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Epic Games Twitter Headers

Twitter has a great new feature which allows you to add a header image to your Twitter home page. We’ve created a few based on our games and studio for our fans to use. We hope you enjoy them!

To change your header image, go to your settings page on Twitter.com, click on “Design” in the left hand menu bar then click on change header.

Click on the images to see them full size, then right click and save as.

Gears of War 3 Anniversary 5×5 Code Giveaway

In honor of Gears of War first anniversary, Epic Games forum admin “Cher” will be giving away codes on Twitter and the Gears of War 3 forums. Forum moderators *Zap* and DarkAp89 will be helping Cher distribute the codes.

We are also running our Gears of War 3 Anniversary event with special weapon an character skins, Brothers to the End playlist, Creepy Crawlie Horde event and 3x XP!

Don’t forget to leave your feedback about our “Brothers to the End” and “Creepy Crawlie” events in the comments or this weekend on twitter using the #GearsWeekend hashtags. Knowing which #GearsWeekend events you like will help us improve them and bring back your favorites!

The event ribbon was first earned the weekend of 1/26/2012, so if you didn’t earn it then, be sure to get it now!

Gearscon’s PAX Prime Prize Pack Giveaway

Written by Waldo Kinne, aka WaldoRtk7

PAX Prime starts on Friday August 31st, and Gears Community Online Network (GCON) will be there in full force covering all the Gears of War: Judgment action and all the latest from Epic Games. Also, just like PAX East, we’ll be doing something for those who aren’t able to attend PAX Prime. We’ll giving away some very awesome and rare swag we’ve collected from our travels this year, including a signed Gears of War Board Game by the developers. If that isn’t incentive enough, we’ve also pack a few other choice items inside such as a Chicks Dig The Baird T-shirt, COG Tags, Lambency Stickers, & Gears of War Art Book.

If you are lucky enough to attend PAX Prime, we’ll have some extra swag to give away if you are able to find us out on the show floor. Though be warned, our supplies will be limited! Below are the people to look for at PAX Prime and make sure if you see any of us to say hello and maybe snap a picture! We’ll be retweeting all the images that are sent to the Gearscon Twitter, so if you find some awesome Gears of War action somewhere at the convention make sure to let us know!

@XOcookiesXO @WaldoRtk7 @_FelicityRy

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Skycages Launch Giveaway and ClashMob event!

Skycages update Infinity Blade II
The latest Infinity Blade II update, Skycages launched today! We’ve got lots of cool events going on to celebrate the new update that you can participate in.

For starters, there is a special ClashMob featuring brand new enemies and rewards starting today!  Make sure to download the update in order to use ClashMob first.  Here are all the details about the event:

Petrified Nocs Attack Skycages ClashMob Infinity Blade IIPetrified Nocs Attack

Description: Petrified Nocs have been spotted near the Sacred Ruins! Kill one in time – do your part to defeat them all!
Prize: Undertow Wetsuit
:  8/2/12 4:00 PM EST time


We’re also doing some Infinity Blade swag giveaways on Twitter!

Start using the hashtag #Skycages at 4pm EST for a chance to grab some of this awesome loot:

Infinity Blade II Skycages Swag Giveaway


If you don’t have the chance to participate in the 4pm Twitter giveaway, no problem!  You can still enter by using the widget below for a chance to win the entire pile of swag pictured above! Click Read More to access the widget.    Update: Congrats to our winner Andrew G!

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Epic Gamer Friday Code Giveaways

Fans with Epic Gamer Shirts at the PAX East Cosplay Meetup

This afternoon we’re having an Epic Gamer Friday code giveaway on Twitter.  Tell us what being an Epic Gamer means to you.

Giveaways begin on Twitter Friday, May 25th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern!

To participate in the giveaways, start using the hashtag #EpicGamer on Twitter at 3:00 pm EST to tell us what you think it means to be an Epic Gamer.  We’ll be choosing random people who tweet the hashtag to win a code.  Below are some of the codes you may have a chance to win.  Good luck!

* codes will come from the @EpicGames account so make sure you’re following so we can DM you if you win.