2/2 Fortnite Update

We have released an update for Fortnite that includes several fixes. Check out the full list of changes below!

  • Fixed an issue with players whose Command Centers were level 5 prior to OT6.5 being unable to upgrade their schematics past level 5.
  • Fixed an issue where returning players would not have access to their Hero abilities the first time they loaded into a zone.
  • Fixed multiple client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with the team score graph not showing up on the victory screen.
  • Fixed the blueprint highlight not showing up on the door of a wall that is in the process of being built.
  • Fixed the Pick Up and Drop Off locations showing up on the overivew map before they were located in a Deliver the Goods mission.
  • Fixed enemies being able to hit the Retrieve the Data box when there were walls built around it.
  • Fixed the Enter key not giving focus to the chat window after purchasing a Llama pack.
  • Fixed the white line which would appear at the bottom of the screen when the Goin' Commando ability was activated.
  • Fixed an issue with a player's existing Harvesting Tool appearing on the upgrade screen when upgrading it in the Outpost.
  • Removed weapons from the Fabricator due to multiple issues with them. You can craft the ingredients needed for the weapons at the same cost as the weapons took before.



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