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Original Infinity Blade on Sale for a Limited Time!

Check out the Infinity Blade universe for only $2.99!To celebrate the announcement of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, the original Infinity Blade is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the incredible award-winning world of Infinity Blade, now is your chance!  Check out the AppStore to grab this deal before it’s gone.

Infinity Blade 2 Now Available!

Infinity Blade 2 Siris vs WretchEpic Games, Inc. and its award-winning Salt Lake City-based development studio, ChAIR Entertainment, today announced “Infinity Blade II” has officially launched on the App Store. The highly anticipated follow up to the groundbreaking iOS sword-fighting adventure, “Infinity Blade,” “Infinity Blade II” combines addictive gameplay, breathtaking visuals and an engrossing story to deliver the definitive blockbuster experience on Apple’s world-class gaming platforms.

Infinity Blade 2 Saydhi's EstatePowered by Unreal Engine 3, “Infinity Blade II” features new locations set across expansive and graphically rich 3D environments. Further piercing the story of this mysterious, timeless adventure, players explore an evolving game world filled with new types of rewards and treasures as they battle scores of new powerful enemies and bosses. New fighting styles and weapon classes coupled with deep role-playing elements provide even greater game play variation. “Infinity Blade II” also supports new iOS 5 features such as iCloud, which enables profiles and save games to transfer seamlessly between devices.

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Weapon Classes in Infinity Blade 2: Heavy

In the final post of our Infinity Blade 2 Weapon Class Series we’re going to cover the “Heavy” class.

Infinity Blade 2 Siris vs WretchThe Heavy class in Infinity Blade 2 consists of large and powerful weapons, such as a battle axe or mace. The main advantage of the heavy weapons as they deal a TON of damage to opponents. One swing from a heavy weapon can leave the boss devastated.

There are two limitations to using the heavy class. First, you will swing slower so the heavy class is best used on a slower or lumbering enemy. Secondly, you will be unable to dodge, but you will instead be able to block directionally. If you read the attacks correctly, you can block every attack that may come while wielding a heavy weapon and take advantage of the increased damage with every blow.

If you manage to attack twice from the same direction, you will go into “directional attack mode” and you will be shown where to swing. Do it perfectly to score ultra mega damage!

For more information about the gameplay and weapon classes in Infinity Blade 2, check out this video with ChAIR’s Senior Producer Simon Hurley and Creative Director Donald Mustard.

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Happy Thanksgiving! The Infinity Blade Holiday Helm

Infinity Blade Thanksgiving HelmHave you played with the Holiday Helm in Infinity Blade? The Helm is available in the inventory and you can purchase it with in-game gold. The Holiday Helms change throughout the year, and right now you’ll see the most regal helm of them all, the Thanksgiving Helm.

Other Holiday Helms you may have seen include a Cupid helm for Valentines Day, a springtime helm and a helm for St. Patrick’s Day.
Infinity Blade Now On Sale!

Infinity BladeInfinity Blade, winner of the 2011 Apple Design Award and more than 20 “Game of the Year” & “Top App” awards is now on sale!

You can pick up the game for $2.99 in the App Store for a limited time. Now is your chance to play the game that started it all!


Infinity Blade 2 Previews Roll In – Infinity Blade Goes on Sale

Infinity Blade 2 Previews

Infinity Blade 2 ScreenshotSlide to Play calls Infinity Blade 2 “…a deeper, roomier, more immersive take on one of the best gaming experiences available on iOS.” They go on to say, “As you can tell from the screenshots, this game looks incredible. It has cinematic camera movements and graphics so detailed that some of the environments almost look photo-realistic.”

From Touch Arcade: “It’s everything I wanted in a sequel, and I can’t wait for it to be released.”

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