Answering Those Frequently Asked Questions

Hi everyone,

We got some great questions coming out of Pax East and the community this week and we wanted to pull it all together in a Frequently Asked Questions update post. Here goes!

Will this be on console or is this game PC only?
Right now we’re developing for PC, but we’re open to other platforms in the future.

When does the Alpha begin?
We are doing closed tests now with small group of players. We will be opening up an Alpha to a larger audience in waves, starting early fall.

Will you be at PAX?
That’s the plan! How about you?

How will free-to-play work in Fortnite? I have concerns that this will be a "pay-to-win" style game.
We want folks to be able to play the entire game and have a fun, complete experience without having to drop any cash, and we are designing the game with that in mind. Anything we put in the game for folks to buy will be icing on top of other delicious icing already on the cake.

Will it be open world?
We are a very, very large world made up of many zones. You won’t play the same exact zone twice, because all the maps are procedurally generated. But you can run to the end of a zone and you have to go back to the map screen to get from one zone to another, so in that sense we are not open world.

What are the recommended system requirements?
We don’t know yet; but we are building Fortnite to run well on a medium-level system.

Will there be split-screen mode on console so I can play with my family?
If we do console, we would consider split-screen mode.

What are my chances of getting in?
At some point late next year we’d like to throw the doors open to everyone. In the meantime, we are letting in small numbers of folks who can commit to playing a lot to help us test, in waves of a few thousand every few months starting in early fall.

Been checking my e-mail like twice a day, when will you start giving out keys?
We will start giving out keys in the early fall. But keep checking dat email because we will have announcements of events, contests & other opportunities to play or learn more.

Will there be MTX? How will that work?
There will be some micro-transactions! We are working hard on designing the best things for that so it’s stuff you want to buy, but don’t have to buy to have a good time.

Duck bacon or turkey bacon?
:| Always, always pork bacon.

That’s all for now. Keep the questions coming at us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to register for a chance to be in the Alpha!




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