OT2 Release Notes

Major Features

OT2 Data Wipe

  • As a part of our OT2 testing process, all profile data has been wiped. There were significant changes made in important areas of the game that made this necessary. This is the perfect opportunity for returning players to try out a new class or build!



  • Under the hood, we changed the underpinning of classes by adding a shiny new Abilities System. This means we'll be able to make and modify our classes faster and better. In terms of how they play, they should mostly feel the same as OT1, but we made some specific changes below:
    • Constructor: Your B.A.S.E.'s area of effect now depends on the pieces connected to it. Initially, the B.A.S.E will affect all building pieces within 3 connections and can be upgraded to extend its influence farther.
    • Ninja: Updated visuals for Shadow stance and made some adjustments to the skill tree.
    • Commando: Some adjustments to the skill tree and updated grenade effects.
    • Outlander: New visuals for the Utility fragment and some skill tree adjustments.
Supply Drop

Drone Manufactory

Drone Manufactory

  • Try out the new Drone Manufactory in your Homebase! This building allows your heroes to call in a supply drop when you need it most. Make the call and watch those emergency resources drop at your feet for those more difficult gate captures.

“Close the Gate” Improvements

  • When you activate an Atlas, its health is now displayed in your objective list.
  • We changed the color of the timer flash during the final 60 seconds of a gate closure from red to blue.
  • Having second thoughts after activating your atlas? You now have the ability to cancel an Atlas activation within 5 seconds of activation

Join Game Improvements

  • Making friends just got easier! Joining a friend's game or accepting a friend invitation is now possible from anywhere within the game.


  • /Dance confirmed! Heroes now have a dance emote. Type /dance in chat to twerk it out … or something.

Usability Update

Usability Update

  • Global chat too chatty? Leave global chat by clicking the Globe icon next to the chat input and uncheck Global Chatter.
  • Not sure if your buddy is AFK? Social panel now shows detailed information about current online activity of your friends.
  • The Homebase has been updated with many improvements for visual clarity, ease of use, and some cool animations.
    • The overall layout of Home Base has changed. Buildings that grant you Heroes are on the left, buildings that grant stat bonuses are on the right, and the new homebase ability buildings are in the center.
    • Added and improved the building plots so that it is now more clear where buildings will be built.
    • Unbuilt buildings now display an icon of the building that will be built on a plot, giving you more clarity about what the building is.
    • Buildings now more clearly communicate when they are locked, available, able to purchase, and upgradable.
    • The art in the Command Center has been improved.

New Art Coming!

New Art Coming!

  • The level 1 wood and metal walls have been updated with new art. The updated models no longer have openings that allow players to shoot through them.
  • Added a new weapon model for the Dragon Pistol.
  • Added the Command Building model to the Home Base.

Patch Notes


  • Enemies now aim at a player’s sternum rather than the waist.
  • Enemies will now rotate while you are moving.
  • Large monsters now act as obstacles in crowd of husks, and husks will now avoid them.
  • Fixed collision detection for attacking roofs built on top of ramps.
  • Fixed a few issues related to ranged enemies attacking walls.
  • Dormant husks will not float anymore.
  • Husks can attack busses and other large structures.
  • Improved moving through portal when taker is standing on ramp.


  • The Atlas provides visual feedback through walls, making it easier to pinpoint the Atlas location from outside a fort.
  • Visual effects have been added to the Atlas timer -- yellow lights for the countdown after the Atlas has been activated, red lights for when the Atlas takes damage.
  • Each zone difficulty setting produces a new reward chest at the end of the zone.
  • The windmill in the farmstead now animates as if the blades are being blown by the wind.
  • The visuals on a large number of props have been updated to provide a clearer surface definition between metal and roughness of a surface.
  • White paint has been added to the doors on the metal walls so that you can find them more easily.
  • Enabled physically based shading on walls and floors.
  • Kitchen Cabinets have new visuals for when they are looted.
  • An issue where edit mode tiles for stairs and floors appears below and inside the actual building pieces has been fixed.
  • Improved the elemental enemy effects.
  • Cars now bounce when touched.
  • Removed the red alarm indicator light from all of the vehicles.


  • Added new level up sound to progress screen.
  • All doors in the game now have close sounds.
  • Audio volume settings are now saved between game sessions.
  • Husky Husk now plays correct run, attack, and pain sounds; volume levels are corrected.
  • All weapons now make a sound when dropped.
  • Audio has been added for the Ninja’s Shadow Stance.
  • Audio feedback is provided when enhancing schematics in the Vault.
  • Audio feedback is provided when selecting schematics in the Vault.
  • Audio slider settings now persist after changes are made.
  • Interaction text now updates correctly after repairing the Atlas.


  • Added an all new animation set for the Husky Husk!
  • Improved accuracy logic for enemies with ranged attacks.
    • Instead of always resetting accuracy from scratch the AI will keep their previous accuracy value for a period of time. This allows the AI to make small movement adjustments without having to start over.
    • Accuracy will reset after the time has elapsed, or if they switch targets.
    • Pitcher Husk now reaches full accuracy more quickly.
  • Significantly improved AI behaviors related to positioning themselves to do ranged attacks.
    • When the AI is approaching from outside of attack range, the AI will query the environment for suitable locations to attack from and will move to those locations.
    • When the AI is inside of their preferred attack range, the AI can periodically reposition themselves in different ways.
      • Lateral repositioning - Between ranged attacks, the AI will move laterally in relation to their target before their next ranged attack. A sidestep.
        • Blasters, Pitcher Husks, Bombshell Husks, and Poison Bombshell Husks do this.
      • Advancing - Periodically trying to advance from where the AI is now to a closer preferred range.
        • Blasters, Pitcher Husks, Poison Bombshell Husks, and Flingers do this.
      • Retreating - Periodically trying to retreat from where the AI is now to the longest preferred range.
        • Bombshell Husks do this.
    • When the AI are in their preferred range and cannot attack but can either see you or know where you are, they will reposition themselves to nearby locations that they can attack or see you from.
  • The Blaster's size, health, and speed have been increased to make him more lethal.
  • The Husk's burp attack has been improved.
    • Instead of a single cloud, the Husk will release three that slowly drift apart to cover a wider area than before.


  • Added new plaza that appears in city zones.
  • Added the community park zone and graffiti alley building to both the City and Industrial Park zones.
  • Terrain transition pieces have been updated to improve the transition between cliff types
  • Reduced the health of wooden palettes so it is more in line with other wooden props.
  • Silo health has been buffed, and will give resource that is proportional to their scale.
  • We have added a special area calling out some of our most dedicated players, see if you can find it!


  • Added new "Control Resistance" stat, which can prevent stuns and knockbacks depending on how strong they are.

Home Base

  • At dawn every day the Home Base building rating bonuses are recalculated and reapplied. This allows bonuses to update based on players joining and leaving the game after it has already started.
  • Updated style of hero select panel. Player will be entering the game with hero selected in the panel. No more confusing 'select' button.
  • When player's account levels up and new Home Base upgrades become available because of it, notification will appear the next time player enters the world map.
  • A 3-D exclamation point will appear over buildings that have upgrades available.
  • Home Base resource production times have been lengthened.


  • Burst-fire weapons are now properly supported. Instead of firing the entire burst in one frame, the individual shots are fired in quick succession.
  • Collision on most traps has been slightly reduced to avoid incorrectly damaging targets on the far side of walls or floors.
  • Crystals appear at slightly lower world levels.
  • Fusion requirements and rates adjusted based upon item quality level.
  • New loot tables for each account level-up. Now receive cool new weapons each time your account levels up!
  • Un-upgradeable "Starter" schematics and their corresponding items added to newbie player kit.
  • Updated the sentry gun with multiple improvements
    • Sentry gun is now placeable similar to how other traps are placed, including rotation support on right mouse button
    • Sentry gun can now rotate and target vertically (pitch)
    • Sentry gun now has rotational limits so placing it strategically is important


  • Added some state information to login window to show login process.
  • An error is now displayed at the login screen when you are kicked for logging in from another computer.
  • An error message is now displayed if your account is locked out for too many failed logins.
  • Better error messaging when a disconnect occurs.
  • Added an optional feature to disable audio ducking while VoIP is in progress.
  • The game will now attempt to find the best datacenter for your location, falling back to a default region when appropriate.
  • When Fortnite is down for maintenance, a message is now shown at the login screen and refreshed until maintenance has been completed.
  • Admin panels show kick/ban features more consistently and appropriately as players join/leave the game.
  • More network error messages display, and erroneous messages are prevented from displaying at inappropriate times.
  • There is more network resiliency when trying to keep session connections alive.
  • You can now switch to a different logged in user on the first attempt.


  • Added gameplay tip when acquiring a range weapon.
  • Added new stamina and gun tutorials.
  • Added new sub-objectives to the first mission to show exactly what needs to be collected in order to craft the pickaxe.
  • Added new tutorials for editing walls during Atlas defense in the second mission.
  • Minor tutorial flow changes.
    • The store section of the tutorial has moved to the end.
    • You must now unlock the second hero building before progressing in the tutorial.
  • You are now notified at the beginning of the first level to turn on your speakers so you don’t miss important dialogue in the tutorial.
  • Added new tutorials to show you how to search correctly. One tutorial activates when you first approach a searchable item, another tutorial is activate when you destroy a searchable item without searching it first.
  • There is now a countdown before entering the first zone.
  • The tutorial automatically progresses if you have not pressed the 'next' button.
  • The amount of time notifications are displayed has increased so you have more time to read them.
  • When you quit to town map during the first tutorial zone, you are now taken you back to the menu.
  • You now have to click to advance the tutorial pop-ups.
  • You can no longer change the world privacy settings before the tutorial has completed.


  • All chat timestamps now use local machine time.
  • A toast is now displayed when your friends come online or begin playing a game.
  • A bang on the friends dropdown icon now appears when a you receive an invite outside of the friends panel.
  • All Players in a lobby can now see the privacy status of the world.
  • The terms for Home Base resources for 'Food,' 'Mechanical Parts,' 'Building Supplies,' and 'Fuel' have been changed to Agricultural Data, Industrial Data, Architectural Data, and Grid Data
  • ESC key now closes the world select screen when it is active.
  • Improved appearance and consistency of UI for transient items, schematics, workers, and heroes.
  • Improved health item icons.
  • Improved trap and gadget icons.
  • More information is now displayed when looking at potential rewards and dropped items.
  • Pressing escape during missions no longer opens the escape menu with the persistence menu.
  • The resolution options in the "Windowed" category of the video settings screen now only include standard display resolutions.
  • Updated loading screens with new artwork and added support for alternate aspect ratios
  • Updated style of persistent top bar. Improved and cleaned-up the default look.
  • Your keybindings and control settings will now save to your account in the cloud instead of to your local machine. Display and sound settings are still saved locally.
  • Added non-linear UI scaling for very low and very high resolutions.
  • Extended the duration of marks shown on enemies using the marking ability (middle mouse button) from 6-to-10 seconds
  • Game options menu style updated to fit the game style
  • Hero types that do not have both gender models now display relevant tooltip.
  • Home Base windows and other game panels can now be closed by pressing ESC key.
  • Options menu style updated to fit the game style.
  • Quit widget style updated to fit the game style.
  • The level star icon for home base buildings is now in the front of the text.
  • Updated style of stack counter for items in inventory.
  • User feedback form style updated to fit the game style.
  • Weapons in quick bar without spare ammo are now drawn in 80% opacity
    • Items that cannot be disassembled are now drawn in 50% opacity in disassembly mode.
  • Better loading screen display for earlier indication that loading is in progress while connecting to/leaving servers.
  • Chat is now controlled by the enter key instead of the ESC key.
  • End-of-zone results screen now properly displays all received, as well as missed badges.
  • Improved consistency of Home Base class building iconography.
  • Improved HUD mini-map iconography.
  • Input should be more intelligent about when you're alive and dead.
  • Testing your players settings only occurs once and saves appropriately when it does.
  • Multiple rewards (such as resources) now correctly stack on zone results screen.
  • Scrolling at the top or bottom of a long list should no longer affect your hotbar selection.
  • Spotted enemies (middle mouse button) are again correctly highlighted with skull icon.
  • Talking speaker icon for voice chat has improved readability for all players.
  • The feedback dialog will now scroll properly as you type.
  • The health bar text on the Atlas is slightly larger.
  • The in-game chat box was not being highlighted by the tutorial correctly.
  • Tooltips for items in the quickbar now show updated details about an item to the user.
  • Users can now access menus when the chat window is open.
  • Reduced opacity of various in-game UI elements.


  • Logs are now sent with feedback to the team to aid in investigating bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • A player who goes AFK will no longer appear to come back online when being kicked from a server.
  • Players are no longer automatically removed from global chat when entering the game.
  • Addressed a lot of quality of life issues with building and editing of player-built structures, including orientation, visualization, connectivity, etc.
  • Game invites can no longer be sent to players who are offline, nor to players already in your game.
  • New friends will no longer appear to stay online forever.
  • Chat and friends list will not timeout after a period of inactivity
  • Fixed a case where tooltips would not show up for items on the quickbar.
  • Fixed a slight delay that occurs when swapping quickbar items.
  • Fixed an issue where remote players would show up with the same class as the local player.
  • Fixed an issue where the join confirmation button would disappear if a player received a notification from any other player.
  • Fixed some flickering issues with the quickbar when switching between items.
  • Fixed visual artifacts appearing in radial fill widgets.
  • Fixed weapon stats displayed inconsistently between main Vault panel and Enhancement window.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when a player selects the menu during the countdown to launch a mission.
  • Fixed an issue where characters appeared blurry when using certain video settings.
  • Changed projectile collision to allow projectiles to move through windows of player-built walls.
  • During the tutorial some windows will not let you close them with the key. This prevents issues where people could get stuck and be unable to progress the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug in the damage formula that was causing critical-hit bonuses to sometimes be applied to non-critical hits.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented audio settings from being saved.
  • Fixed a bug where the resolution drop down wouldn't show up in the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon fire audio was cutting out abruptly when switching weapons.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed placing traps on illegal surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the floor launcher trap to play its launch animation incorrectly.
  • Fixed reticle spread not being updated properly when aiming a weapon downsights.
  • Players should now have control of the camera after loading.
  • Some more key bindings have been hooked up correctly.
  • The left and right arrow keys should now move you left and right!
  • The loading screen should look a little nicer at different resolutions.
  • Made enemy area of effect clouds (bees, poison) not stack and do double damage when they overlap each other. Running through clouds of a single damage type should now apply damage more fairly and consistently.
  • Fixed a forced disconnect in rare cases when you were previously disconnected and rejoined the previous session fast enough to catch your old login information.
  • Fixed an issue where a black screen was presented to the player with no indications in rare circumstances where a connection to the host was lost and the game was loading back to the main menu.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to send invites to already full games.
  • Fixed rare race condition where client was faster than server and connected at an inappropriate time, causing "server not ready" error messages.
  • Fixed some cases where friend presence information was wrong, leading to the appearance/disappearance of the "join game" button at inappropriate times.
  • Fixed an issue where the reminder to activate the atlas would still fire even after activation.

Known Issues:

  • If you have more than 100 friends your social panel appears empty.
    • Workaround: Keep total number of friends, outgoing friend requests, and incoming friend requests to under 100
  • When playing a zone with multiple gates, if your group leaves or is disconnected and then returns to the zone, there are some instances when that zone can't completed and it could block your progress in the campaign.
    • Workaround: Start a new world.
  • User becomes stuck when selecting the Escape or Settings menu with Command.
    • Workaround: Restart the client
  • During onboarding, if you build the Power Station and then try to upgrade it, your progress will be blocked. You will need to contact help@fortnite.com so that CS can reset your account.
  • In some cases, CS may need to reset your account if you exit onboarding before completing all five zones. Contact help@fortnite.com if you need help.
  • You may lose functionality when Window Mode is changed because the resolution doesn’t format correctly.
    • Workaround: Load into or out of a hex map, or exit the game and re-launch so that the resolution will correctly adjust, resulting in loss of functionality
  • When returning to the game after alt-tabbing out during a loading screen, you may lose camera control.
    • Workaround: Instead of clicking inside the window twice, you can simply alt-tab back to the game to gain full control.
  • There is some chance that you will get stuck on an infinite loading screen when loading into a zone.
    • Workaround: You can click in the game window or you may need to restart the client.
  • If you use incendiary rounds while having a low ammo count and spend more ammo than you currently have, you will have a negative ammo count if you leave the zone and re-enter.
    • Workaround: Craft ammo until you have a positive ammo count.
  • You cannot send game invites through global chat messages to players that are not on your friends list.
  • You must click LMB twice to trigger the UI elements on home base after an fresh launch of the game client.
  • When launching a game from the portal, the friend status notification displays as “34a02cf8f4414e29b15921876da36f9a”
  • After you enter a zone, you will need to click the UI twice in order to interact with the world.
  • The right side of the victory screen does not function if the Options menu is open.
  • In a multigate zone, atlas placement is not saved unless you place them on all the gates before leaving the zone.
  • Tiered resources and lootable objects may sometimes appear as orange boxes after loading into zone.
  • Previously placed traps will vanish after you leave and come back to a zone.
  • If you throw the purple fragment towards an indestructible wall, the Loot Llama disappears inside the wall.
  • Several sounds are unaffected by SoundFX slider in audio menu.
  • You must slot your Hero as a working in the corresponding hero building in order to get the bonus.
  • You do not receive an additional bonus if you put a hero or a worker in a building’s manager slot.
  • You are not able to select a different hero when joining a zone in progress. If you want to change your hero, everyone will need to return to the hex map so you can correct your choice.
  • If you have global chat turned on in the lobby, chat will not default to party chat upon entering or returning to the Lobby.
  • You cannot give admin rights to players who join a game after you create a new world.
  • UT icon is not displayed correctly for Unreal Tournament players in the Fortnite friends list.
  • The Outlander class is not given one of its “Focused Acquisition” starting bonuses.
  • The Outlander class can lose all functionality after using the Anti-Material Charge. You will need to restart the zone to fix.
  • You cannot join game invites directly through toast notifications. You can accept/decline invites through the social menu.
  • Players can join a “friends only” session if they are invited by anyone they are friends with in the session. It is not limited to just the session owners’ friends.
  • Sentry guns do not persist when entering and exiting a game zone.



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