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New Event: “The Roof is on Fire”

It’s going to get awfully hot this weekend in the Special Event playlist! Everyone will be spawning with Scorchers in in Team Deathmatch and the event is live now. Be sure to keep an icy drink on-hand to keep you cool! We recommend Imulsion, but lemonade will do just fine!

Don’t forget to give us your feedback about our Scorcher event in the comments below, or this weekend on twitter using the #GearsWeekend hashtags.

New Event: Lightning Round EXE!

The new event this week is Lightning Round Execution.

There will be no Boomshield, Breechshot, Flamethrower, Vulcan or One Shot.

Here are the rules:

  • First to seven rounds wins.
  • 1 Min. Round Time
  • 5 Sec. Bleed Out
  • Friendly Fire On
  • Classic Stalemates are on


Checkout map

Also, in the VIP playlist we’ll have 24/7 Checkout EXE!

Thank you for your suggestions! Check back next week to learn about our next Gears of War: Judgment event.



New Event: Longshot, Breechshot, One-shot

Watch your heads! Take aim this weekend in our Snipers only playlist for Team Deathmatch! The fun begins tomorrow. Don’t forget to give us your feedback about our “Longshot, Breechshot, One-shot ” event in the comments below, or this weekend on twitter using the #GearsWeekend hashtags.

Gears of War Longshot

Gears of War Judgment First Week Event!

Gears of War: Judgment Event


This week’s special event in Gears of War: Judgment is Breechshot and Spot Grenade only in Domination. You will receive a ribbon if you participate in the event.

Be sure to try and find the Gears Reaper!

Reaper_MedalEpic developers will be using the Gears Reaper skin. If you kill them, you’ll get a special medal and weapon skin! Also, look for these gamertags – these players will be wearing the Reaper skin.


Click here for more information about the Gears Reaper! If you would like to nominate someone to be the Reaper, you can post in THIS thread or on Twitter using the hashtag #GearsReaper.

Earn a custom weapon skin this week!

Play between March 19th and March 28th on the special event playlist to receive the special Team Pulse weapon skin!


Gears Weekend: King of the Gnasher and 4x XP

Gears Of War3 KOTHThe #GearsWeekend event is now live!  This week we have the King of the Gnasher playlist; King of the Hill with one round and the score limit is 210. Your loadout will be a Gnasher and Snub. We’ve also upped the XP to 4x!

Let us know what you think! For fans on Twitter, join in on the Gears of War 3 and King of the Gnasher conversation by using the hashtag #GearsWeekend.