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A Skaarj for Your Desk!

skaarjpapercraftMetalfist from the Epic Forums posted a great Papercraft project in the Epic Gamers forum.

You can scale them to your liking using Pepakura Designer and you will need the Pepakura software in order to open the .pdo files.

Metalfist included some tips in the Readme file for this project.



The models included are:
– Skaarj warrior standing
– Skaarj warrior sitting and inspecting claw
– Skaarj Trooper
– Pupae
– Warlord
– Queen

utweaponspapercraftThe Instructable with download is available at https://www.instructables.com/id/Skaarj-Papercraft

Metalfist has also created a set of Unreal Tournament Papercraft weapons! Everything from the Bio Rifle to the Translocator is included.

You can find more information and the download at https://www.instructables.com/id/Unreal-Tournament-1999-Weapons/

If you would like to see your content posted on our community site, Facebook page and twitter, check out the Epic Gamers forum. There you can post your tutorial videos, cosplays, fan art and fiction, anything you would like to share with the community. For more information, check out this welcome post. To see more artwork from Epic Gamers, be sure to catch the EpicGamers group on deviantART.


Infinity Blade II – Map of The Castle by DangerCZ

In the “oldy but goodie” category is this detailed Infinity Blade II Castle map posted by Infinity Blade forum member DangerCZ. The map explains what you need to accomplish to get to the end of the game and has a legend which shows different items and fighting areas around the levels in the Castle.

If you’re having trouble finishing the game or just want to play through again, this map will be a big help!



Epic Gamer Crotale’s Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpaper

Epic Games Forum member “Crotale” has been creating awesome Epic Games fan art for years. I first saw Crotale’s art when Unreal Tournament 2004 was released. Over the years, he and I have shared our artwork with each other personally, on the Epic Forums and on deviantART. Crotale is a devoted Epic Gamer who loves to share his work with other fans and has become a very valued member of the community. His wallpapers grace the desktops of many fans of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament.

Last year, he created this wallpaper is devoted to Gears of War, the Hammerburst and Valentine’s Day. Crotale says, “Pinkburst is a V-Day tribute to all lady gamers out there. But, hey guys, you all can use it, too.” I figured it was time for a repost so you’re ready for the holiday!

Crotale's Valentine's Day Wallpaper Hammerburst

GCON: Wingman Buyers Guide for 2013

Valentines-COGTagsLooking for that perfect gift for your Wingman? Well look no further, GCON has got you covered!

They have gift ideas for your favorite Gears of War fan at all price ranges and styles. Or you could pamper your cute little Gearhead with a nice dinner, a footrest and a new Razer Sabertooth controller to play his or her  favorite game.

No matter your budget, the GCON Wingman Buyers Guide for 2013 has something for you!

Dale Harvey’s Boomshield Pendant

Boomshield Pendant, by Dale Harvey

boomshield3For my first project of the year, I wanted to make a Boomshield to go along with my Locust Theron Guard Cosplay.  That build is going to be out of EVA foam, but of course I need to have a few templates created in AutoCAD.

Once this was done, I liked my current design and wanted to see if I could quickly turn it into a 3D design and make a cool necklace that my wife or I could wear if we wanted.

The 2D to 3D conversion wasn’t that difficult since I work with AutoCAD every day, and once I scaled the finished 3D model down to something a bit more wearable, I exported my work off to Shapeways. Within a week, I had the awesome first prototype sitting in my hot little hands.

boomshield2It wasn’t until I actually got the model in my hands that I cooked up the plan to drill out a few holes and see if I could wire the finished product up with a few LEDs.

Over the course of the last two nights I got to prime, and paint the white puck with its base colors. Using a sponge and paper towels, I added a bit of texture to the drying paint.  As the paint was drying, I cut four small pieces of wire and twisted them together in pairs and then went about attaching them to a coin battery holder and the LED lights that they would power.  Granted, putting a resistor on the wires would have been a good idea, but I decided to just go with the straight circuit as space was at a premium on the back of the pendant.

After a few applications of hot glue to hold the wires down and to keep the post of the LEDs from shorting each other out, we had our final finished necklace.

This is a base prototype and as always I learned a ton from making it! To make it nice and neat I was going to put I nice cap on the back to hide all the wires and such, but the Locust are inventive by nature, so I felt that leaving the wiring exposed on the back was a better choice.

Thanks for taking a look!