8/11 Fortnite Update

We've released an update to fix a few bugs in Fortnite. Check out the full list of fixes below.

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing Melee Damage nodes in the skill tree would increase the damage done to enemies with harvesting tools.
  • Fixed Defender nodes to no longer say "Coming Soon."
  • Fixed an issue where grass textures were sometimes stretched in a zone.
  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with frequent client hitching occurring on the Mac during gameplay.
  • Fixed player jump pads not being obtainable by players who had completed the Onward! To Plankerton quest before OT8.
  • Fixed sound on the End of Day recap so that it is no longer louder than other in-zone sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where all weapon and schematic tooltips would change when a weapon with a damage alteration was equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the coloring on the clouds would change after completing a Fight the Storm zone.



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