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An Amazing Gift From Alvaro Bravo

Alvaro Stuardo Bravo has been impressing us for almost two years with his amazing sculptures. Since those first sculptures, his talent has continued to grow and he is quickly becoming a world class artist. Alvaro recently surprised us with a beautiful sculpture based on the Gears of War: Judgment Reaper. I carried it around the studio and people were so amazed at the detail. It will soon find it’s home hanging on the Epic walls.

Epic Gamer and artist Tim Fangon chats with Alvaro about sculpting and other mediums he enjoys.

966372_331802133613500_473553535_oTim F: How did you get started sculpting?

Alvaro B: I started sculpting 2 years ago with a lot of questions about materials and techniques, learning from YouTube and after all the research now I feel more confident about my sculptures.

I started after I saw “Inside the Wicked Workshop” on YouTube from Chris Perna, to me was very inspiring.

TF: Who is your favorite Gears of War Character to sculpt?

AB: Definitely Marcus Fenix, I believe Marcus is the most awesome Character in the game. :)

TF: Could you describe the process for the sculpture?999059_10151843181449230_2052617188_n

AB: I start with an armature made of metal, then I cover the armature with aluminum foil. Then I start modeling the clay over the aluminum foil with rough shapes until I feel comfortable with the results. I bake the clay and the statue is ready for the paint job!

TF: What kind of clay do you use?

AB: I use Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm which is a type of polymer clay that can be molded and put into a conventional oven to harden.

TF: How did you make it look like bronze?

AB: That was the paint job made it by my Girlfriend Carla, she painted several layers of different colors to get that finish and then she added some clear coats to bring some shine :)

964503_342751579185222_34180249_oTF: Did you know the sculpture will be on display at Epic Headquarters?

AB: That’s gonna be Fantastic! And makes me feel very happy because you guys likes what I do, to me is an honor.

TF: When did you start sketching?

AB: I been sketching all my life, I love to make drawings and When I saw Gears of War I knew that I wanted to keep improving my sketches. I loved to make drawings using just a regular ball pen and maybe some polychromes!

TF: How long have you been drawing?

AB: All my life! Since I was 4 years old.

TF: Do you create any art on PC?

AB: Yes. I make drawings using Photoshop and recently I started using Z-Brush which is pretty awesome. :)

TF: Which do you like to do more, sketch or sculpt?

AB: I don’t know which is better but I try to do both things because one helps to improve the other and because both makes me happy.

Alvaro on deviantART
Epic Gamers on deviantART

Gears of War: Judgment Reapers and New Arukun14 Artwork!

September 10th 2013 – September 17th 2013
6sept_reaperbodyv5final_lo_by_arukun14-d6l8mjzEach week, members from the Gears of War community will be chosen to be the Epic Reaper. Members will be chosen based on their contributions to the community. We also wanted to showcase some artwork recently created by Tim Fangon of Team Epic Gamers. “Arukun14” has been creating art based on all of Epic’s IPs for a few years now, and he never fails to surprise us with his work. Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing some more amazing Gears of War: Judgment Reaper art, so keep watching!

You can follow Tim on the following sites and social media. You can find the original Reaper post HERE.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/arukun14
Instagram: https://instagram.com/arukun14
Twitter: https://twitter.com/arukun14

Our new group has been chosen! We’re still waiting to hear back from some more reapers so stay tuned.

5sep_cartoonreaper_by_arukun14-d6l8ojeEach will receive a custom Gears of War: Judgment dog tag.

You will still also be able to find some of the developers from Epic Games playing as the Reaper as well as Raczilla, Cher, Zap, DarkAp89 and Fl4k, and the Reaper Festival Reapers, I EV0L 0NE I, Alex Brand LE and LeMansFahrer.

Be sure to join them this week, because rumor has it that @Petenub has doubled the XP in Gears of War: Judgment!

Julio – Brazil – Gamertag: JPK l P4L4D1N0
Max – Brazil – Gamertag: Morocoto
Idris – UK – Gamertag: ImDzombieLegend
Wendy – UK – Gamertag: Mad Bad Vixen 
Alex – US – Gamertag: ElJibaro25
Stefano – Italy – Gamertag: STEPLATONE

Follow the Reaper_Tracker for hints where they will be. Thanks to Gnashes and Bizkitdoh for the feed and good luck slaying the Reaper!

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards from Tim Fangon!

Epic Games Valentine 2013Epic Gamer Tim Fangon is at it again. Even though he’s very busy with school, Tim has taken the time to create a new Valentine’s day image for you to print out for your favorite Valentine.  Last year, Tim created a whole set of Valentine’s Day cards to print. Here is a repost:

Show your love how much you care with a custom Valentine’s Day card designed by Epic Gamer Arukun14! The cards are suitable for printing and will be cherished by any Gears of War fan.

Pick your favorite card from the gallery below and print it for your Valentine. If you want to see more amazing art inspired by our games, head over to the EpicGamers deviantART group. We’d love for you to join and post your work too!



Savage Grenadier Elite 1:2 Scale Statue WIP

Infinitydesigns from the Statue Forum is creating an amazing Savage Grenadier Elite Statue for a friend, based on the fan art of Epic Gamer, Tim Fangon. The statue stands over four feet tall and so far, over 100 kgs of clay has been used on it!

You can see more work from Infinity Designs on their Facebook page. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the work on the Savage Grenadier Elite progresses!

Epic Gamer Artist: Blake W

Welcome to a new issue of ‘Epic Gamer Artists’. Tim here, to bring you a feature this week from the Epic Gamers on deviantART.

We have Blake W. from Charleston, gamer, traditional painter. He has a few words about how he went with his Gears acrylic painting.

Tim: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do.

Blake: Well I’m 30 years old, I live in Charleston, WV, and I spend my days working a day job, spending time with my fiancé, painting, and playing a video game or two.

T: Are you a gamer? Do you play Gears of War?

B: Yes I’m a pretty avid gamer, I started playing video games with the Atari and I haven’t really stopped since. Over the past couple of years I haven’t had as much time to play games as I would like, but the big releases (like the Gears of War games) I still buy on day one.

T: Do you work professionally, are you in school for art, or is this a hobby of yours?

B: I discovered I love to draw as a kid around kindergarten and I have continued to draw/paint since then. I have a BA in fine art from West Virginia State University, but I work at a full time job where I don’t get to do what I really love which is make art. Although it isn’t yet my main source of income, I do get take on some freelance gigs/commissions as well as sell my artwork online. The goal is to eventually be a full-time artist, and have my art be everywhere; comics, book covers, video game covers, that’s the dream.

T: Looking in your gallery, you seem to favor traditional mediums. Would you like to tell us a little bit about the stuff you use? You certainly use acrylic for most of your pieces!

B: I do in fact favor traditional mediums, acrylic paint being the one I use the most. I have used oil, watercolor and gouache paint in the past, but I prefer acrylic because of the quick drying time. I like being able to do a painting and scan the painting in the same day. I use a earthy toned kind of muted and limited pallet for all of my paintings to keep a consistent look.

T: The Gears entry you had for the “Gears United” contest. Tell us a little bit about that. What inspired you to create something so awesome? You have an interesting style, very painterly.

B: When I first read about the Gears United contest I knew right away I wanted to enter a piece. I looked at a ton of screenshots, watched all of the trailers that had been released and did a ton of sketches to nail down what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted the painting to feature Marcus in a kind of us vs. them moment and have some of the other cogs behind in the background. I just wanted it to be this very tense second right before everything goes down. I used some pretty broad paint strokes around the bottom of the painting to kind show this action/movement as well as paint the background to be very contrasting to Marcus and his lancer.

T: Have you taken a knack at digital painting at all?

B: I do have a wacom tablet that I use from time to time if there is a project I’m working on that requires a digital drawing/painting. I just would really prefer working on a traditional painting rather than digital. My feeling is if I’m working on a painting for hours and hours I would like something tangible at the end to show for it, prints just don’t really do it for me. I’m definitely in the minority these days working traditional, but I think there will always be a place for it. Or so I hope.

T: Do you have any words of inspiration you want to say to the Epic community?

 B: Just to keep doing what you love!

If you want to see more of Blake’s work, check out all of his acrylic paintings on his deviantART page. And of course, be sure to visit the Official Epic Gamers group on deviantART. If you have Epic fan art, show us!