Epic Gamer of the Month: Waldo Kinne

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Gears of War superfan, GCON member and Epic Gamer Waldo Kinne was flagged down at San Diego Comic Con by G4TV’s Jessica Chobot. Jessica asked if he would get a Gears of War tattoo so Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson would announce the release date of Gears of War: Judgment. Being the fan that he is, Waldo said, “Hell Yeah!”  Tattoo artist Steve Soto, aka “Mister Cartoon” inked the design at Tribal Gear’s HQ.

We want to thank Waldo for being such an outstanding member of the Epic Games community and have chosen him as the Epic Gamer of the month. We will be sending Waldo his choice of a Gears of War 3 Team Metal Lancer, Gears of War 3 Electric Green Lancer or Gears of War 3 Deadly Cute Lancer and an Epic Games swag bag.

Gears of War 3 Lancer

Thank you Waldo!

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Gears of War: Past, Present and Future Panel at Comic-Con

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San Diego Comic Con - Gears of War 2 XP Event

The San Diego Comic-Con news continues this week as we reveal our plans for the Gears of War panel.

We’ll have more news about exclusive swag and where you can play the new Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer mode OverRun, but until then, here are the details of the panel.

Gears of War:  Past, Present and Future
San Diego Comic-Con
Friday, July 13, 2012, 2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m., Room: 6BCF

G4 TV Host and video game goddess, Morgan Webb, will serve as moderator as Epic Games comes together to discuss the past, present and future of the Gears of War franchise. The creative and technical minds behind one of the most successful game franchises in history will be on hand to share experiences with attendees.

Panelists include: Epic Games’ Design Director Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) and Director of Production Rod Fergusson, (@GearsViking)  writers Tom Bissell and Rob Auten, and the voice of Baird, Fred Tatasciore. This panel will feature extended Q&A session.

Epic Gamer E3 Experiences

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This year a few of our Epic Gamers got to attend E3 with Epic Games!  E3 is usually for press and industry people only, so this was a rare and fun opportunity for gamers to get hands-on with never-before-seen new games.  Tim Fangon (@arukun14) and Matt Arnold (@GearsGator) took a moment to share their E3 2012 experience with all of us!

Tim Fangon E3 2012 Epic GamerTim F:  “E3 2012 was my second expo, and the experience was no doubt, a blast. The expo was filled with excitement for the upcoming video games, titles, and opportunities for manufacturers to show off their new stuff. Aliens, Borderlands 2 and Gears: Judgment are just some of the games I had a chance to play. OverRun was great; I was able to finish a round for the team in about 1:22 with a Wretch slapping the opposing team’s generator.

While the games were awesome, the best part of E3 was meeting up with people. It was great to see Rod Fergusson, Quinn DelHoyo, and Dana Cowley again, just to name a few.  I met up with the GCON crew, who are obviously great people who show passion in the Gears franchise. I finally met Natalie (PixelK1tty), the one and only awesome cosplayer from Epic Games, and Maury Mountain, Senior Artist at Epic and got the chance to hang out at the Epic Games meeting room. I was able to have a quick chat with Maury, and have some time to try out the demo for the upcoming Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

Was the whole experience awesome? Yes, indeed it was.”

GearsGator Matt Arnold Epic Gamer E3 2012Matt A:  “My E3 2012 experience with the GearsCon crew was certainly a memorable one. From the very first time viewing the outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center to the last few rushed moments walking around the crowded show floor, this past Electronic Entertainment Expo was a blast. Although I was not able to play all of the games being shown off due to lengthy lines, I did receive the opportunity to get my hands on Gears of War: Judgment, Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Aliens: Colonial Marines and a few other exciting titles.

Playing as a Scout in the new Gears Judgment multiplayer mode, OverRun was thrilling and I am eager to play the full game when it is released next year. Beyond just taking in the engrossing sights and sounds of the impressive exhibition hall, making connections with numerous developers from Gearbox, Epic and 343, as well as other industry affiliates, was another aspect of the 3-day convention that I thoroughly enjoyed. My first E3 experience was excellent and I can’t wait until the next one! ”

Thank you to Tim and Matt for taking the time to share the E3 fun!  Check out these awesome photos of our Epic Gamers at the show:


Epic Games Podcast: Episode 2 with Rod Fergusson

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Rod FergussonIn this special E3 episode of the Epic Games Podcast, @Raczilla and @iFlak chat with Epic Games Director of Production, Rod “@GearsViking” Fergusson about Gears of War: Judgment.

If you’re at E3 this week, be sure to stop by the Microsoft booth for your chance to play the gametype “Overrun.” Gears of War: Judgment will be released in 2013.

Listen now:

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E3 2012: Gears Of War Judgment: Gameplay

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Gears of War: JudgmentExclusively from E3 2012: Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson and Multiplayer Designer Quinn DelHoyo talk about the Overrun gameplay in Gears Of War Judgment. The game is coming soon to Xbox in 2013.


Gears of War 3 Title Update 4 Release Notes

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Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature DLCWe are set to release Title Update 4 for Gears of War 3 tomorrow morning at 2:00 AM PT. Once the update is live you will automatically be prompted to download it if you are connected to Xbox LIVE. Read our full list of release notes and be sure to join us Wednesday night (3/21) for a live stream with Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson.  Rod will be talking about the upcoming DLC, “Forces of Nature.” The stream will start at 5:00 p.m. Eastern on the Epic Games Twitch.TV page.  Read more about the stream HERE.

Here are the release notes of Title Update 4.


  • Savage Drone and Savage Grenadier can now “swat” turn in Beast mode
  • Spectator mode now starts viewing a player instead of a battle camera
  • Alternate control users in multiplayer will no longer look at DBNO characters when pressing R3
  • The crosshair for the Longshot and Hammerburst will now show an X if a shot is obstructed.
  • KOTH – ring locators are now visible in spectator mode
  • KOTH – some hill locations have been adjusted


  • The Onyx Guard decoy in Horde will not drop his rifle after exhausting the Vulcan ammo
  • Clients will no longer be stuck with a “Waiting For Players” message up if the host quits Horde during the progression screen
  • Chainsaw audio loop will now persist for listeners who leave the audible range and re-enter it
  • Fixed some instances where special event ribbons would not be properly awarded
  • COG pistol firing rate has been adjusted to be equal on host and clients
  • The Flaming Retro Lancer is now available for attendees of the first special event
  • Fixed some issues fixed related to the destruction of meatbags
  • The Slab start up screen no longer has debug text
  • After a host migration in Horde, the waves will no longer go past 50
  • Cover near the elevator on Hotel no longer allows players to lean outside of the visible area
  • Grenade throwers that are killed mid-throw will receive credit for any kills that grenade causes
  • Silverback will be disabled if hit by a smoke grenade when the driver is in the middle of the exit animation
  • Team Deathmatch time limit no longer resets to 3 minutes when both teams are out of respawns


Rod Fergusson: Forces of Nature Live Stream This Wednesday

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Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature DLCThis Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 5:00 PM ET we will be having a live stream with Epic Games Director of Production, Rod Fergusson. The topic of the stream is the Forces of nature DLC coming on March 27, 2012. There are three brand new maps, Cove, Aftermath and Artillery. Two old fan favorites will be making a return, Jacinto and Raven Down. Join us on our official Twitch.TV channel.

Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature DLCFog, snowstorms and tsunamis will make playing these maps quite an adventure. Fans will also be treated to four character models and seven new weapon skins. Two of the weapon skins, which were designed based on community feedback, will need to be unlocked. There is also 250 gamerscore points added with this DLC. We listen closely to your suggestions and feedback and we’re happy to announce that the game mode Guardian will be making a return with the “Forces of Nature” DLC.

Check out this gameplay trailer from Gametrailers. You can also view a preview of the maps HERE

Epic Games at GDC 2012

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GDC 2012 Epic GamesEpic will host press sessions and meet with developers and partners of its award-winning Unreal Engine technology in Business Suite 800, West Hall, at GDC 2012. In addition, Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski is set to host the Game Developer Choice Awards, and a dozen senior members of Epic’s staff are scheduled to speak at the conference.

We will also unveil a preview of our next-generation game technology, Unreal Engine 4, to select licensees, partners and prospective customers during the exhibition. Space is very limited, and appointments and non-disclosure agreements are required to see the Unreal Engine 4 presentation.

GDC 2012 runs March 5-9 in San Francisco.

Speaker Sessions:



Gears 3 Live Stream with Rod Fergusson December 12th

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Join Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson on Monday, December 12th at 6:00 p.m. EST for a Gears of War 3 live stream.  We’re collecting questions in advance so be sure to post any questions you might have about Gears 3 in the comments below.

To watch the live stream, visit the Epic Games Twitch.tv page December 12th at 6:00 p.m. EST. See you there!

Gears of War 3 Title Update 2 Release Notes

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Hey Gears fans!  At 2 a.m. Pacific tonight we’ll begin rolling out Title Update 2 for Gears of War 3.  While this is in progress dedicated servers will not be available.  Once the update is live you will automatically be prompted to download it if you are connected to Xbox LIVE.

Read our full list of release notes and be sure to join us tomorrow night (11/16) for a live stream with Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson.  The stream will start at 5:00 p.m. Eastern on the Epic Games Twitch.TV page.  If you have questions for Rod about the update, please post them in the comments section below!



  • A spectator mode option has been added to private versus matches for broadcasting by gaming leagues.
    • One player on each team will be able to choose spectator mode during match set up.
    • The matches will be 4v4 with two spectators
  • The Leader and Vengeful medals are now easier to acquire.
  • The mutators Roadie Comet and Regen Enemies are now easier to acquire.
  • Added an option to disable the HUD during multiplayer games for machinima and video creators
  • Added a visual indicator of the next ring’s location during the last 10 ring points in KOTH.


Exploit Fixes

  • The Onyx Field Engineer medal can no longer be prestiged.
  • In Capture the Leader, the overhead Beams on DryDock are no longer accessible.
  • While affected by the Smoke Grenade stun, players will no longer be able to take hostages, pick up weapons or revive teammates.


General Fixes

  • If there is a host migration during Horde, the match will resume at the same wave.
  • Also during Horde, the Combat Engineer ribbon can now be achieved once per wave instead of once per game.
  • The Ranked Disconnect stat will no longer increase when quitting a standard Horde or Beast game.
  • The cringe from the Mortar will no longer cause players to drop their primary weapon.
  • The Hail Mary ribbon is now correctly awarded for long distance Boomshot headshots.
  • Maps will no longer be immediately repeated when choosing random map selection.
  • If the host pauses during a private versus match the game will continue for other players.
    • The game will still pause in the Campaign, Beast and Horde.
  • Potential fix for the rare lost progress issue.
  • Potential fix for the rare profile freezing issue.
  • Beast leaderboard screen no longer refreshes while sending challenges