Storm Chasers Spotlight: Cooties

This week’s Storm Chaser Spotlight is someone who has put in massive amounts of time playing Fortnite and provided extremely thorough and thoughtful feedback in our forums. He’s very active in our community and has so much knowledge to share.  As a thank you we’ve given him some Alpha codes to give out to a few of you!

Read on to learn more about Aaron, also known as Cooties in Fortnite.

What is your favorite play style in Fortnite? Are you more into defense, building, combat, etc.?

Each style kind of feeds off the other for me and I enjoy the whole package. Explore and gather to collect the materials needed to build, then you plan it out, build it up and defend from the husks! If I had to pick one category though, it'd have to be the planning and building, I love the building. My forts could bring a tear to Billy Bramer's eye with the amount of balconies, archways, and completely-unnecessary-but-totally-stylish aesthetic pieces I add to my builds.

What class is your favorite and why?

Outlander, definitely. The Outlander is able to make sure that the team has the tools it needs to succeed. I see people ragging on the Outlander saying it's only useful for the scavenging phase (which it does do a great job of) but saying it stinks when it comes to defense. With cleverly placed jump pads, launch pads, and floor tiles connecting everything, the Outlander is able to traverse the base with the same finesse that a Ninja does. Also, the Outlander is also the only class that's able to bring the offensive and defensive fragments to the fight which are great for helping out in a tight situation.

What is your go-to strategy for building your base? What makes it work?

Right now? Roll out the blue carpet! The Constructor's B.A.S.E. (or "Balanced Box" as some of the devs told us is its current nickname) is able to shred the lesser husks if you lay out a bunch of floor pieces then let the B.A.S.E. energize it with the lovely blue glow it has now. For dealing with the special husks on harder maps though, I do have some little tricks to simplify things!

Metal pyramids are a nice reliable staple but I stopped giving my pyramids peaks and instead just let them have flat tops which I can put a spike trap onto. Then, on a couple corners of the spike-trapped pyramid, I can deploy two sentry guns. Between the two sentries and the trap, any husks that somehow slip through the cracks (or get launched over them completely by the Flingers) will get dealt with automatically without any of us defenders having to fall back. This little setup gives the defenders the freedom to focus almost all their attention on hunting the special husks.

How many hours do you think you’ve put into the game so far?

Haha, I got called out as the one who put in the most hours during OT1 a few months back. Counting up the time spent on OT1 and with what I've been able to put into OT2 so far this time around... I'm probably creeping up on 100 hours, if I haven't already passed that.

Have you made any new friends in the Alpha yet? What do you look for in a good teammate?

A handful of us had an instant-bonding moment when my group discovered the easter-egg area featuring graffiti tags of the names of some of the most dedicated OT1 testers. The area has five names spray-painted onto the walls, my group was the first that I knew of to discover the tags so we started inviting the other names into the game so we could geek out over having our names plastered onto the walls of one of Fortnite's randomly generated warehouses.

For a good teammate, I just want somebody friendly and willing to experiment. There's a ton of ways to approach the problems that Fortnite presents and if someone is trying to dominate the game with a "my way or the highway" attitude, then I'm ready to take the highway and find some new teammates. I'll even build the highway myself!

What kinds of games do you like to play?

I've been gaming for as long as I can remember and I'll play pretty much anything that isn't a realistic/simulation sports game. I lean towards multiplayer games since it gives me an easy way to stay in touch with friends. Other than Fortnite, some of the games that occupy my time are League of Legends, Hearthstone, Spelunky, and Towerfall.

Do you have a few beginner tips to share for new players?

My first easy tip is to just experiment and have some fun exploring the game. Try to find some friends or matchmaking allies to play with instead of going solo, Fortnite shines as a team game!

As for some actual, more specific advice ... try to figure out the routes the husks will take before you start building! After you've found the storm gate and dropped your atlas on it, use the mini-map to see which direction the husks will be coming from. You can see what direction they're coming from with the purple glow that appears on the mini-map. Then if you actually walk out in that direction you'll see a bunch of small purple swirly tornadoes, these are where the husks will actually appear. Now pretend you're a husk! Starting from the purple swirlies, try to find your way back to the gate without jumping or building anything, look for the ramps and shortcuts the husks might try to take. The husks like the take the fastest route possible. Once you find out some of the husks' options, litter those routes with barricades and traps and just generally make life miserable for the husks.

Thanks for chatting with us Cooties! Those are some fantastic tips that I can’t wait to use myself.

Fortnite Alpha hopefuls can find Cooties on the Fortnite Sub-Reddit here giving out a few codes. Head over there and tell Cooties why you want to play Fortnite.



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