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ClashMob Elite of the Week: Nicolas Scarola

Our latest ClashMob Elite member is Epic Gamer Nicolas Scarola, who is active on our Infinity Blade forums and known as AgentBlank.  We’ve asked him about his favorite equipment and tips for fellow ClashMob players below:

ba3yhehuGamecenter ID: agentblank
Name: Nicolas Scarola
Level: 2077
Favorite weapon: Oathborn
Favorite weapon class: Dual
Favorite gem: Titan Break +2
Tips: I would suggest to put most of your SP in attack. This way fights go quickly, and you will get XP more quickly. I, of course, would recommend dual, because you do the most damage, and if you can master the art of dodging, dual becomes an unstoppable class. And remember, it takes many hours of practice and playing to become a true master of the game.

Nicholas’ Sirus:


Clashmob Weekend: Dark Fiend Mega Duel!

Vile Majesty and other members of the Infinity Blade forum suggested we ‘up the ante’ for the Clashmob events, and we listened! The Elusive Fusion Helm is up for grabs this weekend as well as the Omega Armor. We’re not going to stop there!


Helmet_FusionTitle: Mega Duel: Dark Fiend
Description: Can you destroy enough Dark Fiends to win an ultimate prize? Destroy 50K level 700 Fiends to win the very rare Fusion Helm! Kill one in time – do your part to defeat them all!
Time:  1/19/13 4:00 PM EST Time
Prize: Fusion Helmet


TArmor_Omegaitle: Ultimate Duel
Description: Can you destroy enough Headsmen to win the Omega Armor? Kill one in time – do your part to defeat them all!
Time:  1/20/13 4:00 PM EST Time
Prize: Omega Armor

Keep watching upcoming Clashmob events for more rare item rewards from Infinity Blade II. We appreciate your feedback and have fun in the upcoming events!

Infinity Blade II Named an All-time best iOS game by Gizmag

Gizmag.com calls Infinity Blade II “iOS’ premiere showcase game.”

“With visuals and gameplay that are among the best on the platform, this sequel built on its predecessor’s successful formula. If you only buy one game for your iPhone or iPad, consider this slash-and-dodge classic.”

Thank you to Gizmag for the honor! Read more and check out the rest of the games, including the Unreal Engine game,  “Bastion” by Supergiant games at Gizmag.

Ealoseum Returns for a Special ClashMob Weekend!

One of the most powerful Deathless Kings from the original Infinity Blade, Ealoseum, will be facing off against the Mob tomorrow in a series of special weekend long ClashMob events! Make sure to set aside time tomorrow and Sunday to take a stab at taking down Ealoseum with fans worldwide!

Infinity Blade Ealoseum

Saturday 4/21:

  • Ealoseum Returns: Ealoseum is filled with blinding rage and will kill you in one blow!  Survive as long as you can!  Reward: Medium Key
  • Ealoseum Sees Red: Ealoseum is out for blood and will destroy you in one strike!  Block as many times as you can!  Reward: 9,000 gold
  • Ealoseum’s Ring: Ealoseum is channeling ancient magics that will kill you in one hit! Survive the magic attacks as long as you can!  Reward: 10,000 gold
  • Dodge This:  Ealoseum is wielding powerful magic! Dodge as many magic attacks as you can! Reward: 11,000 gold
  • Ealoseum’s Fury:   Ealoseum is fighting for his life and will destroy you in one strike! Parry as many attacks as you can! Reward: 12,000 gold

Sunday 4/22:

  • Now Stay Dead:  Ealoseum is finally broken and dizzy – kill him! The Infinity Blade is required inflict damage!  Reward: Enslaver Sword
  • Ealoseum’s Treasure: Reward: Collect as many gold bags as you can! Reward: 25,000 gold

The ClashMob Invasion Has Begun!

Infinity Blade II does it again with the revolutionary ClashMob update that just launched last week.  Now you can team up with other Infinity Blade players across the globe to take down Titans and complete challenges around the clock! 

If you haven’t heard about ClashMob yet, here’s what WIRED, Kotaku, IGN, GameSpot and more have to say about this incredible new iOS experience:

Infinity Blade II ClashMob

“ClashMob speaks to an almost MMO-type experience, but thanks to the way iOS hooks into the cloud, game play can be asynchronous. That is, you can take turns at your own pace — one turn a minute, hour or even day, all at your own convenience.” – WIRED writer Christina Bonnington shares with us in her compelling article on ClashMob.

Shortly after the launch, ChAIR’s Creative Director Donald Mustard showed a live demo of ClashMob events on GameSpot’s “On the Spot”show:

Gamasutra went on to talk about ClashMob with Donald Mustard in their article, “The Social Destiny of Infinity Blade II”.  Donald states: “It’s time for us as game designers to find new ways, new genres, new methodologies, and this is an attempt at looking at the way we interact with these powerful devices that we’re carrying around in our pockets”

Game Informer enjoyed their first week of ClashMob and gave a nice overview of all the new features: “Sometimes you had to completely kill a weaker enemy inside the 30-second time window. Other times players started in the mouths of monsters and had to tap the screen quickly to hold its jaws open for as many seconds as possible. The only non-combat challenge tasks players with tapping as many gold bags as possible within the time limit. One thing was clear from these challenges and others set to debut today, Chair seems constantly open to variety no matter how crazy the objective.”

What’s that you say?  You want even MORE ClashMob info?  Of course you do. Check out these other great articles raving about ClashMob!