Fortnite OT 10 Release Notes

Hey Fortnite Friends

An action-packed OT10 is here! Check out the full list of notes below. 

Major Features

  • Operation: Block Party!

In OT10, we’re introducing Operation: Block Party, a limited-time early sneak peek at an experimental new feature in development: “deployable” bases! Deployable bases allow you to build a special fort that is saved and launched into special missions (along with your friends’ bases). Everything about them is very, very work-in-progress, but we’d love to get your feedback and ideas on what’s there so far. 

Intrigued and want the full swath of details? Check out this forum post here to learn how to try it out.


  • Experience earned is scaled based upon the skill level of the player and the difficulty of the content.
  • Outlander Heroes reworked.
  • Defenders can now be used in regular missions.
  • Revamped Skill Trees!
    • Simplified the visual layout and progression of skill tree upgrades to focus on a main path with branching optional upgrades.
    • Added upgradeable nodes that can be drilled down into that contain additional upgrades without blocking progress. Look for green nodes to indicate they allow for more upgrades!
    • Removed progress blocking research nodes. These are now side upgrades instead.
    • Skill Trees are now unlocked by different areas of content, rather than different areas of specialization. The branches within these areas of content allow build customization while ensuring core progression upgrades are unlocked.
    • Stonewood Skill Trees follow a simple path with a few side branches, while Plankerton branches out to many more options.
    • Added a Skill Tree for Operation: Block Party content upgrades.
    • Added a variety of new bonuses throughout the Skill Trees.
  • Added narrative voice-overs to all main Stonewood quests.
  • New home screen.
  • New end of rewards screen!
  • New onboarding-to-outpost cinematic!
  • New Winter Llamas available for a limited time!
    • There are 12 Winter Llamas that must be purchased in order.
    • The later llamas have a higher cost and better items.
    • Winter Llamas are purchased with Snowflake Tickets earned in Operation: Block Party.
  • As part of all up the new changes we’ve decided to reset of progression, any purchased V-Bucks have been refunded.

Release Notes


  • Defenders are survivors that help you fight the Husk hordes in combat!
  • You craft weapons and ammo for the Defenders, drop it by their feet, and they’ll pick it up and blast any enemy who gets too close.
  • There are five different classes of Defenders that can equip five different weapon types:
    • Rifleman - Assault Rifles
    • Gunslinger - Pistols
    • Shotgunner - Shotgun
    • Sniper - Sniper Rifles
    • Bruiser - Melee Weapons
  • Defenders fill in for missing players when you are playing alone or in a party with fewer than 4 players. This narrows the gap between solo players and groups, allowing lone players to take on larger numbers of enemies.
  • Defenders can also help hold back the horde while you repair walls, replace expired traps, or build emergency defenses to plug gaps or redirect the enemies.
  • Want to know more? Check out the forum post here to learn how to try it out.


  • Added tiered bonus badges (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) to missions for team score in each of the score categories. Players receive the highest of these badges achieved in each score category at the end of a successful mission. 
  • There’s new UI for tracking progress towards these badges! 
  • Score bars are displayed on the right side of the HUD showing the team's progress towards the current badge in each category. The score number popups UI has now been integrated into this score bars display to show the amount of score the player's action adds to the appropriate bar. 
  • The scoreboard displays the team's progress towards all of the available score bonus badges. A top of the screen announcement displays at set progress milestones towards earning them.


  • Enemies now have new Death VFX.
  • Defenders now teleport in and out faster and with new animations.
  • Fixed an issue where a player-built building piece's blueprint was visible even when its actual pieces were not
  • Reflective surfaces now look more natural in interior spaces.
  • Survivors, Defenders, and Heroes now have consistent spawn in and out effects.
  • Ride the Lightning has new art.
  • Updated the onboarding mission to be more colorful and less harsh.
  • Fixed an issue where some buildings were displaying incorrect health/damage to players who joined a match in progress. 
  • New art on the login screen!
  • The Outlander’s Offensive fragment has a new model


  • The mission select map has been rearranged and you can now clearly see the Command Center and Stormshield.


  • The StormShield in the Outpost has a new model.


  • We have hats! Rare, Masterwork, and Epic “Ramirez”, “Master Grenadier”, and “Headshot” Female Soldiers will discover their heads adorned with fashionable head-wear when evolved to 2 stars.


  • The “Commando”  Male Soldiers now have a new appearance.


  • The Male Ninja model has been updated to be leaner and more flowing.



  • Doors and gates will no longer flash rapidly when viewed very closely.


  • Reworked Health Station indicator light to show remaining charges correctly.
  • The Teleporter gadget will now try to self adjust if placed on top on the other Teleporter or near a obstacle.
  • The Banner Gadget Preview Video in the Skill Tree now shows the correct functionality of the Gadget.
  • The Supply Crate Gadget should always find its way to the next solid floor when placed on an uneven surface.


  • Trap effects no longer pass through geometry like roof pieces or stairs.
  • Using hero abilities in build mode will no longer prevent placing building pieces.
  • Removed headshot from the Mimic.
  • Shrunk Bombshell and Poison Bombshell back down to regular Husk size.
  • Players can no longer do a heavy melee attack while falling.
  • Interrupting a reload by opening a door will no longer block players from starting another reload immediately.
  • Players can now repair buildings in other players' Outposts even when they do not have edit permission.
  • Fixed an issue where Beehive Husks and Pitcher Husks weren’t attacking players.
  • Weakpoint vision is now available earlier in game.


  • Updated locked “Ammo Recovery” description to match that of the unlocked “Ammo Recovery” description.
  • Fixed issue with grenade damage description not showing correct percentage of damage.
  • Fixed issue with “Proximity Mine” where it detonated immediately.
  • Proximity Mine no longer interferes with other Proximity Mines.
  • Banner Gadget now correctly upgrades health value of structures by 250%, instead of 200%.
  • Fixed an issue where Proximity Mines wouldn’t always explode when taking damage.
  • Spike trap now more accurate when damaging multiple AI walking on it at once.
  • Added more information and clarity to some Hero tooltips.
  • The right-click "heavy" attacks on melee weapons are now unlocked by purchasing nodes in the Skill Tree.


  • “Keep Out” perk no longer continues to knock AI to the ground with each DoT tick. Reduced damage of DoT to 1/4th of grenade damage every 1 second, for 5 seconds.
  • Fixed “Survivalist” Perk and Tactical Bonus so they fire reliably on ranged weapon kills.
  • “Advanced Tactics” now increases weapon damage by 10% as well as increases max health by 10%.
  • “Goin Commando” and “Aint Done Yet” perks have been balanced.
  • The Commando’s “Survivalist” perk description now shows correct values when both locked and unlocked.
  • Commando “Make It Rain” and “Make It Rain Faster” perk descriptions now match what percentage increases are done in game.


  • Constructors “Creative Engineering” now does 10% building speed and 10% less building cost.
  • B.A.S.E. tooltip now displays base damage in description.
  • “Bull Rush” will now end as soon as the hero begins to fall.
  • B.A.S.E. visual effects will now be removed when the buff is lost.
  • Fixed issue with “Bull Rush + Riot Shield” where the Constructor would stop charging if going over a active spike trap.
  • B.A.S.E. (when it has “Electric Floors” perk) now does the proper amount of damage as soon as it’s placed.
  • Update to Constructor “Bull Rush + Riot Shield” ability to move any collected AI towards the front of the shield and adjusted its balance to be more effective for a tier 3 perk.
  • “Bull Rush” now checks “Long Rush” before activating ability.
  • The Constructor’s “Fully Contained” perk is no longer included in the damage calculation for the “Electrified Floors” perk.
  • Updated Constructor’s “Plasma Pulse” description to reflect what is done in game.


  • The Ninja’s “Up In Smoke” perk now does the correct amount of movement increase.
  • Ninja’s traveling in “Dragon Slash” will no longer trigger healing traps.
  • Changed “Shadowier Dance Ninja” perk to have 30% damage resistance.
  • The Ninja’s “Poison Stars” perk description now correctly reflects the damage of each affliction tick.
  • Fixed Ninja’s “Up In Smoke” ability to set the increase to movement speed of both running and sprinting to 30% and updated perk description to match.
  • Ninja's ”Shinobi” perk now reduces fall damage by 10%. Outlander's “Focused Acquisition” now increases chance to find double loot by 6% and no longer increases damage of impact weapons. 
  • Ninja’s “Tail of the Dragon” perk description now shows correct damage values.
  • Fixed continuity issue with “Tail of the Dragon” and “Dragon Slash” descriptions between the lobby menu and in-game menu.


We have a huge Outlander update this Release!

  • Almost every Outlander ability and perk has been changed in some way.
  • All Outlander Hero items have been reworked to incorporate the new abilities and perks.
  • All Outlander abilities and perks have had a balance and tooltip pass.


  • Offensive and Defensive Fragments have been merged into a single "Charge Fragment."
  • The Outlander's Fragment Abilities are assigned to the hero, rather than changing based on what Fragment type they find.
  • These Fragments now act as ammunition for the Fragment abilities (TEDDY or Shock Tower) the Outlander has access to.
  • Outlanders can carry 2 Fragments by default, and can increase this limit with the "Impossibility Matrix" perk.
  • A single Llama Fragment can be carried in addition to the Charge Fragments (does not count towards that limit).
  • The Llama Fragment still functions like it did before (temporarily replaces the Outlander's Fragment ability with a Loot Llama drop).


  • TEDDY has an updated look, but is still a bear, and always ready to gun down enemies that are not bears.
  • Rebalanced to account for the fact that an Outlander can now place 2 or more of them at once.
  • Has reworked perks that significantly increase TEDDY's lifespan and firepower, and include additional bear puns.

Shock Tower

  • This new Fragment ability places a temporary tower that repeatedly zaps nearby enemies with energy.
  • Zaps will jump from enemy to enemy up to 3 times.
  • Zaps stun small enemies quickly, and large enemies after multiple hits.
  • Has Perks to increase the duration, damage, stun impact, and number of enemies it can hit.
  • This replaces the Shield Fragment ability, which has been removed from the current crop of Outlanders.

Loot Llama

  • Loot Llama health now scales up with game difficulty, as does the tier of crafting materials it drops
  • Crafting materials are now dropped each time the Loot Llama transitions from wood to stone to metal, instead of all dropping at the end.
  • "Diamond Llama" perk significantly increases the yield of the Loot Llama.

Anti-Material Charge

  • Fundamentals of this ability remain the same, but it has had a significant balance pass.
  • Cooldown has been reduced so it can be used more often
  • Focus of the ability is to quickly break down an environmental object, or knock back enemies that threaten the Outlander
  • Lots of perks to increase its power in various ways (structural damage, damage to enemies, knockback, etc.).
  • Time spent winding up the ability with "Charged Fist" now scales the damage much more, especially at high difficulty levels.
  • The "Charged Fist" windup can now be done while on the move.

Phase Shift

  • Phase Shift now rapidly moves the Outlander a short distance forward (in the direction they're travelling/facing).
  • Can be used to get around more quickly while exploring, and to get in and out of trouble in combat.
  • Has two charges that regenerate over a moderate duration, with perks that allow it to be used more often.
  • Has perks that apply a variety of beneficial buffs - such as run speed or shield regeneration - for a few seconds after the Shift.
  • Phase Shift is no longer tied to the Fragment abilities. It replaces Gravity Sphere, which has been removed from the current Outlanders.

Home Base

  • Created a Defender Squad for each Outpost. Defenders placed in these squads will be available to Defender Sentry Posts placed in the matching Outpost. Only the Outpost's owner has access to these Defenders.
  • Reduced the number of Hero Squads available to one.
    • Added three "Mission Defender" slots to the Hero Squad. Defenders placed in these slots can be spawned in using "Defender Sentry Post" traps in any mission type. Note that when other players join your game these Mission Defenders will leave to make room for the players.
  • The set bonuses on Workers have been changed! This was done to replace set bonuses like Critical Chance and Damage Resistance that were causing problems when increased to high levels.
    • The list of possible set bonuses are now: Ranged Weapon Damage, Melee Weapon Damage, Ability Damage, Trap Damage, Health, Shields, Shield Regeneration, and Trap Durability.


  • Slightly reduced the rate of crafting cost scaling on high rarity traps to ensure they are more valuable compared to their common counterparts.


  • Updated icons for all Defenders to show the face of the Defender instead of just a weapon icon.
  • Defenders now have a "Weapon Skill" stat that improves as they level up. This determines the maximum level of weapon the Defender can use without suffering a damage penalty. The Weapon Skill matches the Defender's level, so a level 10 Defender can effectively use a level 10 weapon, regardless of the rarity of the weapon or Defender.
  • Players should not start seeing defenders until a little later in the game. This is an attempt to try and prevent them from appearing before the player unlocks the ability to slot them.
  • Changed the crafting cost of Defender Sentry Posts to 8 Nuts & Bolts, 4 Planks, 1 Duct Tape, and 1 Bacon. Defenders love Bacon!
  • Made sure Defenders use their behaviors correctly based on which ranged weapon they are using, and what the range of the weapon is.


  • Headshots and Critical Damage now combine multiplicatively with Offense and other weapon damage boosts, to keep them viable in high level play.
  • Added an introductory Auto Rifle for onboarding.
  • Corrected a typo in the description of a sniper rifle.


  • Important Outpost tutorial notifications now remain on screen until they are completed. This is also set up in the Fight the Storm tutorial.


  • Revamped Defender Quests to teach unlocking the appropriate Skill Tree nodes and slotting Defenders. Defenders are now awarded through the Main Quest progression.
  • Updated Mission Accomplished quests to be more clear with the text so players don't think the text is cut off.
  • Created new Hero Quests for the Constructor and Soldier.
  • Created Quests to support "Operation Block Party". These Quests begin after the appropriate Skill Tree Node is unlocked.
  • Quests now provide dynamic objective updates when progress is made during a mission.
  • Introduced new Daily Quests that involve destroying objects during missions.
  • Made updates to Quest text to support Stonewood's narrative update. The Main Quest line of Stonewood now has Voice Over and additional narrative.
  • New updates to Quest rewards! Some quests now award weapons that players can use without needing to craft them.
  • Quest flow for Stonewood has been significantly revamped to incorporate its new narrative, teaching, and reward progression.
  • Unlocking the Constructor Leadership skill node is now part of the Main Quest flow for Stonewood.
  • Removed some starting schematics during the Tutorial. These schematics are now awarded after the Tutorial during Stonewood Quest progression.
  • Weakpoint Vision for harvesting is now taught during the Main Quest progression in Stonewood.
  • Quests that require a specific hero in zone should now require that specific hero in zone for completion.
  • The Stonewood region has been updated! The Home Base now has its own plateau and progression through this theater means going deeper into the storm.
  • The Stormshield now displays in the map view.
  • Onboarding map tiles at the beginning of Stonewood are now locked after completion.

Primary Missions

  • You have 20 minutes to build at least three radar towers at the locations on the map from any material. Complete the build-by-numbers structure, place the radar dish, and reap the rewards! The radar dish opens up undiscovered areas on your zone map and marks any nearby loot. 
  • Increased the number of "Common" enemy types (Pitcher Husks, Husky Husks and Beehive Husks) available in early Stonewood.
    • Early Stonewood missions will now tend to select a single special enemy type to spawn at once, instead of combining multiple types together like it does in later stages of the game. Also reduced how often combat encounters choose to pick new types of enemies to spawn, especially in early Stonewood.
  • Balanced onboarding mission rewards, ensuring first outpost defense always gives 150 Hero XP.
  • Significantly reworked the spawn budgets for all mission types to account for the addition of Defenders.
    • The number of enemies spawned by combat encounters should no longer change when players join or leave a multiplayer mission.
    • The game starts with fewer enemies than in OT9, grows quickly through Stonewood as Defenders are being unlocked, then continues to grow at a slower pace afterwards.
    • Spawn budgets of Outpost Defenses to take into account the extra Outpost Defender slots that can be unlocked as you progress through each theater.
    • More of the spawning budget is allowed to be be allocated to Husky Husks, Pitchers, and Beehives than in OT9, especially at early levels.
  • New voice overs have been implemented for most of the primary missions including Outpost, Fight the Storm, and Ride the Lightning.
  • The husks in the first Fight the Storm mission now only attack from one random direction.
  • If you fail the Fight the Storm mission, husks will come from the same direction in your next defense.
  • Players are no longer allowed to build at your first outpost until the Build by Numbers tutorial is complete, solving for issues where players would use all their resources before completing the objective.
  • The first Outpost building tutorial has been reworked in order to cause less confusion and help players quickly progress to the defense.
  • Crafting bullets is now a required objective in the tutorial version of Fight the Storm. If players fail the mission, they will be required to craft more bullets in order to make sure they’re equipped for the next defense.
  • Decreased the build area for the build tutorial and the numbers of pieces needed to complete objective.
  • Added forced exit to all primary missions that aren’t time limited. For example, you have three days in Fight the Storm to engage in the mission before failing it.

Secondary Missions

  • Find a solo radar tower in-zone and follow the build template to create the structure for the radar dish. Placing the dish reveals more of the map and uncovers nearby loot!
  • Presents awarded to specific players for secondary objectives will now behave like chests in that on player interaction the contents will pop out as individual items and fly into the player. As with chests, any inventory overflow will result in pickups on the ground. Unlike chests, this overflow will be marked as owned by the player and inaccessible to others.


  • Added Winter Packs to the store.
  • Fast forward pauses based on rarity during the card reveal sequence will now happen at the correct time.


  • Outlander character icon in game now correctly shows the Outlander class icon, instead of the Outlander male face.
  • Fixed the display of damage values in many hero ability tooltips.
  • Added missing icons from the top of the mission results screen for the Destroy the Encampments and Rescue the Survivors missions.
  • Corrected the rate of fire displayed in the tooltips for burst weapons.
  • The quest log now has a category for "Main - Completed" which shows completed quests. Completed quests have an "Outro" button as well as an "Intro" button, so players can play both conversations telling the story of the quest.
  • Improved sorting of survivors when selecting them for a squad slot.
  • Added icons next to the Commander XP meter to indicate when the player has Daily Bonus XP and XP Boosts available.
  • Added icons next to the Commander XP meter to indicate when the player has Daily Bonus XP and XP Boosts available.
  •  Added indicators for Daily Bonus XP and XP Boosts next to the Commander XP bar.
  • The Skill Tree now displays the player's Skill Level, the total amount of Skill Points earned.
  • Defenders now have unique icons that represent the weapon they can carry that is shown in the Squad menu, and Skill Tree.
  • Skill tree connections now turn white only if both the unlocking node and the dependent node are owned.
  •  Commander XP Bar now shows each type of bonus XP

Technical Notes

  • Fixed some memory leaks in Mac Metal.



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