7/16 Fortnite Update

Hey Storm Chasers,

We've put out a new build today that addresses a couple of intermittent crashes, as well as some more party fixes. Check out the details below!

  • Made a change to temporarily disable the join/invite button and friends list while joining a party.
  • Leaving a party while loading into a lobby no longer prevents a player from rejoining or receiving invites.
  • Fixed an issue where invite display names appear different between the social panel and join/invite window if an invite came from someone other than the party leader.
  • Fixed an issue where timing out while joining a party prevents players from rejoining the party.
  • Joining a party from another party will no longer cause players to get stuck in a bad state.
  • Players will no longer time out while attempting to start a mission when the hex map is refreshing.

Details for other recent updates can be found here:

7/14 Update

7/9 Update

7/7 Update

7/2 Update



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