of course I need to have a few templates created in AutoCAD.

Once this was done, I liked my current design and wanted to see if I could quickly turn it into a 3D design and make a cool necklace that my wife or I could wear if we wanted.

The 2D to 3D conversion wasn’t that difficult since I work with AutoCAD every day, and once I scaled the finished 3D model down to something a bit more wearable, I exported my work off to Shapeways. Within a week, I had the awesome first prototype sitting in my hot little hands.

boomshield2It wasn’t until I actually got the model in my hands that I cooked up the plan to drill out a few holes and see if I could wire the finished product up with a few LEDs.

Over the course of the last two nights I got to prime, and paint the white puck with its base colors. Using a sponge and paper towels, I added a bit of texture to the drying paint.  As the paint was drying, I cut four small pieces of wire and twisted them together in pairs and then went about attaching them to a coin battery holder and the LED lights that they would power.  Granted, putting a resistor on the wires would have been a good idea, but I decided to just go with the straight circuit as space was at a premium on the back of the pendant.

After a few applications of hot glue to hold the wires down and to keep the post of the LEDs from shorting each other out, we had our final finished necklace.

This is a base prototype and as always I learned a ton from making it! To make it nice and neat I was going to put I nice cap on the back to hide all the wires and such, but the Locust are inventive by nature, so I felt that leaving the wiring exposed on the back was a better choice.

Thanks for taking a look!



Zadra’s Anya Stroud Cosplay

Anya CosplayEpic Gamer and Gears of War Fan Zadra from the Epic Forums shared some pictures of her fantastic cosplay of Anya Stroud. Her attention to detail is amazing!

Zadra says, “As a big Gears of war fan, when I saw Anya Stroud finally geared up as a COG soldier in the third installment of the game, I became very interested in trying to replicate her armor.”

Zadra explained that the costume took about six months to build. “Using detailed character model images and NECA’s Anya Stroud action figure as reference, I created detailed pattern templates which I transferred on to EVA foam. I molded the foam pieces using a heat gun, and carved textures out with a dremel tool. Each piece was coated in plasti-dip before spray painting and adding more details with acrylic paint.”

You can read more about the Anya Cosplay on the Epic Forums.

Epic Gamer Cosplay: Sam Byrne

While cramming for exams, Epic Gamer and forum member chanzlyn decided to create a Sam Byrne cosplay. She hoped to have the cosplay done in time for GenCon 2012, and while it was close, she managed to get it done.

The resemblance to Sam Byrne in some of the photographs is uncanny!

Chanzlyn said used craft foam and EVA for the armor and she had a blast creating it. She also enjoyed posing for pictures for and with fans at GenCon.

What is next for this amazing cosplay artist? Time will tell, but we’re sure it will be amazing, whatever it is! Watch for her latest creations on Lucky’s Cosplay Facebook Page.