Beginner Strategies for Fortnite

Hey there, fellow Storm Chasers! My name is Krystyn, and I’m the internal playtest coordinator for Fortnite. My team makes sure that the developers working on the game have a fun place to just come sit down and play the game together, so they can give feedback and see how their changes have helped the game to grow. I have a strong background in theater, but I’ve been a gamer most of my life, and started designing and writing Alternate Reality Games in 2001.

The Playtest Lab is a great place to pick up some of the finer points of Fortnite, so I was asked to share some of them with you now. Ready?



  • Search those boxes, crates, treasure chests, and shrubs before you destroy them! Unless you're a high-level Outlander with some special skills, you won't get the loot if you're just smashing away.
  • Set it and Fort Get It: Before placing that wall, floor, roof, or stair piece, press 'G' to pre-edit the pattern - pre-edits are saved for the next time you go to build that particular structure.
  • Use the Z key to rotate building pieces before you place them - this tactic is especially helpful when you're building staircases down from your fort's sniper nest, for example.
  • Some melee weapons have special combo moves. Experiment with performing RMB attacks on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th swings when using your Axes, Katanas, and Sledgehammers, to unleash a powerful and bad-ass attack!
  • When getting together with your friends to build awesome forts, consider your team blend: each Hero has something of value to bring to the table. An all-Ninja crew may be able to handle crowds of enemies nimbly, but you'll wish you had a Constructor on the roster to do repairs to your fort when a Smasher shows up!
  • Sharing is caring! You can gift items and resources to teammates when they're close by, and we've found that some of the strongest forts are made when the Outlander drops caches of wood, stone, or metal for the Constructor at regular intervals. Also, there really aren't many games where you can trade bacon for duct tape. Actually, Fortnite may be the only game where this is possible.
  • Don’t get cocky, kid! The storms may seem pretty easy to clear up at first, but these monsters have a few tricks up their grubby sleeves. I’d stick some sturdy rooftops on your fort, and maybe some traps, as well. Send a Hero out to scout the perimeter. Why, you ask? One word: artillery.

Now get out there, make yourself a Hero, and I hope to see you out there in the fray!




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