8/28 Fortnite Update

We have released another update to improve and address various aspects of Online Test 4. Here are the full list of changes:

* Fixed an issue with the matchmaking where players would never be matched into a game which had been active for more than 2 minutes.

* Fixed the text chat disappearing after 10 seconds while in the zone.

* Fixed an issue where players would sometimes receive a "Bad Networking Mode" error while in the game after playing for an extended period of time.

* Fixed traps sometimes appearing to be off of the building it would be placed on.

* Fixed a hitch that could occur when triggering Air Strikes.

* Fixed the chat box not being focused when trying to whisper while in zone.

* Fixed an issue where players could sometimes have a party of 5 players when on the HOmebase screen.

* Updated the color of the chat text so that it now matches the color of the channel it is being sent to.

* Fixed an issue where HOmebase collection buttons would sometimes appear in the game lobby.

You can read the full list of changes in OT4 here.



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