Where to Find Unreal Tournament!

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utcomAre you looking for the new Unreal Tournament? Head on over to the New Unreal Tournament blog at UnrealTournament.com.

There you can hear all abut the development of the new Unreal Tournament, check out the latest fan submitted concept art, watch gameplay videos and even play the game with an Unreal Engine 4 subscription!

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Essential Gaming: Top 15 Original Soundtracks of the Generation

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OSTCover_FINAL4The website videogamewriters.com recently posted the top 15 video game soundtracks. Two titles from Epic Games made it to the list. They decided to list only original soundtracks, not ones created as compilations. Gears of War by Kevin Riepl comes in as number twelve on the list.

Jen Bosier says, ” It’s easy to forget how revolutionary Gears was when it first released, with every aspect of the game feeling like a grand experiment. This extends to Riepl’s soundtrack which effortlessly blends strong, militaristic themes with foreboding sounds typically reserved for horror offerings.”

At number seven is The Bulletstorm Soundtrack by Michael Cielecki and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz. “Cielecki’s mix of chorals and brass plays as a homage to epic action set pieces and thrilling, tense adventures. There isn’t a weak track on the album and chances are you’ll find yourself remembering your favorite skill shots.”

You can get a track from each of the soundtracks for free from the Epic 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack. You can also download the complete Bulletstorm soundtrack for free, from FilePlanet.



NyLeve’s Legacy Map for Legacy UT

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Fin06_zpsd14a3250Epic Gamer Lord_PorkSword from the Epic Games forums has made another beautiful map for his Unreal Tournament 3 Legacy mod. In NyLeve’s Legacy, we revisit NyLeve Falls with it’s lush vegetation and beautiful scenery.

Lord Porksword says,  “This map stays somewhat true to the original layout with a few changes to accommodate the multiplayer gametypes! While the single player variant will come at a later date, this Multiplayer release is to finally show my re-visualization publicly so you can play against fellow players or bots! I know some folk have been waiting a year for this so I’m happy to finally let you play it!” You can read more release notes HERE on the Epic forums or on the Unreal Old Friends forum.

You can find the main Legacy Mod thread HERE on the Unreal Old Friends forum.

Gears of War Composer Kevin Riepl at PAX East

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Behind the Music of Blockbuster Video Games

kevinrieplEver wondered what it takes to score original music for blockbuster video games? Learn from six of the industry’s most accomplished composers with diverse musical backgrounds as they share their experiences and discuss the craft of scoring music for some of the biggest franchises in interactive entertainment.

Gears of War composer Kevin Riepl will be among the panelists. Two of Kevin’s compositions are available to download for free from the Epic Games 20th Anniversary Soundtrack.

Epic Games 20th Anniversary Soundtrack CoverKevin Riepl ( pronounced ‘ripple’ ) was born in Cliffwood Beach, a little town in central New Jersey. His initial interest in music began at the age of six, when he began to play piano and guitar under the instruction of his uncle, an accomplished guitar and piano player in his own right.

His music has enhanced the visual mediums of television, films and, most notably, video games. Fans of the the Unreal series by Epic Games have been familiar with his work since 2002.

The panel will be held at the Naga Theater , Saturday 3/23 2:30PM – 3:30PM. Click here for more information.

The Unreal Deal Pack is The Daily Deal on Steam!

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The Unreal Deal Pack is on sale on Steam for 66% off! The Deal Pack includes, Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition, Unreal 2, The Awakening, Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor’s Choice Edition and Unreal Tournament 3 Black. That’s five games for $13.59, over $10.00 off! Relive the games that started it all.

The daily deal only last for 24 hours, so grab it while you can!

Unreal Tournament Community Night!

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Unreal Tournament 3Tonight at 4:00 PM EST, staff from Epic Games will get online to play Unreal Tournament 3 with the community. We will be joining the Official Epic UT3 Greed #1 Server.

The guys are a little rusty, but don’t go easy on them. We want them to see how much skill the UT3 community has! If the server gets full, we ask that five of you go to spectate mode so our guys can join. We’ll be adding extra spectate spots today.

We’ll also be streaming the event live at https://www.twitch.tv/epicgames! We’ll be giving out some Epic prizes to random people participating in the chat. We hope to see you tonight! The server information is below.


The Longevity of Unreal Tournament: Part Four

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We’ve come to the end of our “The Longevity of Unreal Tournament” series, and we wind it up with Engine Development & Support Lead and UWindows creator, Jack Porter.

I’d like to thank Jack, Steve, Dave and Shane for participating in the interviews, and a special thanks to the fans of Unreal Tournament who have gone out of their way to say thank you for the series. On with the interview!

Flak: How did you first get involved working on Unreal Tournament?

uwindowJack Porter: I was a huge fan of Unreal from around  1996, hanging out on IRC, reading .plan updates on unreal.org, drooling over screenshots and anticipating its release. I also ran a small Unreal news website. When Unreal finally came out, I had much more fun playing with UnrealScript and working on mods than playing it.

Then when Tim Sweeney released the improved netcode patches and Unreal multiplayer started to get more popular, I wrote an in-game UnrealScript server browser “USpy” that talked to the GameSpy server and allowed you easily jump into a game. I sent that to UT programmer Brandon Reinhart who showed it to Mark Rein, and next thing I knew they wanted to include it in what was then known as “Unreal: Tournament Edition”.

I came on board and did the UWindows user interface system, server browser and a whole lot of miscellaneous stuff for Unreal Tournament and the engine, such as the user interface, decals, scripted textures, network code and demo recording.

F: When did you realize you had a huge hit on your hands?

serverbrowserJP: In September 1999, just before release we took a build to the UK and showed it at a LAN gaming event, with a bunch of professional gamers playing it. It was the first time we’d really put the game in the hands of the hardcore audience, and their reaction was absolutely amazing. But we still weren’t sure many people were going to buy it!

F: What did you think of the community’s response at the time?

JP: Immediately after release, we rightly copped some of flak at the time for a few bugs and issues – unbalanced mirroring of items in some CTF maps, poor Direct3D support, but we released patches and continued to improve the game and provide more content (Bonus Packs, Inoxx Packs etc) and the community really seemed to appreciate it.

F: Does it surprise you that there are still thousands of people who play the game regularly?

jackJP: It doesn’t! When developing UT, we made all the game settings so configurable. If we couldn’t decide between two alternatives, we just made them both available as an option. The hardcore players quickly worked out the best game settings, so some design decisions that could have ruined the game’s changes at longevity were solved by the players themselves. And of course the game code is so extensible and modifiable that the community could continue to tweak and mold it.

F: What are one of your favorite memories of working on the game?

ut99JP: Everyone working in a one big “war room” while we were waiting for our office space to get fitted out. It was such an organic development process. People were just working on adding whatever features they thought were cool and we were constantly trying out new things. I remember when someone suggested we added an announcer voice over, and instantly the game was so much more fun.  We came back from watching The Matrix, and the “jump program” inspired DM-Morpheus.  The Redeemer was named after seeing a sign on a church in North Raleigh. I also remember Steve Polge coming up with a solution to the problem of the bots being way too lethal with the flak cannon when playing on low skill levels – he just made them fire fewer pieces of flak!

You can download some great mods for Unreal Tournament at MODDB. If you’d like to discuss Unreal Tournament and get involved with map making be sure to check out UT99.org. You can also check out the Liandri Archives at Beyond Unreal for a comprehensive history of the Unreal Series.

The Longevity of Unreal Tournament: Part One

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We recently celebrated Unreal Tournament’s 13th anniversary, and I had the chance to interview some of the key people involved in the creation of the game. This was extremely fun for me because as you may know, Unreal Tournament is one of my favorite games of all time. I spent four to six hours a day playing it, for nearly six years straight. I played regularly on Bitkid’s “Fraggalonia Sniper Arena” server and I played with people from all over the world.

The server was in the Netherlands and I played from the west coast of the USA, with a 250-300 ping. It was such a fun experience and had so many awesome people, no one cared what the ping was. High pingers learned how to pop heads just as good, if not better than the locals of Nederland. I’d probably get some heat from that comment.

Enough of my story, let’s get to the guys that helped make the game. I want to thank Steve Polge, Dave Ewing, Jack Porter and Shane Caudle for participating in the interview.

Steve Polge, Senior Programmer

Flak: How did you first get involved working on Unreal Tournament?

Steve Polge: After I released the Reaper bot for quake, Epic offered me a job working on Unreal. After we shipped the first Unreal game, we realized we wanted to go farther into multiplayer. The bot AI I was developing gave us the opportunity to make a multiplayer focused game that could also be enjoyed stand alone, which was important at that time when not everyone had good internet connections or experience with multiplayer gaming. I was the lead programmer for Unreal Tournament, and focused on AI, networking, player physics, and general gameplay.

When did you realize you had a huge hit on your hands?

SP: Although we loved the game we were making, we certainly didn’t realize how successful we could be. Quake 3 was also in development, and had a lot more buzz before we released. Our E3 showing, for example, was positive, but didn’t foreshadow how popular UT would become.

Really, our first indication of the game’s potential came when we released the Unreal Tournament demo in September before we shipped, which was extremely popular.

F: What did you think of the community’s response at the time?

SP: It was amazing how passionate and involved the community was, both in terms of playing the game, and making new levels and mods for the game.

F: Does it surprise you that there are still thousands of people who play the game regularly?

SP: I still love the game too. So much content has been made for Unreal Tournament that there’s effectively no end to new experiences possible with the game.

F: What are one of your favorite memories of working on the game?

SP: We worked on the demo until the last minute, and needed to get it out right when hurricane Floyd hit Raleigh on September 16. We finished testing the demo as the rain lashed against our office windows, and lost power before we uploaded. It was probably 10 PM at that point, and we headed over to my house to try to upload the demo. My ISDN connection went down before the upload was complete, so we drove across town to Mark Rein’s house, and finally got the demo uploaded in the wee hours.

The next day the response was overwhelming. We spent the whole day on the forums, looking over the comments and feedback, making lists of issues to address, and starting to realize how positive was the response we were getting.

Thank you Steve! We’ll have another interview  coming soon. Don’t forget to stop by the MODDB for the latest Unreal Tournament mods, including the newly released, Nali Weapons 3.

Epic Games Store Opens its Doors

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Epic Games is pleased to announce the launch of its official online store, where fans can get their hands on specially designed merchandise and apparel based on the company’s renowned brands and characters. Collectible items at Epic’s store, located at https://www.epicgamesstore.com/, are exclusive and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Epic gear and goods may be ordered now with expedited shipping to arrive in time for holiday gifting. Notable mentions include “Gears of War” clothing and artwork, new t-shirts based on “Infinity Blade,” “Unreal Tournament,” “Jazz Jackrabbit” and Unreal Engine, as well as Epic Gamer apparel. Of course, the introductory collection wouldn’t be complete without a t-shirt dedicated to Epic’s Impossible Studios, which comes emblazoned with the Internet-approved Impossibear mascot.

Jazz Jackrabbit T-shirt“We’re excited to launch Epic’s official store and provide our loyal fans apparel and merchandise that they can’t find anywhere else,” said Kendall Boyd, Epic’s director of marketing, worldwide studios. “Our hope is to grow our brand via channels such as the Epic Store and celebrate all of our terrific intellectual properties with the community.”

The Epic Store will be continually upgraded and expanded, with many more surprises planned for fans in the coming weeks and months.  Be sure to give us your feedback and let us know what you’d like to see in future updates!


Unreal Tournament Mod: Nali Weapons 3

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Unreal Tournament has a lot of great mods and Feralidragon recently released one of the greatest, Nali Weapons 3. The UT master server is still being maintained and a lot of you are still playing the game. Amazingly, the mod was coded and designed by Feralidragon alone and it is getting a fantastic response from the community.

The mod includes a Razored Translocator that comes with two modes; a regular translocator and on the second, when you activate the blades it will behave like a ripper and has the ability to cut through several enemies at once! Also includes are a flame thrower, gravity gun, little robots and even full on nuclear warheads, and that’s just the beginning.


ZIP version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/nali-weapons-3/downloads/nali-weapons-3-client-zip-version
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?ww2vzoxfy5cyg0v )
UMOD version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/nali-weapons-3/downloads/nali-weapons-3-client-umod-version
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?7qd84n6gb9ng0x5 )

If you own a server or want to host one for these weapons, there redirect files can be found here:
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?yxy174imtali49n )

Nuclear testing maps: https://www.moddb.com/mods/nali-weapons-3/addons/nuclear-test-maps
(or https://www.mediafire.com/?bdgei2ck5gi22pj )

If you’d like to check out more Unreal Tournament mods, head over to ModDB.com.