3/9 Fortnite Update

We've deployed a new update to fix several bugs. Check out the full list below:

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to interact with their Outpost when attempting to complete the Install Fabricator quest.
  • Fixed wards not stopping patrol portals from spawning in their area.
  • Fixed multiple client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with the final wave of an Outpost defense not failing when the Amplifier reached 0 health.
  • Fix the Hero XP bar reloading every time players switched to the Experience tab on the end of zone results screen.
  • Fixed the Party Leader's UI remaining on the end of zone results screen when they left the game.
  • Victory/Defeat screens now show correct background on Mac.
  • Energy cost and cooldowns for the Ninja now update correctly for tooltips on the Heroes screen.
  • Fixed an issue where card names could be clipped when viewed after opening a Llama pack.
  • Fixed an issue where cards would sometimes not be displayed if players attempted to speed up the Llama destruction animation by holding the left mouse button.
  • Bull Rush now correctly pushes enemies when it is used.
  • Unselectable Quick Play hex no longer appears in Plankerton before the first Outpost mission has been completed.
  • Fixed an issue where Husks would appear to float in the air before they were thrown by a Flinger.
  • Fixed the hotbar UI sometimes showing up on the end of zone rewards screen.
  • Player death sound no longer plays when another player leaves the end of zone rewards screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the low health warning sound would play continuously if a player fell off the edge of the world with low health.
  • Fixed the player holding their power drill incorrectly when placing a turret trap.
  • Right click attacks with swords now correctly consume weapon durability.
  • Hammer melee weapons no longer remain equipped after breaking while using a right click attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zapotron would fire without ammo if the player switched to a different weapon while it was charging.
  • Fixed an issue where Husks would sometimes not take the shortest path to their selected goal.
  • Double clicking "Continue" at the Victory Screen no longer skips the experience counters.
  • Fixed an issue where the black fade overlay would remain on the end of zone rewards screen if players quickly switched to and from the Details tab.
  • "Hover Tub is Blocked" voice notification no longer plays if a player stands in front of the Hover Tub before it is deployed.
  • Fixed an issue where Storm Shield Amplifiers would sometimes not show their health bars.
  • Sentry Guns no longer block Husks.
  • Fixed the banner wave speed on the end of zone rewards screen so that it is not as fast.
  • Mouseover tooltips in the social menu no longer show up as white squares.
  • Fixed the arms on the player model twisting unnaturally when switching to the Laser Axe.
  • Fixed Smashers not pushing players away if they are in the Smasher's path.





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