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Need Help Learning to Play Infinity Blade II?

Here is all you need to defeat the God King, learn the gems and continue to NG+. Along with the official guides, members of the Infinity Blade community have put together some amazing tutorials to help you on your quest.

Epic Gamer and forum member =Silver= is a respected and active member of the the community. Not only that, but he has also had one of the Infinity Blade swords named after him to thank him for his contributions to the community. If you’re looking to use the Dual Wielding weapon class, Silver’s Dual Guide will help you master the class. Silver thanks forum members Bladet, DarthDuck and Aussie3 for their contributions to the thread. Complete with animated gifs from the game, this guide breaks down the moves for the different bosses to assure your success.

If you want to learn more about NG and OG, visit DarthDuck’s NG FAQ thread. The thread also contains links to other useful forum threads. Darth covers attack speeds, the best weapons, difficulty levels and how to get infinite gameplay. Darth has also created an excellent Master Gem List covering each type of Gem.

Pro Gamer Kendall “arCtyC” Smith created two excellent tutorial videos in his “Infinity Blade Tips & Walkthrough Series.” The videos do contain spoilers, so stay clear if you don’t want to know what happens!

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Infinity Blade 2 Reviews Are Coming in Hot!

Infinity Blade 2 Saydhi's Estate

It’s finally here! Infinity Blade 2 is slicing its way through the review circuit, and we’re definitely thrilled that people are enjoying the game as much as we do. We thought we’d share what people are saying about the sequel to Infnity Blade!

Let’s start with a lengthier excerpt from Kotaku, who does a great job showing us some of the key differences between the sequel and its predecessor:

We’re not playing successive generations of a warrior family each trying to storm the same castle this time. We’re going through a branching, altering environment, unlocking new doors and planning new paths. We’re not just swinging better and better swords. We now can dual-wield some blades or use heavy weapons, both of which enable new defensive techniques and offensive combos.

We can now specialize our weapons by adding gems that induce special effects like poison or health re-generation that is triggered during combos.

We even get a story worth caring about, as your first death introduces a twist to what these Infinity Blade games are really about. I re-played the game’s introductory level once and its main loop three times, and, each time, the changes in the enemies and/or pathways made the experience feel new.

Into Mobile says: “The king of iOS gaming continues its reign.” Which we know makes the God King happy. While The Verge lets us know “it’s the day to call in late for work because you spent all night playing Infinity Blade.”

And how about some ratings?

IGN – 10/10
Infinity Blade 2 is a perfect representation of what iOS games are capable of. Chair has created a near-flawless combination of best-of-breed visuals and touch-controlled gameplay.”

Modojo  – 5/5

Infinity Blade 2 is one of the year’s most thrilling video games, a gorgeous and feature packed adventure that demands your attention. In terms if iOS killer apps, it stands alone.”

Touch Arcade – 5/5
“An iOS Masterpiece!”

TouchGen – 5/5
Infinity Blade 2 is bigger, bolder and better than before. It delivers an experience so finely tuned to the abilities of iOS, that it would be hard to replicate perfectly on any other ‘current system’… It’s the killer app that legitimises iOS as a gaming platform, and in a year where the competition has finally had to sit up and take stock.”

Slide to Play – 4/4
“It’s incredibly rare to find such a deep and ambitious game on iOS that’s so masterfully constructed.”

Gamefront – 9/10
“Infinity Blade II sets the bar for graphical fidelity on Apple’s mobile devices, but it opens up the experience pioneered by its predecessor by refining the original and expanding it in just about every way possible.”

GameSpot – 9/10
Deep, accessible, and visually stunning, Infinity Blade II sets the standard for iOS gaming.

Venture Beat – 90/100
“… this is the benchmark, state-of-the-industry level game that everyone should have a chance to play.”