7/28 Fortnite Update

We've deployed an update to Fortnite to fix several bugs. Check out the full list of fixes below.

  • Fixed an issue where harvesting damage was not increasing correctly for upgraded harvesting tools.
  • Fixed an issue where Amplifier placement was blocked in Canny Valley Outpost Defense 2.
  • Fixed an issue where grass and BluGlo textures would sometimes appear stretched out.
  • Fixed Defenders nodes in the skill tree so they no longer say "Coming Soon."
  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive bonuses when matching survivors with Damage Resistance and Critical Chance buffs.
  • Failing missions will no longer grant rare mission rewards.
  • Traps can now have damage perks.
  • Fixed an issue where some stats were displaying as 0 in the Squads tab.
  • Fixed an issue where launching a zone via the play button in the quest journal for "Plays Well With Others" would not grant players quest credit for completing the zone.
  • Fixed an issue where Llama animations in the store would sometimes freeze.
  • Fix several server crashes.
  • Fixed the amount of resources received by players when disassembling items. Players will now receive a smaller number of resources for disassembled items.
  • Fixed an issue where motion blur could remain on the hexmap after zooming in.
  • Removed the retire button from the quick level-up panel on the squads screen.
  • Removed the "Mission Completed" HUD announcement which would appear when completing any primary or secondary mission.
  • Fixed an issue where power ratings were not displaying on weapons while in-zone.
  • Fixed an issue where male Constructors had incorrect skin and clothing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Atlas would sometimes fail to start after reaching 0 in the countdown.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hover Tub could be destroyed by an enemy in one hit in Deliver the Goods missions.
  • Fixed some stats appearing incorrectly when previewing the level up changes for a Hero.
  • South and West Storm Shield Amplifiers are now easier to build around for the 4th Outpost defense in Stonewood.
  • Fixed an issue where end of mission results screens could be skipped by pressing Esc.
  • Fixed an issue where hexes which hadn't been unlocked yet would sometimes not be covered by storm clouds.
  • Fixed an issue where storm clouds over locked hexes would sometimes have rough edges on them.
  • Fixed an issue where player's banner would change to a default banner after unlocking Plankerton.
  • Fixed Smasher's overhead melee attack and charge attack so that they no longer damages primary objectives.
  • Fixed Zone Master Outlander's Shock Phase Tactical Perk so that it correctly applies 40% damage resistance.
  • Fixed an issue with Power the Reactor where a power part found during a raid would install while the raid was happening.
  • Fixed an issue where players could see unavailable skill tree branches by clicking locked survivor slots.
  • Elemental Smashers now appear correctly at difficulty level 30.
  • Utility Belt Ninja ability now correctly reduces the cooldown of Smoke Bombs.
  • Shadow Stance now reduces cost of Mantis Leap by the correct amount.
  • Deep Pockets perk now correctly sets the energy cost of Smoke Bomb.
  • The Constructor's Hotfix perk now gives the correct 5% repair speed bonus.
  • Shadow Stance now gives the player increased Damage Resistance correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Homebase banner would not heal structures.
  • Fixed an issue where "Llama for one?" Outlander perk only gave 60% instead of 100% extra damage against loot llamas.



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