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Epic Gamer of the Month: Brittality

Brittality Gears of War 3 Pro GamerThis month, we recognize pro-gamer, personal trainer, writer and star of “The Coalition Report,” Brittality as the Epic Gamer of the month. In this week’s edition of The Coalition Report, Brit talks about Gears of War Judgment and news from the Gears of War community. She has also created quite a few Gears of War tips video you can find on her YouTube channel. Brittality is heavily involved in the Gears of War community and competitive gaming and she is sponsored by TriForce, the creators of fantastic Gears of War weapon replicas and busts.

Brittality has been a Gears of War fan since the very beginning, stating, “The game’s movement, graphics and fast-paced environment absorbed me and quickly became an obsession.  From the time I first held that green “A” to roadie run, my heart morphed into the shape of a Gear COG.”

To show Brit our appreciation, we’ll be sending her a copy of the Gears of War Board Game, a Thrashball Cole Statue and other Gears of War swag. Be sure to give her a follow on twitter!

If you would like to see your content posted on our community site, Facebook page and twitter, check out the Epic Gamers forum. Who knows, you could be our next Epic Gamer of the month! There you can post your tutorial videos, cosplays, fan art and fiction, anything you would like to share with the community. For more information, check out this welcome post.

Win a Trip to E3 2012 and the Noobz Movie Premiere

n00bs MovieEver wish you could be a part of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the game industry’s biggest annual event?

Our friends at Noobz will be making that happen in the Play Like a Champion Sweepstakes. The winner will receive four passes to the Xbox Media Briefing, tickets to the world movie premiere of Noobz, in addition to prizes from movie partners Gaems, Gamer Grub, GUNNAR Optiks and more.

Noobz tells the story of four friends and their journey to compete in the Gears of War 3 national Cyberbowl championship. It will be released later this year. Be sure to follow the noobz page on Facebook for the latest news and information!

noobz Trailer Released

n00bs MovieA clan of aging Gears of War players travel to Los Angeles for the Gears of War Championship at Gamecon in this summer comedy release directed by Blake Freeman and starring Jason Mewes.

Be sure to follow the noobz page on Facebook for the latest news and information!


Gears of War 3 Tips and Tactics by arCtyC

arCtyCWould you like to improve your skills in Gears of War 3? Former Gears of War MLG pro player K.L. Smith, AKA arCtyC has a web series just for you.  Kendall says the show is “all about giving you the most useful in-game tactics to take your game to the next level in Gears of War 3. If you are a beginner or an advanced player, GoW3 Tips and Tactics features something for everyone.”

This week’s episode covers “Right Hand Advantage.” Kendall talks about using your weapon’s position to your advantage. You can see all of the episodes at https://www.youtube.com/show/gow3tipsandtactics. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes!

You can follow K. L. on Twitter and zYn Gaming on Facebook and on the Team AmazYn website at https://reflectzyn.com

MLG Weekly 27 – 6 – Hypefestation

MLG at Hypefestation NickmercsThe Hypefestation Gears of War 3 event is becoming a distant memory, but thanks to the folks at MLG, we have an awesome recap on this week’s MLG Weekly! Event coordinator Jason Barbosa talks about what Hypefestation is all about and how Gears of  War 3 fits in the competitive community. You’ll also get to hear from event participants and see some of the teams in action. Thanks to Epic Gamer iDuskk for calling our attention to this video!

The MLG Weekly series highlights interesting stories from competitive gaming and everything MLG; interviews, behind the scenes footage, player profiles, and more.