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Epic Games at PAX East

pax_east_logo-660x340-650x334Epic Games will be at PAX – East again this year! We will be showing some of the different game modes and maps at the Microsoft booth, #524.

The game mode Execution and the new map, “Haven” will both be shown for limited times.

On Saturday March 23rd Epic Games Sr. Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley will face off against fans in Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer.

If you’d like to play vs Pete or need more information you can visit the Mad Catz booth, #636. Hypefestation - Petenub - Pete Knepley

On Thursday night we’ll have Gears of War: Judgment playable at the  “Madcatz Unveiled” party! Some of the best pro gamers from around the world will be there also, so you’ll have plenty of competition.

The event starts at 9:00 PM and runs until 12:00 AM at Guilt, located on Tremont Street. You must be 21 to enter.

When: Thursday, March 21, 2013
Where: Guilt – 275 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116

Female COG Cosplay by LadySnip3r

While at PAX East this year, I had the fortune of meeting LadySnip3r at our Epic Games panel.  Her female COG armor was fantastic and she has a lot of great knowledge to share about how she created it.  Here’s what she had to say about her COG cosplay and her experience at PAX East:

LadySnip3r Female COG CosplayMy name is Amanda McGinnis, known in the online world as LadySnip3r, and I am a huge Gear-head. I decided to take my love of Gears of War to the next level by creating my own Cog armor. Now I have to preface this by saying that I’m a relatively new cosplayer. I started last year at PAX East 2011 and became hooked. This costume was my first ever attempt at armor, and I probably bit off a lot more than I could chew.

When I first started planning this costume, I was going to be Anya. I then realized that I really didn’t want to wear a wig or dye my hair. My next option was Sam, but I have the pastiest skin color and could never do justice to Sam’s olive tone. After realizing that I didn’t really look like any character, I started to get pessimistic about the whole idea – but then it hit me: I was going to make my own armor. My logic was that there had to be other female Cogs in the war on Sera, I just had to use similar shapes in my armor design as the other characters. Using Anya and Sam (And even a little Carmine) as references, I began creating my armor.

LadySnip3r Female COG CosplayMost of the costume was actually made by re-purposing children’s sporting pads. I used baby shin guards as my gauntlets, knee pads as armor on my shoulder straps, and even ski boots as my huge Cog boots. The rest of my armor (such as the chest and back pieces) were made from cardboard. I shaped the cardboard accordingly and added plumping accessories and craft foam to add details. I then fiber glassed the entire thing so it’s hard. After all that, I spray painted all of my armor and added hand painted details and some splashes of blood.

LadySnip3r Female COG CosplayI wore this costume to PAX East earlier this month and was so happy about the recognition it received. I had a great time at the Epic panel, where I saw quite a few other Gears cosplayers. We had an impromptu shoot outside of the panel and those pictures are some of my favorite of PAX. I also attended the Epic cosplay meet-up, where Gears fans and cosplayers got the chance to meet and take some photos with Cliff Bleszinski and Mike Capps.  I got them to sign my retro lancer and it is now proudly hanging in my game room.

I had an absolute blast making this costume and showing it off at PAX. I’m hoping to make some adjustments to the chest piece and do a Gears of War themed photo-shoot soon.

You can see more of LadySnip3r’s amazing costumes on her Deviant Art page or check out her blog posts on her website Assassionista!

The Road to PAX East: Anya Cosplay Finished!

Anya Stroud Cosplay Costume by PixelKitty

After many sleepless nights, I managed to finish my Anya costume in time for PAX East!  The last few nights were spent painstakingly sewing the leather and fitting the armor with straps and clips.  There were a few last minute mishaps and my accurate wig was lost in an attempt to style it. I was lucky enough however to have a backup wig handy.

Many hot glue burns later, it was finally done!  A bit of bubble wrap (a whole roll actually) and my armor was ready to fly with me to Boston!

Anya Stroud Cosplay Costume from Gears of War 3 by PixelKitty I woke up early on the Saturday morning of PAX and spent a good two hours getting suited up in the armor. The first test to see how well it held up was the one mile walk to the convention center to meet my friend Sonja, who helped me grab these awesome photos of the costume!   I am so excited to finally share the finished work with you all!

I spent the day Saturday with the Epic Games crew, helping Mike Capps and Cliff Bleszinski at the “Epic Games: Past, Present and Future” panel. I passed out our new Epic Gamer shirts to the fans who had stood in line for hours!  After the panel, we met a group of awesome Gears of War cosplayers and got a few group photos as well.

Anya Stroud Cosplay Costume from Gears of War 3 by PixelKittyWe decided to take a trip over to the Triforce booth after the panel to begin prepping for the Cosplay Meetup that wasn’t until 5:00pm that day, only to find out we had fans already lining up!  It was so cool to see so many people excited for our events.  I got to meet so many people and took lots of pictures in my costume with fans. Mike and Cliff were on hand signing Epic Gamer shirts and other Gears related collectibles. It was an amazing experience. Thank you to everyone that came out to say hi!

I really had a blast wearing the costume and while I am proud of my work, I can’t wait to improve on it as well!  I have already ordered a new wig to go with it and plan to create the full under-armor for next time!  I really had a blast wearing the costume and while I am proud of my work, I can’t wait to improve on it as well.  I don’t think I’ll ever really be “done” with this costume because there’s always room to continue improving. I have plans for a post-apocalyptic themed photo shoot with it as well, so I hope to share those photos in the future!  I loved making the armor so much that I already have plans for another Gears of War cosplay.

If you are curious about how I created the costume, be sure to check out “The Road to PAX East” part one and part two.  Also if you’re interested in the other costumes I’ve made, check out my Facebook page or Twitter!

I hope you enjoy the photos of the costume!  Check out the full gallery below:

(Photography by Soulfire Photography)

Epic Gamers take over PAX East 2012!

Epic Games PAX East Panel Epic Gamer Shirts

Epic Games made the journey to Boston this year for the weekend of gaming glory known as PAX East.

Epic Games PAX Easter EggHundreds of our Epic Gamers attended our  “Epic Games: Past, Present, and Future” panel where Epic Games President Dr. Mike Capps and Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski answered the questions you submitted to us, as well as questions from the crowd.  Much to our excitement, there wasn’t a single empty seat in the Naga Theater!  There were lots of great nostalgia moments and facts for our old school fans as well as hints about future projects.  You can check out a replay of the live feed from the panel here!

Throughout the weekend, Jazz Jackrabbit was live tweeting pictures of Epic Easter eggs hidden throughout the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  We saw many of you carrying around the eggs or tweeting us about your egg discoveries!

Epic Games Cosplay Meetup Mike Capps Cliff Bleszinski Gears of WarAfter the panel on Saturday we were surprised to find fans had already begun lining up hours in advance of our Cosplay Meetup at the Triforce booth!  Every one in line early received Epic Gamer shirts and were given the opportunity to meet Mike Capps (@epicactual) and Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb), as well as take their picture with Gears of War cosplayers that stopped by.  Community Manager Will Kinsler (@raczilla) was on hand taking photos and saying hi to fans.  I wore my Anya Stroud cosplay and took lots of pictures next to some amazing Gears cosplayers!  It was an incredible experience to see so many of you take part in this event.

Thanks to all the Epic Gamers, we had a fantastic time at PAX and we hope you did too!  We truly have the best community around and we can’t wait to see you all again next year!

GCON: Lambency Outbreaks at PAX East

GCON will be at PAX East covering all of the news from Epic Games. Rumor has it, people in Boston are going lambent!

The attendees at PAX East will have several opportunities to get involved. Gearscon staff will be passing out “I’m Lambent” stickers to anyone who asks for them and you could win a prize for the spreading the most Lambency at PAX East! Gearscon is also holding a “Hunt for Subject Zero”, where attendee’s must find one of our designated staff members amongst the crowds to win Microbe Plushies compliments of Think Geek.

To find out where to find the staff for your chance to win, follow these lambent GCON staff members:


GCON LogoNot going to PAX?  Don’t worry!  During the week of PAX, GCON will be giving away codes and other goodies to random users using the #GetLambent hashtag on Twitter, with a raffle to help spread  the word of Lambency across the community.

The Lambency Protection Pack Includes:

  • 1 Razer Onza TE Controller
  • 1 Epic Gamer autographed T Shirt (PAX Exclusive)
  • 1 Season Pass DLC Code
  • Some stickers and extra PAX goodies


Good luck and have fun at PAX if you’re going!


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