9/3 Fortnite Update

We've released another small update for Online Test 4. Check out the list of changes below:

  • Fixed an issue where Husks would fail to attack walls which were built at the bottom of player-built roof pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where Private game invites could not be accepted from the Social Panel if the sender was in a game lobby or playing in a zone.
  • Fixed chat notifications showing up on the wrong tabs when the chat box was minimized.
  • Added a notification to the chat box if a player is scrolled up in the chat and receives a new message.
  • Fixed a problem which could result in a server disconnect when attempting to load into a game.
  • Changed the color of chat messages that are being typed to reflect which channel they are being sent to.
  • Fixed an issue where entering and exiting a zone would reset schematic levels.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when a player attempted to rejoin a game which they had initiated and then dropped out of.

Read the full list of OT4 release notes here!



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