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Epic Games Make a Wish Visitor

A few weeks ago Epic Games had a very special visit from Robert Llerena, a child from the Make a Wish Foundation.  Robert’s wish was to visit Epic Games, meet the creators of Gears of War and learn about their process for creating games.  One day Robert hopes to have a career in the video game industry, so he wanted to learn more about the skills and techniques required to make games.

Robert and his family joined Epic Games Multiplayer Designer Quinn DelHoyo for a tour of the Epic Games facility.  He had the opportunity to get an inside look at the developer’s offices, arena, playtest lab, mocap studio and even took a few rides down the Epic slide.Robert and Quinn checking out the Marcus Fenix statue at Epic Games

After an in-depth tour, Robert and his family had lunch with Quinn in the arena, followed by an exclusive playtest of never-before-seen content from Gears of War Judgment.  He had the opportunity to try both OverRun and Free-for-all modes against the developers and visiting pro gamers.

It was great meeting Robert and his family and it was so amazing to know that his biggest wish was to visit Epic Games!  Thank you to the Make a Wish Foundation for making such an awesome day possible.

If you’d like to get involved with the Make a Wish Foundation or make a donation please check out this link: https://www.eastnc.wish.org/


Epic Games Podcast: Episode 9 with Quinn DelHoyo

In episode 9 of the Epic Games Podcast, @Raczilla and @iFlak chat with Epic Games Multiplayer Designer, Quinn DelHoyo who answers fan questions about Gears of War: Judgment.

Do you have questions about Gears of War: Judgment? Post them in the comments and we’ll plan to follow up with Quinn in a future podcast.


Escapist Expo Recap!

Future of the Shooter Panel at Escapist ExpoLast weekend the Epic Games crew attended the inaugural Escapist Expo in Durham, NC.  As a part of our gold sponsorship of the event, fans were able to register for the 4 v 4 Gears of War 3 tournament for free on Saturday.  We also had Multiplayer Designer Quinn DelHoyo and Lead Level Designer Jim Brown on hand to emcee the event and meet fans.

Also on Saturday Quinn and Jim shared their thoughts about the shooter genre on the “Future of the Shooter” panel along with developers from Insomniac Games and Red Storm.  The panelists shared some really interesting thoughts about shooters using virtual reality-type technology in the future or incorporating other genres to include all types of players.

Epic Games playing against the fans at Escapist ExpoPrior to the tournament Quinn, Jim, QA Testers Brian Roberts and Donald White all faced off as a team against players that wanted to try their hand at beating the Gears 3 developers.  There was also an autograph signing with the Epic Games team and fans were treated to Gears of War: Judgment posters and Fortnite Durrrburger hats.  There were lots of great Gears of War cosplayers at the event as well including an Anya Stroud, Sam Byrne, Marcus Fenix and Onyx Guard.

Team Hotel Winners of the Gears 3 Tournament at Escapist Expo with PixelKitty

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Gears of War 3 Updated Playlists

Hypefestation - Petenub - Pete KnepleyEpic Games Senior Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley and Multiplayer Designer Quinn DelHoyo want to be sure that players are getting the best online experience possible with short wait times and more players. They asked you to tell us your thoughts about the Gears of War 3 playlists you want removed or consolidated in THIS thread on the Epic Forums.

The results are in, and below are the new consolidated playlists. Under Forces of Nature, you will find the “Old School” Playlist, which is Alpha and Zeta combined; Alpha rules with no stopping power and no active reload bonus. You’ll start with the Lancer and Gnasher and there is no Hammerburst, Retro Lancer or Sawed Off. Under Old School you will find Execution and King of the Hill. Because of the nature of the playlist, custom weapon skins will not be available.

In the Standard playlist, you’ll find the “Mercenary” playlist. This was formerly “We’re All Stranded Now.” Under Mercenary you’ll see TDM and KOTH with no parties. For those of you without the Forces of Nature DLC, please choose the TDM No DLC playlist and Player’s Choice playlist, with all game modes cycled.

One important thing to note, we’ll be monitoring the activity of the playlists as well as your comments so be sure to let us know what you think with comments here or the Epic Forums. We hope to have the new playlists will be live later today.


Forces of Nature

  • Old School
    • Execution (4 man)
    • King of the Hill (4 man)
  • Capture the Leader
  • Wingman


  • Team Deathmatch
  • Mercenary
    • Team Deathmatch (No parties)
    • King of the Hill (No parties)
  • Warzone
  • Execution
  • Guardian
  • KOTH
  • Team Deathmatch No DLC
  • Player’s Choice


Current Gears of War Playlists: What are Your Thoughts?

Gears Of War3 KOTHEpic Games Senior Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley and Multiplayer Designer Quinn DelHoyo want to know your thoughts on the following playlists. We’ll be consolidating some of the Gears of War 3 playlists and we want to know which are your favorites. The purpose of the change-up is to give players the best online experience possible with short wait times and more players. Let us know your thoughts about the playlists and any playlists you’d like to see removed or consolidated.

Post your answers in the comments below or post in THIS thread on the Epic Forums. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

No stopping power, no active reload bonus.
Stranded TDM
TDM with no parties.
Stranded KOTH
KOTH with no parties.
Brothers to the End
Two versus two TDM
Alpha EXE
Four versus Four Execution with Lancer and Gnasher as starting weapons and some custom weapon swaps
Alpha KOTH
Four versus Four KOTH with Lancer and Gnasher as starting weapons and some custom weapon swaps