Fortnite OT 10.1 Release Notes

Greetings everyone!

OT10.1 is here (Wednesday, February 8) and it's arriving with some new features and many bug fixes. Check out the full list of release notes below!

Major Features

New tertiary mission to explore the zone

  • Added new tertiary mission to explore the zone and reveal the map. Revealing the map will earn players an exploration badge.

Ambient Enemy System

  • The world is a more dangerous place due to the new Ambient Enemy System
  • Significantly increased the number and variety of sleeping enemies in the world
  • Night patrols are now more dangerous
  • Sleeping enemies are now appropriately spawned based on level difficulty (no more sleeping Sploders until they are introduced)
  • More enemy variety in Patrols
  • Sleeping and patrolling Lobbers, Smashers, & Takers can now be found
  • Reduced visuals and audio cues for Patrols
  • Increased the ranged weapon noise distances for AI hearing

Release Notes




  • Added more hats that unlock for certain heroes to wear at rank 2, and now some Backpacks will unlock at rank 3 as well
  • Tweaks to Constructor Bull Rush Animations
  • Night life just got brighter! Street lights turn on at night. Also, keep an eye out for those traffic lights, don’t want to get caught running a red
  • Electric and Ice Weapon Alterations now have corresponding FX on the weapon


  • Balance and Tooltip pass on all Gadgets.
    • Energy costs removed from all Gadgets.
    • Cooldowns reduced for several Gadgets.
    • Sentry Turret rate of fire and duration reduced.
    • Proximity Mine damage and max ammo count reduced.
    • Air Strike damage reduced.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Adrenaline Rush to fail to apply.
  • Adrenaline Rush no longer heals players who are Down But Not Out.
  • Fixed a Slow Field upgrade that was failing to increase the magnitude of the slow effect.
  • Fixed a Banner upgrade that was failing to turn it into a respawn point for players.
  • Updated Proximity Mine video so that it matches the crouching animation the character will do when placing it.


  • Survivor mini map icons will no longer disappear for players who travel far away from the Survivor if they're still active.
  • Fixed weapon tracers moving too slow
  • Players now are properly required to be standing still and aiming down sites to have maximum accuracy.


  • Added additional description text to support perks to clarify that the bonus is only valid if hero card is placed in support slot.


  • Frag Grenade will now function properly if thrown into water, exploding on contact with the water and firing perks such as Keep Out and Cluster Grenades.
  • Keep Out duration now matches tooltip (shortened from 10s to 5s)
  • Grenade Damage perk now only applies to the initial grenade explosion (does not apply to Cluster Bomb or Keep Out)
  • Fixed issue with Debilitating Shots visual effects not displaying properly over enemies.


  • Power Modulation repair now scales up based on the maximum health of the wall
  • Improvements to Bullrush animations and wall hit reactions.


  • Fix to the collision size of Anti-Material Charge
  • Fixed issue where Phase Shift visual effects could show up on other players’ clients.

Skill Tree & Squads

  • XP income has been optimized for average daily play sessions
    • XP income rate (both rested and non-rested) increased in the earlier curve to compensate.
    • Daily Rest XP now runs out after a number of missions, regardless of Skill Tree level.
    • Added space for XP growth in future content.
    • Homebase power has been updated to fit with the XP rates.
  • Reduced XP falloff with difficulty. This means you will find less “grey” hexes and more missions where you are able to gain XP
  • 3 and 4 Star Defender Evolutions can now be unlocked by purchasing the respective Worker Evolution nodes in the skilltree
  • Nodes that unlock right-click melee attacks will now unlock weapons based on their weapon type, instead of the animation set used.
  • Survivor Squad set bonuses for melee and ranged damage now display the correct tooltips.



  • Vault items in an overflow state no longer wait to come out of overflow until you have enough free space for all of them. Instead, they now come out of overflow as you free up space in your inventory.


  • Modified crafting requirements for energy based weapons across the board.
  • Single load shotguns no longer require players to reload two shells before firing.


  • Added ability to create Defenders through the Transform menu.
  • Increased the base Health and Shields all Defenders by ~67%, and increased their regen rates to match.
  • Defenders are more likely to attack targets that have been marked by the player
  • Ranged Defender accuracy is now the intended amount
  • Improved Melee & Ranged Defender damage avoidance during combat
  • Fixed issue where Defenders would pick up weapons from afar if they were downed while moving to the weapon
  • Defenders that run out of ammo during combat will avoid enemies when they are damaged
  • Defenders that need something will return to their Sentry Post
  • Defenders now have an icon notification over their heads when they need something from the player
  • Fixed Defenders having weapons equipped upon their arrival and departure from the Sentry Posts


  • Enemies no longer spawn in water during encounters
  • Improved enemy hunting behaviors when enemies haven't acquired a target
  • Fixed issue where weapon fire sometimes went through moving enemies
  • Fixed timing issue with radial attacks on Husky Husks
  • Fixed Dwarf leap attack where they would disappear or look jittery
  • Fixed Husks oscillating strangely when woken up with a blunt weapon


  • Theaters now correctly limit the maximum pickaxe upgrade level allowed
  • Quest Intro/Outro VOs now are non-blocking and play in the background
  • Achievements Quest Category has been renamed to Challenges in the Quest Journal.
  • Some quests now have selectable choice rewards. When a quest is complete, you can choose your reward.
    • Group Effort (Stonewood)
    • Having a Blast (Plankerton)
    • A Little Blue (Plankerton)
    • Boots on the Ground (Canny Valley)
    • You Threatening Me? (Canny Valley)
  • Updated all Quests so completing Quest objectives in higher Theaters also grant credit. Exceptions will be specifically called out in Quest Details.
  • Outpost Defense missions properly counted for quest objectives “Kill x monsters in a specified threat level” and “complete x missions in a threat level”.
  • Removed placeholder "Complete a mission" objectives where appropriate.
  • Fixed issues where Plankerton and Canny Valley kill Quests were not giving credit when completed in higher difficulties.
  • Make all Main Quests in Stonewood Linear
    • Medic! and Leave Only Footprints are no longer granted at the same time
    • Countdown and Treacherous Treasure are no longer granted at the same time
  • Fix failure to join game if the party leader is changed while joining the party
  • Fix some party members being kicked when returning to front end after playing a game.
  • Fix potential broken party state when approving a join request to a user that quickly went offline.
  • Fix for occasional failure to join a party if the party is joined during matchmaking.
  • Fix for failure to join party resulting in a spinning "Joining Party..." indicator.
  • Loading time has been significantly reduced.


  • Fixed an issue in Stonewood Outpost causing incorrect badge to be awarded for defense 1.
  • Fixed issue in the Outpost that caused the outpost menu to stay open during building tutorial cinematic.
  • Fixed Outpost exploit making it possible to receive more that one supply crate.
  • Fixed bug causing SEE-Bot to stop spawning and make the final fight never start.
  • There were many objects added to the Stonewood Outpost that should have been lootable/destructible that now have been updated to use correct objects.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect information to be displayed on bonus health badges
  • Fix a bug in Fight the Storm where when the notification played for the ATLAS taking damage the dialog and text did not always match.
  • Fixed an issue in Plankerton Outpost where the player could get stuck between the barrier shield and a cliff wall in the first defense.
  • Players will now be unable to build in an outpost until the core is deployed.  This keeps player build structures from being destroyed when deploying the Outpost.
  • Repair the Shelter, fixed issue causing SEE-Bot not to spawn in world properly.
  • Whack-a-Troll updated the number of hits required to defeat the Troll to 6. This will allow for 3 melee combos or 6 shots with a gun to defeat the Troll.


  • The Play Now button and pinned quest hexmap tile highlighting now works with more types of quest objectives. These should now work for quests requiring secondary mission completion as well as quest objectives that require other non mission related actions such as crafting.
  • Fixed an issue on the mission results screen where the edge of the badge loot bar was being cut off.
  • Fixed alignment of badges with long names during loot rewards screen at end of mission, so that the animation always feels peppy


  • Added material-specific sounds when a player runs on different surface types



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