9/1 Fortnite Update

We have released an update to Online Test 4! Here are the latest changes below:

  • Fixed several rare client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause users to become stuck in the tutorial if they switched building tabs before recruiting their first hero.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur if a user attempted to join a friend who had been removed from their Friend's list.
  • Added the ability to minimize the chat box while in the zone.
  • Added the ability to restore a minimized chat box with the Enter key while on the Home Base screen.
  • Fixed chat not scrolling to the bottom of the chat window when a player returned to Home Base.
  • Players no longer lose their Bluglo if they fall off the edge of a level.
  • Changed the color of a user's name in chat to reflect which channel a chat message was sent.

You can read the full list of changes in OT4 here.



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